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PDF Content Summary: Package Contents: Bluetooth Audio Adapter Micro USB Charge Cable Operator’s Manual Product BLUETOOTH AUDIO ADAPTER Operation and Instruction: Charging: Specifications: Aux 3.5mm Conversion Item #: Z343N041 Thank you for purchasing the ZipKord Solutions Bluetooth Audio Adapter. This manual will help you operate the Bluetooth Adapter as you familiarize yourself with the Bluetooth functionality of your mobile Operator’s Manual phone or device. Before Using: • Please follow the guidelines in this manual to ensure your safety before using the Bluetooth Adapter. • Be careful of any edges, metal parts, accessories and packaging to prevent any possible injury or damage. • Do not modify, repair or dismantle this Bluetooth Adapter. Doing so may result in fires, electric shocks or complete breakdown of the device and will invalidate the Manufacturer’s Warranty. • Do not use any volatile liquids to clean the Bluetooth Adapter. • Do not use the Bluetooth Adapter in a hazardous location. Note – Some devices may not respond to all features of the Bluetooth Adapter Power On: Press the “ ” button for 4 seconds when the device is off. A blue LED will flash 3 times and you will hear a “power on and pairing” voice notification. Enter the Pairing Mode: In power off mode, Press the “ ” button and hold for 5 seconds to power on the device and enter pairing mode. A red LED and blue LED will flash alternately, and you will hear a voice notification that says “pairing”. Be sure your device’s Bluetooth mode is turned on. Pairing: When Bluetooth Adapter is flashing Red/Blue, hold near the mobile device you wish to pair, and be sure that device is also in Pairing mode. If requested, enter the Bluetooth PIN 0000 (4 zeros) to connect the adapter (Z343N041) to your phone. Play/Pause: Press “ ” to play music when the device is paused, and press “ ” again to pause when the device is playing. Volume Up: Press “+” to raise the volume. Volume Down: Press “––” to lower the volume. Items Specification Bluetooth specification: 4.1 Bluetooth profile: HFP1.6, HSP1.2, AVRCP1.4, A2DP1.2 RF Range: 10m Noise reduction: CVC Stand-by time: Approximately 220 hours Conversation time: Approximately 5.5 hours Charging time: Approximately 2 hours, depending on the type of power adapter used Dimension: 50Lx10Wx10Dmm Weight: 16.4g Warning: • Be sure to use proper cables and power adapters to charge your Bluetooth Adapter. By • Fully charge the Bluetooth Adapter before its first use and if it has not been used for more than 3 months. Microphone: The microphone is the small hole located next to the power port. Be sure to clip the Bluetooth Adapter in a location that enables the microphone to hear your voice when speaking. If there are sound issues, blow into the hole to clear any dust or debris. Next / Previous Song: Press and hold the “––” button for 1 second to go back and hear the previous song, press and hold the “+” button for 1 second to hear the next song. Power Off: Press the “ ” button for 3 seconds when the device is on; a voice prompt will say “Power off”. Low Battery: You will hear a voice prompt saying “battery low” and will see the red LED flash when you need to recharge your Bluetooth Adapter. Charging: Plug your included USB charging cable into a USB power port on your computer or Wall or Car power adapter to charge your Bluetooth Adapter. The Red LED will light up while plugged in. Answer Call: Press the “ ” button while phone is ringing to answer. End Call: Press the “ ” button once to end your call and return to your music. Transfer Call Sound: Press the “ ” button for 3 seconds to transfer the sound from the Bluetooth Adapter back to your mobile phone or Tablet. Reject Call: Double press the “ ” button to reject call when the phone is ringing. Connect Two Devices Simultaneously: Following above pairing instruction, connect the first mobile phone, then turn off the device’s Bluetooth. Connect a 2nd device to the Bluetooth Adapter using the above pairing instructions. Then turn on the Bluetooth of the first de- vice, so that both devices are now connected to the Bluetooth Adapter. Redial: Press “ ” button twice to dial the last number called. Mute: When talking, double press the “ ” button. Unmute: When talking, and phone is in mute mode, double press the “ ” button. Camera Remote: Double press Volume up button Reset Device to Default Setting: When device is in paring mode (Red/Blue Flash), press the “+” and “––” buttons at the same time then until you hear a voice prompt. • Connect the cable to the USB port on the adapter, making sure to have the proper side up. • Connect the cable to a computer, wall or car USB power adapter. Once properly attached, the indicator light will be red. • When the adapter is fully charged, the red indicator light will change to blue. Unplug the charger from the adapter. • Power output of the charger should be between 500mA and 2.4A of power. A charger more powerful can cause damage to the Bluetooth Adapter and will invalidate the warranty on the product. • Repeatedly charging and discharging the adapter over time will cause the battery performance to diminish. This is normal for all rechargeable batteries. Pairing means starting a unique and encrypted wireless connection between two Bluetooth devices. In pairing mode, two devices should be placed close enough to each other (generally within 10 feet of one another.) Pairing to a Computer • Your computer must be Bluetooth Enabled. • Turn on the device and go to paring mode as listed above. • Open the Bluetooth manager for your computer, and search for the Bluetooth Adapter. • After a few moments, the device name (Z343N041) should be listed. Select the device name to start pairing. • Open your media player to play music, watch a movie or play a game. Pairing a Mobile Phone or Tablet • Activate the Bluetooth feature on your phone and search for the Bluetooth Adapter. • Turn on the device and go to paring mode as listed above. • Select the Bluetooth Adapter (Z343N041) from the list of devices found by your phone. • If requested, enter the Bluetooth PIN 0000 (4 zeros) to connect the adapter to your phone. • Your phone will confirm the pairing. Press yes/OK to continue if asked. Pairing to Computer or Phone: FAQ: Q: Adapter will not turn on A: Make sure your device is fully charged before using it for the first time. Your device cannot be turned on if the battery level is too low. Q: There is no sound when the device is playing A: Check the connection between the Bluetooth Adapter and your device. Also check the volume level. Q: The phone or computer can’t find my device A: Check that the Bluetooth (Z343N041) is “visible” in your phone or computer or if pairing has stopped. Please re-enter pairing mode. Also, try to restart the phone or device. Note: The following are not valid definitions of manufacture defects: • Product Label Damage • Damage caused by opening or dismantling the Bluetooth Adapter. • Damage due to water • Damage caused by mishandling the Bluetooth Adapter, including dropping or harming the device in any way. • The breakdown or damage caused by nature. ZipKord provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Battery Reserve Case. Visit for full terms and limitations. v3.2







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