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PDF Content Summary: © 2016 tekmar 519_U - 06/16 Radiant Thermostat 519 User Manual Zoning 519_U 06/16 Replaces: 03/13

This brochure will provide you with the information you need to benefit the most from your tekmar Thermostat. Please visit tekmarControls.com for more detailed information on this or any other tekmar product. User Interface Away Display Symbols This thermostat will display symbols on its screen in order to indicate what mode it is in, what temperature it is operating at, or what equipment it is trying to turn on. This section describes each of those symbols. HEAT ON Heat is turned on. MODE OFF The heating system is off. WARNING SYMBOL Indicates an error is present. © 2016 tekmar 519_U - 06/16 2 of 4 MIN The floor is at or below the floor minimum temperature. MAX The floor has reached the floor maximum temperature. AWAY Operating at the away temperature.

Setting The Temperature To change the heat temperature setting, push the or buttons to select a preferred temperature setting. Air Temperature Only ----------------------------------------------- If there is only an air temperature sensor (no floor sensor), the thermostat operates to control your desired air temperature. Floor Temperature Only -------------------------------------------- If the air sensor has been disabled, the thermostat will only maintain floor temperature and ignore air temperature. This operation is recommended for areas such as bathrooms to ensure that tile floors are warm to the touch. Floor and Air Temperature ----------------------------------------- If the air sensor is turned on and a floor sensor is connected, the thermostat will maintain your desired air temperature as well as a minimum floor temperature. This operation is recommended for areas with large windows that allow the sun to shine into a room and keep it warm without the need for heat. This can allow the floors to cool off during the afternoon. When the sun goes down, it can take a long time for the floors to get warm again. This may cause the room to cool off too much in the early evening. A floor minimum setting can help with this condition by maintaining a floor minimum temperature. Keep in mind the floor minimum temperature will override the air temperature, and if set too high, may overheat the room. This operation is also recommended for rooms with hardwood floors. Setting floor minimum and maximum temperatures is a way of enhancing the comfort of your living space while protecting your floor coverings.

90°F (32°C) Feels hot to the touch 80 to 85°F (26 to 30°C) Feels warm to the touch 70°F (21°C) Feels cool to the touch 40 to 45°F (5 to 7°C) Feels cold to the touch © 2016 tekmar 519_U - 06/16 3 of 4 Suggested maximum for all floor types other than wood. Bathrooms and kitchens. Suggested maximum for wood floors. Rooms with large windows preventing under heating in the evening. Freeze protection for garages.

Settings • Press and hold down both the and buttons for 3 seconds to change from one step to the next. • Release both buttons once the step has been reached. • Press the or the button to change the setting, if available. • Press step, OR and hold down both the and buttons for 3 seconds to go to the next • After 15 seconds of no button activity, the display goes back to normal operation. Display Setting User settings. MODE Select heat or off. UNITS Select the temperature units in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. BACK LIGHT Select when the display back light should operate. Options are Off, Auto, On. Auto operates the backlight for 30 seconds after a keystroke.

F SET FLOOR Set the floor minimum temperature. Available when an auxiliary floor sensor is connected and the built-in room temperature sensor is on. TYPE Device Type number.

ESCAPE Release the and buttons to return to the home screen. More Information This User Brochure contains standard information on how to make adjustments to an installed product. More detailed information can be found in this product’s Installation and Operation Manual (519_D) at tekmarControls.com All specifications are subject to change without notice Tel: (250) 545-7749 • Fax: (250) 984-0815 tekmarControls.com 519_U - 06/16 4 of 4 © 2016 tekmar







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