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PDF Content Summary: Easy Tomato SlicerTM 55600-1 3/16” Slice 55600-2 1/4” Slice 55600-3 3/8” Slice 55600-7 7/32” Slice Operating and Maintenance Instructions Important 1. To get the best operation and life from your machine, please read and comply with these instructions. 2. Clean machine thoroughly before and after each use using cleaning instructions below. 3. Minimize the use of alkaline cleaners as they may cause pitting and dulling of the finish. Safety instructions Remember that the blades are VERY SHARP! Be careful when handling and operating the machine to keep hands away from the blades. Preparation 1. Set unit on a flat surface 2. If unit fails to work properly when first operated call NEMCO customer service at 1-800-782-6761 Operation 1. Your Easy Tomato SlicerTM comes assembled and ready to use. You may want to install the TABLE STOP for your convenience. 2. Pull HANDLE all the way toward you and carefully place the tomato on the SLIDE BOARD between the PUSHER PLATES and the BLADES. CAUTION: SHARP BLADES 3. Withdraw your hand. With one quick motion, push the HANDLE toward the BLADES and catch the tomato in your hand or container. 4. Remove the sliced tomato from the SLIDE BOARD and repeat the procedure for the next tomato to be sliced. Cleaning NOTE: Proper maintenance plays an important part in the life span and functioning of the unit 1. Be careful of the sharp blades 2. To remove the PUSHER ASSEMBLY for cleaning, remove the THUMB SCREWS and the SLIDE STOP and pull the PUSHER off the end of the SLIDE BOARD. 3. The SLIDE BOARD and the BLADE SHIELD can be removed by removing their mounting screws. 4. To totally disassemble the PUSHER ASSEMBLY for cleaning, remove the acorn and hex nuts on top of the stack and carefully remove the PUSHER PLATES and SPACERS. Remove the other screws to disassemble the other parts from the GUIDE PLATE. 5. To re-assemble, reverse the procedure for dis-assembly. NOTICE: After re-assembly, the BLADES must be retensioned. NOTICE: Always rinse the TOMATO SLICER in cold or lukewarm water after it has been washed in hot water! (Hot water will make the SLIDE BOARD expand and may make it hard to push the PUSHER ASSEMBLY until the SLIDE BOARD returns to room temperature.) Service Instructions 1. When placing BLADES into the TENSION BLOCKS, place one TENSION BLOCK on the worktable with the long groove turned up and the other TENSION BLOCK with the long groove turned down. Insert a blade (sharp side down) in the end slot of each TENSION BLOCK and push a TENSION ROD into each TENSION BLOCK and push a TENSION ROD into each TENSION BLOCK just far enough to secure the BLADE. Insert another blade in the next slot and push the TENSION ROD to secure it. Repeat until all BLADES are in place. 2. When placing BLADES into the BLADE HOLDER, be sure the sharp side of the BLADES is pointing toward the caution warning on the BLADE HOLDER. 3. The BLADE KIT can be installed only one way; the mounting screw holes in the TENSION BLOCKS nearest the end of the BLOCK must be down toward the SLIDE BOARD. (If sharp edges of the BLADES point the wrong way, turn the BLADE KIT end for end.) 4. To secure the BLADE ASSEMBLY in the BLADE HOLDER install the (2) hex head screws through the BLADE HOLDER and into the TENSION BAR at the end of the BLADE HOLDER nearest the warning. Tighten these 2 screws “ finger tight” or a little tighter. Then install the (2) hex head screws loosely into the TENSION BAR at the other end of the BLADE HOLDER. (Do not tighten the BLADES until after the BLADE HOLDER is mounted on the FRAME.) 5. When mounting the BLADE HOLDER ASSEMBLY on the FRAME, be sure the sharp side of the BLADES is directed toward the PUSHER ASSEMBLY. To Tension Blades Tension on the BLADES must be restored after every dis-assembly for cleaning or replacement of the BLADE KIT. To do this: 1. Be sure BLADE HOLDER ASSEMBLY is firmly mounted on the FRAME with the warning and the sharp side of the BLADES toward the PUSHER ASSEMBLY. 2. Be sure the hex head screws on the right side of the BLADE HOLDER (end with CAUTION SHARP BLADES) are tight. 3. Tighten the hex head screws on the left end of the BLADE HOLDER until the BLADES “ hum” when plucked. Gradually tighten the top and bottom screws until the top and bottom blades sound about the same when plucked or “ strummed“. NOTICE: Check the Tension of the BLADES each time the machine is used to be sure they are tight. If not, tighten per (3) above. TO REPLACE BLADES Instructions for BLADE replacement are provided with each BLADE KIT. IMPORTANT: NEMCO recommends occasional application of mineral oil in the grooves of the slide board. NEMCO FOOD EQUIPMENT 301 Meuse Argonne, Hicksville, OH 43526 Phone: (419) 542-7751 Fax :(419) 542-6690 Toll Free: 1-800-782-6761 46023 12-07-09 2







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