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PDF Content Summary: Houndabout IITM Pet Bicycle Trailer Care & Use Guide Thank you for purchasing the Solvit Houndabout II Pet Bicycle Trailer. Allow about thirty minutes for assembly – a Phillips screwdriver and 11mm wrench or adjustable wrench is needed. The trailer can also be converted to a stroller with the addition of the HoundAbout Strolling Kit, sold separately. Unpack the trailer and check that the following parts are included (see images of parts on last page): Two wheels with integrated axle spindle – 20” size for Large trailer; 16” size for Medium trailer Wheel mounting bracket kit with 2 wheel mounting brackets, bolts, 11mm nuts and hex wrench (in polybag) Roof Support rod; two star knobs for support rod (in polybag) Bicycle towbar Two red reflectors + Phillips screws for mounting (in polybag) Safety Leash (attached to D-ring inside cabin) Bicycle hitch (inserted into end of towbar) Cushion Assemble on a clean flat surface: Step 1: Attach the bicycle towbar: After all parts have been removed, position the main cabin of the trailer with the bottom side facing up. Locate the towbar mounting bracket which is welded to the frame; remove the pre-installed nut and bolt and the clevis pin (which is connected to the bolt with a black cord), but leave the black plastic spacer in place in the bracket. Position the towbar so the end with two holes fits into the plastic spacer and the hole at the end of the towbar aligns with the middle hole in the plastic spacer and the metal bracket. Re-install the bolt and nut through these holes taking care to keep the black cord from the clevis pin connected to the bolt. Lock the towbar into the “stowed” position by inserting the clevis pin through the mounting bracket, plastic spacer, and towbar and engage the hoop spring on the end of the clevis pin. (see image) Step 2: Attach the wheel mounting brackets and wheels: Insert the square tube section of one wheel mounting bracket into either end of the square tube which runs under the trailer, making sure the bracket extends above the bottom of the cabin. Align the hole in the bracket with the hole in the square tube; insert the bolt & nut and tighten using the hex wrench provided and an adjustable wrench. Repeat with remaining wheel mounting bracket. Turn the cabin over before moving to the next step. Insert the axle spindle of one wheel into the axle tube on the wheel mounting bracket while pressing down on the spring lock button. Push the wheel in so that the spindle is in all the way, then release the spring lock. Pull out on the wheel to check that the spring lock is engaged. Removal is the reverse of installation. Step 3: Erecting the cabin: The sides of the cabin frame are held in place by means of a roof support rod and two black plastic “star knobs”. With the wheels resting on the ground, rotate one side panel into a vertical orientation. Position the support rod inside the trailer so one star knob can be inserted through the hole in the fabric cover and frame tube on the side of the trailer and into the threads on the end of the support rod (see image). Repeat with the other star knob on the 130108 other side of the trailer, and fully tighten both star knobs. Place the rectangular cushion in the floor of the cabin and attach the safety leash to one of the rear D-rings in the cabin. Finally, using a Phillips screwdriver, attach the two red reflectors to the lower rear panel of the trailer at the holes provided in the fabric shell. Step 4: Connecting to bicycle: The towbar connects to the bicycle via the included quick-connect hitch. Attach the hitch to the left side of the rear bicycle wheel by removing the axle nut, positioning the hitch on the If your bicycle has a quick-release wheel, remove the quick-release pin from the axle, insert it through the hitch, then re-assemble through the axle. The hitch should be installed with the male connector piece facing back and angling away from the bicycle. axle, and re-tightening the axle nut. To move the towbar from “stowed” position to “tow” position, remove the clevis pin from the mounting bracket, swing the towbar until it faces forward from the trailer, then reinsert the clevis pin in the forward holes in the mounting bracket. Position the trailer behind the bicycle so that the female connector on the towbar can slide over the male connector on the hitch. Lock these connectors in place with the clevis pin provided. Loop the black safety strap around the bike frame and attach the snap swivel to the D-ring on the towbar (see image). WARNING: Never tow the trailer without the hitch and hitch safety strap correctly connected! Always make sure the rear door is closed fully before towing the trailer. Step 5: Loading and unloading pets: Load and unload pets only through the rear door, with the front window closed and the trailer attached to the bicycle. Have someone hold the bicycle firmly in an upright position, or lay the bicycle on its side. To load, assist the pet into the cabin and connect the safety leash to the pet’s collar. Adjust the length of this leash so the pet cannot exit through the front window when it is open. Always close the rear door before riding. Storing the trailer: Put the towbar into “stowed” position as described above. Unscrew the two star knobs and remove the support rod. Remove the wheels by pushing the buttons on the spring locks. The wheels can be stored inside the cabin if desired. Fold down the two sides of the cabin. Additional Features: While loading your dog or accessing the interior of the cabin, the rear door can be kept in the open position by connecting the elastic hoop at the bottom of the door to the plastic anchor sewn into the cabin fabric just above the rear door opening. Always keep this door closed while riding. The trailer has a dual-layer front window consisting of a vinyl windscreen layer, and a breathable mesh layer. The trailer can be used with one, both or none of these layers in the open position. To ride with the windscreen open and the mesh closed, roll down the vinyl layer into a tube shape so the elastic loop on the inside bottom edge of the vinyl layer can connect to the plastic anchor sewn to the exterior cabin fabric just below the window. To ride with both layers open, roll them together into a tube shape and connect the loop and anchor. Make sure the safety leash is adjusted so the pet cannot exit through the front window opening. The trailer has a large sunroof panel which can be used in the closed, half-open, or fully open position. To use in the half-open position, unzip about half way and fold the roof fabric back on itself and connect the elastic loop located at the leading edge of the roof panel to the anchor sewn to the exterior cabin fabric just behind the roof panel. To use fully open, unzip completely, roll the roof fabric into a tube and use the elastic loop on the inside back of the roof opening to the anchor sewn to the exterior cabin fabric just behind the roof panel. The trailer is equipped with a general storage pocket on the left side, a bottle pocket on the right side and a pocket on the upper rear panel for holding sunglasses, cell phone, music player, etc. Cleaning - The cloth cabin and windscreen can be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge. The interior cushion is machine washable and can be dried at low heat. Safety • The trailer is equipped with reflectors at the rear of the cabin and on each wheel. There are also reflective strips across the top rear and lower front of the cabin. Solvit suggests using a battery-powered light when riding in low light conditions. • The trailer is intended to carry pets only. No human passengers! • Always ride with the rear door closed and with the safety leash adjusted to the correct length. • Do not exceed the recommended weight capacity. Check tire inflation before every ride. • Carefully check the connection of the trailer to the bike before riding. • Be aware that riding with the trailer increases your braking distance and may affect your ability to control the bicycle. Thoroughly practice in a safe area before riding with the trailer in high-traffic areas. • Always wear a helmet when riding Extra Parts Available: To expand the versatility of the HoundAbout, extra leashes and bicycle hitches are available. Contact Solvit or your retailer for more information. Parts guide (images below are not to scale) Wheel mounting bracket Roof support rod Two star knobs Two red reflectos Bicycle towbar Bicycle hitch Safety leash SOLVIT Products, LP ◆ 1114 W Harris Rd, Suite 101 ◆ Arlington, TX 76001 Tel: 866-6-SOLVIT (866-676-5848) ◆ Fax: (817) 466-2291 Email: ◆







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