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****** Page 1 ****** NTERMATIC@ RC2000 SERIES AIR ACTUATED SPA CONTROLS ONE CIRCUIT AIR SWITCH OWNER INSTALLER INSTRUCTION MANUAL EFFECTIVE APRIL 1992 Model: RC2103S – Plastic Outdoor Enclosure CIRCUIT: Single Pole Single Throw (ON/OFF) RATINGS: 20 AMP. (R), 1500 WattTungsten, 1 HP. – 120 Volt 50/60 HZ.; 20 AMP. (R), 2 HP. – 240 Volt 50/60 HZs IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS. This Air Switch is designed for CONTROLLING the connected equipment AL LhP/sWÆb%9J b’EdbSSCPBÅCSteAd at the main panel before servicing this unit or the equipment it controls. THIS SWITC POWER DISCONNECT. Must be installed by licensed electrician in accordance with the NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE and in accordance with all local codes and at least 5 ft. from edge or spa. Do not permit children to operate this control or use the pool/spa unless they are closely supervised at all times. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. This Air Switch is designed to control one piece of equipment with one air button. It can control safely, without electricity at the spa side, for example, a pump or light. Each time pressure is applied to the remote air button, the connected equipment will alternately turn (ON/OFF). TO INSTALL – Follow appropriate wiring diagram below. Use solid or stranded COPPER wire (only) to suit installation. The equipment must have its own separate circuit with breaker suitable for power disconnect. Properly ground installation as required by NEC and other codes. IMPORTANT: NEUTRAL WIRE MUST ALWAYS BE USED. Make Air Hose connection. Use only non-conductive tubing to connect the air actuator. PLEASE NOTE: The maximum range of this Air Switch is 100 ft. However, factors beyond the control of the manufacturer (such as the size of the air button, the I.D. of the air hose etc.) will determine the actual distance between the mechanism and the air button. FROM SUPPLY 1m VOLTWIRING BLACK (LINE) RED (LOAD) WHITE (NEUTRAL) GREEN (GROUND) TO LOAD ( PUMP. BLOWER. LIGHT, ETC. ) FROM SUPPLY 240 VOLTWIRING BLACK (LINE 1) BLUE (LOAD 1) RED (LINE 2 & LOAD 2) WHITE (NEUTRAL) GREEN (GROUND) TO LOAD ( PUMP. BLOWER. LIGHT, ETC. ) Because of our commitment to continuing research and improvements, Intermatic Incorporated reserves the right to make changes, without notice, in the specifications and material contained herein and Shal/ not be responsible for any damages, direct or consequential, caused by reliance on the material presented. INTERMATIC INCORPORATED, SPRING GROVE, IL 60081-9698 PISCATAWAY: 242 Old New Brunswick Road, Suite 100, Piscataway, NJ 08845/Los Angeles: 101 Rickenbacker Road, Los Angeles CA 90040 NORTHERN CA: 2350 S. Watney way, Unit B, Fairfield, CA 94533/FORT LAUDERDALE: 3007 N. W. 60th Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 158–00625

****** Page 2 ****** AR SVMTCH 1mv(XT LNE2 REAY 1m va-T 240 va-T INTERNAL WIRING RC2103S APPROVED GROUNDING FROM SUPPLY 12 AWG JUMPER TO LOAD ( PUMP, BLOWER, LIGHT, ETC 1.00 1.18 .19 .312 DIA GROUNDING OF METAL CONDUIT SYSTEM SYMPTOM 1. Equipment will not operate. 2. Equipment will not turn off. 3. Equipment turns on/off by itself. NOTES: TROUBLESHOOTING CAUSE(S) la. Air hose is disconnected. 1b. Defective air button. 1 c. Water in the air hose. ld. Defective air switch. 1 e. Defective relay. If. Air button is too far from control. 2a. Air hose is disconnected. 2b. Defective air button. 2c. Defective relay. 3a. Defective air switch. 3b. Water in the air hose. 3c. Changing air pressure in air hose. 4″SQ. 25 4.75 5.25 3.37 .87 DIA 1 (2) HOLES CORRECTIVE ACTION Check hose connections. Replace air button see note 1. Blow-out air hose – see note 2. Replace air switch – see note 3. Replace relay – see note 4. Install larger air button. Check hose connections. Replace air button see note 1. Replace relay – see note 4. Replace air switch – see note 3. Blow-out air hose – see note 2. Reroute air hose – see note 2. 1 . An air button with a ruptured seal or bellows inside, will not produce sufficient air pressure to operate the pulse air switch and could lead to total breakdown – see note 3. 2. Water in the air hose is caused by a faulty air button (see note 1 above) or condensation. In either case it must be drained and the cause found and corrected. To reduce condensation, protect the air hose from exposure to direct sun, ice or frequent temperature fluctuations. 3. A defective air switch is the likely result of water in the air delivery system (see note 2 above). A permanently closed air switch (due to water) will energize the alternate action relay coil permanently thus causing the coil to overheat. It is therefore good practice to check and replace, if necessary, other components (such as air button, air switch and relay) in order to correct the fault. 4. A defective relay is either due to contact or coil failure. Contact failure is caused by overload or cross-wiring and coil failure is caused by 240 volt connected across the 120 volt coil or permanently applied 120 volt. (The relay is designed for intermittent duty only.) Permanently applied 120 volt could be the result of water in the air hose (see note 3 above) or a spa cover placed over (and depressing) the air button. In any case, the cause must be found, corrected and the relay replaced. 158–00625 (side 2)







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