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PDF Content Summary: SET ENGLISH UP Model #s RL-K4F1M4 / RL-W4F1M4 / RL-W13D1L4 / RL-K3D1L3 / RL-W3D1L3 / Destin Step 1: Cart Assembly • Remove bolts, washers and locking washers from the two “X” connectors. • Remove paper washers and begin assembling the “X” connectors and legs. • Please Note: Top & Bottom “X” connectors must be assembled simultaneously. • Assemble cart by inserting the two “X” connectors into leg ends and install bolts and washers in the same order they were removed from “X” connectors. • While assembling, only finger-tighten bolts to allow for adjustment in cart. Otherwise it can be difficult to get all the bolts inserted. • Screw in Standard Rubber Wheels to rear Cart Legs and the Locking Rubber Wheels to the front Cart Legs. • Tighten nuts using wrench provided. • After cart is assembled, confirm all bolts are tightened. Step 3: Grill Assembly • Take all parts out of grill before lifting. The grill is heavy and will require two people to lift and guide the Kamado into cart. • Be sure the ProZoneTM is centered between the two front legs and the grill is resting against the two back legs. • Lower fire bowl into grill with the ash drawer opening lined up with the opening in the main ceramic body. Place cast iron charcoal grate with attached starter pocket into fire bowl (Step 3a). Align tabs of starter pocket with electric starter port in fire bowl. SIGNATURE SERIES PLAZA STEP 1STEP 1 STEP 1 Step 4: Lava Stone & Bracket Assembly • Open grill and take off grill grates to expose fire bowl. • Spread bracket so it makes an “X” shape and lower onto fire bowl, allowing the bracket to rest on edge of bowl. • Lower Lava Stone onto the bracket. Step 6: Using the Electric Starter • Place required amount of charcoal inside fire bowl and open all bottom and top vents to maximize air flow. • Flip open electric starter door and insert electric starter as far in as possible. Plug in electric starter. • Wait until edges of charcoal turn white and flames are licking the mound of charcoal. On average it takes 10-15 minutes to start charcoal. • Unplug starter and remove from ProZoneTM. Be careful when removing electric starter, the element will be very hot. After use, let element rest on support and cool completely away from children. STEP 3a NOTE: Do not plug the electric starter in while it is raining unless you’re in a safe and securely covered area. • Place cooking grates onto grill with hinged section facing towards front of grill. • Close lid and press top vent onto grill with calibrations facing the front (Step 3b). STEP 4 Step 5: Handle and Side Shelf Mounting • Remove nuts and washers from bolts welded on the top banding opposite the hinge. • Remove paper washers and attach handle bracket over studs. On each stud place a flat washer and an acorn nut, then tighten. • Mount side shelves by inserting the shelf rod into the shelf bracket. Tilting the shelf up slightly and sliding in or out allows you to deploy or store the shelves. STEP 5 STEP 2 Step 2: Shelf Brackets • Remove nuts and washers from bolts welded on the bottom banding and remove paper washers. • Mount shelf brackets over studs with bracket slots facing up. Brackets are stamped on the back with letters indicating their position (e.g., LF=Left Front and RB=Right Back). • Mount flat washer then acorn nut on each stud and tighten with wrench provided. Step 7: Ash Drawer Usage • Once grill is cool, it is safe to remove ash from ash drawer. • Using bottom knob on ProZoneTM, lift slightly (Step 7a) and pull drawer out (Step 7b). • Once ashes are emptied, reinstall by pushing ProZoneTM back into grill body until it drops down back into place. WARNING: ALWAYS WAIT FOR ASHES TO COOL BEFORE REMOVING ASH DRAWER. NEVER PULL OUT ASH DRAWER WHILE GRILL IS HOT. STEP 7a STEP 7b STEP 3b SIGNATURE ENGLISH SERIES PLAZA Model #s RL-K4F1M4 / RL-W4F1M4 / RL-W13D1L4 / RL-K3D1L3 / RL-W3D1L3 / Destin 1* 1.1PART NAMES PART NUMBERS 2 2.1 1 Cast Iron Top Vent Stainless Steel Top Vent 1.1 Bakelite Tab 31.2 Smoker Knob 2 Ceramic Dome Lid 2.1 Thermometer 14 3 Top Ring Assembly 10 4 Ceramic Dome Bottom 5 Bottom Ring Assembly 7 5.1 Right (with nuts Front & Side washers) Shelf Bracket 5.2 Right (with nuts Back & Side washers) Shelf Bracket 5.3 Left (with Front nuts Side & washers) Shelf Bracket 5 5.4 Left (with Back nuts Side & washers) Shelf Bracket 6 Bottom Cooking Grate 7 Charcoal Grate 8 Electric Starter Pocket 9 Fire Bowl 10 Top Cooking Grate 15* 11 Shock Absorber Assembly 12 “X” washers Leg Connectors & spring washers) (with bolts, 13 Wood Shelves, Slatted, Dark (x2) 12 14 Handle (with nuts & washers) 15 Ash Ash Drawer Drawer Body, Body, Powder Stainless Coat Steel 15.1 Starter Starter Port Port Flipper Flipper Door, Door, Stainless Powder Coat Steel 16 Cart Cart Leg, Leg, Curved, Curved, Powder Stainless Coat Steel (x4) (x4) 17 Felt Gasket 18 Rubber Wheels (x2) Standard 19 Rubber Wheels (x2) Locking * Part Material & Style may vary based on Model 20 Grill Cover 21 Lava Stone 22 SS Stone Bracket 23 Electric Starter ** Not included in all Grill packages Long-Term Maintenance • Cover your grill when not in use to extend life and maintain appearance. • When moving grill always pull by the back hinge. VGC TV-CAS VGC TV-SSS VGC TV-CAS-T VGC TV-CAS-SK VGC CDLSS-1 VGC SSIT VGC RA1-L VGC SSDB-L 6VGC RA2 VGC SB-RF VGC SB-RB 11 VGC SB-LF-L 5.4 5.2VGC SB-LB-L 5.35.1 13 13 VGC CGB-L 17 VGC CG-1 VGC ESP-1 VGC FB-1 4 VGC CGT-L 15.1* VGC AC-L VGC XLC-L VGC WS-SD-L 16*VGC HDLSS-L VGC VGC ADB-PC ADB-SS VGC VGC ADB-PCFD-L ADB-SSFD-L 18 18 VGC VGC CLEG-PC CLEG-SS VGC FLT-L VGC WHLS-L VGC WHL-L-L VGC GC-L 20** VGK-101R VGK-BRACKET VGK-ELEC Visit to register your grill. Vision Grills, LLC • 1531 Fairview Avenue, Suite B, St. Louis, MO 63132 • 877.917.4273 • 9 16* 19 21** 22** 23** 1.2 8 16* 12 16* 19 PARTS







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