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PDF Content Summary: Models: ES-13 ES-6 Revised: March 23, 2010 1 ES–6 & ES–13 TABLE OF CONTENTS EQUIPMENT WARRANTY ......................................................................... 3 RECEIPT AND INSTALLATION ................................................................. 5 INITIAL START–UP ................................................................................... 8 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS .................................................................. 10 MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING GUIDE ................................................ 12 REPLACEMENT PARTS LIST ................................................................... 14 ELECTRICAL SCHEMATICS ..................................................................... 16 2 TOASTMASTER® EQUIPMENT WARRANTY TOASTMASTER® products are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials. No other express warranty, written or oral, applies. No person is authorized to give any other warranty or assume any other liability on behalf of TOASTMASTER®, except by written statement from an officer of TOASTMASTER®. Your TOASTMASTER® equipment warranty is limited to the following time periods for the original owner only: PARTS LABOR Inside the United States 24 Months 12 Months All areas outside the United States 24 Months 12 Months These time limits will apply in all cases unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed to in writing. The TOASTMASTER® EQUIPMENT WARRANTY is composed of the following: PARTS - - This limited warranty covers certain electrical, electronic, and mechanical parts for the time periods described above with the exception of those items detailed under Warranty Limitations. Customers who maintain an open account may purchase against their account. MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit cards are also accepted. The return of defective parts is required. The return of a defective part or component must be made prior to the issuance of a credit on an open account. If a part that is returned tests satisfactory in the TOASTMASTER® factory or at an authorized TOASTMASTER® dealer or service agency, TOASTMASTER® may withhold issuing credit. Replacement parts will be warranted for a period of ninety (90) days provided they are installed in a manner authorized by TOASTMASTER®. LABOR - - We require that you call our TOASTMASTER® Service Department at (314) 678-6347 for service authorization BEFORE you call any service agency if you wish to claim a labor expense under the warranty. We may be able to solve your problem over the telephone, or we will schedule a warranty service call by a reliable service agency in your area. WARRANTY LIMITATIONS: TOASTMASTER® will pay for parts and labor under warranty if there is a defective component, but not for: •Parts damaged in shipment beyond the confines of the TOASTMASTER® factory. • Normal operational wear and tear on the following parts - 🔾Light bulbs and fuses 🔾Door handles, catches and gaskets • Damage attributable to customer abuse, including but not limited to - 🔾Fan motor damaged from not following outlined Dry-Out Procedure 🔾Lack of regular cleaning and/or maintenance 🔾Leaks resulting from the removal of sealant in the unit •Power supply problems, including - 🔾Insufficient or incorrect voltage 🔾Damage to electrical components caused by a power surge or spike 🔾Incorrect installation (i.e., incorrect location of high-voltage power leg for 240-volt 3 3-phase units) 🔾Damage to electrical components resulting from use of an incorrect power supply cord or circuit breaker •Operational problems resulting from customer's failure to follow established procedures outlined in the Owner's Manual. •A service call if nothing wrong is found (parts still work per spec when tested). •Recalibration of temperature and humidity controls (all controls are carefully calibrated and tested at our facility before shipment). •Any equipment moved from the place of original installation unless TOASTMASTER® agrees in writing to continue the warranty after the relocation. •Ongoing operational adjustments due to changing environmental conditions or normal wear and tear. •Any overtime charges. TOASTMASTER® will pay straight time only for any work performed on TOASTMASTER® equipment. Food service equipment and parts must be installed and maintained in accordance with TOASTMASTER® instructions. Users are responsible for the suitability of the units or parts to their application. There is no warranty against damage resulting from accident, abuse, alteration, misapplication, inadequate storage prior to installation, or improper specification or other operating conditions beyond our control. Claims against carrier's damage in transit must be filed by the buyer and, therefore, the buyer must inspect the product immediately upon receipt. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER ADJUSTMENTS DUE TO NORMAL ON-GOING USE!!! PARTS RETURN PROCEDURES AND CONDITIONS: The following procedure shall be followed for the return of parts to the factory for credit consideration: •All parts received by TOASTMASTER® must have a completed Return Authorization Form as supplied by TOASTMASTER® with the part. Complete and return this Authorization Form with the defective part(s). •Parts MUST be packed securely so that in-transit damage cannot occur. • Prepay shipment. Any parts returned collect will be refused by our Receiving Department. Credit will be issued on proper returns only. •As soon as parts are tested and confirmed as defective, credit will be issued against them. •If the engineering test shows the component is not defective and in good working condition, it may be returned to you along with your request for payment. 4 RECEIPT AND INSTALLATION RECEIPT: It is essential to inspect the unit immediately when it arrives. TOASTMASTER® has placed instructions on the packaging to help avoid damage in transit. However, negligent handling can produce hidden damage. These steps should be carefully followed: A. Inspect the entire perimeter of the package for damage or punctures to the packing material. This may indicate damage to the unit inside. Call any and all packing damage to the attention of the delivery person. B. If any packing damage is found uncrate the unit immediately in the presence of the delivery person to determine if the unit is damaged. If any damage is found indicate the type and amount of damage on the shipping documents and notify TOASTMASTER® at 314-678-6347 immediately after filing a freight claim. C. Uncrate the unit carefully and check the entire unit (top, front, back and both sides) for any visible or hidden damage. D. Remove the unit from the shipping pallet and inspect the bottom for any damage. E. If any damage is noted after the driver leaves immediately contact the freight company and TOASTMASTER®. F. Check each Oven Door. Make sure the Door closes completely, and that the Door Gasket seals firmly. If the Gasket does not seal correctly please contact the TOASTMASTER® Service Department for instructions and assistance in any required adjustments. INSTALLATION: A. Check to determine that the power source is the same voltage and phase as that indicated on the label on the side of the unit. B. If you have received an ES–6 you should attach the included Appliance Legs to the bottom of the unit. Each Leg stud screws into a threaded hole in each corner of the base. C. Position the unit where it is to be operated and adjust the Appliance Legs of the ES–6 so the unit stands level and solid. If you have an ES–13 you may need to use metal shims under the Casters to level the unit. D. Make sure the GREASE PAN is installed inside the bottom of the unit. This PAN will catch most of the drippings from your product as it is processed, making clean-up that much easier. E. Make sure the DRIP TROUGH is installed beneath the unit. This PAN will catch the liquid that drains out the front of the unit when the door is opened F. Carefully set all Controls and Switches to their OFF positions. 5 Electrical Connections F. Install the water supply (refer to WATER SUPPLY CONNECTION on the following page). G. The installing technician or electrician should complete the electrical connections by removing the Outside Top of the unit, this panel is held in place with two screws located on the top of the unit. Connect the unit to the available power supply either through an attached cord and receptacle or through direct wiring by following these steps: 1.Take note of the labeling on the Power Terminal Block (Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, ). 2.Carefully identify the power source leads and attach them to the appropriate terminal connections. Make sure all connections are clean and tight. 3.Properly ground the unit BEFORE USE by attaching a grounding wire to the Ground Lug or Clamp provided next to the Power Terminal Block. 4.Allow enough slack in the wiring to allow for equipment to be moved about during installation and any future servicing. H. Check the voltage at the terminals on the Power Terminal Block with a voltmeter and compare the values with the label listings on the side of the Oven. If the values match the unit is ready for its INITIAL START–UP. If the readings DO NOT coincide you must call the TOASTMASTER® Service Department for instructions on changing the voltage and/or the phase. I. Carefully position the Outside Top on the unit but do not press it into place. Position the unit in its final operating location and refer to the appropriate INITIAL START–UP PROCEDURE for your Smoker. IMPORTANT: FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS, FAULTY INSTALLATION OR IMPROPER USE MAY CAUSE SEVERE EQUIPMENT DAMAGE OR PERSONAL INJURY, AND MAY ALSO VOID ALL OR PART OF YOUR TOASTMASTER® EQUIPMENT WARRANTY!!! 6 WATER SUPPLY CONNECTION: IMPORTANT: TOASTMASTER® strongly recommends that SOFT WATER only be used in any unit requiring a water supply. Also, a good quality water filter MUST be installed in-line between the unit connection and the water supply to guard against clogging and mineral build-up in the components. This is extremely important in areas having hard water. This filter may be installed at the water source or adjacent to the Water Inlet Fitting on the Smoker, whichever is more convenient for you. This equipment is to be installed to comply with the federal, state and local plumbing codes having jurisdiction. To correctly install a water supply to your unit: A. Run the correct size tubing from the water supply to the unit's location; this tubing should be at least as big as the Water Inlet Fitting (¼") on the back of the unit. Allow some slack for final unit positioning and service. Avoid any kinks or strains on the tubing and place the tubing where it will not be damaged in any way. B. The tubing end that attaches to the back of the unit must not be damaged or deformed in any way. The cut end should be cut straight and clean with no deforming of the tubing. All burrs and sharp edges should be removed to ensure a proper and leak-free connection. C. Position the tubing so that the tubing runs straight into the Water Inlet Fitting. Be careful not to kink the tubing if you bend it, and do not bend the tubing within two (2) inches of the end. D. The two-part compression fitting (tapered collar and nut) is placed approximately 1" onto the tubing so that the collar is inside of the nut and the threaded opening of the nut is toward the Water Inlet Fitting. E. Push the tubing all the way into the Water Inlet Fitting (approximately ¼") and hold it there while you thread the compression nut onto the Water Inlet Fitting. Use an open-end wrench to slowly tighten the compression nut until it is just snug, but do not over-tighten the fitting! If the joint leaks when tested and further gentle tightening does not stop the leak the two-part compression fitting must be replaced. Careful attention to these simple procedures will help to ensure an installation without leaks. If you have any questions or problems please call the TOASTMASTER® Service Department at (314) 678-6347. IMPORTANT: Please install any required drainage plumbing at this time. Any required drain line must be properly installed before attempting an INITIAL START–UP and Operational Check. IMPORTANT: THIS UNIT NEEDS TO BE INSTALLED WITH ADEQUATE BACKFLOW PROTECTION TO COMPLY WITH APPLICABLE FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL CODES. IMPORTANT: THIS UNIT REQUIRES A SCREEN OF AT LEAST 100 MESH TO BE INSTALLED IMMEDIATELY UPSTREAM OF ALL CHECK VALVE TYPE BACKFLOW PREVENTERS USED FOR WATER SUPPLY PROTECTION. THE SCREEN SHALL BE ACCESSIBLE AND REMOVABLE FOR CLEANING OR REPLACEMENT. 7 INITIAL START–UP (Manual Controls) This START–UP procedure is used to verify that your TOASTMASTER® Smoker has been installed correctly and will perform as intended when put into use. This INITIAL START–UP procedure should be carried out by your electrician, licensed installer or a TOASTMASTER®- approved service agency. Please read completely through all of this Manual Control START–UP procedure before beginning. This procedure includes all optional manual features for the smoker. If your unit does not include one of these features you can skip over that step in the START–UP procedure. ◻Verify that the electrical and any optional water supplies have been correctly installed. ◻Make sure all controls and switches are in their OFF positions and engage the main electrical and water supplies. ◻Set the POWER switch to ON. The red indicator light should illuminate. ◻Set the FAN switch to ON. The red indicator light should illuminate and the Blower Wheel begins to turn. ◻Set the 24–HOUR TIMER to 2 hours time. ◻Set the HOLD control to 100°F. The red indicator light should not light up. ◻Set the COOK control to 150°F. The red indicator light should illuminate and the HEATING ELEMENTS should begin to heat the Smoker. ◻Reset the 24–HOUR TIMER to 0. The COOK control should stop (its red indicator light will go out) and the HOLD control should activate (the red indicator light will illuminate). ◻Set the 24–HOUR TIMER to OFF. The HOLD control should stop (its red indicator light will go out). The COOK control should also be deactivated (the red indicator light will not illuminate). ◻Set the COOK control and the HOLD control to their OFF positions. ◻Set the HUMIDITY control to #10 and open the DOOR. Water should be sprayed into the BLOWER WHEEL in short intermittent bursts about 45 seconds apart. ◻Set the HUMIDITY control to #3. The length of each water spray should decrease. 8 ◻Set the HUMIDITY control to the OFF position. ◻Set the SMOKER switch(s) to the ON position. The SMOKE BOX should begin to heat up. The standard SMOKE BOX is located near the ceiling on the inside back wall of the Smoker. The smoke element intensity can be adjusted with the dials located at the far right of the control panel. The optional EXTERNAL SMOKE BOX is mounted on the side of the unit. It has two wood chip drawers each with separate heating element and control. The smoke element intensity can be adjusted with the dials located at the far right of the control panel. Too high of a setting will burn up wood quickly and too low will not generate smoke. (NOTE: It may take a few minutes for this heat to be felt through the metal of the SMOKE BOX.) ◻Set the SMOKER switch(s) to the OFF position and close the DOOR. ◻Set the 60–MINUTE TIMER to 20 minutes, then turn it down to 5 minutes. The BUZZER should sound when the TIMER reaches 0. ◻Set the 60–MINUTE TIMER to OFF to silence the BUZZER. ◻Set the COOK control to 150°F with the 24–HOUR TIMER in the OFF position. The red COOK indicator light should not illuminate. Set the PROBE control to 100°F and the PROBE switch to its ON position. The red PROBE and COOK indicator lights should illuminate. As soon as the Oven interior temperature reaches the PROBE control setting (100°F) the PROBE indicator light should go out and the COOK control should de-activate. Set the PROBE switch to its OFF position. ◻Set the 24–HOUR TIMER to 0, the HOLD control to 200°F, and leave the COOK control set at 150°F. The red HOLD indicator light should illuminate. Set the PROBE switch to its ON position and the PROBE control to 125°F. The red PROBE indicator light should illuminate, the red COOK indicator light should illuminate, and the red HOLD indicator light should go out. When the Oven interior temperature reaches the PROBE control setting (125°F) the red PROBE control indicator light should go out, the red COOK control indicator light should go out, and the red HOLD control indicator light should illuminate. ◻Return all switches and controls to their OFF positions. ◻Clean the smoker both inside and out according to all local and regional health codes. 9 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS The TOASTMASTER® Smoker is designed to offer maximum flexibility for different products. Cooking time can be pre-set or determined by the internal temperature of the product through use of the Probe attachment. Manual Control units are equipped with our COOK-N-HOLD feature, allowing you to cook your product at one temperature and hold it at another. This lets you finish products quickly, but still hold them at optimum temperatures to prevent loss of moisture and resulting shrinkage. The TOASTMASTER® Smoker is equipped with an internal Grease Pan to catch any drippings from your products and to make cleaning easier. The Grease Pan can be lifted out for dumping and cleaning at the end of the day. Smoke is generated in the Smoke Box located on the back internal wall of the Oven, or in the optional External Smoke Box attached to the side of the unit. This Smoke Box consists of a stainless steel chip box inside of a stainless steel housing. To use the Smoke Box pieces of wood pre-soaked in water are loaded into the chip box, the chip box is inserted into the housing, and the Smoke switch(s) is set to the ON position. Heating Elements contained in the housing will heat the wood, giving off smoke. This smoke is circulated throughout the Oven cavity by the Motor and Blower Wheel. The strength and duration of the smoking is controlled by the amount of wood placed in the chip box and by the length of time it is allowed to burn and the element intensity setting. MANUAL CONTROL operation: 1) Set the POWER and FAN switches to their ON positions. Select the correct cooking temperature for your product on the COOK control and set the 24–HOUR TIMER to at least 1 hour, allowing the Smoker to preheat. 2) Prepare your product as outlined in your recipe. Load the prepared product into the smoker at your convenience. After loading your product set the 24–HOUR TIMER to the desired cooking time. 3) Set the HUMIDITY control if you wish to add moisture to your product during the processing cycle. 10 4) Load the SMOKER BOX with wood if you want to add smoke flavoring and color to your product. Set the SMOKER switch to the ON position. 5) Set the 60–MINUTE TIMER as a reminder during short cooking or smoking cycles. 6) Remove your product as soon as it is finished and reload the smoker. Repeat steps #1 through #6 as necessary. The Manual Control smoker comes equipped with our COOK-N-HOLD feature. COOK-N HOLD allows you to cook your product at one temperature and then automatically hold it at a reduced temperature. Both the COOK and HOLD controls must be set, along with the 24– HOUR TIMER, in order for you to utilize this feature. To use the COOK-N-HOLD feature: 1) Follow steps #1 through #4 as listed above. 2) Set the 24–HOUR TIMER to the required length of processing time your product requires. 3) Set the HOLD control to the temperature you wish your finished product to remain at. The 24–HOUR TIMER will automatically shift control of the Oven's temperature from the COOK control to the HOLD control at the end of the timed processing cycle. Your product will remain at the set HOLD temperature until the setting is changed or the unit is turned OFF. IMPORTANT: Your TOASTMASTER® smoker is well insulated and will maintain the original Cook temperature for ½ to 1 hour depending on the product, product density and load size. The temperature will not instantly drop to the hold setting at the end of the timed Cook cycle. Plan your Cook temperature, Cook time and Hold temperature accordingly to maintain the best possible product!!! 11 MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING GUIDE TOASTMASTER® equipment is designed to last for years of useful service. Careful consideration is given in selecting components for durability, performance and ease of maintenance. For example, the Smoker Motor has sealed bearings and never needs to be lubricated. While TOASTMASTER® equipment is designed for minimum care and maintenance certain steps are required by the user for maximum life and effectiveness: •Proper installation of the equipment. •Correct application and usage of the equipment. •Dry-out Procedures performed daily. •Thorough cleaning on a regular basis. EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION: A. Install the TOASTMASTER® Smoker with adequate clearance around the unit. This is important for cleaning and maintenance, as well as providing cooling air for the Motor and Controls. B. The installation must be on a level floor to prevent the Door or Doors from swinging when left in an open position. C. The Smoker must be connected to the proper power supply as indicated on the equipment label. D. The Smoker must be connected to an approved potable water supply in accordance with all applicable plumbing codes for your area. APPLICATION AND USAGE: The TOASTMASTER® Smokers are designed for the low to medium temperatures normally found in smoking and/or slow-cooking operations. THEY ARE NOT DESIGNED TO OPERATE AT HIGH TEMPERATURES FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME!!! Continuous operation at maximum temperatures and/or humidity settings may result in premature component failure. SMOKER DRY–OUT PROCEDURE: A. Remove the GREASE PAN. Empty and clean the PAN and set it aside. B. WIPE UP ANY STANDING LIQUIDS IN THE SMOKER BOTTOM. C. For Manual Control units: Set the POWER switch to the ON position. Set the COOK control to 150°F and the HOLD control to OFF. Set the 24–HOUR TIMER to 2 hours so that the COOK control operates. D. Set the POWER switch to the OFF position. Leave the DOOR slightly open (about 1" to 2") while the Smoker is not in use. THESE DRY–OUT PROCEDURES MUST BE CARRIED OUT DAILY TO HELP MAINTAIN YOUR EQUIPMENT IN THE BEST POSSIBLE CONDITION. THE REMOVAL OF ALL RESIDUAL MOISTURE IN THE EQUIPMENT RETARDS ANY CORROSION OR DETERIORATION OF THE INSULATION AND ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS AND EXTENDS THE USEFUL LIFETIME OF YOUR TOASTMASTER® EQUIPMENT. 12 CLEANING: Your TOASTMASTER® smoker should be cleaned daily and as soon as possible after a spill has occurred. It is essential to maintain a clean unit, especially if the public views the unit in your place of business. The following should be used for cleaning: A. The stainless steel exterior may be cleaned with any good stainless steel cleaner or polish, or with hot soapy water followed by a clear rinse if it is very soiled. B. Remove and clean the chip pan from the SMOKER BOX daily. Dispose of all ashes safely. Wipe up any standing liquids in the bottom of the Smoker and sweep up any solid particles of debris. C. The interior should be cleaned on a regular basis (at least two or three times a week) with mild soap and hot water followed by a thorough rinse with clean fresh water and a sanitizing agent; wiping the interior dry will help to prevent water spotting. Water spotting and other mineral deposits should be removed with any mild mineral removal agent as soon as they are noticeable. D. Leave the Smoker DOOR open by about 1" to 2" while the unit is not in use. * * * CAUTION * * * TOASTMASTER® DOES NOT RECOMMEND the use of any strong commercial or caustic product on this equipment. DO NOT allow any type of caustic cleaner to come into contact with any aluminum parts (such as the Door Frame), the silicon rubber Door Gaskets, or any of the sealant in the Smoker seams and joints. These caustic compounds may cause discoloration and/or degradation of these parts, and may result in permanent damage. DO NOT use bleach or bleach compounds on any chromed parts; bleach may damage chrome plating. NOTE: TOASTMASTER® has had very good results with a product called JIFFY CLEANER. For standard cleaning simply spray JIFFY on and wipe off. Heavily soiled areas may require a short period of soaking. This cleaner is available through TOASTMASTER® (Part #51– 0002) or through your local Rochester/Midland distributor or representative. 13 REPLACEMENT PARTS LIST (ES–6 & ES–13) ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS: Description Old P/N Part No 1 Power Terminal Block 50-1332 2E-50-1332 2 Ground Lug 50-1329 2C-50-1329 3 Control Fuse Assembly 66-1097 NLA 4 Contactor: 120V Coil 66-2013 2E-66-2013 Contactor: 240V Coil, 40amp, 3-pole 66-2017 2E-66-2017 Internal Air Heating Element: ES-6, 208V, 1000w 60-0194-A 2N-60-0194-A Internal Air Heating Element: ES-6, 240V, 1000w 60-0195-A 2N-60-0195-A 5 Internal Air Heating Element: ES-13, 208V, 2000w 60-0192-A 2N-60-0192-A Internal Air Heating Element: ES-13, 240V, 2000w 60-0193-A 2N-60-0193-A 6 Internal Smoke Box Element Assembly ( 251-4002 2N-251-4002 External Smoke Box Element (if attached) 66-4038 2N-66-4038 7 Motor Assy w/Blower Wheel 250-1035 2U-250-1035 8 Smoke Box Intensity Control 66-1172 2E-66-1172 9 Buzzer Alarm 66-1113 2E-66-1113 10 Water Solenoid Valve: 120V coil 50-0308-1 2V-50-0308-1 Water Solenoid Valve: 240V coil 50-0307-1 2V-50-0307-1 11 Repeat Cycle Timer: 120v 66-8012 2T-66-8012 Repeat Cycle Timer: 240v 66-8065 2E-66-8065 12 Relay (DPDT, 20 amp): 120V 50-0433 2E-50-0433 Relay (DPDT, 20 amp): 240V 66-9025 2E-66-9025 13 Cooling Fan Assembly (4"): 120V 250-3001 2U-250-3001 Cooling Fan Assembly (4"): 240V 97525 2U-97525 14 Thermal Overload Safety (425°F) 66-1114 2T-66-1114 INTERIOR COMPONENTS 15 Side Rack: 6-PAN 101-6013-A 2B-101-6013 Side Rack: 7-PAN 101-7013-A 2B-101-7013-A 16 Shelf Rack, 18-1/2x27" 101-0025 2B-101-0025 17 Water Injection Nozzle (AUTOMIST option) 31-0033 2O-31-0033 18 Internal Smoker Chip Box 47-9290 2V-47-9290 External Smoker Chip Box 47-9286 L3-47-9286 CONTROL COMPONENTS 19 Power Switch 66-3008 2E-66-3008 20 Indicator Light 50-0030 2J-50-0030 Humidity Control 252-3003 2E-252-3003 Control Knob 253-2003 NLA 21 Humidity Control Indicator Light: 120V 50–0029-A NLA Humidity Control Indicator Light: 240V 50-0030 2J-50-0030 Cook Control (425°F) 252-5008 2T-252-5008 22 Control Knob 253-2003 2R-253-2003 Sensor 252-3001 2E-252-3001 Hold Control (250°F) 252-4001 2T-252-4001 23 Sensor 252-3001 2E-252-3001 Control Knob 253-2003 2R-253-2003 24–Hour Timer: 120V 252-1005 2P-252-1005 24 24–Hour Timer: 240V 66-1160 2E-66-1160 KNOB: 24–Hour Timer 253-2002 2R-253-2002 25 60-Minute Timer Mechanical (120V, 60Hz) 252-1004 2P-252-1004 14 60-Minute Timer Mechanical (220V, 60Hz) 252-1019 2P-252-1019 60-Minute Timer Mechanical (230V, 50Hz) 252-1020 2P-252-1020 Timer Knob 253-2002 2R-253-2002 26 Fan Switch, Rocker, SPST, ON-OFF 66-3008 2E-66-3008 27 Smoke Switch, Rocker, SPST, ON-OFF 66-3008 2E-66-3008 EXTERIOR COMPONENTS 28 Door: Solid 47-9284 L3-47-9284 28 Spring, Hinge,..047 2P-50-0153 29 Door Latch 50–1408 2V-50-1408 30 Door Handle 50–1407 2R-50-1407 31 Door Hinge 50–1395 2F-50-1395 32 Door Gasket: 254-1010 2I-254-1010 33 Caster, ES–13 50–0058 2P-50-0058 34 Appliance Leg, ES–6: 4" 50-0628 2R-50-0628 Appliance Leg, ES–6: 6" 50-0555 2R-50-0555 35 Water Inlet Fitting 31-0058 2C-31-0058 36 Grease Pan 47-2195-E O4-47-2195-E 37 External Smoke Cleanout Brush 50-1397 2P-50-1397 38 Drip Trough 47-2342-A L3-47-2342-A 15 16 ES–6 & ES–13 OWNER'S MANUAL WIRING DIAGRAMS 17 18 ES–6 & ES–13 OWNER'S MANUAL WIRING DIAGRAMS 19







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