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PDF Content Summary: ENG BLACK KIP540B KIP542B KIP546B KIP547B KIP555B 1 2013-08-09 #:150-9007-1 SILVER KIP540B-S KIP542B-S KIP546B-S KIP547B-S KIP555B-S

WARNING ENG - Do not begin to install product until you have read and understood the instructions and warnings contained in this user guide. Always use an assistant or mechanical lifting equipment to safely lift and position equipment. This product must be installed onto flat, hard, level surface to prevent tipping. This product is intended for indoor use only. Use of this product outdoors could lead to product failure or personal injury. To reduce the risk of electric shock or fire, do not expose product to water or moisture. Be sure power cord is routed so that it will not be tripped on, stepped on, or pinched by heavy items. Avoid overloading electrical outlets or extension cords. Always disconnect the power cord from the power outlet when installing, servicing, or not using the product for an extended period of time. Do not block ventilation slots or fan exhaust on product. Blocking airflow could damage product. Arrange product to allow air to flow freely around product. Keep product away from direct sunlight or any source of heat. For support please call 800-4-SIGNAGE. ENG Symbols ENG WARNING # ENG Skip to step. x3 ENG Screws must get at least three full turns and fit snug. ENG Front of mount. F ENG Do not overtighten screws. ENG Tools Needed for Assembly. 7/16" (11mm) 2 2013-08-09 #:150-9007-1

Parts ENG (Before beginning, make sure you have all parts shown below). Parts List KIP540B KIP540B-S Part # A (1) kioskJ (2) key KIP542B KIP542B-S Part # KIP546B KIP546B-S Part # KIP547B KIP547B-S Part # KIP555B KIP555B-S Description Qty Part # A kiosk BLK kiosk SLV 1 150-P1070 150-4070 150-P1072 150-4072 150-P1073 150-4073 150-P1074 150-4074 150-P1075 150-4075 B M5 x 12mm 8 520-1027 520-1027 520-1027 520-1027 520-1027 C M5 X 25mm 8 520-9543 520-9543 520-9543 520-9543 520-9543 D M6 x 12mm 8 520-1128 520-1128 520-1128 520-1128 520-1128 E M6 x 25mm 8 520-1208 520-1208 520-1208 520-1208 520-1208 F M8 x 12mm 8 520-9571 520-9571 520-9571 520-9571 520-9571 G M8 x 25mm 8 520-1031 520-1031 520-1031 520-1031 520-1031 H M5/M4/M6 multi washer 8 580-1398 580-1398 580-1398 580-1398 580-1398 I spacer 8 540-1059 540-1059 540-1059 540-1059 540-1059 J key 2 565-0049A 565-0049A 565-0049A 565-0049A 565-0049A K t-wrench 1 560-1718 560-1718 560-1718 560-1718 560-1718 B (8) M5 x 12 mm C (8) M5 x 25 mm D (8) M6 x 12 mm E (8) M6 x 25 mm F (8) G (8) M8 x 12 mm M8 x 25 mm H (8) I (8) M5/M4/M6 washer spacer K (1) t- wrench 3 2013-08-09 #:150-9007-1

1 J (2) 4 2013-08-09 #:150-9007-1 2 5 2013-08-09 #:150-9007-1 3 7/16" (11mm) 6 2013-08-09 #:150-9007-1

4 VESA PATTERN 200mm 300mm 400mm 600mm 800mm G(8) D (8) B (8) H (8) H (8) H (8) H (8) I (8) G (8) F (8) x3 x3 E (8) E (8) E (8)

I (8) I (8) H (8) 7 2013-08-09 #:150-9007-1 5 7/16" (11mm) 8 2013-08-09 #:150-9007-1 6 K (1) R F 2 Places 4 Places * K (1) *** ** *** ** **9 2013-08-09 #:150-9007-1

78 Slot ENG Tab ENG Slot ENG Tab ENG J (2)

10 2013-08-09 #:150-9007-1 9Power Strip not included ENG 11 2013-08-09 #:150-9007-1

1011 Knock Out ENG 12 2013-08-09 #:150-9007-1

12 ENG Tab ENG Slot Slot ENG Tab ENG Power Cord ENG 13 2013-08-09 #:150-9007-1

13 J (2) 14 2013-08-09 #:150-9007-1 This page intentionally left blank. ENG 15 2013-08-09 #:150-9007-1 LIMITED FIVE-YEAR WARRANTY Peerless Industries, Inc. (“Peerless”) warrants to original end-users of Peerless® products will be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal use, for a period of five years from the date of purchase by the original end-user (but in no case longer than six years after the date of the product's manufacture). At its option, Peerless will repair or replace, or refund the purchase price of, any product which fails to conform with this warranty. In no event shall the duration of any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose be longer than the period of the applicable express warranty set forth above. Some states do not allow limitations on how long a implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you. This warranty does not cover damage caused by (a) service or repairs by the customer or a person who is not authorized for such service or repairs by Peerless, (b) the failure to utilize proper packing when returning the product, (c) incorrect installation or the failure to follow Peerless' instructions or warnings when installing, using or storing the product, or (d) misuse or accident, in transit or otherwise, including in cases of third party actions and force majeure. In no event shall Peerless be liable for incidental or consequential damages or damages arising from the theft of any product, whether or not secured by a security device which may be included with the Peerless® product. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and is the sole remedy with respect to product defects. No dealer, distributor, installer or other person is authorized to modify or extend this Limited Warranty or impose any obligation on Peerless in connection with the sale of any Peerless® product. This warranty gives specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Patent Pending Peerless-AV 2300 White Oak Circle Aurora, IL 60502 Email: Ph: (800) 865-2112 Fax: (800) 359-6500 © 2013, Peerless Industries, Inc.







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