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PDF Content Summary: WA-Bridge User Manual For an overview of Bridges: "Bridge Application Sheet" For programming a wireless system: “Wireless Module Programming Guide”/”Wireless RAK Programming guide” Contents: 1 Functions of the WA-Bridge 2 Installing the WA-Bridge 3 Discovering the Bridge and Setting the House Number Discovering the Bridge To set the Bridge House number If you cannot connect to the Bridge 4 Adding the Bridge as a device 5 Uploading the project file 6 Downloading the project file 7 UDP Feedback 8 Performing a Firmware upgrade 1 Functions of the WA-Bridge The WA-Bridge will add the following features to a Rako wired system: - Network interfacing: Including App. control via mobile devices, system programming via PC/Mac and 3rd Party integration over IP. - Storing Project file information: Room, Channel and Scene information can be uploaded to, stored on, and downloaded from the Bridge. - Wired-Wireless Interface: The WA-Bridge functions as an interface between wireless signals and the wired network. 2 2 Installing the WA-Bridge - Step 1: Loosen the two screws and the bottom of the casing and remove lid. - Step 2: Plug RJ11 cable provided into the WTC-Bridge and an available RJ11 port in a RAK-LINK/RAK-STAR/WPCON-C etc. - Step 3: Plug the Ethernet patch cable from the WA-Bridge to a spare port in a router or network switch. - Step 4: Mount the Bridge to a wall using fixing point at top of case if desired. - Step 5: Replace lid to complete installation. WA-Bridge Manual Version 2.1.4 3 3 Discovering the Bridge and Setting the House Number Before proceeding with any programming the Bridge needs to be discovered and the House number set. Discovering the Bridge Open Rasoft Pro programming software. Ensure that the laptop is connected to the same network as the Bridge. The Bridge should appear in the “Communication” window in the bottom right of the software with a red stop sign. If it does not appear press the “Refresh”. To set the Bridge House number The Bridge always has a default House Number of 1. Before beginning any programming using the Bridge it is important to first set the House number to match the one used when creating the Project File. Failure to do so may result in interference with other systems. - Step 1: Right click on the Bridge in the communications window in the bottom right of the software. Select “Open in Browser” to open the Bridge webpages. WA-Bridge Manual Version 2.1.4 - Step 4: Scroll down and press “Save config” to upload the new House Number to the Bridge. The Bridge is now ready to be connected. Do this by double clicking on the Bridge as below. WARNING If a pop up box appears with a warning about the House number click “Cancel”. This means there is a conflict between the “Project File House Number” and “Bridge House Number”. Do not continue programming. Return to Step 1 of this section and resolve the conflict before continuing. WA-Bridge Manual Version 2.1.4 4 - Step 2: Click “configuration” and enter the username and password. - Step 3: Fill in the “Wireless House Address” to match the project file 5 If you cannot connect to the Bridge If the software cannot connect to the Bridge first restart the software and ensure that it is fully updated. If the Bridge still does not appear it is most likely a networking issue. If this problem cannot be solved then the Bridge can be connected to point to point using a standard ethernet cable. NB By default the Bridge is connected via DHCP, this and other network settings can be edited via the Bridge webpages. It is possible to clear all network settings from a Bridge. Please call Rako technical support for information on how to do this. 4 Adding the Bridge as a device Once the Bridge has been successfully connected it will need to be added into the software as a device. - Select “File”- “New Device” to open the new device wizard. Choose “Bridge” as the device to be added. - Select “Next” on the “Assign to Room”. No room or channel needs to be associated to the Bridge. - Select the Bridge from the list, it will appear if you are successfully connected in the communications window. Click “Refresh” if it does not appear. - The Bridge should now appear in the device list with Green text and a blue icon. The device is now assigned. - Press the “Update Now” button in the centre of the screen to complete setup. If this does not appear, click on the Bridge in the device list. WA-Bridge Manual Version 2.1.4 6 5 Uploading the project file Once all programming has been completed the project file should be uploaded to the Bridge. The Bridge stores the Room, Channel and Scene information for the system. This information is required for the App. to operate correctly. The “Smartphone/Web Data” tab is used to upload the Project File to the Bridge. Once selected it will open the page as below. Press “Save & Upload Room Data To Bridge” to upload. Type - This will change the appearance of the icon used at the top of the room screen on the App. It will also affect the keypad that appears. For example a room set to “switch” type will show two buttons: “on” and “off” whereas a “blind” type room will show three buttons: “open”, “stop” and “close”. Mode - The mode of the room is only set when “lighting” is selected as the type. It will set the variety of “keypad” that will appear in the App. Typically it is best to make this match the physically keypad in the room. NB 1) If a number of scenes that is not 4, 7 or 16 is desired then “named scenes” should be selected. Give custom names to the scenes in the room editor and any number of scenes can be made to appear on the App. 2) While the order of the rooms can be changed from this screen the order of the channels is always fixed. To get channels in a specific order they must be addressed or mapped in this order. WA-Bridge Manual Version 2.1.4 7 6 Downloading the project file If information has been uploaded to the Bridge then it is possible to import the Room, Channel and Scene data into a blank project file. This is useful when working on an installation with a new project file. The tab used for downloading information from the Bridge is called “Room Import” select it to open the page below. - Step 1: Press the “Download Data” at the top of this page. This will open the data for preview on this page. - Step 2: Press “Refresh List” if the rooms do not appear. If they still do not appear then there is nothing to be downloaded from the Bridge. - Step 3: Press “Import Data” to write the Room and Channel information in to the Project File. - Step 4: Press “Refresh Channel Levels” to write the Scene data in to the Project File. WA-Bridge Manual Version 2.1.4 8 7 UDP Feedback It is possible to monitor commands received and transmitted by the Bridge. This can be done using the UDP Feedback feature. 7.1 Live feedback In the very bottom right of the software (below the communications window) is the Live feedback section. Each command received or transmitted by the Bridge will appear here and it is useful for checking commands have been programmed as desired. 7.2 UDP feedback log When more detailed or long term feedback is required then a log of commands received/transmitted by the Bridge can be opened. In the toolbar select “Window” - ”Output” - ”Output” (as shown below). WA-Bridge Manual Version 2.1.4 9 8 Performing a Firmware upgrade To ensure continued access to all features of the Bridge it is advised that it is updated with the latest firmware if possible. This requires an active internet connection. Click “Refresh” to see if updates are available. Select “Update All” if updates are available to perform a firmware upgrade on the Bridge. WA-Bridge Manual Version 2.1.4







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