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PDF Content Summary: SensoIRIS GAS GAS DETECTOR Type: LPG/CH4 Teletek Electronics JSC Address: 14A Srebarna Str, 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria TECHNICAL DATA Power supply Power consumption Protection against electric shock: Power connection Sensor type Sensor lifetime Detected gases 24 VDC <3W Class III hard wired catalytic 5 years LPG/CH4 (Methane) ! ATTENTION: The SensoIRIS GAS detector must be connected only to fire panels, which support TTE communication protocol! This manual is subject to change without notice! GENERAL INFORMATION SensoIRIS GAS is addressable gas, LPG and CH4 (Methane), leakage detector. When flammable gas is present in concentrations, higher than the dangerous, threshold alarm level is activated. Red indicator lights on and buzzer is turned on. SensoIRIS GAS features a button with the following functions: - If short pressed “SILENCING” mode is activated. Green LED flashes, buzzer and panel activation are disabled for 5min; - If pressed for more than 5 seconds “TEST” mode is activated. In this case green, red and yellow LED’s are activated. Panel and buzzer are activated, too. After 6 seconds gas detector emits 2 short sounds and leaves “TEST” mode. Gas detector has auto diagnostic function. It continuously checks sensor and electronics status. If problem with sensor or electronics yellow LED is activated, green LED blinks and sound signal is activated. Choosing the mounting place - The LPG is heavier than air

Alarm threshold Indicators: Normal operation Alarm Fault Heating-up time Working temperature Humidity limits Alarms sound level Size 10% LEL Green LED Red LED/Sound Yellow LED/Sound 30 sec о 0 - 40 С 20 - 80% RH >85 dB 130х96х38mm Ceiling Detector 0.3 - 1.0m 0.3 - 1.0m and the detector should be placed at height from the room floor between 0.3 - 1.0m. - The CH4 (Methane) is lighter than air and the detector should be placed at height from the room ceiling between 0.3 - 1.0m. - The distance from the detector to the gas source 810 2/ 0 1 , Av e

Weight Enclosure material Enclosure color 0,200kg ABS White (RAL 9003) Gas source: gas oven Floor for the both mentioned above cases should not exceed 1.5m. R , 599 020 81

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Choosing the mounting place - continue Avoid to install gas detector in the position in which its normal operation -Line SensoIRIS Address Programming SensoIRIS

could be compromised: - directly over the cooking stoves; - areas where the temperature may drop under -10°C or exceed + 40°C; - directly above a sink; - in an enclosed space (e.g. in a cupboard or behind a curtain); - next to a door or window; - next to an extractor fan; - where dirt and dust may block the sensor; 1 2 3 4 5 24VDC MINP M +Line SensoIRIS GAS Terminals Programmer k d c e a l r b SensoIRIS MINP M

- in a damp or humid location. Do not use the following substances near to the device: - solvents and diluents; - alcohol, fuels; - silicones products and colors; - perfumes; - cleaning detergents; - spray products. To mount gas detector - Open the enclosure by pressing of the opening pin and lifting the cover. Press the opening pin Connection Connect the Positive loop wire to “+” terminal of the SensoIRIS MINP M module, and the Negative loop wire to “-” terminal of the module. Set the address of SensoIRIS MINP M module using SensoIRIS Programmer. For detailed description of SensoIRIS MINP M module refer to its installation manual available at External power supply WARNING: - Installation and wiring of gas detector must be made by qualified technician with compliance with the current standards. - Before wiring this gas detector turn mains power off. - To ensure correct operation periodic functional check is advisable. In order to check the proper efficiency of the device sensor a specific test gas bottle must be used. Any other method for testing, such as the use of cigarette lighters or flammable substances can lead to wrong conclusions and damage the sensor. WARNING in case of alarm: - Extinguish all fire sources. - Stop gas supply by closing main gas valve. - Do not turn on or off any electrical devices. - Open doors and windows to increase ventilation. When alarm stops it is necessary to find gas leaking cause. If alarm persists and the leak can not be found, vacate the premise and immediately inform the gas emergency service. In the view of a constant development of their products, the manufacturer reserves the right for changing technical data and features without prior notice. The consumer is guaranteed against any lack of conformity according to the European Directive 1999/44/EC as well as to the manufacturer’s document about the warranty policy. The full text of warranty is available on request from the seller.







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