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PDF Content Summary: Firmware Update Onkyo TX-NR787, TX- RZ630, TX-RZ730, TX-RZ830 (02-06-2020) We are pleased to offer this firmware update for the best possible performance of your Onkyo AV Receiver. This update may be installed via USB or Network. We recommend USB for faster, more reliable installation. Onkyo TX-NR787, TX-RZ630, TX-RZ730, TX-RZ830 (Current Version 1071-0000-1060-0011) The 02/06/2020 update will address the following and includes previous updates: 1. Improve the list viewing for ''Albums/ Artists/ Songs'' in My Music of Amazon Music. *Service of Amazon Music may vary by country. 2. Correct ''the unstable elapsed time'' and ''no album art'' when playback through Music Server or USB. Previous Updates (11/14/2019) 1. Update Chromecast built-in version to 1.36. 2. Improve search performance of music server. 3. Improve playback stability for FLAC files. Previous Updates (07-04-2019): 1. Improve playback stability for Chromecast Built-in. 2. Improve playback stability for Airplay. 3. Improve the playability for certain WAV files. Previous Updates: Support AirPlay2. Add setting to switch ''Standard'' and ''Enhanced'' according to HDMI 4K signal format. http://www.onkyo.com/manual/txnr585/supple_585.pdf Minor bug fixes and improvements stability. The 12/18/2018 update will address the following and includes previous updates: 5. Minor bug fixes and improvements stability. The 10/11/2018 update will address the following and includes previous updates: 1. Adds support for Amazon Music. • Amazon Music service requires that you have Amazon Prime account or Amazon Music Unlimited account • Onkyo Controller App is required for initial set-up of Amazon Music. For detail about updated function, please refer to the link below. http://www.onkyo.com/manual/sup/upd/amazon_onk.pdf 2. Adds setting of Preset Volume for Sonos Connect. For detail about updated function, please refer to the link below. http://www.onkyo.com/manual/sup/upd/sonosconnect_onk.pdf 3. Enhanced security. Depending on the Firmware version, update will be needed 2 times. 4. Minor bug fixes and improvements stability. **The below update pertains to the TX-RZ830 ONLY: 5. Adds support for eARC. HDMI cable needs to be Ethernet-enabled HDMI cable. For detail about updated function, please refer to the link below. http://www.onkyo.com/manual/sup/upd/earc_onk.pdf The 8/1/2018 update will address the following and includes previous updates: 1. Enhanced security. 2. Adds support for Deezer HiFi. 3. Depending on the Firmware version, update will be needed 2 times. The 6-5-2018 update will address the following & includes previous updates: 1. Adds support for Sonos Connect (Sonos Connect required) 2. Minor bug fixes and improvements To check if your firmware is the latest version, go in to Setup -> Misc. -> Firmware Update and check the version number. If any of the numbers differ from the latest version available, please update your unit. Update via USB storage Note: Please remove the wired/wireless connection before updating through USB. Please prepa a USB storage device such as a USB flash memory stick. You need at least 128 MB of available space to update the firmware. Please unpack the ZIP file onto an empty USB Stick that has been formatted with the FAT file system. We hope you enjoy the improved functionality this update provides to your AV Receiver. Precautions for the Firmware Update Please read the update instructions carefully before beginning. The firmware update should take up to 30 minutes. Once the update begins, don't turn off the power supply to the A/V receiver until it is time to restart it. Depending on the conditions of the network, a firmware update via a network may take more than one hour or even fail to finish. If the update is not completed within two hours, turn off the power supply by pushing the ON/STANDBY button and then try updating again from the beginning. Updating the firmware and adjusting the settings will be done automatically, but may take some time to complete. Please follow the procedures as instructed when you update. Note that the update may fail, or cause problems for your A/V receiver, if you do any of the following: • Pull out the A/V receiver’s power cord; • Interrupt the power supply to the A/V receiver (e.g. if the breaker is tripped or if there is an electrical outage); • Insert or remove the LAN cable from a device in your network when updating over a network; • Insert or remove a USB memory device from the A/V receiver when updating via USB; • Operate components connected to the A/V receiver via HDMI, such as a TV or a recording device. If your A/V receiver is damaged for any of the reasons above, an Onkyo service center will repair the unit for a fee. If you see "No Update" on the front panel immediately after you have started the firmware update process, you have the latest firmware. In this case it is not necessary to do this update. How to prepare the USB Memory Device: 1. Download the zipped firmware update file and save to the Desktop of your http://dcomputerownload..onkyo.com/AVR0029/ONKAVR0029_L9L900LALALOLO_N _107.zip 2. Right click on the file and select “Extract All” and place the extracted folder on the Desktop of your computer: 1. Connect the USB Memory Device to the USB port of your computer and copy the contents of the unzipped/extracted folder onto your USB Memory Device. 2. Safely eject the USB Memory Device from your computer. How to upgrade the firmware via USB: 1. Insert the USB Memory Device containing the software into the USB port of the receiver. 2. Turn on the receiver and select the SETUP input on the front panel, then select “7.Misc”, press Enter, then “F/W Update” and press Enter, scroll down to select “Update via USB”. 3. Press the “Enter” button on the front panel to begin the update. 4. Do not shut the unit off until “Complete” is shown on the front display. This will take up to 30 minutes. 5. Once the update has completed check the firmware version to confirm that the unit is fully up to date. If it is not, run the update again. To check the firmware version, press the SETUP button on the front panel. Highlight “7.Misc” and press enter. Highlight “F/W Update” and press Enter. Scroll down to the Firmware Version number to verify the current installed version. Current Version 1060-7000-1050-0010 How to upgrade the firmware via Network: 1. If the unit is connected via LAN and there is firmware update available, the "Firmware Update Available" message may appear. To execute updating, select "Update Now" with the cursor buttons of the remote controller and press ENTER. The unit automatically turns itself into standby mode about 30 minutes after "Completed!" appears on the display, and updating will be complete. 2. Alternatively, to force an update, select “SETUP” on the front panel, then scroll and select “8.Misc”, “F/W Update” “Update Via NET” and press ENTER. ● If "Firmware Update" is grayed out and cannot be selected, wait for a while until it starts up. ● You will not be able to select "Update via NET" if there is nothing to update. 3. Press ENTER with "Update" selected to start update. ● During the update, the TV screen may go black depending on the updated program. In that case, check the progress on the display of the unit. The TV screen may remain black until the update is complete and the power is turned on again. ● "Completed!" is displayed when the update is complete. 4. Press ON/STANDBY on the main unit to turn the unit into standby mode. The process is completed and your firmware is updated to the latest version. ● Do not use RECEIVER on the remote controller.







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