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PDF Content Summary: 100 Series Gaming Chair Precautions • Make sure this product is intact and that there are no missing parts. • Do not sit close to the front of the chair—sit all the way back. • Do not dismantle the gas lift for any reason. • Do not let anyone press down on the seat back while the chair is in a fully reclined position. • Clean the chair with only a soft, dry cloth. • Be careful when operating the seat back’s reclining mechanism. The • Make sure everything is secure before use. seat back quickly returns to its upright position when the reclining mechanism is released. Keep any body parts away from the seat • Use the chair on a flat surface only. back’s range of motion while adjusting the reclining mechanism. • Do not stand on the chair. • Do not seat more than one person at a time in this chair. • Do not put your weight only on the seat back while the chair is in a • All images are for illustrative purposes only. fully reclined position. Parts and Supplies A. Seat back B. Seat base C. Headrest pillow D. Lumbar pillow A B Adjusting the Chair Screws L. M8 (×8) M. M5 (×2) Seat-Back Recline Adjustment Chair Tilt Tension Chair Tilt Armrest Adjustments Chair Height Adjustment 2D Armrest E. Tilt mechanism F. Five-star wheel base G. Casters (×5) H. Gas lift piston I. Piston covers J. Side covers (×2) K. Hex/Phillips key 1 Some screws may arrive preinstalled. C E F G H J D I K L M Rotate Up/Down Lift Lock Unlock 100 Series Gaming Chair Assembly Instructions To avoid scratching, lay down a towel or other soft Fig. 1 Fig. 2 material where you’re going to assemble the chair. It may be necessary to remove the preinstalled screws before assembling some parts of the chair. We recommend two people assembling the chair. L 1. Place the seat base flat on a soft surface. x4 2. Align the seat back with the brackets attached to the seat base. Make sure the brackets are pointing up at 90°. Remove any fabric from the threaded holes to ensure you can properly insert the screws [ Fig. 1 ]. Fig. 3 Fig. 4 3. Use the hex side of the hex/Phillips key and four M8 screws to secure each side of the seat back to the base’s brackets [ Fig. 2 ]. M 4. Use the M5 screws and the Phillips side of the hex/ x4 Phillips key to attach the side covers [ Fig. 3 ]. 5. Flip the chair over, and rest the base against a wall or over a table as shown, so the four M8 holes face upward [ Fig. 4 ]. Fig. 5 Fig. 6 6. Align the tilt mechanism with the four M8 holes on the bottom of the seat base. Make sure the tilt tension knob is toward the front of the chair [ Fig. 5 ]. L 7. Use four M8 screws and the hex key to secure the tilt x4 mechanism to the underside of the seat base [ Fig. 5 ]. 8. Place the gas lift piston cover over the gas lift piston as shown. Make sure the cover is in the correct orientation before proceeding to the next step [ Fig. 6 ]. Fig. 7 Fig. 8 9. Insert the smaller end of the gas lift piston into the center port of the tilt mechanism, and press down firmly [ Fig. 7 ]. 10. Align the hole in the wheel base with the base of the gas lift piston, and press firmly until secure [ Fig. 8 ]. 11. Insert the casters into the holes on the wheel base [ Fig. 9 ]. Fig. 9 Fig. 10 12. Flip the chair upright onto the wheels, and make sure everything is secure before use [ Fig. 10 ]. G x5 http://www.spieltekgaming.com GG1







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