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PDF Content Summary: INSTRUCTIONS FOR: SUPER DUTY 1/2” COMPOSITE AIR IMPACT WRENCH MODEL NO: 24400 Index Part No. Description Qty Index Part No. Description Qty 1 24400A Housing 1 25 24400Y Rotor Blade 6 2 24400B Cap Screw 4 26 24400Z Cylinder 1 3 24400C Spring Pin 2 27 24400AA Ball Bearing 1 4 24400D O-Ring 2 28 24400AB Hammer Cage 1 5 24400E Air Regulator 1 29 24400AC Hammer Dog 2 6 24400F O-Ring 4 30 24400AD Hammer Pin 2 7 24400G Thrust Washers 2 31 24400AE Anvil (1/2”) 1 8 24400H Ball Positioning Piece 1 32 24400AF Socket Retainer 1 9 24400I Steel Ball 3 33 24400AG O-Ring 1 10 24400J Air Inlet Bushing 1 34 24400AH Gasket 1 11 24400K Spring 3 35 24400AI Anvil Bushing (1/2”) 1 12 24400L Steel Ball 3 36 24400AJ Hammer Case 1 13 24400M Mesh Filter 1 37 24400AK Grease Fitting 1 14 24400N Exhaust Deflector 1 38 24400AL Trigger 1 15 24400O Screw 4 39 24400AM O-Ring 1 16 24400P O-Ring 1 40 24400AN Spring 1 17 24400Q Rubber Gasket 1 41 24400AO Cover 1 18 24400R Screw 1 42 24400AP Reverse Lever Set 1 19 24400S Washer 1 43 24400AQ Air Regulator 1 20 24400T Ball Bearing 1 44 24400AR O-Ring 1 21 24400U Rear End Plate 1 45 24400AS Throttle Valve 1 22 24400V Cap Screw 3 46 24400AT Throttle Valve 1 23 24400W Spacer 1 47 24400AU Washer 1 24 24400X Rotor 1 48 24400AV Label 1 INSTRUCTIONS FOR: SUPER DUTY 1/2” COMPOSITE AIR IMPACT WRENCH MODEL NO: 24400 IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. NOTE THE SAFE OPERATIONAL REQUIREMENTS, WARNINGS AND CAUTIONS. USE THIS PRODUCT CORRECTLY AND WITH CARE FOR THE PURPOSE FOR WHICH IT IS INTENDED. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY CAUSE DAMAGE AND/OR PERSONAL INJURY AND WILL INVALIDATE THE WARRANTY. PLEASE KEEP INSTRUCTIONS SAFE FOR FUTURE USE.  Follow all workshop safety rules, regulations, and conditions when using wrench. ❒ WARNING! Disconnect from air supply before changing accessories or servicing.  Maintain the wrench in good condition and replace any damaged or worn parts. Use genuine parts only. Unauthorized parts may be dangerous and will invalidate the warranty. ❒ WARNING! Check correct air pressure is maintained and not exceeded. We recommend 90psi.  Keep air hose away from heat, oil and sharp edges. Check air hose for wear before each use and ensure that all connections are secure.  Only use impact sockets which are specifically designed for use with an impact wrench.  Wear approved safety eye/face shield, ear defenders and hand protection. ❒ WARNING! Due to the possible presence of asbestos dust from brake linings, when working around vehicle brake systems we recommend you wear suitable respiratory protection.  Maintain correct balance and footing. Ensure the floor is not slippery and wear non-slip shoes.  Keep children and non essential persons away from working area.  DO NOT use the wrench for a task it is not designed to perform. ❒ WARNING! DO NOT use wrench if damaged or thought to be faulty. Contact Service Agent.  DO NOT use wrench unless you have been instructed in its use by a qualified person.  DO NOT carry the wrench by the air hose, or yank the hose from the air supply.  DO NOT operate wrench if you are tired or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or intoxicating medication.  DO NOT direct air from the air hose at yourself or others.  When not in use disconnect from air supply and store in a safe, dry, childproof location. Combination of composite materials, alloyed metals and twin hammer design result in a lightweight, durable and powerful air impact wrench. Soft-grip handle with downward facing exhaust make this wrench comfortable on the hands and ears and limits the circulation of brake dust on wheel applications. Finger tip control of power and direction via lever on rear of wrench. Suitable for professional garage use. Working/Maximum Torque:…750 Ft.Lb. Operating Pressure:…………90 psi Max Torque:…………………..950 Ft. Lb. Air Inlet Thread:………………3/8” Air Consumption:……………..36 SCFM Weight:…………………………4.58 Lbs Noise Power:………………….96.2 db.A Drive:……………………………1/2” Sq. Clutch Type:………………Twin Hammer

❒ WARNING! Ensure the air supply is clean and does not exceed 90 psi while operating the wrench. Too high an air pressure and/or unclean air will shorten the product life due to excessive wear, and may be dangerous causing damage and/or personal injury. AIR SUPPLY Ensure wrench air valve (or trigger) is in the “off” position before connecting to the air supply. You will require an air pressure of 90psi, and an air flow according to specification. Drain the compressor air tank daily. Water in the air line will damage the wrench. Clean compressor air inlet filter weekly. Recommended hook-up procedure is shown in fig.1. Line pressure should be increased to compensate for unusually long air hoses (over 8 meters). The minimum hose diameter should be ¼” I.D. and fittings must have the same inside dimensions. Keep hose away from heat, oil and sharp edges. Check hose for wear, and make certain that all connections are secure. COUPLINGS Vibration may cause failure if a quick change coupling is connected directly to the wrench. To overcome this, connect a leader hose to the wrench. A quick change coupling may then be used to connect the leader hose to the air line recoil hose. See fig.1 & 2. ❒ WARNING! Ensure you read, understand and apply safety instructions before use. Only use impact sockets which are specifically designed for use with an impact wrench. Connect the wrench to the air hose as in page 3. Place the socket over the fastener nut and depress the trigger to operate the wrench. To change the direction, push the switch on near the trigger to the desired direction. (fig.3) The air flow may be regulated by adjusting the air regulator dial on the bottom rear of the handle. ❒ DO NOT use any additional force upon the wrench in order to remove a nut. ❒ DO NOT allow wrench to free run for an extended period of time as this will reduce bearing life. ❒ WARNING! Disconnect wrench from air supply before changing accessories, servicing or performing maintenance. Replace or repair damaged parts. Use genuine parts only. Unauthorized parts may be dangerous and will invalidate the warranty. If the air system does not have an oiler lubricate the air wrench daily with a few drops of air tool oil into the air inlet. Check and top up the gearbox by removing grub screw located under the impact head. Clean the wrench after use. ❒ DO NOT use worn, or damaged sockets. Loss of power or erratic action maybe due to the following: a) Excessive drain on the air line. Moisture or restriction in the air pipe. Incorrect size or type of hose connectors. To remedy check the air supply and follow instructions in chapter 3. b) Grit or gum deposits in the wrench may also reduce performance. If your model has an air strainer (located in the area of the air inlet), remove the strainer and clean it. Flush the wrench out with gum solvent oil or an equal mixture of SAE No 10 oil and paraffin. Allow to dry before use. For a full service, contact your local Sealey service agent. When not in use, disconnect from air supply, clean wrench and store in a safe, dry, childproof location. OEM Limited One Year Warranty For one (1) year from the date of purchase OEM tools will warranty this tool against defects in materials and workmanship. Defective OEM brand hand tools purchased from an authorized OEM distributor will be repaired or replaced when returned freight prepaid to the OEM Warranty Dept., 3580 E. Raines Rd. #3, Memphis, TN 38118.Proof of purchase with date of purchase will be required with all returns. OEM will not be responsible for any consequential or incidental damages arising from the breach of this or any other warranty, whether expressed, implied or statutory. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential or incidental damages, so the above exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. OEM® Company, Mineola, NY 11501 oem-tools.com







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