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PDF Content Summary: User Manual Modulator MOD 102T Article Article no. MOD 102T Modulator 300127 Version A Date 02/2018 EN Introduction The MOD102T modulator has an HDMI input with local loop through, and a COFDM output which is combined with the RF input. The HDMI input content can be supplied by a number of sources, Blu-ray player, Satellite Set top box, CCTV etc. The input signal is modulated as a COFDM output and can be distributed to a number of TV’s over an existing private coaxial network. It has an HDMI loop through, to connect to the local TV, and can also combine existing RF with the modulated output channel on RF Out 1 and RF Out 2. The modulator has adjustable level control to balance the COFDM channel with the incoming RF channels. The source Set top box can be controlled from another TV location, via the IR remote control over the coaxial cable, using an IR transmitter and a digital link. The coaxial network must be connected to the RF Out 2, with the 9vdc able to pass through the network, to remotely power the digital link. The MOD102T Modulator can be set up, either via the front panel and LCD screen, or through the Web user interface (RJ45 connector). Please see below for full instructions. Equipment Detail Interface: 1. RF In 2. IR Sensor 3. HDMI Out 4. HDMI In 5. USB 6. Ethernet 7. On/Off 8. DC 9V/2A A. Buttons: ▲▼◄ ► Menu, OK B. RF Out 1 C. RF Out 2 DC 9V ● MOD102T Basic Installation: 1. Connect HDMI In (4) and Receiver (STB) 2. Connect HDMI Output (3) and local TV 3. Connect RF Out 1 (B) and local TV 4. Connect RF In (1) with Terrestrial input (Aerial) 5. Plug power adapter into DC9V/2A (8) ● Connect MOD102T with IR Transmitter and Triax Digital Link: 1. Connect the IR Transmitter to IR sensor (2) at the rear of the Modulator and ensure it points to the receiver (STB) 2. Connect Triax Digital Link (not included in accessories) at the other TV location, ensure the coax network is connected to RF Out 2 DC9V (C). ● For WebUI adjustment and Upgrade 1. Connect Ethernet (6) and PC/Laptop via RJ45 to adjust setting and apply software upgrades. SET UP Instruction on how to set up the modulator using the front panel LCD display Press OK and to make any adjustments or changes, confirm changes by pressing OK again. Instruction of how to use WebUI 1. Connecting to modulator Step 1: Set the PC’s static IP address to Step 2: Connect MOD102T to computer via an Ethernet cable. Step 3: Open your browser and enter (The Web UI only supports Windows 7 browsers or above.) 2. Login Page: Enter user name and password, and click login button. Username: user Password: 12345 <<After login, you can see main page as below>> 3. Modulator Setting: RF Status: 1. RF On/Off: Users can either turn the RF on or off in this this menu. Encoder Setting: 1. Audio Type: Users can choose either AAC or MPEG. Service Setting: 1. Service Name: Users can edit the service name (TV Program Name). 2. Service ID: Users are able to define a device ID from 1 to 65534. Channel Setting: 1. Channel: Users can select the RF output channel number from the pre-set UK channel plan. 2. LCN: Users can define the Logical Channel Number from 1 to 1023. Stream Setting: 1. OrgNetwork ID: Users Users can edit OrgNetwork ID from 1 to 65534. 2. Network ID: Users can edit Network ID from 1 to 65534. 3. TS ID: Users can edit TS ID from 1 to 65534. 4. Network Name: Users can define the Network name. Parameter Setting: 1. Constellation: The MOD102T contains the following constellation modes: QPSK, 16QAM and 64QAM. 2. Code Rate: Refers to the FEC (Forward Error Correction) rate. Which can be set as 5/6, or 7/8 3. Guard Interval: Users can select either 1/8, 1/16, 1/32. 4. Transmission Mode: Transmission mode can be set as either 2K and 8K FFT 4. Utility: Tftp Upgrade: Select and upload bin file & apply firmware upgrade (details below). Change Password Setting: Old Password: Enter old password. New Password: Enter pew password. Confirm Password: Enter new password again. System Information: This shows the Device Version and Module Version. Other Settings: The user can also change the language setting to English, French, German, or Danish. Tftp Upgrade instruction 5. Tftp Upgrade instruction I. Set the PC’s static IP address to II. Launch Tftp tool and enter the below information under DHCP server tab. III. Open the internet browser and enter: Username: user Password: 12345 User can assign any location, but the update file must be in the assigned folder. IV. Select Utility tab and click Tftp Upgrade button V. The web page and Tftp will begin the upgrade process. 6. Modulator default settings and options Modulator Setting Description Default value Option RF Settings RF On/off On On/Off Output power 65 85,78,72,65 Encoder Settings Audio Type AAC AAC/MPEG Service Settings Service name CH 62 Edit Service Name

Service ID (1~65534) 256 Enter value : 1~65534

Channel Settings Channel CH36 CH 21 ~ 69 LCN (1~1023) 900 Enter value : 1~1023

Stream Settings Orgnetwork ID (1~65534) 9018 Enter value : 1~65534 Network ID (1~65534) 8350 Enter value : 1~65534

TS ID (1~65534) 8350 Enter value : 1~65534 Network Name TRIAX Edit Network Name Parameter Settings Constellation 64QAM QPSK/16QAM/64QAM Code Rate 5/6 5/6, 7/8 Guard Interval 1/8 1/8,1/16,1/32

Transmission Mode 8K 2K, 8K

Bandwidth 8 7/8 Default Settings Country Factory Setting UK France Denmark Germany Italy RF Output RF Enable On On On On On RF Power (dBuV) 65 65 65 65 65 Encoder Audio type AAC AAC AAC AAC AAC Service Service Name CH62 CH21 CH62 CH62 CH62 Service ID 256 256 256 256 256

Channels Set CH CH36 CH21 CH62 CH62 CH62 Set LCN 900 39 62 No loop No loop Private Data Specifier Descriptor 0x0000233A 0x0000002 8 0x0000002 9 No loop No loop No loop No loop Stream ON ID 9018 8442 8400 8468 8572 N ID 8350 8442 12801 12289 12289 TS ID 8350 301 8350 8350 8350 Network Name TRIAX TRIAX TRIAX TRIAX TRIAX NIT Version 1 30 1 1 1 Parameter Constellation 64QAM 64QAM 64QAM 64QAM 64QAM Trans. Mode 8K 8K 8K 8K 8K Guard Interval 1/8 1/8 1/8 1/8 1/8 Code Rate 5/6 5/6 5/6 5/6 5/6

System Info Default Password Old, New, Confirm 12345 12345 12345 12345 12345 Other Language English French Danish German Copyright © 2018 TRIAX. All rights reserved. The TRIAX Logo and TRIAX, TRIAX Multimedia are registered trademarks or trademarks of the TRIAX Company or its affiliates. All specifications in this guide are subject to change without further notice.







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