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PDF Content Summary: - VA . KA . . . 1 3 POWER O ICOM POWER SUPPLY IC-PSIS 23 288 232 S. 2011 IC-PS15 AC POWER SUPPLY 08 or INSTRUCTION MANUAL A30 220 2 00 ICE BER SI . VW OG 0829 OX WA LOG 2 SA 1937 2 288 DICOM 12 22 2000 20 LE ELLE & 7 RE . es A . 8020 * 23 2 0.. SA 2 BANOVA 200 2229 2 . XV SALOM ODA - 33 SU MOV AMO W 2009 55 HO 22 $ IN CA 3 922 39 w ALE 3: ASOS SA ! 328 2012 RE ALOE WALALA ST . AWA LOW L . 2920 1832 WWW 28 02 SEA lau . B 3 . 2009 . OVOCE . . 1 CON SCONTO GAR 3803 LANDS SOS M00200 199 ww 2033 .. SA EN 000 ves LAYA S : 5 WEWS WO SOLO . SHO . TO 000 Thank you for having chosen the IC-PS15 Power Supply designed for ICOM's transceivers. This AC power supply is a newly developed power source designed specifically for ICOM's Digital, All Solid-State, All Band, HF Transceiver, 100W continuous output, with a General Coverage Receiver, the IC-720. 1 SPECIFICATIONS • Number of Semiconductors: • Input Voltage: • Input Capacity: • Output Voltage: • Max. Load Current: • Dimensions: . Weight: • Accessories supplied: Transistors Diodes 100V, 117V, 200V, 240V, AC (50/60HZ) +10% 550VA, at 20A load 13.8V DC, negative ground 20A, 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off, 50% duty cycle 110(H) x 180(W) x 290(D) mm. Approximately 8.2 kgs. 2 spare fuses Instruction Manual BEFORE USE: This is a regulated power supply with output of 13.8V DC, 20A, for use with ICOM's IC-720, with continous RF output of 100W, or other matching transceiver. The IC-PS15 has complete safeguards against: Increased ripple in the output voltage caused by lower input voltage, fluctuation of output voltage caused by ambient temperature change, breakdown of transistors caused by high current at output terminals, etc. This power supply is designed to be turned on/off by the power switch on the transceiver. There is no power switch on the IC-PS15. This unit supplies 20A maximum at 13.8V DC; avoid using this unit with sets other than ICOM's matching transceivers, even for experiments. A cooling fan, IC-CF1, with mounting hardware, is available as an option. Its use is recom mended when the IC-720 is operated in the RTTY mode, or the power supply heats up due to ambient temperatures. HOW TO USE: Connect the DC OUTPUT plug of the IC-PS15 to the power connector of the IC-720, or other ICOM's matching transceiver, firmly. The drawing shows this connection. When this is done, be sure: 1. The power switch of the transceiver is OFF; 2. The T/R switch is in the RECEIVE position; and, 3. No microphone is connected to the transceiver. Connect the AC POWER cord to a power outlet. When the power switch of the transceiver is turned on, the IC-PS15 will be turned ON, and the power indicator LED will light. For further operating information, refer to the Instruction Manual of the transceiver. O DC OUTPUT PLUG MUUTTUNUT IC-720 IC-PS15 AC POWER CORD VILLENE FUNCTIONS MAALAALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA D ICOM POWER POWER DISPLAY LED Illuminates when power is on. No power switch is installed on IC-PS15. ON/OFF is controlled by the POWER SWITCH of the transceiver. POWER SUPPLY IC-PSIS GND TERMINAL Ground this terminal with the shortest possible wire for shock protection or other mishap. FUSE HOLDER Fuse holder for the AC power line. If blown, replace it with a 10A (at 117V) or 5A (at 240V) fuse after checking cause of problem. Use a Philips screwdriver to open the holder. The outside ring of the holder is fixed. WOW POWER SUPPLY U | AC POWER CORD Connect the plug to a power outlet. DC OUTPUT PLUG 13.8V DC is available at up to 20A. Connect this plug to the power con nector of the transceiver. SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM COMPONENTS USED IN POWER CIRCUIT PART No. Type 2SD797 Operation Voltage Control Q1 Q2 Q3 2SB435 Voltage Control F2 20A Од 2SC945 Voltage Detector Power IND. C20 Di Leeuw D2. SEL-151R KBPC 25 1SS53 Rectifier/Filter H C5 la 56.000 D3 Rectifier U05 Il D4 D5 Do.D7 Rectifier/Filter Reference Voltage for 24 OY 11 XZ-051 IUU leele 0.0047 leee H__ H2J__ #3]_Ha_45)_H6] _47) _ CZCE Y -9--0-0---- R6 0.03 R70.03 W H8 O R2 2.2 - 06 0.0047 C1 0.001 - R82.7K 03 - 07 C6 - B3 10K R9 500 C2 0.001 THT R11 100 - C124,700 I A1 680 C9 4.700 C104.700 C11 0.0047 112 R4 100 R101K -0- - to --0- - - --0 H10 - - - - - - - - U - 181 - - REG AC INPUT FUSEO to 36267 F1 too,,P2 V DC. OUTPUT 10A for 1177 5A for 24 OY POWER IND BLOCK DIAGRAM Voltage AC INPUT Rectifier/ Filter KBPC 25 Voltage Control 2SD 797 x 2 DC Converter Output Rectifier/ Filter 105 x 2 Voltage Control 2SB435 Reference Voltage XZ-051 x 2 Rectifier Voltage Detector 2SC945 1SS53 SEL-15R POWER IND. ICOM INCORPORATED 1-6-19, KAMI KURATSUKURI, HIRANO-KU. OSAKA JAPAN Printed in Japan







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