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PDF Content Summary: SAFETY FIRST – PLEASE READ Welcome to the world of wearable resistance and the beginning of your safe EXOGEN® Experience! At LILA your safety and great EXOGEN® experience are a priority. EXOGEN® was developed with your safety in mind. Exercise, sport and training have inherent risks. Therefore, prior to starting or restarting an exercise or training program we recommend reading and completing the PAR-Q questionnaire below and following up accordingly with your medical specialist as instructed. PAR Q YES NO 1 Has your doctor ever said that you have a heart condition and that you should only perform physical activity recommended by a doctor? 2 Do you feel pain in your chest when you perform physical activity? 3 In the past month, have you had chest pain when you were not performing any physical activity? 4 Do you lose your balance because of dizziness or do you ever lose consciousness? 5 Do you have a bone or joint problem that could be made worse by a change in your physical activity? 6 Is your doctor currently prescribing any medication for your blood pressure or for a heart condition? 7 Do you know of any other reason why you should not engage in physical activity? If you have answered “Yes” to one or more of the above questions, consult your physician before engaging in physical activity. Tell your physician which questions you answered “Yes” to. After a medical evaluation, seek advice from your physician on what type of activity is suitable for your current condition. PLEASE READ OUR DETAILED SAFETY GUIDELINES FOR USING EXOGEN PRIOR TO STARTING ON PAGE 23-24 HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON EXOGEN OUR STORY 5 INTRODUCTION 7 PRODUCT GUIDE 8 EXOGEN COMPONENTS 9 KEY DESIGN FEATURES 10 KEY PERFORMANCE FEATURES 14 USER GUIDELINES 16 EXOSKELETON TRAINING & LVRT ™ 19 LOADING FOR LVRT ™ 21 HANDLING & CARE 28 WARRANTY & FAQs 30

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The Beginning: Necessity is the mother of all invention EXOGEN®’s patented Exoskeleton Technology was born from necessity. The need to improve the way we move. The question is can we? One look at Usain Bolt a man tall enough to be a starting forward in the NBA, who rewrote everything we know about the concept of speed, tells us we can, and we will. One day a human will run the 100m dash below 9 seconds. It’s not a question of if, but how? 25 years ago, a torn ACL was a career ending injury. Today it’s a 6-8-month delay. A hip fracture in the elderly was confinement to a wheelchair. Now, hip replacements are as common as root-canals and the 1:59:58 marathon is just around the corner. So how will we continue to go faster, higher, stronger? The answer is (and has always been) - resistance. Resistance to movement is the greatest stimulus for adaptation and improvement. It doesn’t matter whether ‘movement’ for you is reducing your 40-yard time, adding distance to your golf drive, returning to fitness after pregnancy, recovering from a back injury or serving your community in the police or military. The questions are how much and in what form? We’ve gotten about as far as we can go with traditional exercise equipment. Current modalities share one common feature. The equipment defines the movement, not the user. The simple truth is if you are attached to a piece of equipment and that equipment is attached to something else, the floor, a wall, a tree, your hand or foot then the equipment defines your movement. Traditional equipment still serves an important training purpose, that purpose is just limited. This limitation is what drove us on a decade long journey to create a technology that meets today’s challenge - What would 100% user-defined resistance training really look like? The Challenge: Improve the way we apply resistance Challenge #1: In the world of high-performance sport user-defined training is called - specificity. Training that matches the actual physiological and psychological demands of your event or activity. For example, a squat will make your legs strong, but it won’t necessarily improve your directional speed reaction to an opponent or reduce your 10k run time. The movements, speeds and energy demands are simply too different. Solution: The technology must be useable during both training and competition at real movements and speeds - it must be relevant. Challenge #2: There are some great specialized pieces of equipment designed to load specific movements or particular skills. All have merit but almost all are limited to a niche activity or partial movement pattern. Few if any can be adapted very well. Solution: The technology must be organic like the human body and applicable across all sports and activities – it must be adaptable. HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON EXOGEN

Challenge #3: Without the ability to progress, resistance training won’t help for very long. Progressive overload is the foundation of periodization. Existing specialized resistance training equipment allows progression but often in increments outside the range required for real-life movement. Solution: It must allow - measurable progression. Challenge #4: During movement, concentration is everything. Current resistance training with the load or resistance concentrated at a focal point such as the hand, foot or one a part of the body often feels heavy and is perceived by the user as external. This disrupts the skill and concentration. Solution: To reduce the disruption on concentration and proprioception the loading must be dispersed around and over the body– it must feel internal. Challenge #5: A baseball throw maxes out at about 100 mph, a tennis serve over 200 km/hr, golfclub head speed approaches 130+ and a trained punch maybe 40 km/hr plus. If you wanted to train resistance to improve velocity, power and technique at these speeds what percentage load could you realistically use and not get injured. Solution: The loading must be light – it must be safe. Challenge #6: Next, it had to do something resistance training had never done before. Not only should it improve physiological function (strength, speed, power, endurance) but also actual movement skills. No two people move the same, everyone’s needs are individual. Imagine two golfers training with resistance to improve their drive power while simultaneously improving their swing mechanics to reduce a slice or hook. Solution: The technology had to focus on improving actual movement not just muscle mechanics – it had to be intuitive. Challenge #7: Finally, it had to be cool and to feel great – we hope we’ve achieved that, let us know. Our story is the story of these challenges and the journey to meet, understand and overcome them. EXOGEN® our signature product line was developed to meet these challenges and to help us achieve our company mission - to improve the way you move. LILA? We often get asked about our name. Perhaps it is the best part of us. A thousand-year-old Sanskrit word that literally means “pastime, sport and play”. In Hinduism the concept off LILA is associated with the movement and activities of the Supreme Being. The LILA legend tells of the Supreme Being changing into human form to experience movement, play and sport. This is our story, rooted in a divine purpose to move and it’s just beginning. Welcome to the movementrevolution... HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON EXOGEN

Matching Technology To Movement Your purchase of EXOGEN® the world’s 1st generation of multi-function, high-performance exo skeletons has accelerated you into the future of user-defined movement training. Finally, a training concept has been developed that combines the art of movement with science and technology. WHAT IS AN EXO SKELETON? An EXO-skeleton is a specialized, outer layer containing strong, mobile and resistant components that fulfil a number of functional roles including; • Performance enhancement • Protection and support • Proprioception / sensory feedback • Thermoregulation (cooling and heating) USER BENEFITS EXOGEN® Wearable Resistance technology offers these functions with the following user benefits; Enhanced Performance in;

• Movement specific functional strength, speed, agility, power • Muscular and aerobic endurance • Muscle potentiation • Calorie burning and weight loss Protection and Support • Light impact and abrasion protection • Lumbar postural support Sensory Feedback • enhanced movement awareness • skill and technique development • enhanced proprioception Thermo-regulation • enhanced wicking • improved circulation • optimal evaporative cooling


Your EXOGEN™ purchase will include; 1. The selected EXOSKELETON SHELL 2. Fusiform LOADS © to start LVRT™ 08 HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON EXOGEN

EXOGEN COMPONENTS Please read carefully to fully benefit from your exo-skeleton movement experience. - EXOPRENE™ Material

GENERAL SLEEVESLESS TOP SHORTS SLEEVES LOADS - COOLMAX® Mesh: Located at major sweat zones - Teardrop Tabs: Tabs provide a visual marker for tightening the straps so you easily see the balance between the left and right straps and set your normal desired tension easily. - Lumbar-PosturalStraps: Provide functional lumbar support during training or competition, LOADED or un-LOADED - Gluteal-Waist Straps: Provide support for the hips and gluteal muscles both while loaded and unloaded. - Left / Right EXOGEN® straps : straps designed to attach outside to inside - Spine: The sleeve backbone worn to the rear of the limb - Hand/Foot openings: Allowing easy on and off for the FOREARM & CALF sleeves - Distal end (Wide) - Proximal end (Narrow) - Rear hook attachment - Load weight (grams)

HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON EXOGEN EXOSKELETON TECHNOLOGY By Athletes, for Athletes, fo r EXOGEN® technology has been in development since June 2004 when the idea was first conceptualized and our firsthand-made exoskeleton prototypes were tested on elite athletes bound for the Athen’s Olympic Games. Since that time, we have spent years developing the technology needed to make this unique high-performance product functional, meeting the demands of today’s high-performance individuals. Our innovation goes beyond new product development. LILA offers you patent pending technology innovations in our design, materials and function, when combined with our game changing LVRT™ training method provides un paralleled performance benefits. 1. ADJUSTABLE-CONTRACTION© EXOGEN® ’s patent pending material combination meets current scientific standards for improving recovery and performance. Additionally our innovative adjustable EXOGEN™ straps allow the best fit and offer you • Greater comfort • Easy on and off • Strap adjustments • Secure anchoring during loading During unloaded EXOGEN® functions as a high-performance shell. Once on, anchor the strap comfortably without tension. This can be adjusted individually based on your fit and comfort. If at any-time you feel it is too tight, uncomfortable or there is reduced circulation, open the straps and re-adjust with less or no tension. We recommend do not apply full tension of the straps either LOADED or un-LOADED for longer than 30 minutes. HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON 10 EXOGEN

keKEY DESIGN FEATURES 2.Integrathermoregulation EXOGEN®’s integrated thermo-regulation system combines several key components to improve evaporative cooling MICROCOOLING™ - 3M SCOTCHGUARD® moisture management inner wicking layer quickly moves sweat and heat away from the skin to the outer layers. MESOCOOLING™ - 3D COOLMAX® wicking mesh allows maximal breathability in the intermediate sweat zones of the neck, chest, under-arm, lower back and groin. MACROCOOLING™ - our patent pending Spirale-perforations allow direct skin-on-air evaporative cooling, rapidly funnelling sweat and heat away from the body which directly improves evaporative cooling by over 20%. LOOKS HOT FEELS COOL 3. FASCIAL-HELIX CONSTRUCTION© Our design construction is engineered following the body’s natural fascial-helix support system. Fascia is the connective-tissue forming a continuous matrix around the body following a 3-D helix structure to support multi-planar movement around your body’s two major rotational, focal points: HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON EXOGEN 11

KEY DESIGN FEATURES 4. POSTURE SUPPORT STRAPS EXOGEN®’s innovative, built-in postural straps provide functional support to your core and lumbar region like nothing you’ve used before. Unlike bulky weight-belts or restrictive back supports this provides a functional increase in intra-abdominal pressure during exercise without the restrictions on movement and breathing. Exercise, training and competition can quickly fatigue postural muscles even during light activity. This is especially true for athletes or people with chronic low back pain or a recent back injury. Our functional support straps are 100% adjustable so you can regulate the support as needed when the intensity of your activity or the loading of your exoskeleton increases. 5. FUSIFORM LOADS® (PATENT PENDING ) Our Fusiform LOADS® are biomechanically engineered to follow your natural muscle architecture allowing gravitational mobility. This basically means they can bend and flex according to gravity with little restriction allowing streamlined application to body contours even during movement. A feature unlike anything you have experienced or felt before. HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON 12 EXOGEN

keKEY DESIGN FEATURES FUSIFORM®, FULL-FLEX LOADS not only allow you to target specific muscles but specific movements and skill patterns, something unprecedented in current resistance training methods. 6. EXOPRENE™ (PATENT PENDING) MATERIAL The key to EXOGEN®’S design and performance is our patent-pending, EXOPRENE™ material which offers not only base level of support and function unlike anything available on the market today. This unique material blend offers you the very best in style, comfort and safety with the combined effects of Integrated-thermoregulation©, Scotchguard® wicking, AEGIS® eco-friendly, anti-microbial treatment, and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified human safe materials making EXOPRENE™ one of the most advanced high-performance materials available today. HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON EXOGEN 13

KEY PERFORMANCE FEATURES 1. USER-DEFINED MOVEMENT TRAINING© Traditional training equipment forces the user into equipment-defined movement where they must adapt their technique to fit the equipment. This can negatively affect technique and reduce performance. EXOGEN® provides a better solution for high performance specific resistance training by offering 100% user-defined movement training. This allows complete control over the speed and pattern of movement while resistance is applied and helps ensure optimal transfer to real performance. Several key technological innovations make this possible including; 2. Light Variable Resistance Training (LVRT)™ For today’s athlete speed is everything. Coaches are already aware of the phenomenon called the “10% dilemma.” The observation that during specific resistance training when the external load reaches about 10% of bodyweight or maximum weight for a given movement, the movement skill or technique may be negatively affected. EXOGEN® and Light Variable Resistance Training™ our trade-marked training system was developed specifically to counteract this effect. We define LVRT™ as “movement specific, progressive resistance training using less than 10% of additional body weight.” This allows the user to perform resistance training using competition specific speed and movements without the negative impacts that can occur when using heavier loads and awkward equipment. With starting loads as little as 50grams and increments from 50-200 grams no other product can provide this level of specificity to enhance specific speed, power, agility, endurance and skill. HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON 14 EXOGEN KEY PERFORMANCE FEATURES 3. Internal Mechanical Loading (IML)© Internal Mechanical Loading© defines the very unique proprioceptive experience when combining LVRT™ with our wearable resistance EXOGEN® and Fusiform Loads™. This system blends and disperses resistance over the entire body or body part so there isn’t a focal point for the load like traditional resistance equipment. We call this internal loading because the user does not perceive the load as external but rather as inside or part of the body. This is in contrast to traditional training equipment where the user is very aware, they are using external equipment. Large external loads that the user is very aware of stimulate proprioceptors to automatically trigger protective mechanisms that will change the movement profile in to reduce the chance of injury. This often results in restrictions on movement that are often counterproductive to ones desired activity. With its ability to progressively apply light anatomical weights almost anywhere on the body, EXOGEN™’s ability to transfer resistance training to actual human performance is immediate and un-paralled. HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON EXOGEN 15

Wearing Your Exoskeleton EXOGEN® is designed for a specific fit ensuring adequate anti-slip and comfort especially when LOADED. EXOGEN® wear takes getting used to especially when putting on and taking off. The material will naturally stretch over time and EXOGEN™, like a true exoskeleton, will conform and mould to your body the more you use it. Be patient, choose the right size. Limb Sleeves EXOGEN® sleeves are designed to fit left and right as indicated on their care labels. The straps should be closed from the outside to inside (laterally to medially) with the SPINE aligned along the posterior anatomical line of the limb. Remove any jewellery that may impede putting them on. Putting Them On 1. Open all straps fold-in Velcro tabs out of the way so they will not catch. 2. Slide the sleeve over the hand / foot, straps to the outside and the spine aligned to the rear. 3. For the UA/FA it’s like putting your hand in your pocket, and for the Calf like pulling on a sock. 4. Pull the sleeve up to its optimal anatomical position: a. UpperArm-up to the shoulder and off the elbow joint b. ForeArm- just below but not covering the elbow c. Calf – over the wide part of the calf just below but off the knee 5. Once in place lock-in the EXOGEN® straps comfortably to the desired tension.HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON 16 EXOGEN Sleeveless Top TOP slides on like an athletic top. First open the postural support straps prior to putting on and ‘turn-in’ the Velcro tabs to the rear to ensure they do not catch. Once on lightly ‘lock-in’ the postural wings to a comfortable position without tension for your first use. If you feel the need for extra cooling or to release tension simply open the postural straps to immediate expose the rear air-vents. The straps can be left free or rolled out of the way to the rear. After serious effort this feels fantastic. Shorts The EXOGEN® SHORTS pull straight on like tights. Open the waist straps and turn-in the velcro tabs so they do not catch. Once on adjust and lock-in the straps as desired.HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON EXOGEN 17

Adjustable EXOGEN™ Straps The adjustable EXOGEN® straps allow; • Easy on and off • Minor fit adjustments • Anchoring to secure EXOGEN®™ during LOADING During normal use without LOADS, your shells function as a performance EXOGEN® shell and there is no need to lock-in the straps under high tension. Once on, simply anchor the strap comfortably without tension. This can be adjusted on an individual basis depending on your fit and comfort. If at any-time you feel it is too tight or there is reduced circulation or tingling in your limbs, hands or feet simply open the straps and re-adjust with less or no tension. We recommend that you do not apply full tension of the straps either LOADED or otherwise, for longer than 20 minutes to maintain optimal circulation. Contraction Range EXOGEN® is designed to provide internationally recognized standards for light-to-mild contraction during unloaded training. These values range from 15-20 mm hg at the ankle to 6-12 mm Hg at the mid-thigh when new and properly sized. Class 3: >20 mmHg -

High Class 2: 15-20 mmHg -Medium Class 1: <15 mmHg - Low

HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON 18 EXOGEN EXOSKELETON TRAINING & LVRT EXOSKELETON TRAINING & LVRT ™ WHAT IS LVRT™ LVRT™ or Light Variable Resistance Training™ is LILA’s trademark training system for which Exogen was designed. LVRT™ is a training methodology that conforms to the laws of training and emphasizes 100% user-defined resistance training with significantly less load than traditional weight training. The main principles of LVRT™ include; 1. Applied loads are generally measured and progressed in grams and not kilograms 2. Total loading generally does not exceed ~ 10% of body weight 3. Movement speeds are maintained within ~10% of competition speed 4. There must be minimal disruption to the athlete’s skill-based ROM 5. There is less emphasis on traditional sets and reps and greater focus on extended resistance training periods mimicking real competition metabolic demands 6. Hands and feet should remain free with the body untethered to any anchor points 7. Must maintain body-mind connection with minimal disruption to focus LVRT™ does not replace other forms of resistance training but seeks to enhance them providing the most effective and efficient method to apply meaningful resistance to human movement. LVRT™ AND THE LAWS OF TRAINING 1. INDIVIDUALIZATION Each person is different. During LVRT™ you must experiment with the LOAD volume and orientation to find what works best for you and your sport. LVRT™ Rule #1: If it feels wrong, reload. User-defined movement means you are in control so let your proprioception, awareness and instinct guide you. If you feel the overall loading is too heavy or uncomfortable then simply reduce the load and/or re-adjust the orientation. Experimentation is highly recommended. 2. SPECIFICITY All adaptations are specific to the stimulus imposed. In general, this means if you train heavy you get stronger, if your train fast you get more speed, if you train long you build stamina. LVRT™ Rule#2: Reduce the LOAD not the speed. The real advantage of EXOGEN® and LVRT™ is the ability to provide specific, progressive resistance to maximal / actual sport speed activities. While there is some debate on the topic, reducing the speed of a desired movement teaches that movement to be slow and is contradictory to speed enhancement. HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON EXOGEN 19

EXOSKELETON TRAINING & LVRTEXOSKELETON TRAINING & LVRT ™ In general, you need to train at or near your desired speed to improve at that speed. If you feel the selected load is slowing the desired speed of motion down by more than 10-20% reduce the load, not the speed. Once you can comfortably use the lighter load at the desired speed then progress to a higher load. With increments of 50-200grams you will have ample opportunity for this. In some cases, progressions may come daily in a new program. Quickly you will realize why LVRT loading is measured in grams not kilograms. When it comes to optimal speed training - less is more. 3. PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD The process of increasing (and decreasing) load over time to allow for greater adaption and improvement. LVRT™ Rule #3: Progress in gradually in grams not kilograms The need to progressively load more weight in order to provide enough stimuli to improve has been clearly established. The question today is how much is enough? LVRT™ keeps optimal speed and range of motion as the central focus and primary goal of high quality, high performance movement training. Your progressive loading should follow suit. Please see our progressive loading chart to help you begin training with EXOGEN® for your sport. Please note that these are guidelines only to get you started. be sure to follow all the general safety and overtraining guidelines when training with exogen or performing any exercise. HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON 20 EXOGEN

EXOSKELETON TRAINING & LVRTEXOSKELETON TRAINING & LVRT ™ 4. OVERTRAINING Injury and overtraining are a risk no matter what form of exercise you do. The best way to avoid injury and overtraining remains the same. LVRT™ Rule#4: Listen to your body When training with EXOGEN® remember - light LOAD is still resistance training. A light load moving at high speed can place even greater stress on the body, especially the joints, than a heavy load moving at slow speed. Any golfer, baseball or tennis athlete can attest to this. To avoid over-reaching and over-training be sure to; • Be medically ready and physically fit to begin resistance training • Properly warm-up cooldown for your activity • Progress your intensity gradually over time • Follow all exogen training guidelines • Listen to your body. If you are tired, rest. If something hurts, stop. If it continues to hurt, get it checked by a medical professional - use good judgement. • schedule your recovery (periodization is key) ™ LOADING is the process of adding resistance via our FUSIFORM LOADS™ to your exoskeleton. To load safely with the greatest benefits please read and follow all our LOADING GUIDELINES. GENERAL LOADING GUIDELINES 1. Before LOADING please read the full USER GUIDE. 2. LOAD weights are approximate with the following ranges: a. 50 grams (+/- 5 grams) b. 100 gram (+/-10 grams) c. 200 grams (+/- 20 grams) 3. LOADS can be placed anywhere in any orientation where the velcro backing can be fully attached to the EXOPRENE™ plush material. Be sure the entire VELCRO backing of the LOAD is fully attached by firmly pressing down all parts. HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON EXOGEN 21

LOADING FOR LVRT ™ 4. LOADS can be attached to your exoskeleton either before or after you put it on.5. Any LOAD can be used with any EXOGEN® piece. However, we recommend; a. 100 & 200 gram LOADS for the TOP, SHORTS & CALF sleeves b. 50 & 100 gram LOADS for ARM sleeves 6. Avoid placing LOADs directly over your joints as this may restrict movement. 7. To UNLOAD SIMPLY grip the lip of the narrow end and peel it back off the EXOGEN®. 8. EXOGEN® can be used during any activity, training or competition (pending laws for your sport) including outdoor and water environments (please read WATER LOADING GUIDELINES). 9. To reduce movement and slipping of EXOGEN® when LOADED, especially at high speeds, secure the EXOGEN® straps at optimal high tension prior to loading. 10.If EXOGEN® does slip or move excessively during training either tighten your straps or reduce the LOAD. HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON 22 EXOGEN

LOADING FOR LVRT ™ SAFE LOADING GUIDELINES 1. Always use good judgement when exercising with or without resistance. 2. If you are beginning a new exercise program, are over 40 or have been in-active for an extended time we recommend you get medical clearance before starting 3. Loading with EXOGEN® is safe and our LOADS have been designed and tested to stay in place during activity even during fast movements and light contact situations. 4. However, there is always a possibility that a LOAD may dislodge or detach especially at higher speeds or in contact situations causing damage or injury to yourself or others nearby. To reduce the potential risk of damage or injury that could result from a LOAD dislodging please ensure; a. You read and follow all GENERAL and SAFE LOADING GUIDELINES. b. You use extra-caution and test and progress LOADING from slow to faster speeds especially during the following high-risk activities; • Punching, kicking or striking against pads, bags, dummies, with or without opponent. • Stroking and swinging with an implement like a racquet, club, bat or stick. • Throwing, passing or kicking a ball or other projectile • Any explosive movements (sprints, jumps, agility, gymnastics) that result in rapid change of direction causing quick acceleration and deceleration of the limb and LOAD. • Any of the above activities in close proximity to others. Be sure those nearby know you are LOADED. 5. LOADING will also increase collision force during potential contact activities such as martial arts, combat sports, team, field or court sports. To reduce the risk of injury to yourself and others please ensure; a. Those around you are aware you are wearing LOADED EXOGEN®. b. You test first with light loading at slow and controlled speeds c. Everyone involved is wearing the appropriate protective gear HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON EXOGEN 23 LOADING FOR LVRT ™ WATER LOADING GUIDELINES 1. EXOGEN® is designed and fully compatible for water use and with precaution is safe for water-based sports and activities. 2. During all water-based activities there is an inherent risk of injury or death due to drowning. This includes swimming, surfing, diving, paddling, kayaking, water-skiing, wake/knee boarding, sailing, jet-skiing, or similar). Therefore, a. With LOADED EXOGEN® you are adding weight to your body and this will reduce your buoyancy in any water environment. b. We recommend you do not use LOADED EXOGEN® in a water environment such as a pool, lake, river, ocean or other if you are; i. Not a competent swimmer ii. Not wearing approved life preserving, safety floatation devices as required for your age, level or activity. iii. Alone with no qualified supervision immediately nearby. LOAD ORIENTATION & PROPRIOCEPTIVE CONDITIONING For the first time, using EXOGEN®’s innovative (patent pending) technology, resistance training will not only improve neuromuscular function (strength, power, endurance) but also specific technique and movement as well. INSERTION BELLY We call this PROPRIOCEPTIVE RESISTANCE TRAINING©. The FUSIFORM LOAD™ is designed to follow muscle architecture with both BELLY and INSERTION points. The placement and orientation of these points on your body can significantly alter movement mechanics to improve specific skills or technique. FUSIFORM LOADS™ allow you to use the following LOAD OREINTATIONS depending on your desired outcome. HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON 24 EXOGEN LOADING FOR LVRT ™ GENERAL LOAD ORIENTATION 1. PROXIMAL LOADING The belly of the load is placed at the proximal end of the limb or body part near the axis of rotation / upper joint line. When several loads are placed proximally there is greater resistance at the axis of rotation resulting in higher initial inertia and faster terminal velocity. This orientation pattern is recommended for maximal speed training. 2. DISTAL LOADING The belly of the load is placed at the distal end of the limb or body segment, away from the axis or rotation / upper joint line. This reduces initial inertia but increases the terminal force requirement making it the ideal orientation where high terminal power is desired (striking, kicking, heavy swinging). 3. INTERNAL LOADING The LOADS are placed with the belly towards the midline of the body placing greater loading on the medial aspect of the limb or body segment resulting in greater internal rotation forces through-out the range of motion. This loading is ideal for people wanting to enhance the internal rotation component of a skill or movement pattern such as a golf swing, bat swing, ball throw, tennis stroke or kick. 4. EXTERNAL LOADING The LOADS are placed with the belly away from the midline placing greater loading on the lateral aspect of the limb or body segment resulting in greater external rotation forces through-out the range of motion. This loading pattern is ideal for people wishing to counter-act too much internal rotation such as a cyclist, sprinter, bowler or swimmer. 5. ALTERNATE LOADING Alternating the loads side by side, belly to insertion, maximizes the use of space while negating any rotational forces. This offers a more neutral LOAD ORIENTATION while allowing a greater overall amount of load to be applied. This is ideal for people wanting greater overall loading and/or those doing cyclic type activities like jogging where no rotational effects are desired. HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON EXOGEN 25 LOADING FOR LVRT ™ SPECIFIC LOADING ORIENTATION EXOGEN® Exoskeletons offer an unprecedented advantage over all other forms of resistance training available today. It is the first and only generation of resistance technology that allows the user to not only load the body to improve neuromuscular function (strength, power, endurance) but also to improve actual movement mechanics and skill. Imagine, using EXOGEN®’s added resistance to add power and distance, to your golf drive while simultaneously correcting your slice or hook. Our in-house research has revealed the following specific LOAD orientation guidelines recommendations for LVRT™ during specific types of movements. 1. LOADING FOR ROTATIONAL MOVEMENTS For rotational movements requiring a high degree of accuracy (EX. racquet or club swings, kicks, throws, strikes) we recommend the following; Attach the loads obliquely, either proximally or distally depending on your specific strengths and weaknesses. Load along the natural alignment of the targeted muscles, above and below the involved joints. This will enhance the rotational component and help you find the sweet spot For kicking, swinging, throwing or striking movements LOAD orientation can provide a stabilising or correcting force to your lower-leg, upper leg, hip, wrist, forearm or shoulder improving both the swing movement mechanics and power. 2. LINEAR / CYCLIC MOVEMENTS For cyclic activities such as walking, jogging, sprinting and cycling we recommend attaching the loads proximally on the front and back of the limb/torso with no internal or external loading. This will help to reduce muscle force and the feeling of heaviness and any unwanted rotation which is energy consuming and counter-productive to good cyclic mechanics. MULTI-DIRECTIONAL MOVEMENTS General training for most multi-direction activities like team sports, water sports, martial arts, court sports, gymnastics and outdoor & extreme sports LOAD on a ‘feeling’ basis. HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON 26 EXOGEN LOADING FOR LVRT ™ 3. POWER LOADING To emphasize high-speed power during LVRT™ especially during impact movements such as kicks, punches and strikes DISTAL LOADING is recommended with the belly of the load near the point of impact. In these cases be sure your EXOGEN® straps are fully tightened to reduce the chance of slippage 4. SPEED LOADING To emphasize rotational joint speed and/or linear movement speed, PROXIMAL LOADING is recommended with the belly of the LOADs closer to the proximal point. In these cases, be sure your EXOGEN® straps are fully tightened to reduce the chance of slippage 5. ENDURANCE LOADING LOADING to increase the intensity of general endurance training is best done on a comfortable position / orientation on your exoskeleton to reduce the need to re-adjust the weight once you have started. You do not want to be adjusting a load once you’ve started training that interferes with your cyclic motion because it feels in the wrong place during a long run, ride or swim. 6. STRENGTH LOADING For greater strength adaptation more than 10% of bodyweight can be applied when wearing the full body suit. To maximize total load placement on your exoskeleton place the loads using the ALTERNATE LOADING. 7. BODY PART TONING Though controversy surrounds the topic of ‘spot reducing,’ spot-toning is highly achievable by loading the specific muscles or body parts desired while performing the correct movements that they control. To target a specific muscle, muscle group or body part, simply load the body over and around that area. The enhanced proprioception and additional resistance will both help to improve the muscle activity of that body part. HIGH PERFORMANCE EXOSKELETON EXOGEN 27

TRANSPORTING • Use your mesh bag and roll-up to carry and store your EXOGEN® and LOADS • Place your exoskeleton in the mesh bag and place your loads inside your roll-up • When ready to carry, simply place the mesh bag inside the roll-up, roll it up, secure the end flaps, grab the strap and go!

WASH & CARE • EXOGEN® is an elastic-based product. To maintain elasticity; - Hand or mild-machine wash in cold water with mild detergent - Hang dry. - Never use warm or hot water or warm-air tumble driers. • Place EXOGEN® in the mesh bag for machine washing to avoid Velcro tangling with other clothes • LOADS can be rinsed occasionally under cold running water and lay flat to dry or hung with the roll-up. Avoid exposure to heat or direct sunlight for long periods • Depending on use EXOGEN® does not have to be washed daily. Its environment friendly anti microbial treatment will protect it from smell for some time. • We recommend a simple cold-water rinse and hang dry after each use, • Hand or machine-wash with soap 1-2 times/month. Heavy use may require more frequent washing. • Remember, washing will wear the material and printing down over time. STORAGE • Like any elastic sports tool it is best to hang your exoskeleton pieces when not in use for long periods. • Additionally, we recommend that you do not store the exoskeleton pieces with the hook straps attached to the plush- material. Over-time this can reduce the attachment ability and break down the plush material. • Instead fold the hook-tabs in to attach to itself before storing for travel or several days or longer. WARRANTY • EXOGEN® Exoskeletons and loads are warranted for 90 days from the date of purchase by the original owner of the product. • For warranty redemption, please retain your sales slip for your records. Any product or part thereof found to be defective within that period will be replaced without charge provided that: (1) The product was not been misused; (2) no alterations or modifications were made; (3) its failure resulted from a defect in material or workmanship and not from abuse, general use or unintended use Can EXOGEN® be worn during actual competition or is it only for training? Yes, EXOGEN® is designed to be worn during your actual sport. Are there any safety guidelines for using EXOGEN®? Yes, although light, EXOGEN® is still resistance training. Follow all our training and safety guidelines for exercise here in our USER GUIDE before training with EXOGEN® Is there anyone who shouldn’t use EXOGEN®? Anyone can benefit from exercising and training with EXOGEN™. There really are no limitations so long as you are medically fit, have expert guidance if needed and follow all safety guidelines outlined in our USER GUIDE. Would I stop using other resistance equipment if I use EXOGEN®? Not at all, no single product provides everything. In fact, EXOGEN® is a great compliment to your current training and exercise routine







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