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PDF Content Summary: Operating environment Articles in the box Overview of the device Charging |Download the APP Connect the APP || Awakening device Charging Connect the USB cable with the charger & "Yogg X" should be aligned for charging. Download the watch APP: Operation temperature -20°C to +45°C It takes two hours for full charging. The screen will display the low-power icon if the power is less than 10%. Device Initialization IJRISTIFIT The device will display #1913 when you first use it. Please touch the display lightly for more than 3 seconds until time displays on the screen, that means the initialization is completed. Lightly touch the area of the display to activate the device. Please search for free "Yogg X in the App store and Play store at first, then download and install the App in your mobile device. 08:25 Waterproof IP67 The "Yogg X" touch screen anly makes response when pointing at the designated touch area. 1. Open your mobile device's Bluetooth; 2.Open the App on your mobile device; If you are a new member, please register, or log on an existing account. After finishing your personal information setting, please click the setup: 3.Please confirm the "Yogg X" is around your mobile device, and select device from the App Bluetooth list; 4.The pairing demand will be displayed on the "Yogg X". Mobile device compatibility: 08-25 1.Charging 2.Download the App 3.Device Initialization 4.Connect the App 5.Awaking device 6.Screen operation 7.Main menu 8. Sleep mode 9. Notifications 10. Reminders 11. Troubleshooting 12. Product Specifications 1 Charging Please charge the * Yogg X" for two hours before initial use. Plug the USB cable into the charger. Please place the "Yogg X" on the charger. The "Yogg X"screen will be tumed off when it is not In use. Please click the touch area to awaken the device. iOS 7+,Bluetooth 4.0 BLE,iPhone 4s+,iPad3+, Battery life Up to 5 days. Portronics iPad Mini+, iPod touch5+ Please use the fingertip rather than the nail for pointing, so that the "Yogg X" can make the correct response. Android 4.3 + portronics.com 35 Pertrunka Touch the "Yogg X' screen to accept the pairing; 5.After pairing successfully, your "Yogg X" and mobile device will receive a notice. Yogg X A: 'Yogg X" B: Charger If the pairing fails, please repeat the same step and try again. The "Yogg X'can not pair with different accounts at the same time. So if you want to pair with the writband with other accounts, please unpair the "Yogg X" on the APP, and cancel the existing pairing. C: Micro-USB Cable D: Manual Smart Wrist band Screen operation Screen operation Main menu Distance Sleep mode | Notifications Reminders Product Specifications Time, date, power level. All screen operations are completed by using your fingertip to touch the screen surface. A 8.52.com Click on the App Preset sleep to enter your desired sleeping time and wake up time automatically. The "Yogg X* shows caller ID, missed calls, messages, emails, social contact media activities, calendar reminder and anti-loss notifications. Switch the interface by lightly touch display area. Time/Date Calorie MON Social message Email Timo/bato 08-25 12-20 0 Sport Sleep 08-25 MONT 08-25 i , MON Open App, click "setup> notifications, and select the notification you want to receive. Time/Date 1000CAL Display screen Sensor Vibration motor Bluetooth Memory Battery Time display Waterproof rate Weight Time/Date V8-25 slope Distance A : Touchscreen OLED : Three-axis acceleration sensor : support : Bluetooth 4.0 BLE : 5 days of activity : 55mAh : RTC+ time synchronization : IP67 : 20.2g Steps 12-30 24854 8.52 Km 08-25 20 A 8.52 km 2-30 24854 1000. Troubleshooting Data synchronization fallure by the APP 1.Please check if the mobile data and Bluetooth of your mobile phone have been opened. 2.Please check if the "Yogg X" is around your mobile phone and please confirm the connection distance is within 5 meters. 3.Please confirm the syncing with your " Yogg X" is successful. Fallure of "Yogg X" syncing with the APP 1.Please check if the network and Bluetooth of your mobile phone have been tumed on. The network and Bluetooth of your mobile phone need to be tumed on at the same time for Yogg X" binding. 2.Please check if the "Yogg X" is around the mobile phone and please confirm the connection distance Is within 5 meters. 3.Please check the "Yogg X" has not bound with other accounts. --12 Sleep Icon If you want to stop using some notifications, please slide the radio button to the left and click the wristband screen to neglect the notifications. Portronics Wake up Your steps, distance covered, & calories burnt will be monitor by "Yogg X'. You can lightly touch the display to check the all details. You can monitor your activity data and historic records via the App. Medicine The time and date of the wristband will synchronize with your paired mobile device automatically. You may manually set the time and date you like via the setting of App. Please confirm your wristband is fully charged to avoid time reset. Distance SMS Calendar reminder portronics.com Sleep mode Otherwise, the notifications will show up again when the screen is activated next time. "Yogg X 'will reset every midnight. If you need to upload the latest activity data of yours, please remember to click the upper right synchronization icon of the App. Eat User-defined Calorie 1000AL Touch the screen to switch the interface. Step, Calorie, Distance Steps You can set 6 kinds of daily reminders. Your "Yogg X" will vibrate slightly and display the corresponding reminder Click on the App Preset sleep to enter your desired sleeping time and wake up time automatically. Click the screen touch area to switch the interface the wristband will not enter the sleep mode. Visit: support.portronics.com Email: supportcenter@portronics.com Contact No. : +91 9555245245, 011-42413131 (Working Hrs. : Monday - Saturday 10:00am - 6:00pm) Missed calls 24854 Bluetooth disconnection alarm







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