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PDF Content Summary: THIS WARRANTY WILL NOT BE APPLICABLE IF: ● The product is not used as per the suggested application. ● Repair attempts by either the customer or the third party (apart from the authorized V-Guard service centre). ● The original serial number is either tampered or removed from the device. ● Product failure caused by certain unusual conditions such as lightning, water logging, misuse, transit damage during purchase, transportation damage, abnormal voltage supply, acts of God, or while in transit to or from the service center. (Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.) V-Guard Industries Ltd. Registered Office: 42/962, Vennala High School Road, Vennala, Kochi- 682028, Kerala, India. V-Guard Customer Care Website: vguard.in E-mail: customercare@vguard.in Call Centre 1800 3000 1800 (Toll Free) 1860 180 3000 (Toll) CIN: L31200KL1996PLC010010 Serial Number: INSTRUCTION MANUAL & WARRANTY GUIDE ELECTRONIC VOLTAGE STABILIZER DIGI 200 SMART (6 Ampere)/ DIGI 200 SUPREME (6 Ampere)/ CRYSTAL PLUS SMART (3 Ampere)/ CRYSTAL PLUS SUPREME (3 Ampere)/ VG CRYSTAL SUPREME (2 Ampere)/ MINI CRYSTAL SMART (1.3 Ampere)/ MINI CRYSTAL SUPREME (1.3 Ampere)/ ATOM 1.0, (1 Ampere) WARRANTY : 3 YEAR

PRODUCT OVERVIEW & THE SUGGESTED APPLICATION: Model Capacity Suggested ● This stabilizer is provided with a time delay function that may delay the output voltage supply up to 8 seconds depending on the quality of the input voltage. Time ● This warranty obligation is limited only to the V-Guard Voltage Stabilizer purchased herewith and does not extend to any equipment with which this stabilizer is

Digi 200 Smart/ Digi 200 Supreme 6 Ampere Crystal Plus Working 140V-295V Application TV up to 178 cm (70) + Set Top Box + Home Theatre/Gaming Console TV up to 120 cm (47) + Set Top delay provides proper safety net for the connected equipment by regulating the input voltage. ● Unplug the stabilizer from the mains supply during lightning since it can damage your stabilizer and its connected equipment. ● Do not modify or extend the stabilizer cable. Do not place any heating equipment near the cable. If you observe any deterioration in the cable then immediately approach connected. ● This warranty obligation is limited to repairing or providing replacement of part/s, which are found to be defective during the warranty period and any part/s of the product replaced by V-Guard at its discretion shall be a functionally operative part. ● V-Guard or its Authorized Service Centre, reserves the right to retain any part/s or component/s replaced at its

Smart/Crystal Plus Supreme VG Crystal Supreme Mini Crystal Smart/Mini Crystal Supreme 3 Ampere 2 Ampere 1.3 Ampere 90V-290V Box + Home Theatre/Gaming Console TV up to 82 CM (32)+ Set Top Box + Home Theatre/ Gaming Console TV up to 82 cm (32) +Set Top Box V-Guard Authorized Service Centre for its replacement. ● The stabilizer should always be kept away from the water. If the stabilizer is affected with water (due to rain, flood, etc.) immediately contact V-Guard Authorized Service Centre for repair before using it again. ● Do not touch or clean the stabilizer with wet hands. Turn off the main power & unplug the stabilizer before its cleaning. ● Do not store or use or allow any inflammable items or gases discretion in the event of a defect noticed in the equipment during the warranty period. ● In case of repair/replacement of any part/s of this product, only for the unexpired period of the warranty. Moreover, the time taken for servicing shall not be exempted from the warranty period. ● This warranty obligation is applicable only if the product is

1 Ampere 90V-280V TV up to 70 cm near the stabilizer.

(28) Set Top Box Atom 1.0 Important Note: All above models are not suitable for the CRT (Cathode Rays Tube) TVs. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS: ● Connect your equipment to a V-Guard stabilizer and connect the stabilizer to the mains. Please ensure that the earthing is properly done and there are no loose connections. Always use a power plug and socket with the ground terminal. ● This Stabilizer can withstand up to 320V AC input. Please ensure that the excess voltage beyond this limit is not fed since it can cause serious damage to the stabilizer and its connected equipment. The warranty will cease to exist in such circumstance. ● This stabilizer is designed to work up to 50°C ambient temperature and is suitable for only 50Hz equipment. ● Spike protection is provided in this stabilizer to safeguard the connected equipment from the unprecedented voltage spikes that are typically caused by the power outage, short circuit or power transition in the other larger equipment connected on the same powerline. ● When the stabilizer is not in use for a long time, disconnect the power supply plug. ● Do not place the stabilizer on any electrical or electronic equipment. ● Do not cover the stabilizer with cloth or any other material since it may block the air circulation. WARRANTY TERMS: ● This stabilizer comes with 3-Year warranty from the date of purchase. ● Proof of Purchase such as invoice (bill) is mandatory to claim the warranty benefits. You may also register your product on vguard.in to avoid the need of keeping & presenting a proof of purchase to avail warranty benefits in future. Your registered mobile number provided at the time of product registration will be sufficient for us to track your product ownership in our records. ● Repair services to be availed only from V-Guard Authorized Service Centers (visit vguard.in). ● On-site repair service is not provided for this stabilizer and bringing it to a V-Guard Authorized Service Center & customer. the Authorized V-Guard Service Centre. In case of any transit damage, the product shall be repaired by the V-Guard Authorised Service Centre on applicable charges and warranty for the unexpired period shall continue. ● In case of an e-commerce purchase, the customer should seek redressal from the concerned e-commerce retailer if the product is delivered in a damaged condition. ● The warranty obligation does not cover applicable charges, if any, incurred on rendering services that are outside the ambit of this warranty. ● In the event of any unforeseen circumstance, and spares not being available, the company's prevailing depreciation rules will be binding on the owner to accept as a commercial solution in lieu of repair. ● This warranty does not cover any consequential liability, loss to property or life arising directly or indirectly due to any defect in the stabilizer. V-Guard’s obligation under this warranty shall remain limited to repairing or providing replacement of the defective parts during the warranty period. ● This warranty is issued at Ernakulam, and courts at Ernakulam shall have exclusive jurisdiction over matters pertaining to this warranty.







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