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****** Page 1 ****** TABLE OF CONTENT SAFETY REMINDING FEATURES WHAT’S IN THE BOX CONTROLS & INDICATORS V56G INSTALLATION & SETUP INSTALLING V56G Installation Safety Warnings Installation Considerations Installation Procedure Remove the Bracket Connect to Power INITIAL SETUP Language Setting Set Date and Time Set Automatic Recording SCREEN INFORMATION OPERATION USING THE MENUS BASIC RECORDING OPERATION Automatic/Manual Recording Emergency Recording Collision Detection Parking Mode PLAY VIDEOS View on the Device View on PC GPS Abee V56G FHD Car Recorder User Manual 10 11 11 13 13 13 13 14 14 14 14 15

****** Page 2 ****** Red Light/Speed Cam Alert DVR PLAYER MAINTENANCE SPECIFICATION V56G FHD Car 15 15 17 17 Recorder User Manual

****** Page 3 ****** SAFETY REMINDING This product is not waterproof. Do not expose it to rain or moisture. This product is intended for use in a motor vehicle. Don’t install the device where it will block the driver’s view of the road or side mirrors. Do not install it where it will interfere with airbag deployment Pay attention to the road! Don’t operate or focus on any device while driving. Be sure the camera lens is kept clean and there is nothing blocking it. Don’t leave the device in direct sunlight or where temperatures could go above 1400 F (600 C) for a long period of time. Abee V56G FHD Car Recorder User Manual 3

****** Page 4 ****** FEATURES e SONY Exmor Sensor e Plug and Play FHD 1080P @ 30fps e 1550 wide angle e 2.4″ LCD screen size e G-Sensor with Collision Detection F/ 1.8 Lens e Loop Recording e Built-in Microphone e Record to Micro SD card e Parking Assist Mode Built-in GPS e GPS Location Recording e Speed Cam Alert e Dedicated PC Software (including DVR player and G-Sensor Display) WHAT’S IN THE BOX Camera/Recorder Car Adapter Windshield Mount Users’ Manual Abee V56G FHD Car Recorder User Manual 4

****** Page 5 ****** CONTROLS & INDICATORS Bracket Slot LED On/Off USB Slot AV Output Up Down Screen Record/ 0K Micro SD Slot FUNCTION ITEM USB Port Menu DOWN (v) Connect the device to the power source or PC. Access the Menu. In Menu: Moves selection up in the list. In Playback Mode: Selects the previous files. In Standby Mode: Takes a snapshot of the current image. While Recording: (1) Press to take a snapshot of the current image. (2) Press and hold to add a GPS position to the list of manual added position. In Menu: Select next item in the list. In Playback Mode: Selects the next files. In Standby Mode: Access File Management menu. While Recording: Abee V56G FHD Car Recorder User Manual 5

****** Page 6 ****** Recording/OK (0) MicroSD Card Slot Power (O) Stop recording. In Menu: Press to accept selection. In Playback Mode: Pause and unpause video replay. In Standby Mode: Press to start recording. While Recording: Enter into Emergency recording. While viewing snapshot: Press to zoom. Insert MicroSD card here to record video files. Press and hold to turn the device on and off. V56G INSTALLATION & SETUP INSTALLING V56G Installation Safety Warnings Failure to comply with the following warnings could result in an accident or collision, resulting in death or serious injury. 1. 2. 3. 4. Do not obstruct the driver’s view or the operation of the vehicle itself. Do not place it unsecured on the dashboard or in front/above an airbag. Do not mount the camera where it will become a distraction if it becomes loose. Do not attempt to operate the camera while driving. If you need to access the device to change setting, etc., pull off the road in a safe Abee V56G FHD Car Recorder User Manual 6

****** Page 7 ****** 5. manner to do so. Some country or state laws prohibit drivers from mounting anything on the windshield, or restrict mounting to specific areas of the windshield. It is the user’s responsibility to mount the device in compliance with local laws. Installation Considerations 1. 2. 3. 4. Install the device in the area around the rear view mirror. Be sure the device is installed where the windshield wipers can clear the windshield in front of the lens. Do not install on colored or heavily tinted windshield. The coloring effect may affect recording quality. Clean the windshield area where you plan to install the bracket. Be sure it is clear of dust or dirt. Installation Procedure 1. 2. 3. 4. Insert MicroSD card into device. Format MicroSD card. (Menu/File Management/Format) Slide the bracket connector into the bracket slot on the camera until you hear it click in place. Lift the suction clamp on the bracket. Place the bracket’s suction cup on the windshield and press down on the suction clamp to secure the bracket. Abee V56G FHD Car Recorder User Manual 7

****** Page 8 ****** Horizontal Adjustment Knob Bracket Suction Clamp Bracket Connector Vertical Adjustment Knob 5. Two knobs adjust the camera’s position. Loosen the top knob on the side of the bracket to adjust the camera’s vertical position. Loosen the bottom knob to adjust the camera’s horizontal position. Remove the Bracket To remove the bracket from the windshield, release the suction cup, hold the camera securely, and lift the suction clamp. Connect to Power 1. 2. 3. Connect the car adapter’s USB plug to the device’s USB port. Connect the cigarette lighter adapter plug to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter port. The device turns on. Red light indicates the device being recording, while the green light indicates the device in standby mode. NOTE In certain models of cars, the cigarette lighter keeps providing power even when the engine is off. Be sure to remove the car charger or disconnect the device when leaving the vehicle to prevent draining the vehicle battery. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine if this applies to your vehicle. Abee V56G FHD Car Recorder User Manual 8

****** Page 9 ****** INITIAL SETUP Language Setting Follow these procedures if you need to change the language on your device. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Press M (Menu) to access the Menu system. Press V to scroll to System Setting if necessary and then press 0K Press V to scroll to Language then press Press A/ V to scroll to the desired language and press Press M to leave that Menu page. to select it. Set Date and Time This device receives date and time information from the GPS satellite if the time zone setting (UTC) is NOT set to OFF. If the UTC is set to OFF, the device will then look for a manually-set date and time. Set the date and time through System Setting/Date Time. Set Automatic Recording Activate the Automatic Recording function to have the device start recording when the vehicle’s engine is turned on. Activate the function before using the device. 1. 2. 3. Press M to access the Menu system. Press V to scroll to Video Settings and press 0K Scroll to Auto Record and press 0K Abee V56G FHD Car Recorder User Manual 9

****** Page 10 ****** 4. Scroll to On and press 5. Press M to leave that Menu page. SCREEN INFORMATION The following image describes the areas and icons seen on the recording screen. The 4 icons on the bottom of the screen correspond to the 4 keys on the device. 1 0 01:32 2345 ? m/fi* 7 2016/08/29 Abee V56G Nr. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 ITEM Duration Custom Speed Limit Resolution Microphone GPS Power Source/Battery Current Speed 10 11 12 DESCRIPTION Mark the recording duration. Show the custom speed limit (set by the user). Mark the resolution of the video. Show if the microphone is active. Indicate if GPS is active and the signal strength. Show if the device using power source or built-in battery. Show the current speed Abee V56G FHD Car Recorder User Manual 10

****** Page 11 ****** 8 9 10 11 12 Date, Time and Model Menu Snapshot Stop Emergency Recording Current date, time and model (from left to right). After stopping recording, press this to access Menu. (1) Press to take a snapshot of the current image. (2) Press and hold to add a GPS position to the list of manual added position. Press to stop recording. Press 0K to start emergency recording. OPERATION USING THE MENUS Press M to access the Menu system. Use A and V to scroll through the selections and press 0K to accept that selection. Date Time Screen Setting Voice Language Default Setting Satellite Setting Camera Alert SYSTEM SETTING Adjust the device’s date/time Set when the screen goes into Sleep mode. Adjust notification volume and turns voice record ON or OFF. Set the language shown on the device. Return the device to default setting. GPS SETUP • Adjusts the time zone. • Turn Time Sync off by setting time zone to OFF (device receives date and time information from manual entry). Adjust speed alert notification style (Tone, Voice, or Off). Abee V56G FHD Car Recorder User Manual 11

****** Page 12 ****** Speed Unit DST Current Speed Display Over Speed Alert Tolerance My Locations Over Speed Alert Management Image Size Auto Record Record Time Date Stamp WDR Collision Detection Parking Mode EV Delay Shutdown Set speed measurement to miles per hour or kilometers per hour. Turn Daylight Saving Time ON or OFF. Turn on to show current speed on LCD screen. Turn on to activate Over Speed Alert Tolerance. Add/delete speed camera points. Turn on to activate the sound alert when driving over certain speed. VIDEO SETTING Choose recording resolution. If set to On, automatic recording starts when the engine turns on. Select 2/3/5-minute recording interval for circular recording purposes. Turn time stamp in files On or Off. Choose to turn on or off WDR function. FUNCTION SETTING Adjust G-Sensor sensitivity. When the device in normal recording mode, if a collision occurs at the minimum G-Sensor level set, then the device begins recording and tags that recording as an emergency file. (If the device is already recording, it will tag that video fragment as an emergency file.) When the vehicle is parked and Parking mode is set to either Motion Detection or Collision Recording, the device monitors motion or collision. When recording an event, it will include 5-10 seconds prior to the event on the saved file and record for 15 seconds. Set the EV value. Delays shutdown after the vehicle turns off for 10 seconds if turned ON. Abee V56G FHD Car Recorder User Manual 12

****** Page 13 ****** Frequency Playback File Delete Format Version Set frequency to either 50Hz or 60Hz. FILE MANAGEMENT Play recorded videos and display snapshots. Delete recorded videos and snapshots. Erase all files in memory card and format this memory card. Display firmware version. BASIC RECORDING OPERATION Automatic/Manual Recording You can set the device to start recording when the vehicle’s engine turns on, or you can turn off that function and begin record manually. Go through the Menu system (Menu/ Video Settings/Auto Record) to turn this function ON or OFF. Emergency Recording At any given time, you may come across a situation such as an accident where you want to start recording. Press to start emergency recording if you are already recording. (Press twice if you are not already recording.) The device saves emergency files in the microSD card’s Video folder with the filename starts with “S”. The folder only holds 10 emergency files, regardless of the file size. If there are 10 emergency files saved, any new emergency file records over the oldest emergency files. Collision Detection You can determine how strong a collision needs to be for automatic collision recording to start. Set the G-Sensor level in Menu/Function Setting/Collision Detection. The device saves the currently recording file to the Emergency folder as an emergency file. Collision Detection applies to vehicles that are moving. It does not apply Abee V56G FHD Car Recorder User Manual 13

****** Page 14 ****** to vehicles in Parking Mode, where the vehicle’s engine is turned off and Parking Mode is active. Parking Mode Parking Mode lets you set recording parameters for a parked car (Menu/Function Setting/Parking Mode). The Parking Mode menu provides 3 options: • Off. Turn off Parking Mode and no recordings will be triggered. • Parking Monitor. Select this to allow collision recording for the parked vehicle. Files are saved as video files in the Video folder. • Motion Detection. Select this to allow motion detection for the parked vehicle. Files are saved as video files in the Video folder. After the vehicle engine stops (turns off), the device begins recording at that point regardless of motion is detected. Recording stops after about 10 seconds and the file becomes a reference to motion detection. PLAY VIDEOS View on the Device Play back video files and view photos through Menu/File Management/Playback. The screen displays 2 folders: Video and Photo. The Video folder contains video images you’ve taken. Emergency files are stored separately from normal video files with the filename starts with “S” and are only copied over when there are already 10 emergency files stored in the Video folder. When you select a photo and the image displays on the screen, press to zoom up to 3 times. View on PC Abee V56G FHD Car Recorder User Manual 14

****** Page 15 ****** Connect the device to your PC with the USB cable (not provided). Install the DVR video player and view your files through it. For more information about DVR player, please check Section “DVR PLAYER”. GPS This feature provides the GPS location where the device is. As the vehicle moves, that position is continuously updated. When GPS is turned on, a displays. Red Light/Speed Cam Alert The device has a built-in database containing red light and speed camera locations (points). As you approach one of these points, the device alerts you according to how the alert notification is set (Menu/GPS Setup/Camera Alert). You may also manually add new red light and speed camera locations. While recording, press and hold A to add the current GPS location to the database. You may also delete the manually added points. Delete all manually-added points from the database through Menu/GPS Setup/My Location. DVR PLAYER We provide DVR player for you the install on your PC. You can view recorded files from your device. The player also displays photos as well as the G-Sensor data in real time with video as it displays. You may visit our website to download the software. 1. System Requirement: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom X3 8850 or above. RAM: at least IG. Abee V56G FHD Car Recorder User Manual 15

****** Page 16 ****** 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Operation System: Windows 7 or above. Activate the downloaded Setup.exe file and follow the prompts to install and run the software. Turn the device off. Connect the device to the PC with a USB cable (not provided). From the Video Player screen, click (Import Media Files) or (Search Media Files). The files display in the File List window. Double click the file and play. Down below is the description of the software display: ee Zhong an mow i92ce 3211/002. owe. Fee se moB. moa- Nr. B C ITEM Windows type and the file location Video/Photo Display Area G-Sensor •w •m• w•vr ooo DESCRIPTION Combine or separate the windows, shows the location of the opened file. The area displays the video/photo. and Show the G-sensor data of the displayed section. You can drag the indication to the place you want to display. Abee V56G FHD Car Recorder User Manual 16

****** Page 17 ****** D F G NOTE: Direction & Speed GPS Track All/One Files Found Show the driving direction, speed and location. Show the displayed section tract. Press ALL to show the GPS tracks of all the files. Show all the file information. 1. Before playing the video through DVR player, please make sure your PC has linked to Internet to show GPS track. 2. Video files (.MOV) and data files (.nmea) have to store under the same folder to synchronously play the data. MAINTENANCE Use common sense when caring for your device. Be sure the lens remains clean and free of debris. Do not leave the camera exposed to high temperatures. Remove it and store out of the heat. Because the camera has an internal Lithium Polymer battery, contact your local waste disposal department to dispose of it according to local laws and regulations. Clear out unwanted recordings to free up space in your MicroSD card through Menu/File Management/De/ete. SPECIFICATION Image Processor Abee V56G FHD Car Cam Recorder New Generation WDR Low Noise Image Processing Chip Image Sensor SONY Exmor CMOS Sensor Abee V56G FHD Car Recorder User Manual 17

****** Page 18 ****** GPS Lens Aperture LCD Screen Resolution Video File Format Compression Loop Recording Power Supply USB Format External Memory LED Indicator International Certification Operation Temperature Storage Temperature Dimension Weight NOTE: USA Satellite Receiving Mode 25mmx25mm Ceramics Antenna 1550 6G All-glass with IR Filter F/1.8 2.4″ TFT Capacitive Color Screen 1080P / 30 fps 720P / 60 & 30 fps MOV H.264 2/3/5 Minutes Loop Recording Car cigarette charger (INPUT: 12VN24V; OUTPUT: DC5V/1A) Built-in high temperature resistant lithium polymer battery USB2.O Micro SD card (8GBN32GB, SDHC class 10 or above) Green: On Red: Recording BSMI/FCC/CE -20N600C -20N800C 6.2 (L)* 6.75 (W)* 2.7 (H) cm Around 90g All specifications are subject to change. Abee reserves the right to modify the specification without prior notice to customer. Abee V56G FHD Car Recorder User Manual 18








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