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****** Page 1 ****** InterpetS verse Complete aquarium kit 65 litre, 110 litre & 160 litre instruction manual and aquarium set up guide CREATE EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET STARTED WITH YOUR AQUARIUM

****** Page 2 ****** verse Thank you for purchasing this Aquaverse Complete Aquarium Kit. Interpet has applied over sixty years of aquatic experience to ensure every element of the design of this product has been carefully considered to ensure you enjoy aquarium keeping. Please retain this manual for on-going care and future reference. We are sure that this aquarium will enable you to fully enjoy the benefits of owning and looking after aquarium fish and plants. This Aquaverse aquarium is supplied with: • An Internal Cartridge Filter which is easy to use and keeps the aquarium water clear and healthy for your fish. Uniquely, the filter also contains an Algaway pad to prevent unsightly algae ruining your viewing enjoyment. A Deltatherm heater which acts like a central heating system to maintain a stable water temperature for tropical fish. • An easy start aquarium kit in the form of two essential Interpet water care treatments:- Tapsafe which makes tap water safe for use in aquariums Filter Start which establishes the essential biological cycles in the filter that eliminates harmful fish waste For details on how to use all these essential components please refer to the individual instructions supplied.

****** Page 3 ****** Contents Getting to know your aquarium Setting up your aquarium Things you need to know about starting an aquarium On-going care of your aquarium Top tips Guarantee and safety information Section 1 Getting to know your aquarium O 0-0 •D I Glass Aquarium 65 litres/ 1 10 litres/ 1 60 litres 2 Aquarium hood 3 Lighting: AV65 •lx15 Watts Interpet tropical daylight lamp. AVI 10 2×18 Watts Interpet tropical daylight lamps. AV160 = 2 x 30 Watts Interpet tropical daylight lamps 4 5 6 7 8 Internal Cartridge Filter AV65 CFI AVI 10 = CF2 AV160 = CF3 Deltatherm heater: AV65 = 100 Watts 10 200 Watts AVI 60 = 200 Watts Easy-read glass thermometer Tapsafe Filter Start

****** Page 4 ****** Section 2 – Setting up your aquarium Unpack all of the items in the box and check everything is present against the parts list in section I Ensure the aquarium is placed on a level surface suitable for bearing the weight of a full aquarium (e.g. Aquaverse 65 litre will weigh over 90kg when full); the matching Aquaverse cabinets are specifically designed for this purpose and are essential to validate the aquarium guarantee. Position the aquarium on its cabinet where you can get maximum enjoyment from watching your aquatic habitat. However, the aquarium should NOT be placed: • In direct sunlight, Areas of extreme temperature variations i.e. next to a radiator, • Areas subject to loud noise, vibration or a lot of movement e.g. by a loud speaker or in the hall way Step 1 – Adding substrate and décor to your aquarium Ensure you wash your choice of aquarium substrates (gravel or aquarium base) before adding it to the aquarium as most gravel contains large quantities of dirt which will cloud the water. Also pre-wash or soak any rockj wood or ornaments before adding them to the aquarium. Do not use any soap or cleaning liquids other than plain tap water for this job. Step 2- Installing your Deltatherm heater and thermometer The heater supplied is factory set at 240C, the ideal temperature for most tropical fish, but can be set to any temperature between 16 and 340C by using the adjustable thermostat on the top of the product. Attach the Deltatherm heater on the back glass of the aquarium using the sucker mounted brackets supplied. Ensure the heater will be fully submersed and is placed diagonally as shown in the diagram below — this ensures the thermostat works most accurately. 1 DO NOT PLUG THE HEATER IN YET! The Deltatherm heater should never be turned on out of water and cold water should never be applied directly to a hot heater as in both cases this will cause the glass to crack,

****** Page 5 ****** Top tip… Always unplug your heater before carrying out any water changes. Only plug it back in when the aquarium is refilled and the heater is fully submersed. Attach the thermometer to the inside of the glassj in a suitable position for monitoring water temperature. Important Safety Information To prevent any drips entering the electric socket, create a drip loop for both the heater and filter cables as per the diagram (right). Step 3 – Installing your Internal Cartridge Filter Create a drip loop Power cables Drip loop Your Internal Cartridge Filter is set up ready for use- Use the sucker mounted support cradle to fit the filter on the back glass of the aquarium. It is important to position the filter at the correct height relative to the water surface and where the cartridge can be easily replaced, For more details see the instruction booklet supplied in the Cartridge Filter carton. DO NOT PLUG IN YOUR FILTER YET. Step 4 – Filling your aquarium Once you have added substrate, installed the heater and filter, you can fill your aquarium with water using a bucket or hose, Top tip… …When filling the aquarium, place a plate or bowl in the base to disperse the water flow and prevent the substrate moving and clouding the water Dose the water with the Interpet Tapsafe supplied, this removes harmful chlorine and heavy metals (e.g. Copper) from tap water. Tapsafe also adds: Aloe Vera which protects delicate fish membranes; bacteria to boost essential biological processes in the aquarium. Follow the on-pack instructions for using Tapsafe- Top tip… -Tapsafe should be used whenever you use tap water to carry out water changes or top up evaporation. Once the aquarium is full you can turn the filter and heater on, Both items should remain operational at all times, apart from when you are carrying out maintenance in the aquarium when they should be unplugged for your safety.

****** Page 6 ****** Step 5 – Using your aquarium lights Your aquarium is supplied with specialist fluorescent Tropical daylight lighting (AV65 I x 15 Watts; AVI 10 = 2 x 18 Watts; AVI 60 = 2 x 30 Watts) these are designed to give out sufficient light of the right spectrum to: • Bring out the best in the colours of your plants and fish. • Supply essential light energy for plant photosynthesis to sustain lush plant growth. If you have live plants they will need 8-12 hours of light to thrive. To replicate this natural day/night cycle automatically, you can plug the lights into a household timer. Top tip… …Fluorescent lamps have an ‘effective life’ of 12 months, after this time even though they still work the quality and intensity of the light produced diminishes, this will reduce plant growth and encourage algae. It is therefore good practice to replace the lamp every 12 months. To replace the old lamp, firstly turn off the power, then carefully unscrew the end caps at each end of the lamp and rotate the lamp until it ‘clicks’. Then, gently slide the light pins out of the slot to remove the lamp. Reverse the above to fix the new lamp in place. These lamps should only be replaced with genuine Tropical daylight lamps of the same wattage — either take the lamp with you or make a note of the details stamped on the lamp. Step 6 – Adding plants and fish to your aquarium Your new aquarium should be allowed to settle overnight to allow the temperature to stabilise. Then, you can start adding live plants; remove any dead or broken leaves before planting directly into the substrate. Top tip… …Take care to plan your aquarium planting (which is similar to creating a garden border) ensure that there is a variety of different height plants with the tallest at the back and shortest in the foreground. Create clumps of plants with a variety of leaf colours, shapes and textures for best effect. It is always better to Stan off with too many plants and thin them out later, this helps ensure algae does not have any excess food or light to establish a foot hold in the aquarium. Seek the advice of your specialist aquatic retailer when purchasing fish; they will be able to help you select Q variety of fish which will create a calm and balanced community. Ensure your retailer knows you have a new aquarium, as it is essential to add fish gradually to a new aquarium over a period of weeks, starting with hardier varieties, and gradually building up to the aquarium’s full complement of fish.

****** Page 7 ****** or:rn What type, and how many fish can I keep? Aquaverse 65 litres Tropical — Maximum total length of full grown adult fish (excluding tail) 80cm Suggested community with interest at all levels of the aquarium Area of the aquarium Bottom dwellers Midwater shoal Upper water Feature fish Algae eater Species Corydoros Glow light tetra Cobalt blue gourami Rams (1 mole: 2 females) Bristle nose Goldfish – Maximum total length of full grown adult fish (excluding tail) = 37cm This translates to 3 goldfish allowing room for growth. Aquaverse 110 litres Tropical — Maximum total length of full grown adult fish (excluding tall) Quantity 3 5 2 3 = 145cm Suggested community with interest at all levels of the aquarium :- O Area of the aquarium Bottom dwellers Midwater shoal Upper water Feature fish Algae eater Species Corydoros Cardinal tetro Hatchet fish Rainbows e.g. Bosman’s Bristle nose Goldfish – Maximum total length of full grown adult fish (excluding tail) = 66cm This translates to 4 goldfish allowing room for growth. Aquaverse 160 litres Tropical — Maximum total length of full grown adult fish (excluding tall) Quantity 3 8 6 4 2 = 190cm Suggested community with interest at all levels of the aquarium Area of the aquarium Bottom dwellers Midwater shoal Bottom – Midwater Feature fish Upper Water Species Ponda Catfish Tiger Barb Clown Loach Angelfish Rainbows e.g Bosman’s Quantity 2 3 2 3 2 Goldfish – Maximum total length of full grown adult fish (excluding tail) 92cm This translates to 6 goldfish allowing room for growth.

****** Page 8 ****** Step 7 • Kick start your filter As soon as you introduce the first few fish, add Filter Start which will help establish an effective biological process in the filter for removing harmful fish waste. Follow the on-pack instructions for using Filter Start. Top tip… *Add Filter Start every time you add new fish or clean your aquarium and filter to boost essential biological activity. Section 3 – Things to know about starting an aquarium The nitrogen cycle Before adding fish to your aquarium there is some important information to understand about how the aquarium water remains clean and healthy enough for fish to thrive, The aquarium is a small ‘closed environment; this means harmful waste can build up quickly because there is not enough water volume to dilute the waste, as would happen in a natural lake, nor is there a constant supply of fresh water to wash it away, as would happen in a river or stream, The breakdown of fish waste, excess food, dead plant material and other organic matter will cause invisible toxic compounds to build up in the aquarium water, unchecked this would eventually harm your fish. Fortunately there is a natural process called the “Nitrogen Cycle” which we can recreate in the aquarium to convert the toxic waste into safer compounds (The diagram below shows how this process works). Nitrogen Cycle Filter Medio NITRITE • Lethol te livestock AMMONIA • Lethal to livestock be kept – Dead plant matter • livestock – Uneaten food All breakdown into OXYGEN> NITRITE* Nitro somonos bacterio into nitrite Filter Medio OXYGEN> NITRATO N ibt%bwter bacteria breakdown nitrate NITRATE Very safer for fish n v-tvient we by

****** Page 9 ****** This Nitrogen cycle is carried out by essential “Nitrifying” bacteria which set up home in the biological media in the aquarium filter. These bacteria would naturally take a couple of months to become established in the filter. During this maturing period fish keepers often experience fish losses caused by the build-up of invisible toxic compounds which is referred to as “New tank syndrome”. New tank syndrome can be avoided by: • adding Filter Start which speeds up the maturing process • starting with a few hardier fish varieties and adding more fish gradually over a number of weeks • feeding sparingly in the early days to reduce biological loading • monitoring water quality with a test kit which reveals the presence of the invisible toxins • carrying out weekly water changes of 20% of the tank volume to dilute waste levels for the first 6 weeks. Section 4 – On-going care of your aquarium Other items required for on-going aquarium maintenance: Bucket, net, magnetic glass cleaner, gravel cleaner, fish food, aquarium test kit and replacement filter service packs. Daily Care Routine • Feed fish — ideally two or three times per day as much as they will eat in a couple of minutes (remove any uneaten food) — more fish die of overfeeding than underfeeding so take it easy and make sure only one person in the house is feeding them! • Check fish health — look for differences in appearance or behaviour that may indicate they are unwell — seek advice from your retailer if you spot any problems. Clean algae off the glass — the easiest way to do this is to use a magnetic glass cleaner, note: do not get any gravel in the glass cleaner as you risk scratching the inside of the aquarium. • Always remove dead fish and plant matter immediately to avoid water pollution • Ensure the filter is working and that there is good water flow to oxygenate the water. This is good for both the fish and the bacteria in the filter. Check the aquarium temperature is stable at the correct level using the thermometer provided. Note:- in the summer it is possible for the water temperature to briefly rise above the temperature set on the heater thermostat this should not cause a problem for most tropical fish species.

****** Page 10 ****** Weekly Care Routine • Top up any water evaporation — ensure you treat the tap water with Tapsafe before adding it to the aquarium. • If you have live plantsj add a plant food such as Floraboost; trim back excess plant growth and remove any dead leaves. • Clean the fluorescent lamps and the outside of the aquarium with distilled water (steam iron water) and dry them with a clean, soft cloth. Do not use chemical cleaning products, abrasive cloths, sprays or soaps. • Use an Interpet Test kit to reveal any water quality problems; these are mostly invisible to the naked eye. Monthly Maintenance Routine • Carry out a 25% water change. Unplug the heater before removing water from the aquarium (do not remove fish, plants or décor) you can clean the substrate at the same time by using a gravel cleaner. Ensure the replacement tap water is treated with Tapsafe and mix in a little hot water to ensure it is roughly the same temperature as the aquarium water before adding it to the aquarium, • Replace the Floss/carbon filter cartridge and Algaway pad with the correct service pack (AV65 = CFL AVI 10 = CF2 & AV160 = CF3) Annual Maintenance Routine • put a reminder in your diary to help you remember: • Replace aquarium lamps. • Replace filter impeller to maintain optimum performance (see Filter instructions for details). Section 5 – Top tips for a beautiful and healthy aquarium l. Locate your aquarium in a suitable position for the benefit of the fish and plants, and for your maximum enjoyment. 2. Select the correct amount and correct species of fish for a balanced and calm community. 3. Care for your water; do all the recommended water changes, filter cleaning, tests and feed correctly, taking special care in the early days or when adding new fish. 4. Don’t rush the early days, start slowly and carefully for long term success. 5. ENJOY YOUR AQUARIUM! See online for further information on all aspects of keeping an aquarium and fishkeeping or join others in our Facebook community: facebook.comfinterpet

****** Page 11 ****** Guarantee All Aquavarse aquariums are guaranteed for 12 months from tha date of purchase the following conditions are met, Never place polystyrene under the bottom frame of this aquarium. Your aquarium must be sited on a surface that is flat and level and able ta withstand the weight of the aquarium filled with water, gravel etc. Note: 1 litra of water weighs Ikg) Wrought iron and angle iron standsf together with Hifl, cabinets, articles ot furniture and Elf-assembly furniture are NOT suitable for use with Aquaverse aquariums, doing so will automatically invalidate this guarantæ. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that when using an aquarium stand it has been designed for use lith a Aquaverse aquatiurn i.e. top of the stand should be in contact with the entire bottom frarrle of the aquarium. You must usa the correct Interpet stand so as not ta invalidate your guarantee, All aquarium/stand locations should take into account the gnsition of flcnr etc, , bearing in mind the weight to be supported, The sealant on tha aquarium must not coma into contact with any chemicals (i.e. Household bleach etc.) or sharp objects such as rocks and razor edged algae scrapers. Normal aquarium treatmants ard fish medications used for the purpose of fish keeping db not affect the aquarium silicone. IMPORTANT SAFETY ADVICE: Never site Air aquarium electrical appliances and never lift the aquarium by the tin frame Of fitted) or by any pan of the bracing system. DO NOT try to lift or move the aquarium when it contains water. This guarantee covers leakages arising from ather faulty materials or b’.•kmanship, We cannot be responsible for breakages of glass, This guarantee does not apply ta any unauthorised mcxdifications or misuse, improper or inadequate maintenance, or operations outside the product specifications. In case af the stated guarantee the products should returned, with prcnf of purchase, to the (X)int of purchase. This guarantee dæs not effect your statutory, Guarantee service includes repair or replacement of the aquarium at Interpet Ltd.’s discretion, Neither Interpet nor the manufacturer are liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, including loss of livestock, arising fram a defect in this product, Important Safety Information WARNING: To guard agail’ßt injury’, basic safety precautions shadd be including tha following guidelines, READ AND FOLLOW ALL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS DANGER: To avoid possible electric shock, special care should be taken since water is employed in the use of aquarium equipment. For each ot the follo,ving situations, do not attempt repairs yourself, return the appliance to an authorized sen.•ice facility far set3’iæ, ot discard the appliar•ce. This is for ihdcnr use orb’ – not use outside. Do not use this unit if the or plug ate damaged or appgar to be malfunctioning, if it is droppz:d or damaged in any manner, Do not use this unit if the plug gets Refer ta section 2 of thß instruction manual to find out how to create a drip loop far bath the heater and filter. Dispose of responsibFy• following instructions from authority. Close super•.ßian necessary when any appliance is used by or near children. Do not install or store the appliance L’hera it will be expose{d to the weather or to temperatures below freezing point. If an extension cord is necessary, a cable rated wth a proper rating should used. A cable rated far es amperes ar watts than the applianæ rating may cause the appliance ta overheat. Care should ba takan to arrange the cable so that it will not be trippad over or pulled, SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS of E*trical Ecwiø-nerd il Ei,ropean Eurc4*an multliss ‘Ndh 5Ef:yate 5Y’5t8T15) ThS an lhS or an it is 01 t tc a fw If sgoa’ä,n; am y:t.r wagte equigrmt tip tme ta nanrd ;rcj re is rccrdcd iff a manra• tat prctæ•ts hcdth md Fa more ilfamzbm dzc,t. recydrg Tis proÖJü, pbae •ycu• Ital yojr rmsdldd mice the shop ‘Ote•e putt0Hi the

****** Page 12 ****** Service Packs One and three month service packs available for your internal cartridge filter CF2 & CF3. Tapsafe A unique and advanced formulation developed in conjunction with global leaders in Biotechnology. It removes chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals and this in turn allows even hot top water to be used as part of a water change mix. An Aloe Vera protective colloid within Tapsafe creates a barrier around the fish’s delicate skin and gill membranes. As an added feature it also adds a culture of bacteria and enzymes that consume any excess biological waste in the aquarium and boosts filter performance. Easy Test Health Tablet Test Kit Complete with tablet tests for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and broad range PH, along with 2 plastic test vials and tablet crusher. It also includes the colour instruction booklet which gives accurate advice on how to use this easy kit along with recommendations on the test results. An effective and simple way for you to test your aquarium wotec ideol for new aquarium set-ups, 60 pack or:rn pock O Interpet has applied over 60 years of aquatic eperience to ensure every element of the design of this product has been carefully considered to help you enjoy aquarium keeping, e-mail: Interpet Ltd. Vincent Lane, Dorkingj Surrey RH4 3 YX, England







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