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PDF Content Summary: Package Contents • HD IP Dome Security Camera with Audio Resources Need Help?

• Mounting Kit* • Ethernet Extension Cable with Pre-attached RJ45 Cable Gland* 1 • Allen Key* • Wall Mount* 2 * Per camera in multi-camera packs. ATTENTION: Visit us online for up-to-date software and complete instruction manuals Visit lorex.com Search for the model number of your product HD IP Dome Security Camera with Audio

It is recommended to connect the camera to the NVR or an external PoE switch. If using a DC power adapter (not included) with the camera, a REGULATED power supply is REQUIRED for use with this camera. Use of a non-regulated, non-conforming power supply can damage this product and voids the warranty. Cable Extension Options Extend the cable run for your camera. Additional extension cables sold separately. See table below: Click on your product 3 in the search results 4 Click on the Downloads tab Dimensions Quick Start Guide English Version 2.0

Cable Type Max Cable Run Distance Max # of Extensions 2.0”

CAT5e (or higher) Ethernet cable 300ft (92m) 3 • You can use a RJ45 coupler or switch (not included) to connect male ends of Ethernet cable together. • To extend the cable run beyond 300ft (92m), a switch will be required (sold separately). 1.4” 50mm 36mm 4.0” 106mm

Safety Precautions Installation Tips

• Point the camera where there is the least amount of obstructions (i.e., tree branches). • Install the camera where vandals cannot easily reach. • Secure cabling so that it is not exposed or easily cut. • This camera is rated for outdoor use. Installation in a sheltered location is recommended. Using the RJ45 Cable Gland (Optional) The RJ45 cable gland covers the camera’s Ethernet connector and the RJ45 plug to provide weather-resistance and protection from dust, dirt and other environmental contaminants. Ethernet • Read this guide carefully and keep it for future reference. • Follow all instructions for safe use of the product and handle with care. • Use the camera within given temperature, humidity and voltage levels noted in the camera’s specifications. • Do not disassemble the camera. • Do not point the camera directly towards the sun or a source of intense light. • Use only the supplied regulated power supply provided with the product. Use of a non-regulated, non-conforming power supply can damage the product and void the warranty. • Periodic cleaning may be required. Use a damp cloth only. Do not use any harsh, chemical-based cleaners. • The supplied cable is rated for surface mounting only. Cables for in-wall and floor to-floor installations are sold separately (CMR type). These and other cables are available at lorex.com

The RJ45 cable gland is pre-attached to the included Ethernet extension cable. To use the RJ45 cable gland: Extension Cable RJ45 Cable Gland Disclaimers • For a full list of compatible recorders, visit lorex.com/compatibility • Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.

Twist the RJ45 cable gland barrel securely onto the camera Ethernet connector. • This camera includes an Auto Mechanical IR Cut Filter. When the camera changes between Day/Night viewing modes, an audible clicking noise may be heard from the camera. This clicking is normal, and indicates that the camera filter is working.

RJ45 Cable Gland Barrel Camera Ethernet Connector

NOTE: The RJ45 cable gland is weather-resistant. Seal the cap with silicone and/or electrical tape for additional sealing if it will be exposed to precipitation regularly. Copyright © 2018 Lorex Corporation As our products are subject to continuous improvement, Lorex reserves the right to modify product design, specifications and prices, without notice and without incurring any obligation. E&OE. All rights reserved. LND2750A / LND4750A SERIES lorex.com


Installing the Camera ATTENTION: Test your camera prior to selecting a permanent mounting location by temporarily connecting the camera and cable to your NVR. NOTE: The following installation instructions are for ceiling mounting. To mount your camera using the included wall mount, see the included Wall Mounting Instructions. Before Installing the Camera • Decide whether to run the cables through the wall / ceiling (drilling required) or along the wall / ceiling. • If you run the cables along the wall / ceiling, you must run the cable through the cable notch on the base. This will keep the camera base flush to the surface when mounted. Use pliers to break off the perforated metal tab on the Connecting the Camera Ethernet Cable Camera NVR Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the NVR’s PoE Connecting the Cameras Enabling Camera Audio ATTENTION: Audio is disabled by default. Audio recording and / or use of listen-in audio without consent is illegal in certain jurisdictions. Lorex Corporation assumes no liability for use of its products that does not conform with local laws. To enable audio recording through a Lorex HD DVR: 1. In the Live View, right-click and click Main Menu. Enter the system user name (default: admin) and DVR password. 2. Click ( ) and select Recording > Recording. 3. Under Channel, select the channel where the audio-capable camera is connected. 4. Under Audio/Video, check the box on the left to enable audio recording. 5. Under Audio Format, select the format that will be used to record audio. G711a is recommended.

camera cover, and then align the cable notch in the camera cover with the cable notch in the camera base. To install your camera: Cable Notch ports. The camera may take a minute to power up after being connected. 6. Click OK to save changes. To enable listen-in audio through a Lorex HD DVR: 1. To separate the camera cover from the camera base, loosen the screws located on either side of the camera cover using the included Allen key. 2. Use the included mounting template to mark holes for the mounting screws. 3. Drill the holes and then feed the cable through the mounting surface or cable notch. NOTE: Insert the included drywall anchors if installing the camera in drywall. Mounting Surface Mounting Template (Optional) 12V DC Power Connect the Ethernet cable to the camera. NOTE: A 12V DC power adapter (model#: CVA4902, OR Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to a router or switch on your network. See your NVR manual for details on connecting the camera to your NOTE: Listen-in audio requires a monitor with speakers or speakers con nected to the DVR. 1. In Live View, double-click the camera channel to open in full-screen. 2. Hover near the top of the channel where the camera is connected and click to unmute ( ) / mute ( ) listen-in audio. Troubleshooting Problem Solution 1 Drywall Anchors 0 1 0 1 0 not included) is only required if connecting the camera’s Ethernet cable to a router or switch that does not support NVR using a switch or router. No picture / signal • Ensure the camera is connected to a compatible NVR. For full camera compatibility, visit lorex.com/compatibility. • The camera may take up to 1 minute to power up after being

Mounting Screws Camera Cover Camera Mount Screw 4. Connect cables as shown in the section “Connecting the Camera”. 5. Mount the camera base to the surface using the provided mounting screws. Make sure all screws are fastened tightly. 6. Use a Philips head screwdriver (not included) to loosen the lens module adjustment screw. Do not loosen all the way. 7. Adjust the angle of the camera PoE. Connecting the Cameras Setup Diagram Scenario 1: Connect Cameras to NVR connected to the NVR. Wait two minutes before following the steps below. • Ensure the camera is connected to your NVR or to your local network. • If you are not using PoE, you must connect the camera to a 12V DC power adapter (not included). • If the camera is connected to the LAN, you must search your network for cameras using the NVR. See the NVR’s instruction manual. • Ensure your NVR is properly connected to a TV/monitor. • There may be an issue with your extension cable run. Connect the camera to the NVR using a different Ethernet cable. Picture is too bright • Ensure your camera isn’t pointed directly at a source of light (e.g., sun or spot light). • Move your camera to a different location.

as needed: Adjustment screw Router NVR Camera • Check the brightness and contrast settings on the NVR. Picture is too dark • Check the brightness and contrast settings on the NVR.

Scenario 2: Connect Cameras to Local Area Network (LAN) Night vision is not working • The night vision activates when light levels drop. The area may have too much light.

A) Turn the lens holder up to 45° B) Tilt the lens module up to 90° Router Camera NVR C) Rotate the lens module 360° Picture is not clear • Check the camera lens for dirt, dust, spiderwebs. Clean the lens with a soft, clean cloth. • Make sure that the cable run is within the limitations specified in the section ‘Cable Extension Options’. • Remove the vinyl film from the camera lens when your installation is complete. 8. Tighten the adjustment screw when finished. 9. Cover the camera base with the camera cover. 10. Tighten the screws on either side of the camera cover. 11. Remove the vinyl film from the camera lens when your installation is complete. Resetting the Camera PoE Switch Bright spot in video when viewing camera at night Picture is in color in dark conditions • Night vision reflects when pointing a camera through a window. Move the camera to a different location. • This camera comes with an image sensor that is extra sensitive to light, meaning that the camera stays in color mode at low-light conditions. For instructions on how to make your camera switch to night mode, visit lorex.com, and search for “How do I make my camera switch to night mode?” Use the reset button to reset the camera to default settings. To reset the camera: 1. Remove the dome cover. Make sure the camera is powered on. 2. Press and hold the button for 5 seconds to reset the camera to default settings. Reset Button ATTENTION: • This camera is compatible only with select NVRs. For a list of compatible recorders, visit lorex.com/compatibility. • You must connect the camera to a supporting H.265 NVR to take advantage of H.265 compression. For instructions on enabling H.265 compression, visit lorex.com, and search for “How do I enable H.265 compression?”. No audio • Audio is only supported on Lorex HD NVRs. For a list of compatible recorders, visit lorex.com/compatibility. • Ensure NVR volume is turned on / turned up. • Ensure audio function on camera is turned on (see ‘Enabling Camera Audio’). • Ensure audio is turned up on viewing device.








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