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PDF Content Summary: 70” 4K UHD TV Model: 100012588 Quick Start Guide *ROKU, ROKU TV and the ROKU logo are the trademarks of Roku, Inc. All other trademarks and logos herein are the property of their respective owners. have everything below. 01 Check to make sure you What’s in the Box? Installing the Stands Do not install the stands if you want to wall mount your TV. See your wall mount instructions or chat live at onntvsupport.com. TV Stand 4 Screws You will need: Phillips screwdriver (not included)

1. TV Remote 2 x AAA Batteries 2. for Remote What you need: 3. Place the TV screen-down on a clean, flat, soft surface (e.g.: blanket) to prevent scratches or damage to the screen. Use a Phillips screwdriver to attach each stand with the provided screws. Place the TV upright on a stable, level surface.

Phillips Head ScrewdriverWireless Router (needed for streaming) Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone (needed for setup) Internet Connection (needed for streaming)

Grab your remote 02 Connecting Devices 03

Power your TV remote by inserting the included The TV remote should feel right at home in your hand. It was designed to be incredibly intuitive for watching batteries carefully matching (+) and (-) TV and navigating on-screen menus. indicated inside the battery compartment. I M D H HDMI (AV) Best Quality

A Power I

Here are some buttons you should know about. M A D H

B Back

Power Turn TV on and off A L B G A I

C Directional keypad X

Back Return to previous screen B A O C

D Channel recall H Coaxial

C Directional keypad Directional keypad C

Channel recall/jump back Replay the D Good Quality

E Rewind

last few seconds of streaming video

F Sleep D I

Rewind Rewind streaming video, scroll E J left one page at a time t E u ) O Digital Optical

G Home o id LA

K F Sleep Sets the sleep timer F C u I T A l P a O Better Audio Quality

H Volume t i gi (

G H I Home Return to Roku Home screen D I View more options Volume Raise and lower volume E N View more options View more options Analog Audio J Fast forward O H P D A Good Audio Quality

J Fast forward Fast forward streaming E

K Play/Pause H

video, scroll right one page at a time K Play/pause Pauses or resumes playback Visit go.roku.com/tvmanual for the complete Roku User Guide. 3.5 mm Audio Cable Good Audio Quality Connecting Devices (Continued) BUSB Port S U R Composite (AV) Setup & Activation 04 Tip: Have your wireless network name and password handy. Follow the on-screen instructions on your onn.™ • Roku TV. If you aren’t ready to connect your TV to a wireless network, you

L O E D I V Connecting to Power Good Quality can still use it as a regular TV. Activate your onn.™ • Roku TV using your computer, smartphone, or tablet to link to a Roku account. You need a Roku account to activate your onn.™ • Roku TV and access

After connecting all your devices, connect the power cord to a power outlet. The TV enters standby mode and its indicator light turns red. entertainment across thousands of streaming channels. Note: Roku doesn’t charge for activation

support - beware of scams. *Actual placement of TV ports may vary by model.

Endless Entertainment Stream what you love, including free TV, live news, sports, and more. Never miss the most talked-about events, award-winning shows, latest blockbuster hits, and more. It’s easy to stream what you love and cut back on cable bills with access to 500,000+ movies and TV episodes across thousands of free and paid channels.* *Payment required for some channels and content. 4K and HDR require 4K and HDR content, is not available on all channels and is subject to channel provider bandwidth. Channels are subject to change and vary by region. Customer Support & Warranty Online Chat: onntvsupport.com Email: customerservice@onntvsupport.com Customer Support: 844-334-2355 9am – 9pm EST daily Visit go.roku.com/tvmanual for the complete Roku User Guide. We recommend keeping your TV box for the duration of your warranty. See your product warranty for details. © 2020 Walmart onn. is a trademark of Walmart All Rights Reserved.

2 YEAR WARRANTY* Text “ONN REGISTER” to “888111” *1 year manufacturer warranty with purchase or 2 year warranty with product registration. Message and data rates may apply. 100012588 We’d love to hear from you. Scan with your Walmart app and let us

know what you think. 6 81131 30830 4







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