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PDF Content Summary: Quick Start Guide 1. Setting up your SOFIHUB home 2. Create a portal account and link your device 3. Subscribe to monthly monitoring fee 4. Activating the sensors 5. Installing and testing the sensors 6. Sensors and spaces 7. Complete testing 8. Adding carers 9. Your SOFIHUB portal 1. Setting up your SOFIHUB home Turn the device on (The device will automatically update it’s software if required). Your device will greet you with a welcome chime indicating that your device is now ready to be set up. 2. Create a portal account and link your device You can access the SOFIHUB portal through the “portal” tab on the menu of the SOFIHUB website: OR via direct URL: To create your SOFIHUB portal account: Click “Create Account” and follow the prompts to link your device to the portal. 3. Subscribe to monthly monitoring fee You can access the SOFIHUB monitoring subscription through the “Shopping Cart” tab on the menu of the SOFIHUB website: Select – Subscribe to monthly monitoring fee Please enter the following details: Your name Address Email address Contact details Serial number of the product/s Please enter the type of subscription you are applying for: • 1 device $25.00 per month inc. GST • 2 devices $40.00 per month inc. GST • More than 2 devices $15.00 each per month inc. GST Enter your portal account number. Choose method of payment and complete the process. Credit Card Card number Name on Card MM/YY CVV ? 4. Activating the sensors Remove the cover from the back of the sensor, hold the batteries in place and remove the plastic tab. Place the cover back on and set the sensor down next to the hub. Repeat for all sensors. A light will appear on the front of the sensor indicating that it is in working order. 4.1. Turn on Occupancy Mode Through the portal, turn on occupancy mode (for testing). This can be found under Settings in the Advanced Tab. The hub will announce when it detects movement in a room. 5. Installing and testing the sensors It is important that the positioning of the sensors are carefully considered and correctly placed in the occupant’s home. The sensors come with covers to ensure that there is no unwanted triggering of the sensors.

UNCOVERED (motion) PET COVER (motion) TRANSIT COVER TRANSIT COVER (transit) (transit) Sensor trigger area UNCOVERED Please note that the illustrations are not to scale and is simply a visual demonstration of the sensor placement and covers in effect. Ensure that the sensors are placed facing away from any windows as bright lights can trigger the sensors.

PET COVER If the occupant has pets, this cover will ensure that they will not trigger the sensors. TRANSIT COVER Transit sensors are located in doorways and should only trigger when someone walks through the doorway 6. Sensors and spaces Settings > Sensors & Spaces This is where you can see all your current sensors and the spaces (or rooms) they are located within the home. You can add new sensors and allocate them to rooms, replace them, or delete them. A sensor must be allocated to a space. 7. Complete testing Once your device and sensors are optimally placed, turn OFF occupancy mode Settings > Advanced 8. Adding carers You can securely invite carers to access the SOFIHUB portal through the carers tab in the menu settings 9. Your SOFIHUB Portal 9.1. Dashboard Overview of the status of your device, the sensors, recent messages and recent occupancies. 9.2. Timeline Visual timeline of occupancies 9.3. Medication View medication access 9.4. Anomalies View anomalies (past, recent and current). eg. Late to bed, late to wake, bathroom too long 9.5. Reminders View and add reminders Notes Notes 155 Greville Street, Prahran, VIC 3181 Phone: 1300 110 366 Email:







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