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PDF Content Summary: JVC SERVICE MANUAL MODEL UA.7045 TONEARM *NNNNNNN ** ONDON No. 2392 DEC. 1976 Contents 1. Specifications 1. Specifications .......... 2. Features .......... 3. Technical Comment on New Gimbal Support ... 4. Names of Parts .... 5. Mounting, Setting up and Adjustments 5-(1) Tonearm mounting ....... 5-(2) Arm base mounting ........ 5-(3) Cartridge mounting ....... 5-(4) Tonearm setting-up ........ 5-(5) Zero balance and tracking force adjustment 5-(6) Anti-skating adjustment ..... 5-(7) Head shell angle adjustment .. 5-(8) Overhang adjustment ...... 5-(9) Arm rest ............. 5-(10) Arm elevator assembly ..... 6. Main Dimensions .................... 7. Exploded View and Part Numbers ......... 8. Packing Materials and Accessories Part Numbers ...6 Type: T.H. (Tracing-Hold) system, static balance, new gimbal support Overall length : 350mm Effective length : 245mm Off-set angle :21°40' Tracking error : +1°48', -1°31'. Overhang : 15mm Tracking force range: 0-39 (0.1g direct reading) Weight range (including shell) : 12 – 32g Height range : 40 – 60mm Weight : Approx. 610g Facilities: 1. Chucking lock head shell connector 2. Helicoid type arm elevating system 3. Forged head shell 4. Oil-damped arm elevator 5. Anti-skating system 6. Low capacitance signal cords Design and specifications subject to change without notice. 2. Features 5. Lift point The lift point is provided to avoid unwanted horizontal movement of the tonearm when descending and ascending. Perpendicular movement is always assured. 1. New gimbal support tonearm The bearing system, utilizing high precision miniature radial ball bearings positioned symmetrically, permits the operational center of the bearings to be looked upon as a single point. This new structure is achieved with micron accuracy thanks to a new precision machining technique. The advantages of both one point and gimbal support systems are combined in the UA-7045; big sensitivity and excellent trackability on the one hand and easy operability and outstanding durability on the other hand. 6. Rotary type anti-skating knob An easy-to-operate rotary type anti-skating knob is provided on the upper side of the tonearm. Operation feeling is exactly the same as that of the iris mechanism on a camera, thus projecting that feeling of high pre cision. 7. Arm height fine adjustment Arm height can be adjusted as smoothly as the zoom lens of a camera, even while listening to a record, and a height obtained which reduces the vertical tracking error to a minimum. 2. Chucking lock head shell connector The head shell connector is double structured and the inside cylinder is tapered expanding toward the out side. As you turn the plug-in nut to insert the head shell, the inside cylinder sinks deeper into the con nector and the head shell becomes secured gradually thanks to the cone-shape structure of the inside cylin der. The head shell connector thus permits the UA 7045 to combine the high tone quality of integrated type tonearms with the convenience of universal type tonearms. 8. Arm rest with locking facility Providing the arm rest with a dial type locking system increases durability and minimizes the danger of damage to the cartridge caused by accidental move ment of the tonearm. 3. Forged aluminum head shell The head shell is forged from molten pure aluminum to prevent blow holes, thus completing the resonance-free design and ensuring excellent tone quality. 9. Easy zero balancing and tracking force adjustment Sliding the counterweight back and forth permits you to coarse-adjust the zero balance. The fine adjustment is then easily performed by merely turning the counter weight axis. Tracking force adjustment is quite easy. Align the tracking force dial with the "0" mark, then turn the weight shaft until you obtain the tracking force you want. 4. Tubular arm containing shock absorber A light shock-absorbing material is packed inside the tonearm to prevent resonance at a certain frequency. 10. Tubular arm of aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy Strength is three times that of conventional pure aluminum arms. This greatly reduces resonance. UA-7045 No. 2392 - 1 - 3. Technical Comment on New Gimbal Support 4.Names of Parts SMANNAMON (Comparison with gimbal support system previously em ployed) Since the distances from each horizontal or vertical bearing to the assumed "zero" point are equal, moving the arm in the direction of the arrow imparts an equal amount of torque and turn angle to each bearing, thereby providing extremely smooth motion, with quality comparable to the one point support. The big difference between previous gimbal support sys tems and the new gimbal support is that 4 bearings are incorporated in a single unit, thus producing greater preci sion, stability, sensitivity and reliability. With previous systems, pulling the tubular arm with force F exerts torque FS on the horizontal bearings, thus subjecting them to break down. While, with the new gimbal support, S is zero and no torque is exerted on the horizontal bearing, thus ensuring freedom from breakdown. Fig. 2 1) Finger 6) Tracking force dial 11) Fine adjustment 2) Head shell 7) Counterweight knob 3) Plug-in nut 8) Lead wires 12) Lock ring 4) Arm rest 9) Screw 13) Arm base 5) Anti-skating dial 10) Arm'elevator 14) Washer 15) Base nut NEW GIMBALS Vertical 7 bearings 5. Mounting, Setting-up and Adjustment Horizontal bearings PU ***** FORMER GIMBALS -Vertical bearings *** 5-(1) Tonearm mounting Referring to the template supplied as an accessory, determine the tonearm mounting point. Be sure that the back of the counterweight or head shell does not touch the player dust cover at any point in tonearm travel. 5-(2) Arm base mounting Loosen the lock ring by turning counterclockwise, remove the arm base from the tonearm, then secure the arm base to the tonearm board as shown in Fig. 3. Be sure that the pin inside the arm base is positioned to the rear. * ** *** ******* * *** **** wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww www***** e ** * ** MU ELLE WM NWU*************** ****wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww TE022223221 * ****** NOW ***** NON *** ******* ww M AU ** * * **** 22 *** www ********* > Horizontal bearings * ** AMAMAN 2 . *** *** *** 333333333333 33333333 tutti wwwww M S *** ***** ***************** ******** ** ***** ww *New ****** 41 WAND ******* VAN www *********** ww **** wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww w . WA LLLLLLLL TILLIT NEW GIMBALS Counterweight to DELLE Tubular arm Horizontal | bearings Fig. 3 5-(3) Cartridge mounting The head shell is equipped with socket type lead wires, which are connected to the appropriate cartridge terminals. FORMER GIMBALS Counterweight - Blue Direction of damaging force to bearings White ti MAMAMARAAMAT Red wire ...... to R+ Green wire .... to R White wire... . to L+ Blue wire ..... to L Tubular arm Operational center of bearings 나도 - Red Horizontal bearings Green Fig. 1 Fig. 4 UA-7045 No. 2392 - 2 - 5-(6) Anti-skating adjustment The UA-7045 adopts the rotary knob type anti-skat ing system for easier operability. For example, if the optimum cartridge tracking force is 1g, turn the anti skating knob in the direction of the arrow until the "1" mark on the anti-skating dial is aligned with the index line. 5-(4) Tonearm setting-up 1) Tonearm height adjustment (Fig. 5) Set the fine adjustment knob to "O", then mount the tonearm on the arm base. With the tonearm supported by the arm rest, adjust the height of the tonearm until the clearance between the stylus tip and record surface is 0 - 3mm. Turn the lock ring clockwise to secure the tonearm, then perform pre cision adjustment using the fine adjustment knob. 2) Connect the signal cords to the proper terminals from the back of the tonearm boards. Connect the pin plugs to the PHONO terminals on the ampli fier, red to (R) and white to (L). Connect the ground wire to the ground terminal on the amplifier. Anti-skating dial - Index line — . Fig. 9 wew LScrew Are adjustment to Locking Arm base 5-(7) Head shell angle adjustment If the stylus tip is not perpendicular to the surface of a record, loosen the lock screws on the lower side of the tonearm, with the small screwdriver supplied (as in Fig. 10), then adjust the head shell until it is parallel to the platter. Be sure to re-tighten the screws after the adjustment is completed. For reference purposes, measurement by eye is sufficient. The upper part of Fig. 10 shows an example of an incorrect head shell angle. Fig. 5 5-(5) Zero balance and tracking force adjustment 1) Zero balance Zero balance can be obtained in two ways: a) Slide the counterweight back and forth, then set at approximately the middle of the weight shaft. Adjust for zero balance by turning the weight shaft clockwise or counterclockwise. (See Fig. 6.) b) Keep the weight shaft 10 – 15mm away from the shaft holder, then sliding the counterweight back and forth until zero balance is obtained. 2) Tracking force adjustment (See Fig. 7.) After zero balance is obtained, align the "0" mark on the tracking force dial with the index line. Turn ing the weight shaft counterclockwise, as viewed from the front of the tonearm, increases tracking force in 0.1g increments. One complete turn of the shaft increases the tracking force by 3g. 3) The counterweight and shaft have been adjusted to slide smoothly. Adjusting the screw with the screw driver, supplied as an accessory, permits you to obtain just the degree of smoothness you want. 4) No need to worry even if using an extremely heavy cartridge. In the case of a heavy cartridge, fit the sub-weight (supplied) onto the end of the weight shaft, by screwing clockwise. (See Fig. 8.) Lock screws wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww -- Screwdriver Fig. 10 -Counterwipht - Tracking forco dial L 10-15am Weishi haft SON 5-(8) Overhang adjustment Proper overhang is easily obtained by fitting the tonearm according to the template. Errors within 1 - 2mm are negligible from the practical point of view. To check the overhang, fit the overhang indicator (supplied) onto the turntable spindle with the arrow shaped end pointing toward the tonearm pivot, then confirm that the stylus tip has an overhang of 15mm. Fig. 6 Fig. 7 Stylus tip position ONUN Tonearm pivot Sub-weight 48mm Overhang: 15mm Fig. 11 UA-7045 No. 2392 Fig. 8 - 3 - 111 5-(9) Arm rest The arm rest of the UA-7045 has a lock system in corporating a spring. To prevent damage to the tone arm caused by accidental motion when not in use, turn the locking knob of the arm rest in the direction of the arrow to lock the arm. Fig. 12 shows the un locked position of the knob. 5-(10) Arm elevator assembly Raising the lift lever in the direction of the arrow elevates the tonearm. After moving the tonearm to the desired position on the record, flip the lever down. The tonearm will gently lower and playing begins. When the record ends, lift the lever again, return and lock the tonearm to the arm rest. With some types of cartridge or head shell, the lift arm may come in contact with the lift point. If this should occur, loosen the lock screw, with the screwdriver supplied and adjust the height of the arm elevator assembly. This adjustment is not normally required. $ 2 15 1 05 -Locking knob wwww VA Fig. 12 **** ** *************** * WW.** Litt lever W 1. Arm elevator Lift point **** *** --Lift arm Lock Screw Fig. 13 6. Main Dimensions Overall length 350mm 94 m (max) ***NOWN www IN Wwwerd www Off-set angle 20° 40' NNNNNN Effective length 245mm 60 mm 104 mm-110mm Fig. 14 UA-7045 No 2.392 7. Exploded Views and Part Numbers *E60576-001 Arm elevator ass'y "E60540-001 Screw Wwwwwww WANN www www #E22025-001 Tonearm body Net wwwwwwwwwwwwww **** * N NNNNNNNNNNN (1 2560490-00 Stride pin E60463-001 Spring *E34298-001 E60464-001 Screw wwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww E34265-007 Headshell and wire set 2 ***** WW TR$3003MS Setting screw 12 NNNNNN ( Q +E34296-001 Base nut NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN *E34283-001 Elevator ass'y WL$1700N Lock washer www en nen E49779-002 Screw NNNNNNNNN E34454-001 Base áss'y wwwwww EG82971 Washer WW wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ( 20 *E60501-002 Wire set (Red, white, green and blue) #E34299-001 Signal cord-assy #E34670-005 Headshell ass'y ANN *E60502-001 Screw we * ANNE NE NNNNNNN *E60567-001 Washer No. wwwwwwww * Fig. 15 * * ಹ ಹ ಸ ರ ಸ ಪ ಸ = 0 0 - ೧ ೮ > N - Part Number *E34298-001 E34265-007 * E60540-001 *E60576-001 *E22025-001 EG82971 *E60502-001 *E60501-002 WLS1700N E49779-002 TRS3003MS *E34283-001 E60490-001 E60463-001 E60464-001 *E34454-001 *E60567-001 *E34296-001 *E34299-001 *E34670-005 Description Finger Headshell and wire set Screw Arm elevator ass'y Tonearm body Washer Screw Wire set Lock washer Screw Setting screw Elevator ass'y Stride pin Spring Screw Base ass'y Washer Base nut Signal cord ass'y Headshell ass'y 20 * New Part Number UA-7045 No 2392 - 5 - 8. Packing Materials and Accessories Part Numbers www AVA wwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww E360475-001 Top package E34670-005 Headshell assy E61099-001 Poly-sheet w NNNNNN ANNN AN INN VIN EVE E360473-001 Outer package OPGA005-00703 O VERHAK INDICATOR C *** www www E60572-001 Sub-weight E45557-003 MN UEN N * ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Screwdriver Envelope for Sub-weight and Screws E60502-002 Screw www E60259-002 Overhang indicator EPGA010-01503 Envelope for Signal cord ass'y E34299.001 Signal cord ass'y WA E360474-001 Packing case wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ** Mwin . Fig. 16 E360476-001 Sleeve www Www Note: *New Part Number V AATA NNNN Accessories List O'ty Part Number E60259-002 *E60502-002 E45557-003 *E60572-001 *E34300-001 * E30580-564A E62201-001 E63102-010 BS9001 Description Overhang indicator Screw Screwdriver Sub-weight Template Instruction book Guarantee User card Information on JVC service centers *New Part Number U.S.A. Australia U.K. European countries PACEX and other countries Warranty Card BT20020C BT20029 BT20013 Not enclosed BT20014 UA-7045 No. 2392 -6 JVC VICTOR COMPANY OF JAPAN, LIMITED, TOKYO, JAPAN Printed in Japan 6012-V







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