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****** Page 1 ****** 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

****** Page 2 ****** Dear customers: Thankyou for choosing the intelligent 360 Robot vacuum cleaner! Please read all instructions before using your robot. Please retain the operating instructions for future reference. Enjoy your robot! This product is a high-intelligence planning sweeping robot based on high-precision lidar combined with various sensors, working together through navigation algorithms to realize real-time indoor positioning and mapping. Sweep, suck, drag. Regu are efficient and full-coverage indoor cleaning need no manual intervention. 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Contact List Region Website Facebook Account Tel./E-mail After-service Add. Global Smart-360€cn/CIeanrobot/en @360SmartA * This data is for the actual product. Our company reserves the right to update it anytime. All product specifications are subject to change without notice

****** Page 3 ****** Product Overview Main unit Note: Recharge / regional cleaning •Short press to recharge/pause •Long press and hold to start regional cleaning Ring indicator light • Blue light: normal working or charging •Red light: abnormal or low battery •Purple light: The device is ready to connect Wi-Fi Cleaning/power on or off machine •Short press to start sweeping/pause •Press and ho d for 3 seconds to turn on/oft f abnormal condition, please press and hold for 1 5 seconds to force poweroff • Press any key while cleaning, recharging or regional cleaning to pause the current task, • Press both buttons and hold for 3 seconds to reset Wi-Fi, 02

****** Page 4 ****** Main unit LDS laser distance sensor Dust bin release button Protection strip Master button Anti-drop sensors @aso O Charged e ectric shock Universal wheel Dust brush Main brush Main brush cover and buckle Main wheel (driving wheel) Water tank assembly mounting port 03

****** Page 5 ****** Main unit Lidar cover a nti-collision sensor PSD wall sensors Infrared collision protection sensor Recharging sensors Water tank Paste area Seepage outlet Water inlet Water tank hanging buckle

****** Page 6 ****** Dust bin Reset hole 05 Dust bin cover Dust bin bracket HEPA Filter Sponge filter ter net bracket Dirt bin

****** Page 7 ****** Charging dock Power indicator light Signal emission area Charging electrode plates Wire slot exit C) 06 Handcuffs Bottom cover Slot winding Power port o o

****** Page 8 ****** Packing List Main unit Xl Caso User manual X 1 Charging dock X 1 Cleaning too sX 1 Water tank X 1 Power Adapter X 1 07 Mop Xl

****** Page 9 ****** Installation Instructions 1) Connect the power cord, put extra wire in the slot. Note: • The extra power cord touched the ground can be pulled by the main unit to cause the interruption of charging. • The charging dock indicator is always on and goes off when charging, CD C) 3) For the convenience ofthe robot vacuum cleaning and recharging properly, please do not frequently move the charging dock. If the location of the charging dock is changed, the robot vaucm may lose the map due to failure in position ing- When it works aga n, the robot vacuum will re-create and memorize the map. Note: • e-creation may result in the loss of information of restricted zone and regional cleaning. • Avoid direct sunlight Wall 4 Ground 2) Place the charging dock on a evel ground and connect the power supply. Note: Please make sure that there are more than 0.5 meter space on both sides of the charging dock and more than 1.5 meters space in front of the charging dock 4) Before use, be sure to remove the protective strip on the bumper to ensure proper operation of the device. 08

****** Page 10 ****** 5) Power on and Charging Method 1: Press and hold the Power@key to power on, wait for the ring indicator to light up and p ace the main unit within one meter of the charging dock By tapping the Home 10 button, the device will automatical ly search for the charging dock and go to charging. Method 2: Place the robot vacuum on the charging dock and align it with the charging electrode p ates. The power indicator on the charging dock changes from bright to dark. The device automatically power on and starts charging by default. After the device is turned on, it can be used normally. Note: If the battery is low, the machine will not turn on. Please place the main unit on the charging dock and the device will start automatically. The power of the device should be before it can work. Charging Dock Main unit Please pay attention to align main unit with the charging electrode plates Note: Before charging, wipe the robot vacuum charging pad with a dry rag and put aside the side brush at the same time to prevent the poor contact coming from side brush or dust. 6) Download the mobi e phone APP Method 1: Scan the QR code below by using mobi e phone to download the APP. Method 2: Search for “360Smart” in Google Play or Apple Store, then find its APP and download it. Follow the APP to configure the network of the device. Note: When the mobile phone is not connected to the cleaning robot, please refer to the “User’s Manua “Reset to operate, Wi-Fi indicator status: Slow blinking PURPLE light: waiting for connection BLUE light: Wi-Fi is connected 09

****** Page 11 ****** Operating Instructions Clean/pause Method 1: After the power is turned on, short press the Power 10 key on the main unit to start cleaning (press any key to pause while cleaning). Method 2: Click the clean key in the APP to start cleaning (press the pause key to pause the current task). Note: • Robot vacuum cleaner cannot be used to clean liquids. • When battery is ower than 20%, the Robot will automatical y return to the charging dock. After the battery reaches the Robot wil stop the charging itself and start the cleaning again. • Please remove al types of wire (including the power cord of the charging dock) on the floor before cleaning because dragging from the worked robot vacm can cause a power failure and damage items or wire. o. Cleaning method After startup, the robot will scan to generate maps and intelligently create areas. In these areas, the cleaning paths are planned as a ong the wal firstly, fol owed by the bow shaped filling method. The cleaning in each area will be accomplished step by step with high efficiency and full coverage. After the cleaning is completed, Robot will automatical ly return to charging dock to recharge itself. Note: Please don’t move Robot Please place the device near the original p ace if you move it manually. Robot will try to reposition its coordinates when it is started again. Ifthe positioning is successful Robot will continue to work according to the planned clean path. f the positioning fails/ Robot will give up the current task and re-create the map and may not be able to complete the recharge, Method 1 Method 1 10

****** Page 12 ****** Loss of regional information Case 1: Starting the Robot in a new area to clean can cause the Robot to re-create map. Case 2: The main changes of the environment may result in the failure of reposition and may trigger to re-create the map. Regenerating map will lose all the settings of the original one (including the restricted zone). Recharge Automatic mode: After cleaning is completed, the device will automatical y return to the charging dock to recharge itself. Manual mode: Under paused state, short press the Home key to start the recharge, or the APP triggers the recharge. Note: The ring indicator light flashes while Robot is charging, Customized area 1) Customized area cleaning Users can define one or more of the size and location of the cleaning area. Under such a condition, Robot wil only clean the set area and will NOT clean the unset area. Meanwhile, the number of cleanings can be set. The default cleaning is 2 times and 1 time cleaning can also be set optionally. 2) Set up restricted zone t IS a so possible to set certain area as a restricted area where Robot will not enter. The restricted area can also be set as a permanent forbidden zone which applies to a room or area that you do not want Robot enter It. (See the diagram below). Note: • Robot may intrude into the restricted area due to incorrect positioning, sensor abnormality and some other reasons. • The permanent forbidden zone may become invalid due to a big change in the location of the charger or furniture, Therefore, please try not to move or interfere with Robot during cleaning. • Re-creation of map will ose the settings of the previous forbidden zone. 11

****** Page 13 ****** Spot cleaning mode It is particularly applicable for an area which needs deep cleaning. When a user specifies a point on the map, Robot will be near the point and a 2m*2m sweep will be performed around this point. It IS easy to drag or click to set the target point in your map operation. The number of cleaning points can be set. The default cleaning is 2 times for each point and 1 time cleaning can also be set optionally. Regional cleaning mode When Robot is off-line or when the mobl e phone is not in the vicinity, you can press and ho d the recharge button for 3 seconds, then Robot is centered on itself and is cleaned by 2m*2m. At this time, the user can manual y move Robot to the designated location for regional cleaning. Scheduled cleaning Use phone App to schedule a cleaning time, Robot will automatically start cleaning at the scheduled time, and automatical ly return to the charging dock after the cleaning is completed. Reset Wi-Fi When the router changes settings, passwords, or other reasons that prevent the phone from connecting to Robot, press and hold the Power 10 key and theHome key simultaneously for 3 seconds till the voice prompts “Wi-Fi has been reset” and the Wi-Fi indicator changes to slow flashing purple light which indicates that the reset was successful. 12

****** Page 14 ****** Do-not-disturb mode During the Do-Not-Disturb period, Robot will not automatically power off and play voice. The Do-Not-Disturb mode is enabled by default after the main unit has been deployed with internet for the first time. he open period is from 22:00 to 08:00, You can use the phone App to turn off the Do not disturb mode or modify the Do-Not-Disturb mode time period. Cleaning mode Quiet, automatic and powerful modes can be chosen by the phone App. The default is automatic mode. Usage of water tank components Note: In order to obtain a better result of mopping, it is recommended to use the water tank to mop the floor after the robot cleaner completes at least three times cleaning. step 1 Add water Step 3: Put on mopping cloth Step 2: Tighten the water tank buckle Step 4: Pull the water tank into the main unit • The Robot’s mopping function only has a wiping effect, which helps deep cleanliness but cannot effectively remove stubborn stains (such as dried coffee stains, etc.). At this point, robot vacuum cannot completely replace humans. • Please be caution when you choose the mopping mode using in your carpet area, To avoid to stain the carpet, please do not use the mopping mode, You can prevent robot vacuum from entering the carpet area with water tank by setting the restricted area on the APP • Please pause the device in place when water need to be added or rags need to be cleaned when Robot is working. Lift the device at a small angle, remove the water tank and put it back after adding water or cleaning rags. And then, return the main unit to its place and restart it, Robot will try to follow the planned path to continue cleaning. • For safety reason, make sure to remove the water tank components from the unit when charging. • DO NOT USE MOPPING MODE when nobody is at home 13

****** Page 15 ****** Routine Maintenance Water tank To maintain the efficiency of cleaning, please clean the water tank and rags right after each use. stepl After mopping, lift the device at a small angle, remove the water tank step4 Drain the water tank completely step2 Remove the rag step5 Wipe the water tank 14 step3 Clean the rag step6 Dry the rag and water tank for next use

****** Page 16 ****** Dust bin and Filter stepl [1 step4 Stepl Press the “OPEN” button to remove the dust biro. step2 [1 step5 step3 Step? Open the dust bin buckle and empty the dust bine To avoid spilling the dust, keep the top cover of the dust bin facing up, hold the top cover with your right hand and the transparent dust bin with your left hand To avoid c ogging of the filter, tap the dust bin when you empty it (it is recommended to clean it at least once a week), Step3: After a longer period of use, remove the filters component: the filter net, the sponge filter, the high-efficiency HEPA washable filter (recom mended to replace a set of filters every 6-12 months to ensure good cleaning results). Step4 Rinse dust bin and other three-layer filters (not too frequent/ recommended monthly cleaning), Stepfr After rinsing, dry the water droplets. Be sure to dry Dust bin and filters completely before reinstalling them to ensure the lifetime of the device. • Please rinse with clear water without any detergent. Please do not clean the filer with brush or fingers. Note: Do not put an incomplete dust bin into the device which can avoid the air flow channel (wind channel) to be blocked or damaged when cleaning. 15

****** Page 17 ****** Main brush (recommended weekly cleaning) 1 ) Turn the robot vacuum over, open the main brush cover by pressing the buckle on it, and then remove the main brush. 2) Use a blade attached to the dusting brush to cut off the entangled hair around the main brush, 3) The main brush bearings on both sides of the main brush can be removed to facilitate removal of the entangled hair in the gaps at both ends. Note: It is recommended to replace the main brush every 6-12 months to ensure good cleaning results. The main brush bearing Side brush (recommended monthly cleaning) 1) Turn the robot vocum over, remove the screw of side brush, remove and clean the internal entangled hair and dirt, then reinstall it. 2) The entang ed hair on the side brush can also be removed by using the blade attached to the dusting brush. Note: It is recommended to rep ace the side brush every 3-6 months to ensure good cleaning results. O 16

****** Page 18 ****** Sensor Wipe Robot sensors with a soft, dry cloth, including: 1 )WaII sensor on the right side of Robot 2) three anti-drop sensors on the bottom of Robot 3) nfrared anti-collision sensor in front of Robot 4) Radar cover anti-collision sensor on the top of Robot Wall sensors Universal wheel (recommended monthly cleaning) Turn robot vacuum upwards, pul out the universal wheel, clean up the wheel body, hair and dirt on the axle, and then reinsta and compress it. Wheel body Axle Bracket Anti-drop Sensors Radar anti-collision sensor nfrared collision protection sensor 17

****** Page 19 ****** Charging electrode plates The part, as shown in the diagram, is the charging electrode plates. Please clean the charging electrode plates of Robot and the chargng dock with a dry rag (Please turn off the electricity when cleaning. It is recommended to clean it monthly). Charging electrode plates Charging e ectrode plates Battery • Robot has a built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium battery pack. To maintain battery performance, please a ways keep Robot charged for daily use. f the Robot will not be used fora ong time, please power off and store it, The Robot shou d be ful y charged at least once every three months to avoid the battery damage due to over draining. Firmware Upgrade The firmware can be upgraded through the phone App. After detecting the new firmware, follow the prompts to carry out the upgrade. When the firmware is upgraded, the power needs to be at least 50%. It is recommended to p ace Robot on the recharging dock for firmware upgrade. Reset Remove the dust bin and open the rubber cover located on the side away from the radar. There is a small hole on the side near the USB portf poke it to reset. After the reset, the current map is lost and timed + Wi-Fi + Personalized settings will be Reset 18

****** Page 20 ****** Specifications Charging dock Name Main unit Parameters OOrnm Dimensions Product weight 3.5kg • 3000mAh, 44UOWh Minimum. Battery capacity Standard , •3200mAh,4136Wh Name Dimensions Rated power Rated output 19 Parameters 200+138*86mm 24W 24W Rated voltage Rated power 14.8V 30W

****** Page 21 ****** Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Problem types Unab e to power on Unable to charge Unab e to go back to charge Abnormal behavior Abnormal noise during cleaning The cleaning ability declines or dusting Cannot be connected to Wi-Fi Scheduled Cleaning mode is invalid Does the robot vacuum consume ower when it is on the char in dock? Does robot vacuum need to charge for 16 hours for the first three times uses? Causes and solutions l) When the battery is running low, please place Robot on the charging dock and align it with the charging electrode plates and Robot will power on automatically (when itis completely aut of power, Robot needs to be charged for a while before it povvers on automatically) 2) Ambient temperature is too low or too high (below OOC/320F or above 500C/1200F}, please use this product in temperatu re ranging from OOC/320F to 400C/1040F. I) Please remove robot vacuum and check whether the charging dock indicator light is on. Make sure both of the charging dock and power adapter are all plugged in. 2) Poor contact, please clean up the electric shock on the charging dock and the charging electrod shock on the Robot. l) There are too many obstacles near the charging dock, please place the charging dock in an open area, 2) Robot is too far away from the charging dock. Please try to place Robot near the chargi ng dock- Hold power key for seconds to shutdown and push ta restart The main brush, side brush or wheel may be entangled by something, please shutdown and clean it. l) The dust bin is full, please empty and clean it. 2) The fi Iter is clogged, please clean or replace it, 3) The main brush is entangled by something, please clean it, l) When Wi-Fi signal is poor, please make sure the Robot is within the goad Wi-Fi coverage. 2) Wi-Fi connection is abnormal, please reset Wi-Fi and download the latest phone App to try to connect them again. 3) Incorrect password input. 4) The router is a 5G band. I-lowever, this robot only supports 2.4C band. nsufficient power! The scheduled time cleaning can only be started when the remaining battery capacity The power consumption is very low while Robot is charging, which helps to keep the battery at its best performance, Because of no memory, Lithium battery can be used after fu Ily charged without waiting, 20

****** Page 22 ****** Important Usage Notice Usage restrictions For indoor use on y. Do not use this Robot outdoor (such as open balcony), non-ground (such as sofa), commercial or industrial environments. • Do not use Robot in a drop-off environment (eg duplex stairs, open ba cony, furniture top) without physical barrier. • Do not use Robot when the ambient temperature is higher than 400C or lower than OOC or if there is any liquid or viscous materials on the floor. • Please hang up the ground cab e in your home before use to avoid dragging the cable while Robot is running. • Please put away the fragile items and debris on the ground to prevent Robot from being blocked or a minor collision during running which can cause damage to the valuables in the home. • Do not allow the person (including children) with physical, mental or cognitive disabilities to use or operate this product. Do not allow children to use the Robot as a toy. Please supervise children and pets as far as possible when Robot is working. Please do not place the main brush cleaning tools in the areas where children can reach. Please do not sit any objects (including chi dren, pets) on the Robot, Please keep people or pet hair, fingerst etc. away from the suction intake when Robot is working. Please do not use Robot to clean the burning objects (such as burning cigarette butts). Please do not use Robot to clean the long pile carpets (some dark color carpet may not be cleaned properly), Please do not allow Robot to pick up hard or sharp objects (such as decoration waste, glass, nails etc.) Please do not handle Robot by using the laser range sensor cover, main body cover, or mounting buffer as a handle. Please clean or maintain the Robot and charging dock when they are powered off. Do not wipe the product anywhere with a damp cloth or any liquid Please use this product following the instructions. Any loss or injury caused by improper use shall be the responsibility of the user. Please do not use mopping function on the carpet or the top of the furniture. Be sure to remove the water tank when charging. 21

****** Page 23 ****** Battery and charge Please do not use any third-party battery, charger, or charging stand. Please do not disassemb e, repair, or modify the battery or charging dock. Please do not place the charging dock near to any heating source(such as the heater) Please do not wipe the charger pad with a damp cloth or wet hands. Please do not throw away the waste batteries. They should be hand ed by a professional recycling agency, • Ifthe power cord is damaged or broken, stop using it immediate y and purchase or replace it through 360 official service, Ifthe product needs to be transported, please make sure the Robot is turned off. It is recommended to pack the Robot in its original packing box. • Ifthe Robot will not be used for a ong time, p ease fully charge it, Turn off the main dock and store in a dry/cool place- Charge the Robot at least every 3 month to avoid over drain, Laser safety information This laser sensor meets the class 1 laser product standard of EC6082S and does not produce dangerous laser radiation. • Execution standard: IEC60335 Product performance failure table Name Main unit Power adapter Charging dock Performance failure Failure of listed functions in instruction Cannot power on Main Brush, side Brush, fan or Driving wheel are not working. I-Inable to provide power to the Charging Dock I-Inable to provide power to Robot, 22

****** Page 24 ****** Troubleshooting Failure prompt voice Error 0: Dust bin is disappeared! Error I: The Top radar seems to be blocked, Error 2: Need to change location to start. Error 3: Please wipe the bottom Anti-Drop Sensors. Error 4: Please wipe the front anti-Collision Sensors Error 5: Please wipe the right side wall sensors. Error 6: Please clean the top radar cover. Error 7: Oh, the edges seems to be stuck! Error & Please clean the dust bin and sponge filtert install them in the correct asitian. Error 9: Please clean the dust bin and the filter net Error 10: Stuck! Please help! Error 11: I was paralyzed, please put me up! Error 12: Oh, Driving Wheel seems to be stuck, help! Error 13 Oh, Main brush seems to be stuck, Help! Error 14: Oh, Side Brush seems to be stuck, Help! Error 15: Where is the Charging Dock? Error 16: Malfunction! Please try to restart! Error 17: Malfunction! Please power OFF. Error 18: Need Charging! Error 19: Cantt shut down on charging dock Problems and Solutions Sweeping when dust bin is removed The top radar is covered or placed in an open area (without any obstructions in the area of 6’6 square meters) Pick up the Robot; or the Robot is vacant Anti-drop sensor is blacked ar placed on the high Wall detected sensor is dirty or blocked Wall sensor is dirty or blocked The radar caver anti-collision sensor is ditty or blacked Edges or Anti-Collision Sensors is stuck. Dust Bin is full or the filter needs to be replaced, After prompting error 8, the user removes the dust bin and triggers an error 9 prompt Robot is stuck! Robot slant! Main wheel (d riving wheel) is stuck or enta ngled with something, Main Brush is stuck or entangled with something. Side Brush is stuck or entangled with something. Did not find the charging dock for recharging or the charging dock was not plugged in. Unknown failure caused by abnormality, it is recommended to restart the Robot. There is a failure that Robot needs to be shut down. The user is reminded and then Robot is automaticall shut down or rechar ed. When the battery is extremely low (less than 10%} and it is not on the charging dock, sweeping is triggered. Power OFF is triggered when Robot is charging on charging dock. When an abnormality occurs during cleaning, the ring indicator red light flashes quickly and the voice prompts. Please refer to the above table to solve the problem. 23

****** Page 25 ****** Description of Hazardous Material Toxic and harmfu substances and elements Lead (Pb) Mercury (I-lg) Cadmium (Cd) exava en Chromium Cr ay romna e Biphenyls (PBB) ay ramma e Accessary names Plastic shell o o o o Diphenyl Ethers (PBDE C) PCB o o o o o Power cord O O O O O Battery o O O o o Metal parts O O O O O O Adapter o o o o o Environmental protection period (EPP): PCB 10 years, power cable 1 0 years, battery 5 years. EPP means the safety period without any leakage of hazardous substances under instructed use. O : All components contain hazardous substances below the directive limit of SJ/TI 1363-2006. X : At least one component contains hazardous substances beyond the directive limit of SJ/TI 1363-2006. Note: A small patch of electronic components for special purposes is marked with “X” in the table (such as high voltage resistors, ceramic resistors, diodes). Their quantity of Pb may exceed 0.1% due to high-performance consideration. As the core in the screws and in the data cable is made of high-quali- ty alloy, Pb may also exceed 0.1%. All of these items comply with the exemption conditions of EU’s RoHS directive, and no alternative technologies or components can be applied at present. 24

****** Page 26 ****** After-sales Service Warranty period The warranty period for Robot and accessories is 1 year, For detailed information, please contact your ocal authorized dealer. Warranty content Name Robot Accessories Consumables Warranty content Robot (includes built-in lithium battery) Charging dock; Power cord; Water tank Main brush, Side Brush, Main brush cover, Main brush cleaning tools, Mop; Dust bin Warranty period 1 year I year Note: consumables included have NO warranty. Non-warranty regulations 1 . Unauthorized repairs, misuses, collisions negligence, accidents, modifications, improper use of non-product accessories, etc., or tearing, a tering stickers or anti-counterfeiting labels, 2. Beyond the warranty period 3. Damage caused by force majeure. 4 Does not meet the performance failures listed in the product performance failure table. 5. Due to human reasons, this product and its accessories have performance problems listed in the product performance failure table. FCC Warning This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device pursuant to part 5 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference wil not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the fol owing measures: • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. ncrease the separation between the equipment and receiver • Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. Caution: Any changes or modifications to this device not explicit y approved by manufacturer could void your authority to operate this equipment. This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the fol owing two conditions: (1 ) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. This equipment complies with FCC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment. This equipment shou d be installed and operated with minimum distance 20cm between the radiator and your body. This transmitter must not be co-located or operating in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter. 25

****** Page 27 ****** Warranty Card User’s Information Name E_mail Address Product Information Model Color Serial No. Service Record Service record 26 Failure information Service date Service technician signature Tel. Post/Zip Code _

****** Page 28 ****** Scan QR code to download 360Smart APP







360 S6 (01) PDF MANUAL

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