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PDF Content Summary: Installation Operation Maintenance Troubleshooting Model: 32S-M Lang Marine Electric Range Lang Manufacturing Company 6500 Merrill Creek Parkway Everett, WA 98203 Part Number: 60802-10 Phone: 425-349-2400 Fax: 425-349-2733 © Copyright 1998 LANGWORLD.COM 2 3 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS RANGE TOPS Electric range tops consist of various top arrangements, depending upon the specific models purchased. Options include: 1.) 12" x24" hot plates 2.) Round speed units 3.) Griddles These units are independently controlled by three position switches, thermostats, or infinite controls. All thermostats are used in conjunction with a red indicator or pilot lamp. When the light is on the elements are energized and bringing the plate to the temperature set on the thermostat. When the light is off the plate has reached the temperature set on the thermostat. Griddle pilot lights should be allowed to cycle a least twice before usage. Recommended Usage: 1.) 12"x 24" hot plates - Heavy stock pots and kettles. 2.) Round speed units - Light duty sauce pans and small stock pots. (NOT recommended for large stock pots.) 3.) Griddles - Used for grilling product directly on surface. CAUTION- All hot plates and speed units should be turned to the low or off position when not in use. Allowing these elements to stay in the full on or high position with nothing on top to absorb and dissipate the heat is detrimental to element life. Lang warranty provisions do not cover abuse of this nature. 4 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS LANG COMMERCIAL ELECTRIC RANGES GENERAL The range is designed to give, well regulated, uniform heat throughout the oven and over the surface units. The oven and surface units should be thoroughly preheated before being used. It is advantageous from an operating cost stand point to operate with the switches and/or thermostats set at the lowest position that will satisfactorily perform the cooking being done. INITIAL PREHEAT Before the initial use of the range, the oven must be thoroughly allowed to dry itself out. This is done by setting the top and bottom oven switches to the “low” position, and setting the thermostat to 350 degrees. Allow the range oven to saturate until all vapor and condensation has been eliminated. For best operating results allow the range oven to thoroughly dry out. Allow 8 to 12 hours for this process. Clean top plates thoroughly. Apply salad oil. Turn each plate switch or thermostat to a low position and allow plate to heat for three hours. RANGE CONTROLS Three heat switches or automatic thermostats control the top plate units. The range is provided with an upper heating unit located in the top of the oven and a lower heating unit located under the metal deck, in the bottom of the oven. Each heating unit is independently regulated for proper ratio of "top" and "bottom" heat, to suit the product being baked or roasted, by means of two 3-heat switches located in the panel at the right of the range. The range oven is also provided with an adjustable, automatic temperature control, the dial, which is located in the range switch panel. The setting of the control dial establishes the average temperature to be maintained in the range oven. OPERATION The range oven must be thoroughly, preheated before satisfactory baking can be done. The range oven will not bake uniformly if not sufficiently preheated. To compensate for temperature drop when loading the range oven, set the thermostat up 50 degrees over the desired temperature. Reset thermostat after the range is loaded. The range oven may, of course, be preheated with the 3 heat switches set at a lower position than "High", but the time required will be proportionally longer. After preheating, set the two 3 heat switches for proper ratio of "top" and "bottom" heat to suit the product to be baked or roasted. The 12" high "Roasting and Baking" range oven is equipped with a removable rack. For baking pies, bread, or for roasting operations, the rack may be placed directly on the metal deck and the pans placed on the rack. For baking cakes or pastries the rack should be located in the lower position provided by the rack supports at the sides of the range and the pans placed on the rack in this lower position. 5 Range Top 12 x 24 Hot Plate or Round Speed Units, controlled by 3 - heat switch, 6 - heat switch or high temperature thermostats. Round Speed Units, controlled by 3 - heat switch or 6 - heat switch. Recommended: Light duty sauce pans and small stock - pots. Not Recommended: Heavy stock - pots, or heavy urns, or kettles. 12 x 24 or 24 x 24 Griddle plates, controlled by thermostats. Temperature range 450 degrees F. Recommended: All heavy and light frying. Set the thermostat dial at the desired temperature. The red pilot light will be illuminated until the desired temperature is reached. The pilot light indicates when the plate is heating. Maintenance Instruction Daily Cleaning Warning: Burns could occur when dealing with hot grease! Empty grease drawers daily or when the area under the grease shoot is full. Do not wait until the entire grease drawer is full. Clean exterior of the range with hot water and a mild detergent to maintain a gleaming appearance. Keep the griddle plate surface clean. After each cooking load, scrape the griddle surface to remove any carbonized grease. Caution: When scraping griddle surface, do not scrape the splash guard. It may eventually be cut through. Weekly Cleaning The range should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week in addition to the normal daily cleaning to insure against the accumulation of foreign material. Keep inside of oven and metal deck clean, particularly around door opening, door edges and at bottom of door opening so that the door may close tightly. 6

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PARTS LIST DESCRIPTION PART NO. Element Top Plate 208V O/S 2000 Watts 11010-09 Element Top Plate 208V I/S 3000 Watts 11010-10 Element Top Plate 115VDC O/S 2000 Watts 11010-13 Element Top Plate 115VDC I/S 3000 Watts 11010-14 Element Top Plate 240V O/S 2000 Watts 11010-21 Element Top Plate 240V I/S 3000 Watts 11010-22 Element Top Plate 480V O/S 2000 Watts 11010-23 Element Top Plate 480V I/S 3000 Watts 11010-24 Element Top Plate 380V O/S 2000 Watts 11010-25 Element Top Plate 380V I/S 3000 Watts 11010-26 Element 32 Oven 208/240 Volt I/S 1000 Watts 11040-01 Element 32 Oven 208/240 Volt O/S 1000 Watts 11040-02 Element 32 Oven 480 Volt I/S 1000 Watts 11040-07 Element 32 Oven 480 Volt O/S 1000 Watts 11040-08 Element 32 Oven 115 Volt DC I/S 1000 Watts 11040-15 Element 32 Oven 115 Volt DC O/S 1000 Watts 11040-16 Element 32 Oven 380 Volt I/S 1000 Watts 11040-17 Element 32 Oven 380 Volt O/S 1000 Watts 11040-18 Element French Plate 208 Volt 2600 Watts 11120-12 Element French Plate 240 Volt 2600 Watts 11120-13 Element French Plate 480 Volt 2600 Watts 11120-14 Element French Plate 380 Volt 2000 Watts 11120-18 Thumb Screws 1/4-20 x 3/4 20112-01 Switch Three Heat 240/600VDC 30304-04 Switch Rotating 3 Heat 30304-06 Switch Rotating 6 Heat + Off 30304-09 Thermostat 450°F Oven/Griddle 30402-08 Terminal Strip 24 Pole 30500-06 Terminal Block 2 Pole Large 30500-11 Contactor 4 Pole 125VDC 30703-01 Fuse 60 Amp 250 Volt 30900-08 Fuse Block 2 Pole 60 Amp 208/240 Volt Units 30901-06 Pilot Light 208/240 Volt 6” Lead Black Body 31601-01 Pilot Light 480 Volt 6” Lead Black Body 31601-02 Circuit Breaker 208/240 Volt 1-Pole 31800-01 Circuit Breaker 480 Volt 3-Pole 31800-04 Handle Channel Marine 50300-14 Element Pan Assembly with Snout 50300-20 Speed Unit Frame Assembly 50300-29 9 PARTS LIST CONT’D Grab Bar Assembly 30” Long 50300-30 French Plate Frame Assembly 50300-82 Element Clip Long 50301-09 Element Clip Short 50301-10 Element Bushing Metal 50301-11 Hot Top Assy. 3/4” x 1 foot 50400-02 Range Plate Assy 1/2” x 1 foot 50401-01 Range Plate Assy 1/2” x 2 foot 50401-02 Tension Disc Oven Door 50800-07 Ship Rail 13” 50900-01 Ship Rail 24” 50900-02 Ship Rail Hooked 11 3/8” 50901-01 Ship Rail Hooked 29 1/2” 50901-02 Ship Rail Socket Front 50902-01 Ship Rail Socket Rear 50902-02 Spring Right Side 7 1/2” Long – Oven Door 51001-02 Knob 3 Heat Switch 70701-10 Knob Thermostat 450°F Griddle / Oven 70701-16 Knob 6 Heat Switch 70701-41 Knob 3 Heat 240/600 VDC 70701-51 10







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