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PDF Content Summary: Introduction Thank you for purchasing this Rollei product! Please read this manual carefully before using the device. Attention 1.This product is a high-precision product, do not drop or hit. To protect the camera please use the underwater case which is included in the delivery. 2. Do not place the camera near anything having strong magnetism, such as magnets and motors and need to avoid the product near anything emitting strong radio waves, a strong magnetic field may cause the product to malfunction or damage the image and sound. 3. Do not place the camera at high temperatures or direct sunlight. 4. Use brand MicroSD cards as ordinary cards do not guarantee the proper use. 5. Do not use MicroSD cards in or near magnetic places to avoid loss of data. 6. During the charging process, if there is overheating, smoke or odor, please unplug the power immediately and stop charging to avoid fire. 7. Please keep away the camera and its accessories from children to avoid choking or electric shocks. 8. Store the product in a cool and dry place. Product Features 1. Waterproof underwater housing to a depth of 30 meters 2. 2 inch Ultra HD display screen 3. Recording while charging is supported 4. Web camera function 5. Supports MicroSD memory cards up to 32GB 6. WIFI connection by App to control the camera 7. WDR wide dynamic rage recording for a clearer video 1.USB 2. Microphone 3.TF card 5. Power button/Mode key 6. Lens 7.Work indicator light 8.Charging indicator light 9.Display 10.WIFI light 11. Enter/OK 12. Up key/WIFI key 13. Down key 14. Speaker 15. Battery compartment Housings Diagram Main Equipment Diagram 1.Enter 2. Up key/WIFI key 3. Down key 4. Housing lock mechanism 5. Lens 6. Power button/Mode key 7. Base Instructions 1. Insert MicroSD card Note:Please use brand MicroSD card and format the card on a computer before using. Ordinary neutral cards cannot be guaranteed to work properly. 2. Installing and removing the battery A. In accordance with the direction of the arrow open battery compartment cover. B. In accordance with the direction of the positive and negative symbols marked on the battery, insert the battery correctly to the battery compartment until it is seated. C. To remove the battery, open the battery compartment and take out the battery. 3. Charging the battery A. Connect the camera to the USB-slot of a computer or to a power adapter for charging. B. You can use a car charger to charge the battery in a car. C. When charging, the red indicator light is on. If the device is fully charged, the red light turns off. 4. Turn camera On and Off A. Starting: Press the “Power button/Mode key” for about 3 seconds. The blue light turns on and the display shows the start screen. B. Shutdown: Press “Power button/Mode key” for about 3-5 seconds, the blue light turns off and the display will show the end screen. 5. Mode switch A. Press the mode key to open the mode. Press the button repeatedly to cycle through the different modes (video / camera / playback / setup mode). B. The top left indicates the video mode, indicates the photo mode, the indicates the playback mode and the indicates the setup mode. 6. Video A. Insert a memory card and press the “Power button/Mode key” to turn the camera on. B. After the camera is started, press the “Enter/OK key” to start video recording. During recording, the blue light and the yellow circle will flash. C. To stop the recording press again the “Enter/OK key” 7. Photo A. Turn the camera on and press the “Power button/Mode key” to change to photo mode. B. Press the “Enter/OK key” to take the picture. 8. Playback mode Press the “Power button/Mode key” to switch to the Playback mode. Use the up and down keys to select an image and press OK to show the file. 9. Menu settings A. Press the “Power button/Mode key” to switch to the menu settings. B. Use the up and down keys to select the menu, press the Enter key to enter the sub-menu, and select the setting item. Press OK to confirm. 10. USB cable to the computer Connect the camera with an USB cable to the computer and the screen will display “Mass Storage”, “PC Camera” and “Charge battery”. Selected with the up and down keys the desired mode and press the “Enter/OK key” to choose the mode. A. After entering “Mass Storage”, the computer will display a removable disk. B. After entering “PC Camera”, the device can be used as PC camera for video communication. C. After entering “Charge battery”, only the battery of the camera will be charged while it is connected to the computer. 11. WIFI connection The Rollei Actioncam 372 can be connected via WiFi to a smartphone or tablet with Android or iOS system. A. Install the App "Goplus Cam" on your smartphone or tablet. The app can be downloaded in the Google Playstore or in the Apple store. B. Turn on the camera and press the camera up key. The camera screen will show a WiFi logo and the SSID (WiFi account): AC372_xxxxxxxx (xxx is a placeholder for the individual serial number of the device) appears and the PW (initial password) is: 12345. During this time, the yellow WiFi indicator flashes. C. Turn on the WiFi function at your smartphone or tablet. Search for the camera’s WiFi name and connect both devices with each other. After the connection has been successful, the yellow indicator is lit. D. Start the App "Goplus Cam" on your smartphone or tablet. The live picture of the camera is displayed on your screen. The App can record videos, take pictures, and download it to your smartphone or tablet. Specifications LCD Screen 2.0 “ Lens 140 degree Video Resolution 720P/30fps; WVGA/30fps; VGA/30fps Interpolated: 1080P/30fps Video Format AVI Video compression formats MJPG Photo resolution Interpolated: 16M/12M/10M/8M Storage card MicroSD, max. 32 GB Camera mode Single shot / self-timer (3 seconds / 5 seconds / 10 seconds / 20 seconds) USB USB2.0 Battery capacity 900mAh,3.7V, 3.33Wh Recording time 1080P/ about 80minutes Charging time About 3 hours Operating system Win7/Win8/Win10/Mac OS Dimension 60 x 41.8 x 30.36 Note: Specifications are subject to technical changes. FAQ 1. Crash, black and white phenomenon occurred during use If the camera freezes during normal use, please remove and re-install the battery. The camera returns to normal operating after turning it on again. 2.In case, the camera will not turn on or operate Please check, if the battery is fully charged. Otherwise pull out and reinsert the battery and turn the camera on. 3. Machine heating phenomenon occurs during use Because this camera is a precision digital device with a better sealing, the machine will have a certain amount of heat during use. This is a normal phenomenon. 4. Record a video without sound, or play video with a lower sound First make sure the device is not inside the waterproof case, because the waterproof case belongs to seal parts. The sound cannot be played, if the sound is turned off inside the menu. 5. Video is not running smooth, red and green blocks appear at the recording Please format the memory with a computer and make sure to use genuine high-speed memory card for recording. 6. WiFi signal instability The WiFi signal susceptible to interference. Make sure that no barrier is around the unit to facilitate signal transmission and hold the smartphone not too far away from the camera unit. 7. WIFI Unable to connect First, check that the WiFi is turned on the camera. Then re-connect the camera and the smartphone / tablet again with each other. Disposal Dispose of packaging: For disposal, separate packaging into different types. Cardboard and board must be disposed of as paper and foil must be recycled. Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and/or Battery by users in private households in the European Union. This symbol on the product or on the packaging indicates that this cannot be disposed of as a household waste. You must dispose of your waste equipment and/or battery by handling it over to the applicable take-back scheme for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment and/or battery. For more information about recycling of this equipment and/or battery, please contact your city office, the shop where you purchased the equipment or your household waste disposal service. The recycling of materials will help to conserve natural resources and ensure that it is recycled in a manner that protects human health and environment. Battery warning • Never dismantle, crush, or pierce the battery, or allow the battery to short-circuit. Do not expose battery being placed in high temperature environment, if battery leaks or bulges, stop continue to use. • Always charge using the charger. Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type. • Keep the battery out of reach of children. • Batteries may explode if exposed to naked fire. Never dispose of batteries in a fire. • Disposed of used batteries observing local regulations. • Before disposing the device, please remove the battery. Conformity The Manufacturer hereby declares that the CE marking was applied to the Rollei Actioncam 372 in accordance with the basic requirements and other relevant provisions of the following CE Directives: • 2011/65/EC RoHs Directive • 2014/30/EU EMC Directive • 2012/19/EC WEEE Directive • 2014/53/EU RED-Directive The EC Declaration of Conformity can be requested from the address specified on the Warranty card.







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