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PDF Content Summary: Care and Cleaning: Run hot water through shower for 2 minutes before first use. Never use abrasives or abrasive cleaning agents to clean this product. Clean regularly with warm soapy water and a damp soft cloth. Clean filter washer located in the shower hose and in the overhead shower periodically. To access filter washer in overhead shower, push down on release button, hold the elbow bracket and pull shower head away from it. Remove filter washer from the shower head waterway AURAJET™ SHOWER SYSTEM Installation Guide Technical Specifications: Operating Pressure: Min: 100kPa/1.0bar

2 by gently levering out with a small screwdriver. 1 Max: 500kPa/5bar* Optimum: 150kPa/1.5bar - 500kPa/5bar Operating Temperature: Hot: Max 70°C* Cold: Min 5°C Inlet Connections: All ½" BSP * Regional specific regulations apply. Please refer to your warranty statement at

If shower performance is compromised by the build-up of lime-scale, soak in limescale remover for up to 10 minutes. Do not attempt to remove limescale with sharp objects or abrasives. Do not use products containing chlorine bleach or hydrochloric acid as these can damage the shower. Always rinse the shower thoroughly after cleaning to remove cleaning products that can damage the shower. Refer to instructions above for how to remove overhead shower from elbow bracket. Never insert objects into the spray slot or attempt to remove spray cover as this may cause damage to shower components. Do not hang any items or pull down on the overhead shower. This may cause damage to the overhead shower. Methven warrants this product against manufacturing defects and that it is suitable for use under the general operating conditions specified in this instruction sheet. However, regional regulations apply and may affect your warranty. Please refer to or call customer service for full details.

New Zealand 0800 804 222 Australia 1300 638 483 UK 0800 195 1602

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IMPORTANT: Please read all of the instructions and turn off water supply before installation. • Step 2 Firmly push the shower rail onto the

General: • Methven recommends this product is installed by a licensed plumber in compliance with all relevant regional regulations. Overhead Shower Elbow Cover Handset top inlet connector and bottom rail connector. • Secure in place by tightening the grub screws firmly using the hex key provided.

• It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure a waterproof seal is achieved between the product and mounting surface. If in doubt about the quality of the seal, remove the product and reinstall using silicone to ensure a seal is achieved. All pipe work must be thoroughly flushed • prior to the installation of the hose. • After installation all connections must be checked for leaks. All outlets used primarily for personal • hygiene shall deliver water at a safe temperature as per regional regulations. Step 1 Install a ½” BSP nipple at the recommended • height. Shower Rail Bottom Rail Connector 20±2mm Inlet Connector Hose Water Inlet Step 3 • Fit overhead shower into elbow bracket and push firmly until the clips engage. Step 4 • Fit the elbow cover into the back of the elbow bracket. • Clip into the elbow bracket and overhead shower. Step 5 To adjust slider position, rotate the slider • handle to unlock and lock the slider as shown. 2 1 Unlock

• Wall lining hole should be cut or 7 finished as per the dimension 8 2 5 m 6 shown in the diagram on the right. m m m Lock Step 6

• Cut off the threaded nipple 20±2mm from the wall lining and apply thread seal tape to ensure a good seal. • Ensure o-ring is located on the inlet connector. • • Screw the inlet connector onto the nipple ensuring that the o-ring is sufficiently compressed to create a watertight seal. Screw the bottom rail connector to a • wall stud vertically in line with the inlet connector and at the correct distance. m • 1 8 a 0 x 0 m m • ( R e Inlet c o Connector m m e n d e d ) Bottom Rail Connector FLOOR Make sure a washer is in both ends of the shower hose. Screw one end of the hose to the bottom of the shower rail, attach handset and place firmly in holder. Handset Flat Washer Swivelling Cone Hose End Filter Washer







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