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PDF Content Summary: Retailer's stamp Serial No.: Clarke Health Care Products 1003 International Dr Oakdale PA 15071 Phone: 888-347-4537 Fax: 724-695-2922 Instructions for use Boris shower and toilet chair Dear customer, Thank you for buying our product. Please read the operating and safety instructions carefully before you use this product. We reserve the right to make technical alterations. Important information! Please keep these operating instructions and the product together. If necessary, photocopy them. Your Schuchmann team Warranty Warranty Over and above the General Conditions of Trade, we provide a warranty of: If a material or manufacturing fault can be proved, we will replace the faulty parts free of charge. As the manufacturer, we bear no responsibility for alterations and structural changes that go beyond adjustment to personal body size. We reserve the right to make technical changes. We do not bear any responsibility for damage caused by combinations of our products with any kind of third party product which may present serious dangers. The only exception is if our company expressly approves a product for such use.

36 months Please note: Customised versions cannot be returned! Also excluded from the warranty are faults that occur due to natural wear and tear, excessive strain, damage due to force or use other than the intended use. The warranty is voided if repairs are carried out with parts other than original Schuchmann parts. page 11 Disposal / Technical data / Construction Disposal If you wish to dispose of Boris, please contact your local recycling depot. They will separate the various materials and recycle them. Technical data Material: see at point “Construction” Dimensions in cm: Gr. 0 Gr. 1 Gr. 2 Gr. 3 Gr. 4 Seat Width front 31 cm 36 cm 41 cm 46 cm 51 cm Seat Width rear 26 cm 31 cm 36 cm 41 cm 46 cm Seat Depth 31 cm 36 cm 41 cm 46 cm 48 cm Back Height 49 cm 51 cm 56 cm 61 cm 65 cm Seat Angle (-) 5° - 30° (-) 5° - 30° (-) 5° - 30° (-) 5° - 30° (-) 5° - 30° Clearance to Floor (for over the toilet) 47 – 59 cm 47 – 59 cm 47 – 59 cm 47 – 59 cm 47 – 59 cm Total Width 53 cm 57 cm 63 cm 67 cm 72 cm Length of Underframe 65 cm 65 cm 65 cm 70 cm 70 cm Max. Load 60 kg 80 kg 100 kg 120 kg 150 kg As the manufacturer of this product with sole responsibility, Schuchmann GmbH & Co.KG declares that this product conforms with EU Directive 93/42/EEC for medical products. Construction The seat shell is made of UV protected PE material. All metal parts are made of stainless steel and are partially powder coated. page 10 Contents Contents Page General instructions 4 Safety instructions 4 Instructions for use 4 Handling Fixing the shower and toilet chair in place 5 Altering the seat angle 5 Adjusting the seat height 6 Accessories Toilet bucket 6 Headrest 7 Footrest 7 Table with cushioned armrest, swivel-action 8 Abduction block with integrated splash guard 8 Two-part PU cushion 9 Care and maintenance 9 Disposal 10 Technical data 10 Construction 10 Warranty 11 Boris Modification status B Issued 1/4/2008 page 3

General instructions / Safety instructions / Instructions for use General instructions Boris is a sturdy shower and toilet chair for the home and for institutions. Its anatomically shaped seat gives children and youngsters a firm hold. It can be used as a toilet chair and a shower chair and comes in 5 sizes. For use as a toilet chair, it can be placed over a toilet or used with a toilet bucket. The seat angle is adjustable by gas pressure spring, so Boris is suitable for active and passive sitting. Press the foot pedal to release the seat angle adjustment. You can set the seat height. To suit the patient's size, there is a headrest with adjustable angle and height, as well as footrests with various knee angle, height and foot angle settings. The footrests can be folded up. To support the upper body, you can slot a padded stainless steel table into the seat unit. A two-part cushion is available for pressure-sensitive patients. Safety instructions ☝ To make sure the product is used correctly, it is important that the caregiver knows exactly how to operate it and follows the instructions carefully. ☝ Do not let the product be used without supervision. ☝ The product is not suitable for transporting the patient. ☝ To find the maximum permitted patient weight, please see "Technical data" in these instructions. ☝ Please take care that the patient cannot touch any moving parts while the product is being adjusted. Instructions for use Boris can be used as a toilet chair over a toilet or on its own with a bucket, or as a shower chair. Please note the following: Over the toilet Put up the toilet seat. Adjust the seat unit height to the height of the toilet. Remove the bucket. Push the toilet chair backwards over the toilet and fix the wheels. Stand-alone Boris can only be used as a stand-alone commode with the bucket. As a shower chair Boris is made of water-resistant materials, so you can use it as a shower chair without any problems. Page 4 Polyurethane cushions / Care and maintenance Two-part PU cushion For pressure-sensitive patients, we supply a two-part cushion that you can easily remove e.g. for cleaning (with mild soapy water). Simply pull the tabs on the cushions out of the holes in the seat unit. Replace by pressing the tabs back into the seat unit holes. Care and maintenance Like any technical product, your Boris chair also requires regular inspection. Regularly check the shower and toilet chair for cracks, breakages, loose or lost parts and/or malfunctioning. Do not use the product if any of the functions are not working. Additionally, it pays off to look after the Boris well. That includes regularly cleaning the seat and the understructure with mild soapy water. Do not use bleach. Use normal disinfectants to disinfect it. Wipe down with clean water and allow to dry. Note: Do not use aggressive cleaning agents such as solvents or hard brushes. Page 9 Table / Abduction block Table with cushioned armrest, swivel- action To swing the table to one side, e.g. to make getting in or out easier, pull the snap lock <arrow> and you can swivel the table to the left or remove it completely. When you swing it back into place, make sure it locks in properly. You can adjust the height of the table. Release the two screws at the sides <arrows>, set the height using the holes in the plate, and tighten the screws firmly again. It is advisable to first remove the support table, then adjust the holders separately. Abduction block with integrated splash guard Slot the pin (underneath the splash guard) of the abduction block into the round hole at the centre front of the seat unit, and press it down until it audibly clicks into place. To remove the splash guard, pull it firmly upward. Page 8 Fixing the shower chair in place (castors) / Altering the seat angle Handling Fixing the shower and toilet chair in place Always lock all four castors to prevent the chair from rolling away. Braking/fixing the castors (with the tip of your foot): Releasing the castors: Please note: The brake only prevents rolling away on level floors. Altering the seat angle You can seamlessly move the seat unit from (-) 5° to 30°, actively or passively. To do this, press the foot pedal <arrow> on the understructure at the front right in the direction of travel, then adjust the seat unit angle by pulling or pushing lightly. Release the foot pedal. You can disable the foot pedal with the clamping pin on the inside of the foot pedal. To do this, turn the clamping pin until it clicks into place. If necessary, shake the foot pedal slightly until the pin clicks into place. To unlock, pull the clamping pin out and give it a quarter turn. Page 5 Adjusting the seat height / Toilet bucket Adjusting the seat height You can adjust the seat unit height in 2.5cm steps. First, unscrew the two cap screws <arrows> on the holders between the seat unit and the understructure on both sides. Now you can adjust the height of the seat unit using the row of holes. Tighten the screws again firmly. Now adjust the gas pressure spring (below) so that the seat angle is correctly set again. To do this, unscrew the screw of the gas pressure spring holder <arrow> completely out of the threaded plate and replace it at the correct height. Please note: Only adjust the seat when it is not occupied. Accessories Toilet bucket Push the toilet bucket from behind under the seat unit as far as it will go. The tight fit means the bucket cannot slip out. Caution! After the toilet bucket has been used, it and the seating unit must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Use only standard disinfectants. Page 6 Headrest / Footrest Headrest The headrest is adjustable in angle and height to suit the patient. Height adjustment: Unscrew screw A and set the height. Angle adjustment: Release screws B and C and adjust the headrest. Caution: After every adjustment, make sure you tighten all the screws firmly. Footrest The footrest is adjustable in knee angle, foot angle and height. It simply folds up for getting in and out of the chair. Height adjustment: Unscrew the two setscrews A and set the height. Footrest angle adjustment: First unscrew lock nut C, then screw setscrew D in or out to adjust the foot angle, and tighten the lock nut again. Caution: After all adjustments, re-tighten the screws and clamping levers firmly. Page 7 ABC ABC ABC ABC ABC B B A D D C

Knee angle adjustment: Release the clamping lever B.







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