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X52 Pro - instalr manual
System Requirements
Windows XP/XP64
Installation for Users of Windows® XP and Windows XP64
With your computer switched on, close down any programs that are currently runningand insert the Saitek Smart
Technology CD into your CD-**M drive.
When the Introduction Screen appears, click Install Software to continue. If the CD does not run automatically, select Start
from the Windows® Taskbar, then Run and type D:\Setup.exe and click OK - where D:\ is letter of your CD-ROM drive.
3. When the Welcome screen appears, click Next to continue.
4. After reading the Disclaimer, select the I accept the terms of the Disclaimer option and click Next to continue.
At the Driver Setup screen, if you haven't already done so, plug the USB cable of the X52 Pro into one of your computer's
USB ports and click on Next.
6. At the Software Setup screen, select Install the SST Programming Software and click Next.
In the following Software Setup screen, c*ick Ne*t and follow the on-screen instructions. At this point you will be asked to
install such features as the Saitek Magic Mouse, *I***o**l*a*t mouse, Saitek Magic Keyboard and HID Keyboard Device
(these are what XP/XP64 calls the various elements of your Saitek controller). Continue to click on Next and Finish to
accept the instal*at*on until the Registration screen appears.
At the Registration screen, select Check this box to register now and follow the on-screen instructions, or do not select ***s
option and register later.
Upon completion of the installation, you have the option to Run Profile Editor, which will give you a view of the 3D
programming environment. If you do not wish *o see the Profile Editor at this point, just uncheck the box and click on Finish
to complete the installation.
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From time to time there may be updates to the driver and programming software for this produc*.
You can check for the latest software *p***es by visiting the Saitek website and clicking on Do*nload*. A drop down menu will
appear. Select Drivers and *o**wa**.
For Windows® XP and XP64 users; Dynamic updates
If you are using the SST Programming software then you will need to obtain an updated version to work with the new drivers that
you have *ownloaded from Windows update. To obtain the **w version of the software, open the Game Controllers icon in Control
Panel, select the controller in the window and click Properties. At the top of the ******ti*s window click the About tab and you will
s*e a link that says Click here to download the SST Programming Software. Click on the link and Windows will give a download
prompt asking if you want to open the file or save it. Choose to save it to your *referred location on your computer's hard disk and
the file will start downloading. Once the file has downloaded, find it on your hard disk and double click on it to install the
programming software.
Introducing Saitek Smart Technology Programming Software
Saitek Smart Technology Programming Software (SST) is the software Saitek supplies to configure your Saitek X52 Pro for
enhanced funct*o*ality. SST delivers a powerful set of features, allowing you to program your device with the ultimate configuration
for total interaction. Despite a level of sophistication previously unseen in the market, and because of t*e Saitek Smart Technology
inside, the software remains *imple and intuitive to use.
For a complete guide on how to program your Saitek Gaming Mouse, vi**t the Saitek website at
Features of Smart Technology Programming Software:
Quick and easy setup in any game
Personalize the controller settings for your favorite games
Configure *our controller with an on-screen 3D model and interface
Multiple setup option for each controller - ideal if a controller is used by several people
Program special moves with sophisticated timing features
Special game se*ups available as 'Profiles' from the Saitek website and on the Smart Technology CD
Download the latest version of Saitek Smart Technology software from the Saitek website
What is a Profile
A Profile is a custom setup for improved gameplay - consisting of a set of commands that are pre-assigned to the buttons or axes
of your controller. There are pre-written Profiles available on the Product Companion Disk that accompanies this device. Please
also check the Saitek Webs*te ( for new profiles which wi*l be added for the Saitek X52 Pro.
How Do I Program My Controller?
After getting to know your controller, you can start creating your own personal Profiles with the Saitek Smart Technology
programming software (SST). This software has virtually unlimited programming capabilities and allows you to customize the
controller to your exact gaming ne*ds.
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