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PDF Content Summary: Preface This product is a ceiling embedded bracket that is designed to mount the network camera on a ceiling. This bracket can be used for an area with weak pull-out strength such as plasterboard in a Operating Instructions double ceiling, and the embedded type makes the visible part of the camera smaller. For the latest information about the supported cameras, refer to our support website ( <Control No.:C0501>). Included Installation Instructions Specifications Ceiling Mount Bracket Ambient operating temperature: –50 °C to +60 °C {–58 °F to +140 °F} Dimensions: ø211.3 mm × 117 mm (H)* {ø8-5/16 inches × 4-19/32 inches} Model No. WV-QEM500-W *Including decorative cover thickness: 13 mm {1/2 inches} Mass: Approx. 870 g {1.92 lbs} Finish: Main body: Surface treatment steel sheet Decorative cover: ABS resin i-PRO white ̇ In order to prevent injury, the product must be securely mounted to the ceiling according to the Installation Guide of the camera. ̇ This product is designed to be used indoors. This product is not operable outdoors. Do not expose this product to direct sunlight for hours and do not install the product near a heater or an air conditioner. Otherwise, it may cause deformation, discoloration and malfunction. Keep this product away from water and moisture. ̇ Installation area for this product Make sure that the installation area is strong enough to hold • Before attempting to connect or install this product, please read these instructions carefully and the total weight of the camera assembly before installation. The installation area shall have 210 mm {8-9/32 inches} or save this manual for future use. more space behind the ceiling. • The external appearance and other parts shown in this manual may differ from the actual product The thickness of the ceiling board for installation can range within the scope that will not interfere with normal use due to improvement of the product. between 9 mm {3/8 inches} and 40 mm {1-9/16 inches}. ̇ Make sure to remove this product if it will no longer be used. ■Refer installation work to the dealer. Installation work requires technique and experience. Failure to observe this may cause fire, electric shock, injury, or damage to the product. Be sure to consult the dealer. ■Do not use this bracket except with suitable cameras. Failure to observe this may cause a drop resulting in injury or accidents. ■The measures of protection against a fall of this product shall be taken. Failure to observe this may cause a drop resulting in injury or accidents. Be sure to install the safety wire. ■Install the product securely on a ceiling in accordance with the installation instructions. Failure to observe this may cause injury or accidents. ■Do not rub the edges of metal parts with your hand. Failure to observe this may cause injury. When using this product, also read the “Precautions” described in the operating instructions for the camera to be attached. Precautions for installation 210 mm {8-9/32 inches} or more Ceiling board: between 9 mm {3/8 inches} and Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Co., Ltd. assumes no responsibility for injuries or 40 mm {1-9/16 inches} property damage resulting from failures arising out of improper installation or operation inconsistent with this documentation. Standard Accessories Operating Instructions (this document) ....... 1 pc. Safety wire ................................................. 1 pc. Safety wire angle ....................................... 1 pc. Caution: • Before attempting to connect or operate this product, please read these instructions care- fully. Template A ................................................ 1 pc. For U.S. and Canada: For Europe and other countries: Template B ................................................ 1 pc. Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Panasonic Corporation Decorative cover ........................................ 1 pc. Corporation of America 800 Gessner Rd, Suite 700 Houston, TX 77024 Other items that are needed (not included) Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Co., Ltd. Anchor bolt (M10)* ....................................2 pcs. Nut (M10) ................................................ 6 pcs. Panasonic Canada Inc. Fukuoka, Japan * One anchor is used for securing the mounting chassis, and the other anchor is used for 5770 Ambler Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 2T3 Canada 1-877-495-0580 Authorised Representative in EU: connecting the safety wire. (See Step2) Panasonic Testing Centre IMPORTANT Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH Winsbergring 15, 22525 Hamburg, Germany ⿟ Prepare anchor bolts according to the material and strength of the area where the product is to be installed. The pull-out strength of the anchor bolt shall be more than 5 times of the total © Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Co., Ltd. 2020 avs0520-0 Printed in China weight of the installed devices (including the camera body, ceiling mount bracket, anchor bolts, and all other parts). Notice: • This product is not suitable for use in loca- Installation tions where children are likely to be present. • Do not install this product in locations where ordinary persons can easily reach. Refer to the operating instructions of the camera for details on the camera installation (including the camera mounting, cable connection and adjustment). • For information about screws and brackets required for installation, refer to the corre- Step 1 Put Template A (accessory) against the ceiling and make a hole. Precautions sponding section of this document. ᶃ Make 4 holes of 12 mm {1/2 inches} in diameter. ᶄ Remove the center part from the template. ø12 mm {1/2 inches} ø180 mm Ceiling face (4 positions) {7-1/16 inches} ᶅ Make a hole of 180 mm {7-1/16 inches} in diameter. The ceiling hole shape is shown in the drawing at right. Template A Step 2 Install two anchor bolts (M10: locally procured) into the ceiling. ᶃ Determine the anchor bolt length (for securing the mounting chassis) by use of Template B (accessory). ᶄ Position the nut by use of Template B (accessory) and mount the nut. (The distance between the bottom surfaces of the ceiling board and nut shall be 134 mm {5-1/4 inches}.)Anchor bolt (for connecting the safety wire) ᶃMount a nut ᶄDetermine the anchor bolt length Install the anchor bolt in the center of the hole IMPORTANT: ⿟When the existing anchor bolt is used as an anchor bolt for connecting the safety wire, make sure that the distance between the anchor bolt and camera mounting position is 1 m {3.28 feet} or less. Anchor bolt (for securing the mounting chassis) 1 m {3.28 feet} or less Template B 134 mm {5-1/4 inches} Ceiling board Step Step 3 Secure the safety wire angle (accessory) to the anchor bolt (for connecting the safety wire), and connect the safety wire (accessory). 8 Connect the cables and mount the camera on the attachment plate. ᶃ Mount a nut so that the safety wire angle <Image of safety wire connection> is secured on the anchor bolt. ᶄ Remove the safety wire from the safety wire angle. Existing anchor bolt ᶅ Insert the groove of the portion ⁞ of the Safety wire safety wire angle into the anchor bolt. Nut ᶆ Close the safety wire angle while inserting (locally procured) the groove of the portion of the safety Safety wire angle wire angle into the anchor bolt. ᶇ Connect the safety wire to the safety wire angle again. ᶈ Engage the nut from beneath, and secure the safety wire angle with top and bottom nuts. ᶉ Engage another nut from beneath to tighten and secure the nut that was engaged from beneath in ᶈ in a double nut fashion. Step 9 Fix the camera. Note: Remove the enclosure from the camera and fix the camera firmly by tightening the camera fixing screw (red). ⿟ When the existing anchor bolt that has been installed is used for Recommended tightening torque: 0.78 N·m {0.58 lbf·ft} connecting the safety wire, the use of 2 spacer nuts is helpful. Step 4 Attach the safety wire. ᶃ Mount a nut so that the mounting chassis is secured on the anchor bolt(for securing the mounting chassis). ᶄ Attach the safety wire to the mounting chas- sis as shown in the right illustration. Cables Fix the hook of the safety wire to this product. Mounting chassis Camera fixing screw (red). Step 5 Insert the anchor bolt into the mounting hole of the mounting chassis. To adjust the position of the Panasonic logo on the decorative cover, rotate the mounting chassis. Note that the Panasonic logo will be located at approximately 180° opposite side of a hook for the decorative cover. Step 6 Secure the mounting chassis. ᶃ Secure the mounting chassis to the ceiling board with the ceiling board fixing screws (4 places). Turning the ceiling board fixing screws clock- wise provides ceiling board tightening between the bottom of the mounting chassis and ceiling board fixing bracket resulting in mounting chassis securing. Recommended tightening torque: 0.78 N·m {0.58 lbf·ft} Hook of the mounting chassis ᶄ Use double nuts (locally procured) to secure the mounting chassis after inserting the anchor bolt (for securing the mounting chassis). Step 7 Mount the attachment plate. Mounting chassis ᶃ Mount the attachment plate (accessory of the camera) to this mounting chassis. Use fixing screws for attachment plate (M4:accessory of the camera) to secure the attachment plate firmly as shown in the right illustration. Recommended tightening torque: 0.78 N·m {0.58 lbf·ft} Attachment plate (accessory of the camera) Fixing screws for attachment plate (4 pcs.) (M4:accessory of the camera) Enclosure Step 10 Adjust the camera. Mounting hole Hooks (3 places) After adjusting the angle of view, attach the enclosure to the camera as it was before. Recommended tightening torque: 0.78 N·m {0.58 lbf·ft} Approx. 10° Direction of brand logo Anchor bolt (for connecting the safety wire) Anchor bolt (for securing the mounting chassis)Ceiling board Enclosure fixing bracket (4 places) Step 11 Mount the decorative cover. IMPORTANT: ⿟When securing this bracket on the ceil- ing, make sure that the four ceiling board fixing brackets are open as Double nuts (locally procured) Ceiling board Ceiling fixing screw board Turn Mount the decorative cover on this mount bracket. (4 places) clockwise • Align the “I” mark of the decorative cover shown in the right illustration. supplied with this mounting chassis with the hook of the mounting chassis, press the decorative cover against the ceiling, and rotate the decorative cover clockwise when viewing it from beneath to secure the cover. Hooks for the decorative cover (3 places) “I” Mark Projection Decorative cover Projections (3 places) Spacer nuts Safety wire Spacer nuts Safety wire angle Existing anchor bolt Upper Anchor bolt side ᶅInsert ᶆClose ᶄRemove Safety wire ⁞ Safety wire angle Lower side ᶇConnect Safety wire (Accessory) Roof space Ceiling board







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