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PDF Content Summary: ENGLISH ENGLISH Operator’s Manual Onion King® 500N 501N 502N 503N Thank you for purchasing this Vollrath Food Processing Equipment. Before operating the equipment, read and familiarize yourself with the following operating and safety instructions. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. Save the original box and packaging. Use this packaging to ship the equipment if repairs are needed. Item No. 2350028-1 en Rev 02/11 Manual Food Processing Equipment

Safety Precautions To ensure safe operation, read the following statements and understand their meaning. This manual contains safety precautions which are explained below. Please read carefully. WARNING Warning is used to indicate the presence of a hazard that can cause severe personal injury, death, or substantial property damage if the warning is ignored. CAUTION Caution is used to indicate the presence of a hazard that will or can cause minor personal injury or property damage if the caution is ignored. NOTE Features and Controls B A H G D C E

Note is used to notify people of installation, operation, or maintenance information that is important but not hazard-related. For Your Safety! These precautions should be followed at all times. Failure to follow these precautions could result in injury to yourself and others. To reduce risk of injury or damage to the equipment: ④ Check equipment before each use to insure the equipment is clean. ④ Check for broken, nicked or dull blades and if found, replace the blade assembly. ④ Check to insure that the pusher head sits down completely on the rubber bumpers. ④ On tabletop models the suction cups will hold the equipment securely to smooth surfaces. ④ If necessary, lubricate guide rods using a light coating of mineral oil, Petro Gel, or food grade lubricant. DO NOT USE COOKING OIL AS IT WILL BECOME STICKY AND MAY PERMANENTLY DAMAGE THE PUSHER HEAD BEARINGS Function and Purpose Intended for cutting, dicing and wedging vegetables and fruits. E F G Figure 1. Features and Controls. A PUSHER HEAD ASSEMBLY. Pushes the food product through the blade assembly. B HANDLE. Used to lower and raise the pusher head. C BLADE ASSEMBLY. Houses the blades. Specifically sized to match the corresponding pusher head block. D SAFETY HANDLE. Held with the left hand during operation to help avoid injury. E PUSHER HEAD BUMPER. Cushions the stopping of the pusher head on the frame. F BASE ASSEMBLY. Holds the guide rods and parts of the equipment. G LEG ASSEMBLY. Supports the equipment. H PUSHER HEAD FINGERS. Pushes food product between the blades. Unpacking the Equipment and Initial Setup Carefully remove crating or packaging materials from the equipment. When longer needed, dispose of all packaging ,materials in an environmentally responsible manner.

2 Operator’s Manual

Operation WARNING Sharp Blade Hazard. Blades are sharp and can cause cuts. To avoid injury from sharp blades, handle with caution. Prior to first use, it is important to clean the equipment. Wash new blades with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly to remove the thin protective oil film. 1. Before each use, check that the equipment is clean and the blades are in good condition. If loose or broken blades are found, blades must be serviced. 2. Before each use, check for proper blade alignment. Slowly set the pusher head (D) onto the blade assembly. See Figures 1.They should slide together with no obstructions. If there are obstructions, verify they are a matching set. 3. Verify that the blade assembly (C) and pusher head assembly (A) are the desired size. See Figure 1. 4. Prepare the food product to be processed. The maximum size of the food product is 3” (2.6 cm) in diameter. 5. Lift the handle (B) and place the food on the rear of the blade assembly (C) with the flat side down. 6. Remove hand from the blade assembly area and place that hand on the safety handle (D). 7. Lower the handle (B) to slightly score the food product. 8. Using a strong, quick, downward thrust, force the food product through the blade assembly (C). 9. Repeat this process until you have prepared enough food product for your daily needs. 10. Clean and lubricate your equipment immediately after each use. See the CLEANING section of this manual for more information. Cleaning WARNING Sharp Blade Hazard. Blades are sharp and can cause cuts. To avoid injury from sharp blades, handle with caution. To maintain the appearance and increase the service life, clean your daily. NOTE: Food acids will make blades dull and corrode the metal. Always clean this food preparation equipment immediately after every use. 1. Raise the handle to put the highest position. See Figure 1. 2. Clean large excess pieces of scrap with a small nylon brush. 3. Wipe, rinse or spray off equipment, pusher head assembly (H) and blade assembly (C) thoroughly with HOT water. 4. Do not wipe across the blades or use scrub pads on this equipment. Wiping across the sharp edge of the blade can cause injury and will dull the blades. Manual Food Processing Equipment 5. The cutting blade assembly (C) is best cleaned by forcing water under pressure through the blades from the unsharpened side. If necessary, use a nylon bristle cleaning brush to push food particles out from the unsharpened side of the blade assembly (C). 6. Do not put this equipment in a dishwasher or dish machine with soaps, detergents, or other alkaline chemicals that can harm the equipment. 7. After cleaning, let the equipment air dry. 8. Lubricate the pivot rod with mineral oil or Petro Gel after each use. Do not use cooking oil as it will become sticky and may permanently damage the equipment. Preventative Maintenance 1. Clean equipment after every use. 2. Use equipment for intended purposes only. 3. Change blades regularly - based on usage. Replacing Blade Assembly WARNING Sharp Blade Hazard. Blades are sharp and can cause cuts. To avoid injury from sharp blades, handle with caution. Wash new blades with warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly to remove the thin protective oil film. Keep the sharp edge away from you when handling blades. 1. Familiarize yourself with the parts diagram for your equipment. 2. Allow ample room to work on a flat, dry surface. 3. Raise the handle and pusher head as far up as it will go. 4. Remove the screws (I) retaining the old blade assembly (W). See Spare Parts List and Exploded View. 5. Carefully remove and dispose the blade assembly (W). Retain hardware for installing new blade assembly. 6. Examine the pusher fingers (F). If they are nicked or burred, smooth the rough edges with a small flat file. The spaces between the fingers must be uniform. Straighten any bent fingers. 7. Verify that blade shields (L) are installed on the new blade assembly (W). 8. Place the new blade assembly (W) into the base frame (R) so that it is seated correctly and the sharp side up. 9. Install the screws (I) into the front side of the blade assembly (W). Tighten until contact is made with the base frame (R). Turn the screw until tight, do not exceed 3/4 turn or 70 in. lbs. 10. Place rubber washer(C) between the rear of the base frame (R) and the blade assembly (W). Insert the screws (I) through the base frame (R), and rubber washer (C) and into the blade assembly. Turn the screw (I) until tight, do not exceed 1/2 turn or 40 in. lbs. 11. Slowly bring the pusher head (F) head down to the blades (W). If there is contact, the pusher head (F) may need to be adjusted. To adjust, loosen the locking collar set screws (K) and position then adjust the pusher head (F). Operator’s Manual EN G L IS H 3

Manual Food Processing Equipment 12. Lubricate the guide bar with mineral oil or Petro Gel after each use. Do not use cooking oil as it will become sticky and may permanently damage the equipment. Troubleshooting If the equiptment no longer processes food cleanly or without damage to the food product, the blades could be dull and be in need of replacement. Broken, bent, or nicked blades must be replaced. Problem It might be caused by Course of Action Broken Blade. Blades were dull. Pre-score whenever possible to avoid undue shock and stress to blades. Replace blades Service and Repair Please contact the qualified professional repair service listed below. VOLLRATH Induction Repair Service • 1-800-825-6036 (USA) or vollrathco.com When contacting the Authorized Professional Service Center, please be ready with the model number, serial number, and proof of purchase showing the date the equipment was purchased. SPARE PARTS LIST - Onion King®

LET TER PART # DESCRIPTION M 517 HANDLE CASTING N 519 ACORN NUT (part of Pusher Head Assembly)

A 047 BLADE BLOCK PIN (part of Blade Assembly) B 060 RUBBER FOOT (Old Style) O 303 RUBBER FOOT, DEEP (New Style) C 0655 NEOPRENE GASKET 520 BLADE BLOCK, 3/16” CUT 522 BLADE BLOCK, 1/4” CUT 521 BLADE BLOCK, 3/8” CUT 523 BLADE BLOCK, 1/2” CUT, 503N & 503SN D 414 SCREW, FIL. HEAD, 1/4-20 X 3/4” E 4422R SCREW, SQ. HEAD, 1/4-20 X 1/2” 504 PUSHER HEAD ASSEMBLY, 3/16” (includes 30 Spacers, 16 Fingers, 2 Rods, 4 Nuts M, X, N) P 525 FRONT LEGS (Longest) Q 526 REAR LEGS (Shortest) R 554 BASE FRAME S 555 VINYL GRIP 505 PUSHER HEAD ASSEMBLY, 1/4” (includes 22 F Spacers, 12 Fingers, 2 Rods, 4 Nuts M, X, N) 515 PUSHER HEAD ASSEMBLY, 3/8” (includes 14 Spacers 8 Fingers, 2 Rods, 4 Nuts, M, X, N) T 556 PIVOT ROD U 558 PIVOT ROD LOCKING COLLAR V 560 NYLON WASHER G 506 PUSHER HEAD BUMPER H 507 PUSHER HEAD ASSEMBLY, 503SN (includes Spacers, Fingers, Rods, Nuts M, X, N) I 5116 SCREW, HEX HEAD, 1/4-20 X 2”, 3/8” ACROSS W FLATS J 5117 BEARING PLATE K 5118 SCREW, SQ. HEAD, 1/4-20 X 1/2” DOUBLE BLADE BLOCK SHIELD FOR 509 BLADE ASSEMBLY 3/16” (includes 13 Blades, 2 Blocks, 4 Pins, 2 Shields) 511 BLADE ASSEMBLY 1/4” (includes 11 Blades, 2 Blocks, 4 Pins, 2 Shields) 510 BLADE ASSEMBLY 3/8” (includes 7 Blades, 2 Blocks, 2 Pins, 2 Shields) 512 BLADE ASSEMBLY 1/2” includes 6 Blades, 2 Blocks, 2 Pins, 2 Shields)

5120 L 3/16” AND 1/4” CUT, ALSO WITH BLADE ASSEMBLIES X FINGER RETAINING RODS (part of Pusher Head Assembly)

5121 SINGLE BLADE BLOCK SHIELD FOR 3/8” AND 1/2” CUT, ALSO WITH BLADE ASSEMBLIES 4 Operator’s Manual Manual Food Processing Equipment Exploded View - Onion King® H, F E N G L I S H 5 Operator’s Manual Manual Food Processing Equipment Warranty Statement for The Vollrath Co. L.L.C. The Vollrath Company LLC warrants the products it manufactures and distributes against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year, except as specifically provided below. The warranty runs 12 months from the date of original installation. (End user receipt)

1. Refrigeration compressors – The warranty period is 5 years. 2. Replacement parts – The warranty period is 90 days. 3. Fry pans and coated cookware – The warranty period is 90 days 4. EverTite™ Riveting System – The warranty covers loose rivets only, forever. 5. Cayenne® Heat Strips – The warranty period is 1 year plus an additional 1 year period on heating element parts only. 6. Ultra and Professional Induction Ranges – The warranty period is 2 years. 7. Mirage and Commercial Induction ranges - The warranty period is 1 year. 8. ServeWell® Induction Workstations – The warranty period is one year on the workstation table and 2 years on induction hobs. 9. Slicers – The warranty period is 10 years on gears and 5 years on belts. 10. Mixers – The warranty period is 2 years. 11. Extended warranties are available at the time of sale. 12. Vollrath – Redco products – The warranty period is 2 years. 13. Optio / Arkadia product lines – The warranty period is 90 days. 14. All non-stick products (i.e. fry pans and surfaces) are 90 days for the non stick surfaces. All products in the Jacob’s Pride® collection, including the following, have a lifetime warranty: • NSF Certified One-Piece Dishers • NSF Certified Spoodle® Utensils • NSF Certified Heavy-Duty Spoons with Ergo- nomic Handle • NSF Certified Heavy-Duty Basting Spoons • Heavy duty Turners with Ergonomic handle • One-Piece Tongs* • Heavy-Duty One-Piece Ladles* • Nylon Handle Whips • One-Piece Skimmers • Tribute®, Intrigue®, and Classic Select® Cook- ware* *Jacob’s Pride® warranty does not cover Kool-Touch®, non stick coatings and silicone handles. Items sold having no warranty: • Meat Grinder Knives • Light Bulbs in Convection Ovens and Hot Food Merchandiser • Oven Door Seals • Oven Door Glass • Hot Food Merchandisers / Display Case Glass • Calibration and set up of gas equipment • Slicer / Dicer blades (table top food prep) – Redco and Vollrath

THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ANY OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE As The Vollrath Company LLC’s only responsibility and the purchaser’s only remedy, for any breach of warranty, The Vollrath Company LLC will repair or, at its option, replace the defective product or part without charge, except as otherwise provided below: • For refrigeration compressors and the second year of the warranty on Cayenne® Heat Strips and mixers, The Vollrath Company LLC will provide the repaired or replacement part only; and the buyer will be responsible for all labor charges incurred in performing the repair or replacement. • To obtain warranty service, the buyer will be responsible to return to The Vollrath Company LLC any product (other than gas equipment that is permanently installed) weighing less than 110 lbs. or located outside of a 50-mile radius of a certified technician designated by The Vollrath Company LLC to perform warranty repairs. If a Vollrath Technician cannot be contacted check the website for service contact points. (Please refer to the Product Catalogue for weights and sizes of product) • No remedy will be available for products that have been damaged by accident, carelessness, improper installation, lack of proper setup or supervision when required, neglect, improper use, installation or operation contrary to installation and operating instructions or other causes not arising out of defects in materi- als or workmanship. At the buyer’s request, The Vollrath Company LLC will repair and or replace such products at a reasonable cost. • No remedy will be available for slicers where blade has not been sharpened (Refer to owner’s manual for sharpening instructions) • No remedy will be available for mixers damaged by changing gears while unit is running or overloading, in either case as determined by a Vollrath Certified Technician • Warranty work must be authorized in advance by The Vollrath Company LLC. See the operating and safety instructions for each product for detailed war- ranty claim procedures. • No remedy will be available for product returned and found to be acceptable to the product specification. • No remedy will be available under any warranty not registered as required below. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: THE VOLLRATH COMPANY LLC SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, WHETHER BASED UPON NEGLIGENCE OR OTHER TORT, BREACH OF WARRANTY, OR ANY OTHER THEORY. 6 Operator’s Manual

Warranty Procedure On all warranty calls, the following process and information is required: Manual Food Processing Equipment

• All warranty claims will start with a call to Vollrath Technical Service support line.(800-628-0832). • A technical support professional will work to diagnose the issues, and provide the details for the service solution. • Name and phone number of person calling • Business name, street address, city, state and zip • Model and serial number • Date of purchase and proof of purchase (Receipt) • Name of dealer where unit was purchased NOTE: Vollrath will not accept products sent without the proper procedure being followed. Important: TO MAKE A CLAIM FOR ANY REMEDY UNDER THIS WARRANTY, YOU MUST REGISTER YOUR WARRANTY. Register Today ONLINE: Register your warranty on-line now at Vollrathco.com NO WEB ACCESS: If you do not have access to the web, kindly register by completing the warranty registration form and faxing it to The Vollrath Co. LLC office in the country of purchase. Warranty Registration Business Name E N Key Contact Name Email G L Street Address I S H City State Zip Code Country Phone Fax Model Item Number Serial Number - - Operation Type R Limited Service Restaurant R Full Service Restaurant R Bars and Taverns R Supermarket R Convenience Store R Recreation R Hotel/Lodging R Airlines R Business/Industry R Primary/Secondary School R Colleges/University R Hospitals R Long-Term Care R Senior Living R Military R Corrections Reason for Selecting Our Product R Appearance R Full Service Restaurant R Availability R Sellers Recommendation R Ease of Operation R Versatility of Use R Price R Brand Would You Like to Receive Our Full-Line Catalog and Remain on Our Mailing List? R Yes R No 7 Operator’s Manual

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