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PDF Content Summary: LX Platform SRT-8 / Hellcat Installation instructions Thank you for your purchase, we appreciate your business. Do not attempt this installation if proper safety equipment isn’t available to you. Seek the assistance of a professional installer. Kooks SRT-8 / Hellcat headers install from underneath the vehicle. Raising and securing the vehicle with jack stands is a must if a lift is not available. To install this system you will want to have on hand your general assortment of hand tools. But you will also want to have the following, four jack stands, one hydraulic jack, and a gasket scraper, anti seize, WD-40 also surgical gloves, and safety glasses. It’s a good idea to spray the lube to help loosen the connections and fasteners at this time. While the lube is doing its job we can start the installation. #1—Start by disconnecting the battery. Next loosen the three bolts that hold the fuse box in the engine bay. Once the bolts are removed cut the two tie raps on the large and small electrical wire bundles going to the fuse box and lift the fuse box up and towards the rear if the engine bay. Now jack up the vehicle and secure with stands. #2—Remove the plastic belly pan under the vehicle. Mark the locations of, and remove the oxygen sensors. There are four of them. #3—Remove the factory exhaust system under the car, up to the clamps behind the ‘catted’ pipe by removing the four 5/8 nuts from the manifolds. #4—Next remove the steering shaft. There are two 10mm bolts that hold it in place. Unbolt the starter, and allow it to sit on the cross member. Disconnect the ground sensors and the bolt that went to the block. Kooks Custom Headers – 141 Advantage Place. Statesville, NC 28677 kookscustomheaders.com 1 of 2 #5 Remove the two 10mm nuts from the dipstick bracket and remove the stick. Now remove all the manifold bolts, some are a little tricky, the best way is to reach up from the bottom and across the top of the manifold. They are all 10mm. You can now take the manifolds out from under the vehicle. #6—This is a good time to scrape and clean the exhaust port surfaces, but be careful, the heads are aluminum. Next place all the bottom header bolts in the head and turn them in so that ¾ of the threads are still visible and install the gaskets. It’s also a good practice to coat the head and header surfaces with a light coating of high temp silicone. #7—Starting with the driver’s side, slide the header up and onto the motor. Using the new hardware, fasten the headers complete with the gasket and tighten. Install the passenger side header next and also fasten with new hardware. Reinstall the starter onto the block, and also install the steering shaft, being careful to install both the same way they came out. Replace the ground sensors onto the block. #8—Install the connection pipe system using the clamps and hardware from the kit. Before you tighten anything, check that every thing is located, centered, and aligned correctly under the vehicle. #9—Install the oxygen sensors and the extension cables that connect to the factory harness, and reinstall the belly pan under the vehicle. #10—Lower the vehicle, replace the fuse box assembly, and reconnect the battery. If additional assistance is needed, please contact Kooks Custom Headers Toll Free at 1-866-586-KOOK or contact your dealer. Kooks Custom Headers – 141 Advantage Place. Statesville, NC 28677 kookscustomheaders.com 2 of 2 Daimler Chrysler SRT-8 O2 Extensions, the black front O2 extension may need to have the top tab ground off and on the rear gray O2 extension the offset tab may have to be ground off also* If additional help is required please contact our tech line at 1-704-768-2288.







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