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PDF Content Summary: Ultra-Sense™ Lavatory Faucet S-6060 Battery Powered, Sensor-Activated Installation, Operation & Service Instructions Model Numbers Tools & Materials 🕿 Need Help?

■ S-6060.......Sensor Faucet ■ S-6060-G...Sensor Faucet with grid strainer drain assembly 3 mm (included) Symmons customer service: (800) 796-6667, (781) 848-2250 Email: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 7:00 pm EST 🖳 ■ Technical help ■ Product information ■ Warranty policy

Quick Install Guide Ultra-Sense Lavatory Faucet, S-6060 Part Number SF-231 Single hole mount nished deck front view

Step 1 Attach faucet to deck Step 2 Connect water supply lines Three hole mount Step 1 Attach faucet to deck with deck plate Step 2 Connect water supply lines supply input nished deck front view supply input Operation Faucet Part Number SF-231

Installation Instructions Important! Prior to connecting the water supply, ensure supply lines are flushed. Particles can clog filter and result in malfunction. Excessive particles from supply lines may require installing a separate efficient filter. Step 1 Attach faucet to deck (1 hole) Single hole mount without deck plate nished deck front view Step 1 Attach faucet to deck (3 hole) Three hole mount with deck plate nished deck front view Page 2 Step 2 Connect water supply line 19 mm OFF Step 3 Test operation and check for leaks Operation Sensor range is preset, 1/2 - 4 inches Place hand under faucet, water will flow automatically for 10 seconds and shut off. Auto shut-off, 1/2 to 1 second Remove hands, water will stop automatically within 1/2 to 1 second. Security OFF after 10 seconds Faucet will automatically shut off after continuous water flow for 10 seconds. Weak or dead battery LED will flash to signal battery is getting weak and should be replaced soon.

Service InstructionsBattery replacement 3 mm OFF Cleaning water supply strainer 6 volt Lithium battery Solenoid valve replacement 2 5 solenoid 1 4 3 mm OFF Sensor replacement 5 8 mm 3 6 3

OFF 2 1 OFF sensor 8 6 7 4

Troubleshooting No water flow ■ No battery installed, battery connection is loose or battery power is low. ■ Filter in strainer is clogged. Excessive clogged filter may require installing of separate efficient filter into supply line. ■ Solenoid valve connector inside faucet is loose. ■ Circuit board is faulty. Do not attempt repair, please contact Symmons customer service. ■ Solenoid valve is faulty. Do not attempt repair, please contact Symmons customer service. Faucet care Cleaning surface finish ■ Block sensor to prevent faucet from turning on while cleaning. ■ Clean finish area by using mild soap and water or non abrasive cleaner and then rinse immediately. A non abrasive wax may be used to preserve finish area. Precautions ■ Ensure sensor is not damaged through impact or scratches. ■ Ensure sensor is not blocked or disturbed by any object with its detection range. ■ Ensure that no strong light source is aimed directly at sensor or through a mirror. Page 3

Dimensions Ultra-Sense Lavatory Faucet, S-6060, S-6060-AC/ACM Part Number SF-231

2-3/8" (60 mm) 2-1/8" (54 mm) nished deck thickness 1-3/16" (30 mm) max center hole size 1-5/16" (34 mm) min 1-7/16" (37 mm) max Note: Dimensions subject to change without notice 5-1/8" (130 mm) 5-1/4" (105 mm) 28º 3-5/8" (92 mm) ex hose length 20-1/4" (515 mm) strainer / adapter 3/8" compression 3-3/8" (85 mm)

Parts Assembly Ultra-Sense Lavatory Faucet, S-6060

Part Number SF-231 lid S-6060 Replacement Parts Part Number Item

gasket 6 volt Lithium SF-249 Battery box for 6v lithium battery

battery battery pack SF-2CR5 6v Lithium battery, 2CR5

sensor mounting brackets sensor socket retainer solenoid faucet body aerator and removal tool top lid bolt 8 mm socket wrench (not included) Model: S-6060-SM single hole mount SF-240 SF-246 SSF-108 SF-181 SF-158 Solenoid kit with membrane Sensor kit with mounting brackets Check / strainer kit ■ for ex hose ■ for copper tubing (option -LST) Single hole mounting kit housing check screen

3 mm Allen wrench (included) deck plate gasket anchor bar spacer hex nut anchor bolt screw ex hose strainer/adapter Ordering replacement parts: Call Symmons customer service at (800) 796-6667, (781) 848-2250 M-F 7:30 am - 7:00 pm EST or check our website at for a list of Symmons distributors.

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