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PDF Content Summary: Support randmcnally.com/support RoadExplorer™ 7

800-333-0136 Quick Start Guide

RE7-022516-001-v1 Important Information About Your Road Explorer™ 7 RAND MCNALLY DOCK: Keep your device up to date by downloading the Rand McNally Dock for your home computer at randmcnally.com/dock and connecting your device with the USB cable provided. POWER BUTTON: Press and hold the orange power button to turn the device on or off. The power button can also be used for quick access to certain features while the device is running. See Preferences > General > Quick Power Press for options. A red light indicates the battery is charging; a green light indicates the battery is fully charged. RESET: Use the reset button on the back of the device to restart. This will cancel the current route, but preferences, address book, and other personal data will be saved. LEARN MORE: Access Tutorial & Tips under Preferences > General on your device for more information, or visit randmcnally.com/support to download the user manual. Some screens include help tips. Tap this button to access. WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or other harm. 1

Install the Mount NOTE: Follow all local regulations governing the placement of the mount. Select an area with a line of sight to the sky and GPS satellites to ensure reliable GPS information. 1. Clean and dry the mounting area. 2. Remove the suction cup protective fi lm. 3. Adjust the angle of the mount. 4. Pull the suction cup lever up to release suction. 5. Plug the power cord into the device and the vehicle’s 12-volt power source. 6. Slide the device onto the mount. 7. Place and hold the mount suction cup against the Main Menu 1 Enter trip information and access tools. 2 Show location on the map and view navigation instructions. 1 3 Choose a destination. 4 Select device, route and map preferences. Access the tutorial. 5 Mute/unmute the speaker. 6 Adjust speaker volume. 7 Indicates charge when running on battery. 7 2 3 4 5 6

mounting surface. 8. Press the suction cup lever down until it snaps into place. 9. Adjust the device so that it can be easily seen and does not block the driver’s line of sight. Note: You can select different color schemes in Preferences > General > Skin Style. The following screen images appear in the “Ice” style. Some screens may appear different, based on model number. Note: From other screens, tap the Main Menu icon in the bottom right corner to return to the Main Menu.

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Set Routing and Device Options 1. Tap Preferences. 2. Tap the General, Route or Map tab. Destination 1 Route to a new location. (See page 6.) 2 Return to a previously entered address.

3. Tap and to view options. 4. Tap the option button to be changed. 5. Enter new settings. 6. Tap to save changes. On the left, tap on an option On the right, enter settings for the option 3 Access the Address Book. 4 Plan a multi-stop trip. 5 Route to a point of interest. (See page 10.) 6 View trip content from Rand McNally. 1 2 3 4 5 6

4 5

Route to a New Location 1. Tap Choose Destination > New Location. 2. Tap Address. 3. Enter the name of the city. (NOTE: As you type, the keyboard displays only the next possible letter.) 4. Prompts appear in the top bar. Tap the city to select. Or, tap List to view cities beginning with the letter(s) you entered. Confi rm Destination Window 1 Destination address. 2 Begin route to destination. 3 Compare a primary and alternate route and choose one. 4 Add the location as a via point on the way to a previously entered destination.* 10 2 1 3

5. Enter the street name. (NOTE: If the letters you need do not appear, tap Expand Search.) 6. Enter the house number. (NOTE: To enter the house number 5 Save the location to the Address Book. 6 Cross reference to printed Rand McNally 4 5 67 before the street, tap the house number button in the previous step.) See Confi rm Destination Window (page 7.) Tips • You can also route to a new location by City Center, Intersection, or Latitude/Longitude, or choose Address > Zip Code Search. • View recent destinations by tapping Choose Destination > History. View recent cities by tapping Choose Destination > New Location > Address > History. • View saved locations by tapping Choose Destination > Address Book. Road Atlas. 7 View the map. 8 Change the starting location for a route to the location displayed here. 9 Return to Main Menu. 10 Return to previous window. *To manage via points, Tap Choose Destination > Multi-Stop Trips. You can add up to 50 destinations in a multi-stop trip, and optimize routing for trips of up to 10 stops. 89 NOTE: This window may include additional buttons based on the type of destination selected.


Route Map Window 1 Repeat spoken next-maneuver instructions. 2 Name of street you will turn onto next. 3 Show arrival time, remaining time, or other options. 132 4 Route Map Window - continued 13 Minimize icons to show simply the map and next maneuver. 14 View predictive traffi c. 15 Mute the speaker.

4 Slide out to show upcoming exit information. 5 Directions list slideout. Tap Route Display Options to select detail view, highway view, trip summary, or summary map view. 6 Zoom in/zoom out. 13 12 11 14 15 9 10 5 6 7 8 Junction View When on a route, Junction View displays when you have an upcoming maneuver. Once past the maneuver, Junction View closes and the previous window displays. 1 Signs to follow for the next maneuver. 1

7 Return to Main Menu. 8 Current direction. Tap to select a map display option (Heading Up, North Up, or 3D View). 9 View current road name, upcoming cross road name, or city, county and state. Also displays current mile marker and advanced lane guidance. Tap to change. 10 View and save current location, detour, or cancel a route. 11 Tap on the current speed to display the Virtual Dashboard. (NOTE: Turns red for speed warnings; set in Trip Tools > Warnings.) 12 Current speed limit. Tap to open a “Tell Rand” about speed limits. 2 Number and direction of lanes for the next maneuver. 3 Distance to the upcoming maneuver. Distance decreases as you approach the ramp. 4 Lane assist arrow. 5 Return to previous window. 2 3 4 5


Find a Point of Interest (POI) Tap Choose Destination > Points of Interest. 1 Search for a POI: 2 1 Near your car 2 In a particular city Virtual Dashboard 1 Sunrise and sunset times based on vehicle location (latitude/longitude) and day. 2 Current speed. 3 Elevation at current location. 4 Percentage of current trip completed, distance to next 2 1 3 9 10 6

3 Along your route 4 Near your destination 5 View custom POIs that have been uploaded through the Rand McNally Dock POI Categories: 6 Roadside attractions, National Parks, and more 34 5 maneuver, and the number of miles and time spent on the trip to this point. 5 Match with the vehicle's odometer to automatically update new fuel logs. Tap the pencil to edit. 6 Gather trip information for up to three trips. Includes odometer settings, hours, and speeds. 7 Reset trip information for the selected trip (Tab 1, Tab 2, or Tab 3). 4 5 7 8

7 Restaurants, hotels, and other subcategories67 8 Select to automatically reset the information in each tab after the vehicle has remained stationary for the specifi ed number of hours. 9 View fuel logs and add fuel purchase information. 10 Return to the Route Map Window.

10 11

More Information For a detailed description of the features of your device, please see the Road Explorer™ 7 User Manual. The User Manual can be downloaded from the Rand McNally Dock, and is also available at randmcnally.com/support. Rand McNally Dock™ The Rand McNally Dock enables you to receive software upgrades and access map updates, construction updates, and additional features. Simply download the Dock software for your PC or Mac at randmcnally.com/dock and connect your device using the USB cable provided. With the Rand McNally Dock, you can also: • Upload custom POIs, such as red light cameras, to your device • Download the User Manual • Access the Rand McNally support site and online store • Read product news and announcements • Send feedback and suggestions to Rand McNally through “Tell Rand” Warnings, End-User License Agreement, and Warranty Pay attention to road conditions and street signs, and obey all traffic and safety laws. Traffic laws and current traffic conditions must always be observed and take precedence over the instructions issued by the Rand McNally® navigation system. The User should be aware of situations where current traffic conditions and the instructions from the navigation system may be in conflict. Some states prohibit the use of windshield mounts and may otherwise restrict the usage of navigation and other electronic devices in the vehicle. It is the User’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations. The use of the navigation system does not relieve the User of his/her responsibilities. The User is ultimately responsible for the vehicle under his/her control and should be aware of the surroundings at all times. If after reading these statements the User decides not to accept these terms, the User should not use this navigation system. Rand McNally hereby grants you (“User”) a single-user non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Rand McNally navigation system (hereinafter referred to as the “Product” (including software and associated data) ) for User’s own internal business or personal use and not for resale, sublicense or commercial use. This Product and the software incorporated in it and related documentation are furnished under license and may be used only in accordance with this license. Except as permitted by such license, the contents of this Product and software may not be disclosed to third parties, copied or duplicated in any form, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of Rand McNally. This Product and software contain proprietary and confidential information of Rand McNally and its licensors. Rand McNally grants User a limited license for use of this Product and the software incorporated in the Product for its normal operation. By using the Product, User acknowledges that the content of this document and the Product are the property of Rand McNally and its licensors and are protected by U.S. copyright, trademark and patent laws and international treaties. THE USER MAY NOT: • Use the Product on a network or file server, time-sharing or to process data for other persons. • Use the Product to create any routing tables, files, databases or other compendiums. • Copy, loan or otherwise transfer or sublicense the Product, its software or content. • Modify, or adapt the Product in any way, or decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer or reduce to human readable form the Product and software incorporated therein. • Alter, remove or obscure any copyright notice, trademark notice, or proprietary legend from the Product, its software or content. This license will terminate automatically if User fails to comply with any of the terms of this license and User agrees to stop using the Product. Rand McNally may revise or update the Product and is not obligated to furnish any revisions or updates to User. RM Acquisition, LLC d/b/a Rand McNally warrants that the Product, and the component parts thereof, will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) year from the date of first use as determined by contact with GPS satellites. This warranty may be enforced by the first consumer purchaser (“Customer”), provided that the product is utilized within the U.S.A. or Canada. Rand McNally will, without charge, repair or replace (with a new or newly reconditioned unit), at its option, defective Products or component parts. For repair or replacement of defective Products, Customer must contact Rand McNally at 1-800-333-0136 for return authorization and instructions. Customer will be required to have the product registered via the Rand McNally Dock or, if Customer is unable to register the product electronically, Customer will be required to provide proof of date of first Customer purchase, such as a duplicate copy of a sales receipt, for the warranty to be valid. When the product is connected to the Rand McNally Dock, the Dock will record the date of first use of the device based on contact with GPS satellites. The Customer must pay any initial shipping charges required to ship the product for warranty service, but the return charges will be at Rand McNally’s expense, if the product is repaired or replaced under warranty. Repairs or replacements have a 90-day warranty. If the product sent in is still under its original warranty, then the new warranty is 90 days or to the end of the original one (1) year warranty, depending on which is longer. This warranty gives the Customer specific rights. Other rights may be available to Customer which vary from state to state. Exclusions: This limited warranty does not apply: 1) to any product damaged by accident; 2) in the event of misuse or abuse of the product or as a result of unauthorized alterations or repairs; 3) if the serial number has been altered, defaced or removed; or 4) if the owner of the product resides outside of the U.S.A. or Canada.

12 13

Caution: Rand McNally makes no warranty as to the accuracy of completeness of the information in the Product and disclaims any and all express, implied or statutory warranties, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. It is the user’s responsibility to use this product prudently. This product is intended to be used only as a travel aid and must not be used for any purpose requiring precise measurement of direction, distance, location or topography. RAND MCNALLY AND ITS LICENSORS DO NOT MAKE ANY OTHER WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE PRODUCT, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY AS TO QUALITY, PERFORMANCE, TITLE OR NON- INFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT WILL RAND MCNALLY OR ITS LICENSORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THE USE OR INABILITY TO USE THE PRODUCT, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts and/or do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply to some consumers. The User agrees to allow User-provided information to Rand McNally to be used for internal business evaluation purposes, including, but not limited to, evaluating the effectiveness of the services provided, methods to simplify or improve User experiences. Such information will not be used by third parties or in any way that discloses the identity of the User. Rand McNally may make use of third party software in the Product. Notwithstanding the terms and conditions of this license, use of some third party materials included in the Product may be subject to other terms and conditions. The official third party copyright notices are provided at the end of this License. The User agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Rand McNally and its licensors (including their respective licensors, suppliers, assignees, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, and the respective officers, directors, employees, shareholders, agents and representatives of each of them) free and harmless from and against any liability, loss, injury (including injuries resulting in death), demand, action, cost, expense or claim of any kind or character, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, arising out of or in connection with any use or possession by the User of this Product. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between Rand McNally (and its licensors and suppliers) and the User pertaining to the subject matter hereof, and supersedes in their entirety any and all written or oral agreements previously existing between us with respect to such subject matter. The terms and conditions (including the license) may be updated from time to time. The above terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Illinois, without giving effect to (i) its conflict of laws provisions, or (ii) the United Nations Convention for Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, which is explicitly excluded. The User agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of Illinois for any and all disputes, claims and actions arising from or in connection with the Data provided to the User hereunder. User shall not export the Product in violation of any U.S. or foreign laws. Rand McNally’s licensors shall be third party beneficiaries of Rand McNally’s rights under this license, but are not parties hereto and have no obligations hereunder. By using this product you agree to be bound both by the foregoing and to the terms of use found at randmcnally.com. Actual toll costs may vary from estimates depending upon a number of factors including inaccurate or imprecise source data and upon variable toll costs which are dependent upon vehicle characteristics (class, axle number, weight, etc.) that vary across toll roads. Restricted Rights Legend. For governmental agencies: Use, reproduction or disclosure is subject to restrictions set forth in subparagraph (c) (1) (iii) of the Right in Technical Data and Computer Software clause at DFARS 52.227-7013, as amended. Rand McNally, the Rand McNally logo and the globe design mark are registered trademarks and Road Explorer is a trademark of RM Acquisition, LLC, d/b/a Rand McNally. Copyright © 2016 Rand McNally. All rights reserved. Portions © 2016 HERE. All rights reserved. This data includes information taken with permission from Canadian authorities, including © Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, © Queen’s Printer for Ontario. © 2016 TrafficCast © Tripfilms © 2016 InfoGation. All rights reserved. U.S. Patent Nos. 7,580,791 and 8,214,141. Notes

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