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PDF Content Summary: TIMEBOOST Bluetooth Speaker + Wireless Charger Model iBTW41 QUESTIONS? visit ihome.com WELCOME Thank you for choosing the iBTW41 from iHome. This user guide will get you up and running quickly. For more information about this and other iHome products, please visit ihome.com GETTING STARTED This unit ships with the following items. Please check to see that all items are present. 1. iBTW41 alarm clock 2. AC power adapter 1. iBTW41 2. AC adapter CONNECTING THE IBTW41 Plug the included AC adapter into the DC jack on the back of the unit and connect the plug to a working outlet not controlled by a light switch.

FEATURES & FUNCTIONS Top Power/ Wireless Charging Pad Alarm Set Volume

Reset Back Alarm 1 Auto Dimmer Sensor Snooze/ Display Dimmer SNOOZE DIMMER Alarm 2 Play/Pause/ Speakerphone/Siri/Google Bottom*

Time Set 5V/1A USB Port 9V/3.0A DC Jack BATTERY unscrew to open door DST -1 +1 AUTO Bluetooth Pairing DST

(for charging devices) Display Bluetooth Mode Wireless Charging Bluetooth Pairing IconPM Indicator Switch Battery Back-Up Compartment *Remove battery pull tab before use Alarm 1 Alarm 2 Low Battery

WIRELESS CHARGING This unit will wirelessly charge Qi compatible wireless charging phones. Place Qi compatible device face up on charging pad. Check the lightning icon on the iBTW41 display for charging status: Slow blinking icon Device is charging properly. Solid icon Device is charged. Rapid blinking icon Device is not charging properly. Reposition device. Note: The lightning icon may continue to blink slowly when iOS devices are fully charged. CAUTION: Remove metal protective or magnetic case from phone before charging. When charging phone, do not place magnetic-striped or other metal objects on the charger. Doing so could damage the object or this unit. Qi compatible phones with metallic looking finishes will charge normally. SETTING THE TIME 1. Press and hold the Time Set Button located on the back of the unit for 2 seconds until the clock display flashes and a beep sounds. 2. Press the – or + Buttons to adjust the clock to the current time (hold for rapid setting). Make sure you set the correct AM/PM time. The PM indicator appears to the left of the display; there is no AM indicator. 3. To toggle the clock display between standard 12 hour time and 24 hour (“military”) time display, press the Alarm or Alarm Button while the display is flashing during time setting. 4. Press and release the Time Set Button to confirm the current time setting. The YEAR will flash on the display. Press the – or + Buttons to set the correct year. 5. Press and release the Time Set Button to confirm the current year setting. The month will flash on the display. Press the – or + Buttons to set the correct month. 6. Press and release the Time Set Button to confirm the current month setting. The day will flash on the display. Press the – or + Buttons to set the correct day. 7. Press and release the Time Set Button to confirm settings. 2 beeps will sound to indicate time setting mode is complete. DAYLIGHT SAVINGS (DST) SWITCH This unit has a DST switch on the bottom of the unit to adjust the time for daylight saving time and standard time. By default, it is set to Auto and will automatically adjust the time at the start and end of daylight saving time. If you wish to adjust manually, slide the switch to +1 to add one hour or to –1 to subtract an hour. SETTING AND USING ALARMS This unit features dual alarms which can be set to different times and alarm sources. Each is set in the same way. Instructions are given as “Alarm Button”; use Alarm 1 Button or Alarm 2 Button to set respective alarms. 0QVG: Each step must be completed while display is flashing or setting will time-out with any changes saved. 1. Press and hold the Alarm Button for 2 seconds until the alarm time display and alarm icon flash. A beep sounds. 2. Press the – or + Buttons to adjust the alarm time to the desired time (hold for rapid setting). Make sure you set the correct AM/PM alarm time. The PM SETTING AND USING ALARMS (CONTINUED) 3. Press the Alarm Button to confirm the alarm time setting. The alarm schedule will flash: 7 (every day), 5 (weekdays) or 2 (weekend only). Press the – or + Buttons to select the desired alarm schedule. 4. Press the Alarm Button to confirm the alarm schedule. The wake-to source will flash. 5. Press the – or + Buttons to select the desired wake-to alarm source: Bluetooth or Tone. Wake to Bluetooth: You will wake to the currently linked Bluetooth device. If no device is detected, the alarm will default to the last tone selected. Wake to Tone: Press the Alarm Button to confirm. Press the – or + Buttons to select the desired tone to wake to (Tone 1 -Tone 4). 6. Press the Alarm Button to confirm wake-to source. The alarm volume will flash. 7. Press the – or + Buttons to adjust the alarm volume. 8. Press the Alarm Button to confirm the alarm settings and exit alarm setting mode. 2 beeps will confirm alarm setting is complete. The alarm icon will remain on the display, to show the alarm is armed. *To preview the current alarm time, press and release the Alarm Button. TURNING THE ALARM ON/OFF 1. Press the Alarm Button to toggle the alarm ON and OFF, indicated by the related white alarm indicator. 2. When the alarm sounds, press the Power/Alarm Reset Button or the corresponding Alarm Button (1 or 2) to disable the alarm and reset it to come on at the same time the next day. SNOOZE/DIMMER Snooze: When the alarm is sounding, press the Snooze/Dimmer Button to snooze the alarm for 9 minutes. Dimmer: Press the Snooze/Dimmer Button (when alarm is NOT sounding) to adjust the display brightness. PROGRAMMABLE SNOOZE To adjust the snooze duration: 1. Press and hold the Snooze/Dimmer Button. The unit will beep and the snooze duration will appear on the display. 2. Use the + or - Buttons to adjust the snooze duration from 1-29 minutes. Press the Snooze/Dimmer Button again - 2 beeps will confirm setting. AUTO DIMMER This unit is equipped with a sensor that will automatically adjust the brightness of the clock display based on ambient light in your room. When the room is well lit, the display will adjust to Hi brightness for better visibility. In a dark room, it will dim to a lower brightness. You can adjust the “lower limit” of the Auto-dimmer to fit your personal preference of display brightness in a dark room. The 3 options are: “Auto 2” – minimum brightness setting will be level 2 “Auto 1” - minimum brightness setting will be level 1 “Auto 0” – clock display will turn FULLY OFF in a dark room To adjust Dimmer settings: Press the Snooze/Dimmer Button repeatedly to cycle through brightness levels: Auto 1, Auto 2, Auto 0, Hi, 3, 2, 1, or OFF. (Note: choosing Hi, 3, 2, 1, or OFF are fixed settings and will not auto-adjust.) BLUETOOTH PAIRING Make sure your device is ‘discoverable’ by turning on Bluetooth mode. The first time the iBTW41 is powered on, it will automatically enter pairing mode. To manually pair your Bluetooth device: 1. Press and hold the Bluetooth Button on the back of the iBTW41 for

2 seconds. 2s

2. Select ‘iHome TIMEBOOST’ on your device’s Bluetooth menu to connect. iHome TIME BOOST 3. If pairing is successful, the Bluetooth indicator appears solid, indicating the iBTW41 is ready to play music. 4. To reset Bluetooth settings, press and hold the Bluetooth Button for 10 seconds. Playing Bluetooth Audio: Press the Play/Pause/Speakerphone Button on the unit to play or pause audio from your linked Bluetooth device. Use the Volume Buttons to adjust the volume on the unit. Using Speakerphone: The iBTW41 must be ON and connected to a Bluetooth device in order to receive calls. • Press the Play/Pause/Speakerphone Button to accept an incoming call. • Press and hold the Play/Pause/Speakerphone Button to end/ignore a call. Using Voice Commands: The iBTW41 must be ON and connected to a Bluetooth device to use voice commands. • Press and hold the Play/Pause/Speakerphone Button for 2 seconds to activate Siri or Google Assistant. CHARGING DEVICES VIA USB • Connect the standard size end of a USB cable

(not included) to the USB Charging Port on the back of the unit. Connect the other end to the charging port on your device. • Monitor the charging on your device. Some devices use a proprietary charging method and will not charge using the USB port. If this happens, you must charge your device using the charger that came with it. BATTERY BACK-UP Unit must be plugged into a working outlet to charge devices. DST -1 +1 AUTO

The unit comes with a CR-2450 back-up battery installed to maintain clock settings in the event of a temporary power failure. Remove the battery pull tab before use. When the battery icon on the display is flashing, it is time to replace the back-up battery.

1. Make sure the AC adapter is connected, or you will lose your time and alarm settings during battery replacement. 2. Use a Phillips screwdriver to open the battery compartment door. 3. Remove the exhausted battery from the compartment and insert 1 CR-2450 battery, checking that the + side is facing you. Replace the compartment door. Do not overtighten. Bottom of Unit

WARNING: Lithium batteries can explode or cause burns if disassembled, shorted, recharged, exposed to water, fire, or high temperatures. Do not place loose batteries in a pocket, purse, or other container containing metal objects, mix with used or other battery types, or store with hazardous or combustible materials. Store in cool, dry, ventilated area. Follow applicable laws and regulations for transport and disposal. • Do not ingest the battery, Chemical Burn Hazard. This product contains a coin/button cell battery. If the coin/button cell battery is swallowed, it can cause severe internal burns in just 2 hours and can lead to death. • Keep new and used batteries away from children. If the battery compartment does not close securely, stop using the product and keep it away from children. If you think batteries might have been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body, seek immediate medical attention. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS When used in the directed manner, this unit has been designed and manufactured to ensure your personal safety. However, improper use can result in potential electrical shock or fire hazards. Please read and follow all safety and operating instructions carefully before installation and use, and keep these instructions handy for future reference. Take special note of all warnings listed in these instructions and on the unit. 1. Do not use this product near water, and clean only with dry cloth. 2. Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. 3. Heat – This product should be situated away from heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves or other appliances (including amplifiers) that produce heat. 4. Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer. 5. Unplug this product during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time. 6. Damage Requiring Service – This product should be serviced by qualified service personnel when: - Plug has been damaged. - Objects have fallen into or liquid has been spilled into the enclosure. - The unit has been exposed to rain. The unit has been dropped or the enclosure damaged. - The unit exhibits a marked change in performance or does not operate normally. 7. No naked flame sources, such as lighted candles, should be placed on this product. 8. Attention should be drawn to the environmental aspects of battery disposal. 9. This product is suitable for use in tropical and/or moderate climates. 10. WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this product to rain or moisture. 11. Do not dispose of batteries in the household trash or fire. 12. The mains plug of power adaptor is used as the disconnect device, it shall remain readily operable. MAINTENANCE • Place the unit on a level surface away from sources of direct sunlight or excessive heat. • Remove plastic protective film from the clock display. • Protect your furniture when placing your unit on a natural wood and lacquered finish. A cloth or other protective material should be placed between it and the furniture. • Clean your unit with a soft cloth moistened only with mild soap and water. Stronger cleaning agents such as thinner or similar materials can damage the surface of the unit. LIMITED ONE YEAR WARRANTY iHome Products, a division of SDI Technologies Inc. (hereafter referred to as SDI), warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use and conditions, for a period of one (1) year from the date of original purchase. Should this product fail to function in a satisfactory manner, it is best to first return it to the store where it was originally purchased. Should this fail to resolve the matter and service still be required by reason of any defect or malfunction during the warranty period, SDI will repair or, at its discretion, replace this product without charge. This decision is subject to verification of the defect or malfunction upon delivery of this product to the Factory Service Center authorized by Customer Service. If service is required, please contact Customer Service at ihome.com/support/contact to obtain a Return Authorization Number and shipping instructions. A copy of the sales receipt is required to validate in-warranty coverage. Disclaimer of Warranty NOTE: This warranty is valid only if the product is used for the purpose for which it was designed. It does not cover (i) products which have been damaged by negligence or willful actions, misuse or accident, or which have been modified or repaired by unauthorized persons; (ii) cracked or broken cabinets, or units damaged by excessive heat; (iii) damage to digital media players, CD’s or tape cassettes (if applicable); (iv) the cost of shipping this product to the Factory Service Center and its return to the owner. This warranty is valid only in the United States of America and does not extend to owners of the product other than to the original purchaser. In no event will SDI or any of its affiliates, contractors, resellers, their officers, directors, shareholders, members or agents be liable to you or any third party for any consequential or incidental damages, any lost profits, actual, exemplary or punitive damages. (Some states do not allow limitations on implied warranties or exclusion of consequential damages, so these restrictions may not apply to you.) This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Your acknowledgment and agreement to fully and completely abide by the above mentioned disclaimer of warranty is contractually binding to you upon your transfer of currency (money order, cashier's check, or credit card) for purchase of your SDI product. © 2020 SDI Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved Questions? Visit ihome.com







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