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****** Page 1 ****** 12-2008 AODiCT QUICK RELEASE SWIVEL BOARD RACK INSTALLATION GUIDE Check WWWJOBESPORTS.COM for other languages of this manual IMPORTANT NOTES ON INSTALLING AND USING YOUR NEW RACK • Do not trailer your boat with wakeboards in the racks • Wakeboard ropes can catch on wakeboard racks and wakeboards during sharp turns causing damage to boards and racks. Be careful to prevent the rope from catching on the wakeboard rack and warn all drivers of this possibility • Do not stand on the wakeboard rack as it can bend the tube or forks and abuse is not covered under warranty • Failure to tighten the rack mounts can result in a lost fork assembly, and is not covered by warranty. Test this by pulling on the rack each time before use. • Note that this installation guide is only a guideline. Each boat is different and improvisation is needed to mount your Addict accessories on your boat. RevisedOM-AddictSwivelRack.indd 1 11-12-2008

****** Page 2 ****** Contents of Box Hardware INSTALLATION 1. First assemble the two forks (2) on the plate (3) with 4 screws (B). Keep in mind that the forks should point up and make sure the logo is facing the outside of the forks and is not upside down. 2. Attach the plate (4) on the back of the plate (3) with 4 screws (A). Do not tighten the bolts. You may have to swivel the rack after mounting it on the tower to get the rack horizontal. c c 3. Remove four hex head cap screws (C) from mounting collar. Split collar and place black collar inserts (D) inside mounting collar. 4. Select a suitable location for your rack. For the Addict tower, it is best to mount the rack about 2/ 3rd of the way up the rear legs. For other towers, mount racks on one of the vertical or horizontal tubes. 5. Place mounting collar on tower and replace hex head cap screws (C). Tighten screws to a torque setting of 22 ft/lbs. It is important to tighten the screws evenly or collar may bind, causing thread damage. A small gap between mounting collar hal- ves will remain when tightened properly. Notice: Improper bolt torque could lead to poor performance or product failure. 6. Note to keep a hold on the rack as up to this point the rack is not attached on the clamp and can fall off anytime. Attach the plate assembly on the mounting collar which is mounted on the tower. Swivel the rack in a horizontal position. Tighten screws (A) to a torque setting of 22 ft/lbs. Insert the big knob and make sure to tighten the knob so that the rack can not fall of during use. 7. To remove the rack from the tower for storage, you only have to unscrew the big knob in the middle and take off the rack. Note to keep a hold on the rack as up to this point the rack is not attached on the clamp and can fall off anytime. Care and Maintenance l. II. Ill. Be sure to check and tighten all fasteners and connections prior to every use. You can maintain the new appearance of your board racks by wiping with a clean damp cloth after each use. Soapy water, car wax or a commercially available marine water spot remover can be used as needed. Avoid abrasive materials that might scratch the finish. Always rinse rack after contact with salt (brackish) water. JOBE Addict Rack Warranty Jobe Sports Europe warrants this product (not including other 3rd party accessories) against manufacturers defects. Anodizing and powder coated surfaces as well as all hardware cor- rosion are specifically excluded as their care and use cannot be controlled by Jobe Sports Europe. Any modifications or improper use shall void this warranty. Jobe Sports Europe is not responsible for personal injury or damage to the boat caused by the use of this accessory. JOBE’s obligation under this warranty shall not include any transportation charges or costs of installation or any liability for direct, indirect or consequential damages resulting from delay or improper installation. No dealer, retailer or manufacturer is the agent of Jobe Sports Europe and may not assume for Jobe Sports Europe any liability in connection with this warranty. This warranty is in lieu of all. Distributed by: Jobe Sports Europe Heerewaardensestraat 30 6624 KK Heerewaarden The Netherlands WWWJOBESPORTS.COM RevisedOM-AddictSwivelRack.indd 2 11-12-2008







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