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PDF Content Summary: Installation FS-2020D/FS-3920DN/FS-4020DN Guide Clearance • Temperature: 10 to 32.5 °C (50 to 90.5 °F) • Humidity: 15 to 80 %RH • Power Supply: 120 V AC, 60 Hz, 7.7 A / 220 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 4.3 A Insert the protrusion at the right of the rear cover into the hole in the printer. 7 Insert the new waste toner box as shown in the figure. When the box is set correctly, it will snap into place. Environment Make sure that the place of installation meets the following requirements. 300 mm (11-13/16") CAUTION: Be sure to provide enough space around printer. Prolonged use without sufficient clearance may cause overheating. Important: Do not install the printer where temperature or humidity is outside the recommended range. Print quality may suffer and there will be an increased chance of paper 300 mm 100 mm 200 mm 600 mm jams. (11-13/16") (3-15/16") (7-7/8") (23-5/8") 1List of Shipped Components Important: When carrying the printer, always hold the right and left sides as shown. 2 1 2 Insert the protrusion at the left of the rear cover into the hole in the printer. The rear cover is fixed. 3Installing the Toner Container and Waste Toner Box Before you can use the printer for the Open the top cover and remove the Shake the new toner container at least 4 Remove the label from the toner first time, you must prepare it by fixing tape. 10 times as shown in the figure in order container. installing the toner container and waste toner box. Take the toner container from the bag. to distribute the toner evenly inside the container. Attaching the Label Carefully remove the printer and other items from the box. Check that nothing is missing against the list of shipped components. Power Cord Attach the included language label sheet on the indicator as shown in the figure. Printer CD-ROM Toner Container Manual and Other Printed Materials Waste Toner Box Rear Cover Plastic Waste Bag Language Label Sheet Installing the Rear Cover 1 3 2 5 Install the toner container into the 6 Push on the PUSH marks on the toner Close the top cover. 8 Open the cap of the waste toner box. printer. container until the container clicks into place. 9 Open the left cover. 10 11 Close the left cover. Adding 4 Paper to the Paper Cassette The paper cassette can accommodate A6(FS-2020D model:A5) to A4/Letter and Legal size paper and can hold approximately 500 sheets. 1 Pull out the paper cassette. 2 Turn the paper size dial so that the size 3 of the paper you are going to use appears in the paper size window. Pull the release lever and slide the paper stopper to the desired paper size. Cap © 2008 by KYOCERA MITA Corporation All rights reserved. 2-28, 1-Chome, Tamatsukuri, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-8585, Japan Pull the release lever on the left side guide and slide to the desired paper size. 4 If you are going to set paper that is 5 6 Fan the paper, then tap it on a level 7 Place the paper in the cassette, with longer than A4/Letter, pull out the surface to avoid media jams or skewed side to be printed downward, so that extension paper cassettes pushing the printing. the leading edge is aligned against the lock lever one by one and adjust them paper stopper. to the desired paper size. 8 Set the stack of paper so that it is under the clips as shown. Important: Do not load more paper than will fit under the load limit marks (▼ ▼) on the paper guides. 9 Insert the paper cassette into the slot in the printer. Push it straight in as far as it will go. 5Connecting Cables 1 Connect the printer to the PC or your network device. Use shielded interface cables. 2 Connect the power cord to the printer These cables are sold separately. and the other end into a power outlet. Remove the cap, when using the network interface. Important: Installing the optional network interface card on the FS-2020D model enables the network function. 6 Selecting the Message Language 1 Turn the power switch to on ( | ). 2Wait until the message display indicates MSG Language. The default message Important: The printer will begin replenishing the toner; this will take approximately 15 language is English. minutes. Important: MSG Language may not appear according to the destination. 3 To change the language, press [△] or [▽] repeatedly until the message display shows the desired language. 4 Press [OK]. The message language will be changed. Refer to the Operation Guide to set network parameters and to install the printer driver. Printed in China 302J056020 Rev.1.0 2008.9







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