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PDF Content Summary: INSTRUCTION MANUAL U-shaped Micro-photosensor PM-□25 / □45 / □65 MJECK-PM45 No.0063-35V Thank you very much for purchasing Panasonic products. Read this Instruction Manual carefully and thoroughly for the correct and optimum use of this product. Kindly keep this manual in a conve- nient place for quick reference.WARNING ● Never use this product as a sensing device for per- sonnel protection. ● In case of using sensing devices for personnel protection, use products which meet laws and stan- dards, such as OSHA, ANSI or IEC etc., for person- nel protection applicable in each region or country. 1 INTENDED PRODUCTS FOR CE MARKING ● This product complies with the following standards / regulations. <EU Directive> EMC Directive 2 I/O CIRCUIT DIAGRAM NPN output type t iucricn iaM(Brown) +V (Black) Output 1 (Note) % 01±(White) Output 2 (Note) (Blue) 0V Load 50mA max.C DV 42o t5 Load +- 50mA max. PNP output type (Brown) +V t iucricn iaM(Black) Output 1 (Note) 50mA max. (White) Output 2 (Note) (Blue) 0V 50mA max. % 01±+ Load - C DV 42o t5 Note: Ensure to insulate the unused output wire. <Output operation>Color code Output operation Output 1 Black Light-ON Output 2 White Dark-ON 3 CAUTIONS ● This product has been developed / produced for industrial use only. ● Since the sensor is intended for use inside machines, no special countermeasures have been taken against extraneous light. Please take care that extraneous light is not directly inci- dent on the beam receiving section. ● If the sensor is used in a place having excessive dust, periodi- cally clean the emitting and receiving sections with a dry, soft cloth. ● Cable extension is possible up to an overall length of 100m with a 0.3mm2, or more, cable. However, since a voltage drop shall occur due to the cable extension, ensure that the power supply voltage at the end of the cable attached to the sensor or at the sensor terminals is within the rating. + - Load Overall length: 100m +V Output 0V C DV 42o t5 % 01±Extension cable Supply voltage: 4.5V or more But, when the overall cable length, including the cable at- tached to the sensor, is as given below, there is no need to con- firm the voltage. Wire conductor cross-section area Overall cable length 0.08 to 0.1mm2 Up to 5m 0.2mm2 Up to 10m 0.3mm2 Up to 20m ● The extension of a power supply line and the output line of less than 10m is acceptable in case using this product as con- forming to S-mark. ● If there is a large surge generating equipment, such as, mo- tor, solenoid, electromagnetic valve, etc., in the vicinity of the micro-photosensor, use a surge absorber on that equipment. Further, do not run the sensor cables along power lines and use a capacitor between +V and 0V, if required. Use the sen- sor after confirming that the surge has been eliminated. ● Observe the conditions shown in the table below when install- ing the product. PM-□45 / PM-□65 PM-□25 Screw M3 M2 M3 Tightening torque 0.5N∙m 0.15N⋅m 0.5N⋅m Spring washer 1pc 1pc 1pc Plain washer ø6mm (small diameter type) ø4.3mm (small diameter type) ø6mm (small diameter type) ● Do not use during the initial transient time (50ms) after the power supply is switched on. ● In case the PM-25 series is used at an ambient temperature of +50 °C, or more, make sure to mount it on a metal body. ● The cable of PM-□25-R is a flexible cable usable on a moving base. When the sensor is mounted on a moving base, fix the sensor cable joint so that stress is not applied to it. ● Take care that the flexibility of the PM-□25-R cable is lost if the ambient temperature is near -10oC. ● When storing PM-□25-R, make sure that the cable does not come into contact with the sensing section or operation indica- tor section. 4 WIRING (PM-□65) Connection method ● Insert the cable with connector CN-14A-C□ / CN-14A-R-C□ in the connector part of this product as shown in the figure below. <Connector pin position> Release lever Terminal Terminal designation No. 1 +V 2 Output 1 CN-14A-C□ / CN-14A-R-C□ 3 Output 2 <Mating connector> Housing: PAP-04V-S 4 0V (Manufactured by J.S.T. MFG CO., LTD.) Disconnection method ● Pressing the release lever attached to the cable with connec- tor, pull out the connector. Note: Do not pull by holding the cable without pressing the release lever, as this can cause cable break or connector break. 5 RoHS DIRECTIVE ● This equipment complies with RoHS (EC and Chinese direc- tive). ● Chinese RoHS indicates inclusion despite regulation value. (Refer Chinese part.) Overseas Sales Division (Head Office) 2431-1 Ushiyama-cho, Kasugai-shi, Aichi, 486-0901, Japan Phone: +81-568-33-7861 FAX: +81-568-33-8591 For sales network, please visit our website. © Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX Co., Ltd. 2018 PRINTED IN JAPAN







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