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PDF Content Summary: WLED75CV1 User Manual What is the WLED75CV1? Rako WLED75CV1 modules are single channel dimmer units designed for use with constant voltage LED devices (usually flexible single colour tape lighting). They are designed to accept a 12V or 24V DC supply from a power supply (normally the power supply that would power the LED device if it were not to be dimmed) and give a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) output for smooth flicker free dimming. They communicate over the Rako Wired Network connected via a WP-CONC connection and can be used in both a daisy-chain and star wiring configuration. Installing the WLED75CV1 Mounting Rako modules should be mounted in areas that are adequately ventilated, dry and outside of any enclosed metal casings that may interfere with the wireless signal. Wherever possible the mounting bracket should be used. Whilst Rako modules are designed to be completely maintenance free the units should be mounted in an accessible location should there be a fault or re-addressing of the unit be necessary. Connections Connect the WLED75CV1 module according to the wiring diagram above. The unit is designed to be fed from a 12V or 24V DC power supply. The power supply should be of an adequate rating for the connected load. For example, if dimming 4m of LED tape light with a rating of 12V and 14.4W/m the power supply needs to be rated to give at least 57.6W. If more than 5m of tape lighting is to be connected it is generally recommended to parallel the WLED75CV1 Manual Version 1.0.2 connections at the WLED75CV1 module rather than connecting the start of the second strip to the end of the first. This avoids excessive voltage drop issues. Ensure the cable clamp bar securely clamps the cables and that the terminal cover is fitted before switching the supply on. Initial Checks When power is initially connected to the module the unit should switch the load ON. The load can then be manually switched using the clear button on top of the module. The factory set address for both modules and transmitters is House 1 Room 4. Should the module not respond as above then further investigation should be made before proceeding further. Maximum loadings 75W @ 12V 150W @ 24V Adding the WLED75CV1 as a device For the WLED75CV1 to operate correctly with a RAKO system some initial setup must be performed. This is done using a PC running RASOFT Pro (WLED75CV1 is not supported by RASOFT classic) and communicating with a RAKO Bridge connected to the same wired system as the WLED75CV1. Open the Project File for the installed Rako system and make sure that Rasoft is connected to a communication device. NB The communication window at the bottom right should indicate whether a Bridge is connected or not. For instructions on how to connect to a Bridge see Rasoft Pro programming guides. - Select “File” - “New device” to bring up the “New device Wizard” and choose “WLED75CV1” from the list. - Choose a suitable device name (if you have multiple WLED75CV1 make sure it is identifiable from this description). Leave “Device ID” blank with the “Automatic ID” box checked. - Associate the WLED75CV1 to a room from the drop down menu. The room selected here will set the “Local Room” for this device, leave “Associate to channel” blank. WLED75CV1 Manual Version 1.0.2 - Once this screen appears press and hold the blue button on the WLED75CV1. After a few seconds it will enter Setup Mode and the status LED will start to blink. Release the button and “Waiting for device to enter setup” should change to “Device Found”. - Click the “Finish” button to complete setup NB Once complete the WLED75CV1 will appear as above in the device editor. Selecting it will open the device editor where additional setting can be edited. WLED75CV1 Manual Version 1.0.2







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