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PDF Content Summary: Pleasereadthismanualcarefullybeforeoperating washingmachineandretainitforfuturereference

P1155S*P8035S*P7015S* P6001R*

P1145S* P1045S* P1040S* P9545S* P9040R* P8030S* P7535S* P7530S* P7025S* P7020N* P7010R* P6510N*

MFL68505411 Rev.00_010820

ENERGY SAVING GUIDE ÅtkZ cpr xkbM 4 6~7 8 9 10 11 12~13 14 14 15 16 17

This appliance is not intended for use by persons (Including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a persons responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. ;g midj.k de ‘kkjhfjd laosnh ;k ekufld {kerk] ;k vuqHko dh deh okys O;fDr;ksa ¼cPPkksa lfgr½ }kjk mi;ksx djus ds fy, ugha gS] tc rd fd mudh tokcnsg fdlh O;fDr }kjk e’khu ds lapkyu lEcU/kh funsZ’k uk fn;k tk, vkSj cPpksa ij fuxjkuh j[kuh pkfg, fd os e’khu ds lkFk uk [ksysA Take care of following signs to avoid any harm to machine & operator e’khu vkSj vkWijsVj dks fdlh Hkh uqdlku ls cpus ds fy, fuEufyf[kr ladsrks dk /;ku j[ksa This Washing Machine is intended to be used in household and similar applications only. bl okf’kax e’khu dk mi;ksx dsoy ?kjsyw vkSj blh rjg ds vuqiz;ksxksa esa fd;k tkuk pkfg,A Disclaimer : The user should follow the instructions as per the owner’s manual to avoid any malfunctioning of the product, accident or damage. The manufacturer is not liable for any accident or consequential or resulting liability, damage or loss to property or life arising directly or indirectly from the product. The manufacturer’s liability is limited only to the extent of repair or replacement of the product as per the terms and condition mentioned elsewhere in the document. fMLDysej % mi;ksxdrkZ dks mRikn dh fdlh Hkh [kjkch] nq?kZVuk ;k {kfr ls cpus ds fy, vkWuj eSuqvy ds vuqlkj funsZ’kksZ dk ikyu djuk pkfg,A fdlh Hkh nq?kZVuk ;k ifj.keh ns;rk] lEifRr ;k thou dks mRikn ls izR;{k ;k vizR;{k :Ik ls mRiu gksus okys uqdlku ds fy, fuekZrk mRrjnk;h ugha gSA fuekZrk dh ns;rk dsoy nLrkost esa mfYyf[kr ‘krksZa ds vuqlkj mRikn dh ejEer ;k izfrLFkkiu ds lhek rd lhfer gSA

Do not touch the power supply cord with your wet hand. Avoid using hot water over 50°C. It may deform plastic parts or cause malfunction. 50° ls0 ls vf/kd xEkZ ikuh dk mi;ksx u djsaA blls IykfLVd ds fgLlksa dk :Ik fcxM+ ldrk gS ;k [kjkch Hkh gks ldrh gSA The level of the drain should be slightly lower than the lowest part of the washing machine in order to ensure proper and complete drainage and to avoid falling of overflowing water on electrical parts. Do not use volatile material such as Benzene, Gasoline bug killer. Do not leave strong alkaline substance such as bleach inside the tub. It may damage plastic surface and rubber parts. cSUthu] xSlksyhu ;k dhVuk’kd tSls Toyu’khy inkFkksZ dk mi;ksx u djsaA Cyhp tSls rst+ {kkjh; inkFkZ Vc esa u NksMs+A Water Level Washing Machine is provided with different water level selection options for washing / Rinsing process such as , "L" (Low) , "M" (Medium) , "H" (High) . "H" represents the Maximum water level available .

Fill the adequate water quantity as per the laundry load so that Mªsu gkWt Clothes can absorb required amount of water & water will not be short.

fudkl uyh okf’kax ds lcls fupys fgLls ls dqN uhph gksuh pkfg,] rkfd ikuh lgh <ax ls iwjh rjg fudy lds vkSj fo/kqr Hkkxksa ij Qkyrw cgrs gq, ikuh dks fxjus ls jksdk tk ldsA It may cause electric shock. blls fo/kqr vk?kkr yx ldrk gSA ty Lrj okf’kax e’khu] /kksus@fjaflax izfØ;k ds fy, vyx&vyx ty Lrj p;u tSls **L**¼fuEu½] **M**¼e/;e½] **H**¼mPp½] fodYiksa ds lkFk iznku dh xbZ gSA **H**vf/kdre ty&Lrj dksa n’kkZrk gSA diMk+sa ds yksM ds vuqlkj i;kZIr ek=k esa ikuh Hkj ysa] rkfd diM+s ikuh dh vko’;d ek=k lks[k ldsa vkSj ikuh dh ek=k de uk iM+sA

Warning/ psrkouh lHkh iSdsftax Packaging materials (such as plastic bags and thermocol) should be to kept away from children./ ¼IykfLVd cSx vkSj FkeksZdksy bR;kfn½ dks cPpksa ls nwj j[ksaAa The packaging material can cause suffocation./ iSdsftax lkexzh dh otg ls ?kqVu gks ldrh gSA 5 1 15 15 6

15 15

15 15 7 For your convenience hang up the wash cover on the left side of the washing machine tub when not in use. vkidh lqfo/kk ds fy, okW'k doj dks e'khu ds ck;ha rjQ yVdk ysa] tc og iz;ksx esa u gksA 8

For water level refer to Tables for Reference on page 16./ ty Lrj ds fy, i`"B 16 ij lanHkZ ds fy, nh xbZ rkfydk ns[ksaA 16 16 15 15 15 15

15 15 -1 -1 -1 -1 10 -1 -1 Close the safety cover-1 and than spin dryer cover. ls¶Vh doj&1 vkSj fLiu Mªk;j doj <d nsaA 15 15 fctyh dk rkj lkWdsV esa ls fudky nsaA 12~13)./ ns[kHkky vkSj j[k&j[kko funsZ'k i<s+½ 11 Smart LekVZ fQYVj

Press the upper and lower part of the Remove lint and then wash out.

filter and pull forward.Press the upper part of overflow

fQYVj ds Åijh vkSj fupys fgLls dks nck,a vkSj vkxs dh vksj [khpsaA Open the lid & remove lint and then wash out. fyM ¼LID½ [kksysa vkSj fyaV dks gVk nsa vkSj fQj /kksyasA fyaV dks gVk nsa vkSj fQj /kks ysaA Close the lid and then insert the lower part of the overflow filter into the wash tub and then press top part into original position. fyM ¼LID½ can djsa vkSj fQj vksoj¶yks fQYVj ds fupys fgLls dks okW'k Vc esa Mkysa vkSj Åijh fgLls dks ewy fLFkfr esa ykus ds fy, nck,aA 15 filter down and pull forward. vksoj¶yks fQ+YVj ds Åijh Hkkx dks uhps nack, vkSj vkxs dh vksj [khpsaA Place the filter to the original position. fQYVj dks ewy fLFkfr esa j[ksaA 15

12 For Selected models only. dsoy p;fur ekWMy ds fy,A -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 13 14 r e t a W ) L (l e v e L 6 1 7 r e t l i F t r a m S 2 3 5 2 0 1 x 5 4 5 x 5 0 9 4 8 1 3 ) C ( 1 e l b a T 7 2 7 2 0 8 9 x 0 8 4 x 0 1 8 6 6 ) B ( 2 e l b a T 0 1 6 2 ) B ( 1 e l b a T ) A ( 2 e l b a T 4 2 5 7 9 x 0 8 4 x 5 9 7 0 6 ) A ( 1 e l b a T 1 2 0 0 9 x 5 4 4 x 0 2 7 0 5 ) D ( 1 e l b a T ) 2 m c / f g k A s ; g f k p * 5 2 0 . 1 1 5 2 0 . 1 1 5 2 0 . 0 1 5 2 0 . 0 1 5 2 5 . 9 0 . 9 5 2 0 . 8 5 2 0 . 8 0 2 5 . 7 0 2 5 . 7 0 2 0 . 7 0 . 7 0 2 0 . 7 0 . 7 5 . 6 0 . 6 y t i c a k r e 1 ( a Pk 00 1 n a ht s s e l e b dl u o h S e r u s s e r P k u s k g e d s l ½2 m c @ f g k 1 ¼a P k 0 0 1 o k c n k

* * k

* * * * * * * r

* * * * * * * p { e d

S551 1P S541 1P S540 1P S040 1P S545 9P R040 9P S530 8P S030 8P S035 7P S535 7P S520 7P N020 7P S510 7P R010 7P N015 6P R100 6P a C hs a W * h d s u s k k / * ta W e to N h u k i & V s k u 15 7.0 7.0 7.0 Fill water in wash tub to height 20 mm above the level you desire. when washing will start water level will automatically adjust to the level you desire. okW’k Vc dks vius t:jr ds ikuh Lrj ls 20 fe0fe0 ds Åij rd Hkj yasA tc okWf’kx 'kq: gksxh rks ikuh dk Lrj vius vki vkids t:jr ds Lrj rd vk tk,xkA 16


minute minute minute minute minute minute * * P1155S / P1145S and gentle mode for remaining models. lkekU; eksM] ekWMy P1155S / P1145S ds fy, vkSj tsaVy eksM 'ks"k ekWMy ds fy, A * * 17 3 YEAR ADDITIONAL WARRANTY ON THE WASH MOTOR The 3 Year warranty on the Wash Motor will continue even after the expiry of 2 year period from the date of * * purchase.This warranty covers Wash Motor only except for the models P6510N & P6001R .During the additional warranty period, it does not cover parts such as Controller Assembly, Timers, Spin motor, Tub assembly, etc. The standard visiting charges will be applicable within municipal limit of town where LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. (LGEIL) has its Authorized Service Centre, Service Outside municipal limit will attract to and fro travelling, other incidental expense in addition to standard visiting charges, as per the prevailing from time to time. During the additional warranty period only the parts replaced or repaired shall be free of costs, but service charges shall always be payable by the customer. COMMON TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLICABLE FOR WARRANTIES AS MENTIONED ABOVE a) The warranty card is not completed properly at the time of purchase. b) The completed warranty card is not presented to authorized service personnel at the time of service of the product. c) The product is not operated according to instructions given in the Operating Instruction Booklet/Owner's Manual. d) The product is used for commercial purposes. e) The product is used at any places such as public bathroom, lodging house, training center, dormitory etc. f) The product has failed under certain conditions like water logging , flood , fire , misuse etc. g) Defects/malfunction are caused by improper or reckless use, which shall be determined by the company personnel. h) Any repair work is carried out by persons other than authorized service personnel. i) Defect/malfunction are caused which are beyond control like lightening, abnormal voltage, Acts of God,virus etc. j) Any issue is caused by usage of 3rd party product like voltage stabilizer, power outlet socket, MCB, extension board etc. k) Defects/malfunction caused while in transit to service centre or purchaser's residence. l) Defects caused by rodents bite or by pests and vermin ants/Insects/animals/birds etc. m) The serial number is deleted, defected or altered. n) Damage is caused to the product or any part/s due to transportation or shifting o) Any accessory external to the equipment are supplied by dealer or LG. CUSTOMER’S DETAILS







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