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PDF Content Summary: Copy Stand - Instructions Models without Lights: CS36 (402180) 36” Pro-Duty Copy Stand, CS42 (402181) 42” Pro-Duty Copy Stand Models with LED Lights: CS36K (402182) 36” Pro-Duty Copy Stand Kit, CS42K (402183) 42” Pro-Duty Copy Stand Kit Light Kit sold separately: CSLED Kit (402184) LED Copy Light Set (2) with Adjustable Arms Thank you for your purchase. The stand comes in two boxes; one for the baseboard

and one for the upright. Three boxes if you purchased the Copy Stand with LED Light Set. Mounting the upright to the base Inside the box for the upright is a bag taped to the upright. Inside the bag is (1) 4mm Allen tool, (4) 30mm screws. (4) Washers. And (3) 17mm screws. A 5mm Allen tool is stored in the top of the upright. (See photo) Take the (4) 30mm screws and place them through the holes of the bottom side of the mounting bracket that is attached to the baseboard. Slide the upright onto the screws. Finger tighten then use Allen wrench to secure the upright to the baseboard by tightening the screws. Optional camera platform configuration For larger cameras, the camera platform extension can be removed. (See next page for example) To shorten the camera platform, simply remove the (3) 69mm extension mounting screws. Remove the extension block. Then re-attach the platform with the (3) included 17mm screws and washers from the 69mm screws. Using your copy stand To use, attach your camera to the platform using the ¼-20” mounting screw. Do not overtighten. Be careful to keep the back of the camera parallel to the baseboard. Otherwise you may experience distortion or lack of sharpness on one edge of the image. Use a bubble level if uncertain. To move the camera to the position desired, grasp the quick release handle and squeeze, move into position, and release. CS42K Kit fully assembled Mounting screws attach from the bottom of baseboard into holes on the upright. (4) Total. 5mm Allen tool Camera platform with ¼-20” camera screw and included 3/8-16” adapter. Extension Mounting Screws Quick Release Handle Extension Block Copy Stand - Instructions For use with larger cameras, the extension block can be removed to shorten the camera platform. (3) 13mm screws are provided for this optional configuration. SMITH-VICTOR 1 YEAR LIMITED FACTORY WARRANTY

Smith-Victor warrants that if the accompanying product proves to be defective to the original purchaser in material or workmanship within 1 year from the original retail purchase, Smith-Victor will, at its option, either repair or replace same without charge (but no cash refund will be made). Limitation of Liability and Remedies: This warranty is void if any defects are caused by abuse, misuse, negligence or unauthorized repairs. All liability for incidental or consequential damages is specifically excluded. The company shall have no liability for any damages due to lost profits, loss of use or anticipated benefits, or other incidental, consequential, special or punitive damages arising from the use of, or inability to use, this product, whether arising out of contract, negligence, tort, or under any warranty, even if the company has been advised of the possibility of such damages. The Company’s liability for damages in no event shall exceed the amount paid for the product. The Company neither assumes nor authorizes anyone to assume for it any other liabilities. Please review other fine product lines available at PromarkBRANDS. • Smith-Victor • Photogenic • Dot Line • Quantum • Radiopopper • • Photoflex • Cool-Lux • Speedotron • Norman • Logan • Smith-Victor is a division of PromarkBRANDS 1268 Humbracht Circle, Bartlett, IL 60102 U.S.A. 800-348-9862 or 630-830-9200 | | # 999570 Copy Stand Instructions rev.1 4/2017







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