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PDF Content Summary: Noctua LGA1366/LGA1156/1155 Installation Manual Thank you very much for choosing a Noctua cooler for your socket 1366 or 1156/1155 system. This SecuFirm™2 Mounting-Kit for socket 1366 and 1156/1155 is compatible with the following CPU cool ers: NH-C12P, NH-U12F, NH-U12P, NH-U12P SE1366, NH U9B, NH-U9F, NH-U12, NH-U9. This manual will guide you through the installa tion process step by step using an NH-U12P heatsink as an example. Please note that the installation procedure is identical for all models. Should you encounter any difficulties, please check the FAQs on our website and don’t hesitate to contact our Noctua LGA1366/LGA1156/1155 | Installation Manual Caution: On LGA1156/1155, please make sure that the two cuts in the supplied backplate align with the screws of the mainboard’s stock backplate. Step 2: Setting up the backplate First put the four bolts into the holes appropriate for your mainboard’s CPU socket.

support team at Noctua cannot be held responsible for any damage or losses caused by compatibility issues. Multilingual versions of this manual are available on our website: LGA1366 (80mm) LGA1156/1155 (75mm) LGA775 (72mm) Step 4: Installing the mounting bars First put the plastic spacers onto the bolts, then add the mounting bars. Required mounting parts: 1x 3-in-1 Intel backplate Caution: Please verify that all four bolts are put into the appropriate holes fully pushed in.

4 bolts for backplate 2x fastening brackets 4x short screws 2x mounting bars Step 3: Attaching the backplate Place the backplate on the rear side of the mainboard so that Caution: Choose the alignment of the mounting bars according to the desired final orientation of the cooler: 4x plastic spacers 4x thumbscrews Step 1: the bolts stick through the mounting holes. Removing the mainboard In case you want to use the cooler on an assembled system, you first have to remove the mainboard from the case in order to be able to install the supplied backplate. Caution: On LGA1366 and LGA1156/1155, the supplied back plate will install over the mainboard’s stock backplate, so the mainboard’s stock backplate must not be taken off. Orientation A Orientation B

Noctua LGA1366/LGA1156/1155 | Installation Manual

Caution: Make sure that the curved sides of the mounting bars are pointing outwards. Caution: Make sure to use the correct holes on the mounting bars. Fix the mounting bars using the 4 thumb screws. Caution: Tighten the screws until they stop. Step 5: Attaching the fastening brackets to the heatsink Tightly screw the fastening brackets to the base of the heatsink using the 4 short screws. Caution: Make sure to install the fastening brackets in the cor rect position: Step 6: Applying thermal paste If there are residual traces of thermal paste or thermal pads on your CPU, please clean them off first. Then press a small drop (4-5mm diameter) of NT-H1 onto the centre of the heat spreader. Caution: Applying too much thermal paste will lower the heat conductivity and cooling performance! Step 7: Fastening the heatsink to the CPU Caution: Please take off the protection cover at the bottom side of the heatsink first! Put the heatsink onto the CPU and screw it to the screw threads of the mounting bars. Caution: Tighten the screws until they stop. Step 8: Installing the fan Install the fan as described in the manual that came with the cooler. Warranty Even with high-grade products and strict quality control, the possibility of defects cannot be eliminated entirely. Therefore, we aim at providing the highest possible level of dependability and convenience by offering a warranty period of 72 months and direct, fast and straightforward RMA service. In case of warranty, you can either request RMA at your retailer or use our Direct RMA Service. For further information, please consult In order to process your RMA enquiry, we need a proof of purchase, so please don’t forget to keep your invoice! Please also note that any modifications to the cooler, fan or mounting parts will void your warranty. Support & FAQs For all enquiries concerning your Noctua cooler, both your retailer and the international Noctua support team at are at your service. Please also consult the FAQ section on our website







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