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****** Page 1 ****** iReliev Hand & Wrist Massager Model # MA-7000-WH Instruction Manual

****** Page 2 ****** Thank you for purchasing the iReliev@ Hand & Wrist Massager. Please read this manual carefully before use to ensure proper operation. This manual should be kept in a safe place for future reference. What’s Included? • Hand & Wrist Massager • AC Power Adapter • Micro USB Charging Cable • Travel Bag ‘Reliev

****** Page 3 ****** Safety Instructions • Do not use this product in high moisture, high temperature, or dusty environments to avoid device malfunction. • Do not use in places that have a high density of gas, paint thinner, alcoholi bleach or other corrosive materials to avoid discoloration, deformation, cracking or malfunction. • Do not place heavy objects on this device. • Avoid longterm exposure to direct sunlight. • Do not plug product into supplementary switch. • Stop using immediate y if you experience extreme pain. Contact our customer support team for assistance. • Do not place liquid or lotion onto this product or on your hands before or during use. • This product is not recommended for use by children, pregnant women, or elderly people without doctor’s approval. DANGER To reduce the risk of electric shock: 1 . Unplug the power adapter before cleaning the product. 2. Unplug the power adapter immediately if dropped into water. 3. Please do not soak the product in water or other liquid. 4. Do not use the product in the bathtub or near other water sources. WARNING To reduce the risk of burns, electric shock, or injury: 1. Unplug the power adapter when the product is not in use. 2. Unplug the power adapter immediately if the device is dropped into water. 3. Keep the power cord away from heat. 4. Do not pull the product by its cord or use the cord as a handle, 5. Please keep this product out of the reach of children. – 02 –

****** Page 4 ****** Product Diagram Product Specification Control Panel Product Exterior Fabric Interior Power Input Product Name Model Number Rated Voltage DC Input Default Auto-off Timing Recharging Time Battery Type Use Time Hand & Wrist Massager MA-7000-WH 1 oov-240V 50Hz/60Hz 5VIA 1 5 Minutes 5-6 Hours 3.6M 2500mAh (9Wh), 18650 lithium-ion battery Without Heat/Vibration: 4.5 Hours With Heat/Vibration: 1.5 Hours -03 –

****** Page 5 ****** Control Panel Mode Descriptions: MODE Pl P2 P3 I—pa PS pl pa Pl P2 IP3 INTENSITY II 12 13 12 II 12 13 13 II 12 13 14 IS II 12 13 14 15 15 II 12 13 14 15 16 14 Pl : Simultaneously and alternate y massages fingers, palm, and wrist P2: Alternately massages fingers, palmj and wrist P3: Simultaneously massages fingers, palm, and wrist P4: Massages wrist P5: Alternately massages fingers, palms, and wrist P6: Massages palm

****** Page 6 ****** Operation Guide 1. Plug the charging cable into the unit. See the product diagram on Pg. 3. 2. Plug the adapter into the wall outlet to begin charging the device. The device wil beep once, and the red power light will blink to indicate it is charging. 3. The blinking red light will shut off when the unit is fully charged. 4. Unplug the charger from the device. IMPORTANT: The charger must be unplugged from the device BEFORE use. Attempting to use the device while charging will cause the device to BEEP continuously. The BEEPING sound is an indicator to turn the device off and unplug the charger. 5. Press the POWER button to turn the device on. The device will beep once, and the red light will illuminate. 6. Press the MODE button to activate the massager. The device will beep once. The red lights for Pl and 13 will illuminate red to indicate the default setting has started. a. To adjust the massage setting, press the MODE button repeatedly to cycle through the massage modes until reaching your preferred setting. Cycle: Pl P2 P3 P4 P5-P6-STOP b. To adjust the intensity level, press the INTENSITY button repeatedly until reaching your preferred setting. Cycle: 13 (Medium) 4 15 16 (Highest) II (Lowest) 12 7. Press the HEAT button once to activate the optional heating mode. The device will beep once, and the HEAT light will illuminate red to indicate it is heating. It takes 5 minutes to reach the optimal temperature. Press the HEAT button again to stop heating. 8. Press the VIBRATION button once to activate the optional vibration mode. The device will beep once, and the vibration light will illuminate red to indicate the default vibration setting has started. Press the VIBRATION button again to increase the setting. The device will beep, and the VIBRATION light will illuminate green to indicate the higher setting. Push the VIBRATION button again to stop the vibration mode. Important: This device is designed for two step operation to save battery life. If the power falls below 20%, the POWER light will blink to indicate low battery. -05-

****** Page 7 ****** Cleaning & Storage 1 . Unplug the device before cleaning. 2. Use a damp sponge to wipe the device. 3. Store the device in a cool, dry place. 4. Fully recharge the device before storing it for long periods. Troubleshooting Problem Not working POWER light flashing Solution • Charge the device. • Press the POWER button and then press the MODE button. • Battery power is below 20%. • The device is not finished charging. For any issues not described above, please contact iReIiev@ Customer Service by calling (855) 723-2582 or emailing Warranty The iReIiev@Hand & Wrist Massager comes with a 1 -year warranty from the date of purchase. An additional I-year warranty is available at no cost when you register your device online at The warranty applies to the main device and necessary parts and labor. The warranty does not apply to damage resulting from failure to follow operating instructions, accidents, abuse, alterations, or disassembly by unauthorized persons. ExcelHeaIth Inc. reserves the right to replace or repair the unit at their discretion. ExcelHeaIth Inc. iReliev Products Attn: Warranty 5825 Park Vista Circle Fort Worth, TX. 76244 -06-

****** Page 8 ****** i Reliev ExcelHeaIth Inc. 5825 Park Vista Circle Fort Worth, TX 76244 (855) 723-2582 FC C < RoHS O RevA22







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