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PDF Content Summary: VAPOUR VAPORIZER 2® USER PRO SERIES MANUAL 3X TM The Anatomy of Your Device 1.Cartridge Chamber: Magnetically secures your cartridge 2.LED Light: Indicates the activation status of Series 3X 3.Activation Button: Controls vapor production Package Contains: 4.Manual Control LED Lights: Indicates 1 selected voltage or temperature 5.LED Perimeter: Glows different 1 S3X Vaporizer 1 S3X E-Liquid Cartridge w/ replaceable atomizers: colors to indicate the temperature & 1 0.9 Ohm Ceramic Atomizer remaining charge of Series 3X 6. Metal Charge Port: Connects to the magnetic head of the USB charging cord 1 1.2 Ohm Ceramic Atomizer 1 1.5 Ohm Ceramic Atomizer 1 S3X Gunmetal E-liquid Cartridge Mouthpeice 1 S3 PG Ceramic E-Liquid Cartridge 2 AThe Anatomy of a Series 3X Cartridge 1 USB Charger 1 User Manual 34* BA. Replaceable Mouthpiece: Available in gunmetal, silver, angled, and classic. MANUAL SUB-OHM B. Air Intake Ring: TEMPERATURE CAPABLE CONTROL C Adjust to change airflow S3 E-Liquid (not included) C. Replaceable Ceramic LARGER BATTERY Atomizer: Available in CAPACITY LIFE 0.9 Ω, 1.2 Ω & 1.5 Ω BATTERY INDICATOR Your 2-in-1 Vaporizer Series 3X is capable of vaporizing two mediums: e-liquid and loose leaf. Your Series 3X Kit comes with one Series 3X E-liquid Visit to: TM cartridge, three interchangeable ceramic atomizers (0.9 Ω, 1.2 Ω, and 1.5 Ω), and one Series 3 PG Ceramic E-liquid cartridge. Loose • Download your free E-Liquid Quality Assurance Report. 5 Leaf cartridges may be purchased separately. • Reference our complete User Manual. 6 • View a detailed list of all e-liquid ingredients. VMR CZ, S.R.O. Konevova 2660/141, Praha 3 Zizkov 130 00 CZ Designed by VMR Products LLC in the USA. Assembled in China. ©VMR Products LLC *Located on back of unit | | +420 222 264 473 | +44 (0)1733 555 555 | +420 800 622 222 VARIABLE AIRFLOW MAGNETIC CARTRIDGES & CHARGER COMPATIBLE CARTRIDGES S3X E-LIQUID S E R I E S 3 P S3 PG Ceramic E-Liquid S3 VG (not Ceramic included) E-Liquid S3 Loose Leaf (not included) YOU MUST BE OF LEGAL SMOKING AGE TO BUY AND/OR USE ANY VAPOUR2® PRODUCT. USER MANUAL TM VAPOUR2® PRO SERIES 3X VAPORIZER USER MANUAL Initiating Your Device 1.Remove Series 3X components from their packaging and Loose Leaf Cartridge charge your device, using the included USB Charger. 2. Unscrew the mouthpiece 3. of your cartridge and fill the chamber. 4. Unlock your device for use by pressing the Activation Button three times. The LED Perimeter will flash white. Locking your device is the same three clicks, with the LED Perimeter flashing red. Get Charged Series 3X arrives with a partial charge, so make sure you completely charge the unit before your first use. Plug the USB charger into a USB port and connect the magnetic head to the Metal Charge Port on the end of the device. The LEDs surrounding the Activation Button and along the Perimeter will flash, indicating that Series 3X is charging. The LED perimeter will pulse red; turning solid green when Series 3X is fully charged. Series 3X will need to be recharged when the LED Perimeter begins a set of red double flashes that dim off. But this won’t put your experience on pause – Series 3X is designed for use while charging. Connect Series 3X to the USB charger and continue normal use. Locking and Unlocking Series 3X Like your cell phone, Series 3X has a lock feature to prevent accidental activation. Push the Activation Button three times. The LED Perimeter will flash red. This will lock Series 3X and render it unresponsive to accidental input when not in use. To unlock, push the Activation Button three times. The LED Perimeter will flash white , indicating that Series 3X is ready to use. Battery Life Indicator To see the amount of charge remaining in your Series 3X device, simply shake your device a few times. The LED Perimeter will glow, indicating how much charge is remaining. The LED Perimeter lights will correspond with five battery levels. Note: This function will shut off following ten minutes of inactivity. To reactivate the battery life indicator, press the Activation Button once. 5. Press the Activation Button and take a puff. Discover the satisfaction of Series 3X! Align the small circle on the side of the cartridge (below the mouthpiece) with the notch on your device and slide the cartridge into the cartridge chamber. BATTERY LEVELS 100% 80% 60% 40% 30% Stealth Mode Your Series 3X device has a stealth mode feature that will dim all LED lights. To activate stealth mode, press the Activation Button nine times. To exit stealth mode, press the Activation Button nine times, or lock and then unlock your device. Series 3X Compatible Cartridges Series 3X is able to vaporize two different types of mediums: e-liquid and loose leaf. V2 Pro offers several types of Series 3 compatible cartridges, with each specially designed for use with a specific medium. The intelligent mechanics of Series 3X allow it to automatically recognize each type of cartridge and perform accordingly. Series 3x is also backwards compatible with all Series 3 cartridges. Changing the Atomizer in Your Series 3X Cartridge To access the atomizer, first unscrew the bottom of the cartrdge, and then and then unscrew the atomizer from the bottom of the cartridge. Replace the atomizer with your desired compatible atomizer. There are three interchangeable atomizers available for the Series 3X E-liquid cartridge: 0.9 Ω, 1.2 Ω & 1.5 Ω. If there has already been liquid inside the cartridge, be sure to hold the cartridge upside down to keep any liquid from falling out. Do not attempt to change the atomizer in a cartridge filled with liquid. Adjusting Airflow on the Series 3X Cartridge Just below the mouthpiece of your Series 3X cartridge is a metal ring that rotates to your desired amount of airflow. To adjust the amount of airflow, rotate the ring to your preference. ADJUSTING AIRFLOW Minimum Slight More Full Cartridge Use E-Liquid Cartridge 1. Remove the mouthpiece from the cartridge. 1. Unscrew the mouthpiece from the cartridge and drip e-liquid into the small slot next to the hollow center post. •Hold the cartridge at a slight angle when filling it to prevent spills. •Do not fill beyond the full line. 2. Add loose leaf to the chamber. a. For best results, use loose leaf that is ground or shredded. b. Be sure not to pack tightly or above the white ceramic ring. •Do not allow liquid to fall into the center post. 3. Replace the mouthpiece and insert the cartridge into the 2. Replace the mouthpiece cartridge chamber. 3. To adjust airflow, twist the air flow ring to your desired setting. 4. Make sure that Series 3X is unlocked. (Detailed instructions above. See “Adjusting Airflow”) 5. If desired, set your preferred temperature. (Detailed 4. To change the atomizer, unscrew the current one and replace with instructions above. See “Setting the Voltage on Series 3X”) your desired atomizer. (Detailed instructions above. See “Changing 6. Press and hold the Activation Button until the LED Perimeter the Atomizer”) turns red, indicating heating has started. Once heating has started 5. Insert the cartridge into the Series 3X cartridge chamber. you can let go of the button. 6. Make sure that Series 3X is unlocked. 7. If desired, set your preferred voltage. (See “Setting the Voltage”) 8. Press the Activation Button and begin puffing. •If the Activation Button is pressed for ten seconds or longer while the E-liquid cartridge is in use, the LED lights will flash white five times before Series 3X automatically cuts off. This eliminates the potential for accidental activation. 7. As Series 3X warms to optimal temperature, the LED Perimeter will change from red to green. When the LED Perimeter is green, Series 3X has reached the ideal temperature to vaporize loose leaf. Puff freely without pressing the Activation Button. 8. Press and hold the activation button to turn off the heating, or heating will automatically cut off two minutes after the LED Perimeter has turned green. The LED Perimeter will flash green 5 seconds before cut off. Setting the Voltage on Series 3X: Series 3X has three different voltage settings for E-liquid cartridges: Loose Leaf Cartridge Maintenance 1.8 V, 2.5 V, and 3.3 V. Choosing a higher voltage setting will Your Loose Leaf cartridge comes with the tools needed to perform produce more vapor. To select the voltage, press the Activation regular maintenance. Use the pick to remove particles of used loose Button twice. Series 3X will enter voltage setting mode. While Series leaf, and the brush to sweep away smaller debris left inside the 3X is in voltage setting mode, the Manual Control LEDs (on the back chamber. of unit) will cycle, indicating three different voltage settings To make your selection, press the Activation Button once when the glowing LEDs correspond with your desired voltage SETTING VOLTAGE 1.8 volts 2.5 volts 3.3 volts QUICK CLICK GUIDE 2 3 CLICKS CLICKS Adjust Lock & Voltage Unlock 9 CLICKS Stealth Mode







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