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PDF Content Summary: RYi2300BT/RYI2300BTA QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE 2 WARNING: This Quick Reference Guide is not a substitute for reading the operator’s manual. To reduce the risk of injury or death, user must read and understand operator’s manual before using this product. All page references refer to the operator’s manual. IMPORTANT! FIRST TIME STARTING THE UNIT (CONTINUED) USING THE GENERATOR WARNING: Do not connect to a building’s electrical system unless the generator and transfer Using a generator indoors CAN KILL YOU IN MINUTES. Generator exhaust contains carbon monoxide. This is a poison you cannot see or smell. 4 Pull the starter grip until the engine runs (see page 14). switch have been properly installed and the electrical output has been verified by a qualified electrician. The connection must isolate the generator power from utility power and must comply with all applicable laws and electrical codes. 1Connect devices to be powered by generator by following the steps below (see pages 8-9). • Make sure the generator can supply enough continuous (running) and surge (starting) watts for the items you will power at the same time. See page 9 for how to calculate total amount of power needed. • Start the generator with nothing connected. • Plug in and turn on the first load, preferably the largest load you have. • Permit the generator output to stabilize (engine runs smoothly and attached device operates properly). • Plug in and turn on the next load. NEVER use inside a home Only use OUTSIDE and • Again, permit the generator to stabilize. or garage, EVEN IF doors far away from windows, and windows are open. doors, and vents. • Repeat previous two steps for each additional load. IMPORTANT: Never add more loads than the generator capacity. Take special care to consider surge loads in generator capacity. (See pages 8-9.) FIRST TIME STARTING THE UNIT 1 1 When preparing to store the generator, allow the unit to cool for 30 minutes, then follow the guidelines listed on page 17. TROUBLESHOOTING STOPPING THE UNIT 1 Make the most of your purchase! Go to ryobitools.com and register your new tool online. For questions about operating or maintaining your product, please call 1-800-860-4050. 991000964 6-6-17 (REV:02) STORING THE UNIT 1 1 Add entire bottle of lubricant provided to the generator (see page 13). Place Easy Start dial to the COLD START (top) position (see page 14). 3 Add fuel (see page 13). NOTICE: Do not use E15 or E85 fuel in this product. It is a violation of federal law and will damage the unit and void your warranty. Only use unleaded gaso- line containing up to 10% ethanol. 5 Allow engine to run for 15-30 seconds, then move Easy Start dial to RUN/ RE-START (middle) position (see page 14). 15-30 S 15-30 S Place Easy Start dial to the OFF/STORAGE (bottom) position (see page 14). PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION Engine will not start. Easy Start dial is in OFF/STORAGE or RUN/RE-START position. No fuel. Stale gasoline or water in gasoline. Lubricant level is low. Spark plug faulty, fouled, or improperly gapped. Engine stored without treating or draining gasoline, or refueled with bad gasoline. Dirty fuel filter. Move Easy Start dial to COLD START position. Fill fuel tank. Drain entire system and refill with fresh fuel. Engine is equipped with Low Oil Shutoff. If engine lubricant level is low, it must be filled before unit will start. Check engine lubricant level and fill, if necessary. Replace spark plug. Drain fuel and carburetor. Refuel with fresh gasoline. Contact a qualified service center. Engine hard to start. Water in gasoline. Weak spark at spark plug. Drain entire system and refill with fresh fuel. Replace spark plug or contact a qualified service center. Engine lacks power. Engine stored without treating or draining gasoline, or refueled with bad gasoline. Dirty air filter. Drain fuel and carburetor. Refuel with fresh gasoline. If problem continues, contact a qualified service center. Clean or replace as needed. AC receptacle does not work. Item plugged in is defective. Generator is overloaded. Try a different item. Remove loads and press the reset button. If problem persists after trying the above solutions, contact customer service or a qualified service center for assistance. GENCONTROLTM APP WITH BLUETOOTH® NOTICE: As the equipment owner, you are responsible for the performance of the required maintenance listed in the Maintenance section. It is recommended that you retain all receipts covering maintenance on your equipment. Neglecting or failing to 1 From the app store on your iOS or Android Bluetooth® enabled device, locate and install the RYOBI GENCONTROLTM app. See page 14 for more details. perform the required maintenance may increase emissions, decrease fuel efficiency, degrade performance, cause irreversible engine damage and/or void your warranty.







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