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Dear I-Life customer, Congratulations on becoming a proud owner of I-Life product. You have now joined the fraternity of millions of satis ed I-Life customers spread across the globe. I-Life Technologies is one of the fastest growing IT Hardware, Mobile Phones and Electronics Company. A well established brand, I-Life has kept place with the technology needs of millions of IT hardware & electronics consumers and has been serving them with more than 3000 user friendly, high quality, state-of-the art yet simple products solutions. The products have been in the market since 2000 and conform to global standards. I-Life covers a wide range of Tablets, Notebooks, Mini PC and Accessories like HeadPhones, Speakers, Screen Protectors, Cables & Cases. Every I-Life product goes through a rigorous process of sample evaluation and approval before commercial launch. Customers look upon the brand as a value-for-money & feature-rich o ering, supported by e cient after sales service. We look forward to your patronage. It would be our pleasure to receive feedback and suggestions you may have for improvements in the product (s) you are using. I-Life Technologies inc 1840 SW 22nd Street, O ce No.4, Miami, FL 33145, United States of America support@i-life.us i-life.us i-life.us

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Important Declaration 1. Before using the tablet PC, please read all information provided by us so that you can use this product correctly. Please make sure that you have read this manual carefully before using this prod uct. 2. I-Life reserves the copyright of this manual, any random dupli cation or interpretation of the full or partial manual is forbidden in commercial activities. 3. The information covered in this manual is all based on the latest information when compiling the manual, and products are subject to change without notice for further improvement. I-Life is not committed to any mistakes or incidences caused by the manual. For additional product information, visit I-Life web site. 4. While using this product, please make backup for the data by yourself and I-Life will just be responsible for the product's hardware only, and will not undertake any responsibility for any loss or damage of personal data and information due to wrong operations of hardware or software. PRECAUTIONS : Do not keep this product in a place with high temperature, humidity or too much dust. Place it in a dry and cool area. High volume can cause hearing loss. I-Life will not undertake any responsibility for user's data loss due to product damage, repairing or other reasons. Do not dissemble this product by yourself and do not clean the surface of this product with alcohol, thinner, benzene or any other abrasive liquid. SAFETY TIPS : If the device heats up due to continuous usage, turn o the screen and leave the device in a cool and dry place to settle down. If you encounter any charging issues, such as not fully charging or shutting o when it has a charge above 5%, you may need to reset the battery level indicator. Plug the unit into the power adapter and then press and hold the POWER button until the tablet turns o . Continue to hold down the POWER button until the battery icon shows up again. Once it appears, release the POWER button and press it again to start the unit normally. | 03

Appearance and buttons: 1. Screen 2. Power Light 3. DC in 4. USB 3.0 5. Mini HDMI 6. Keyboard 7. Touch Pad 8. USB 2.0 9. Earphone 10. Micro SD 11. Speaker 12. Camera | 04

Introduction to Windows 10: With Windows 10 there is some of the touch and tablet features created for Windows 8, combine them with the familiar Start menu and desktop, and run it all on top of an improved operating system with more security, a new browser, its own version of O ce for on-the-go editing and plenty of new features intended to make life simpler. Windows 10 Start Up Menu: (Startup Menu) The full Startup screen of Windows 8 is back to being a Start menu in Windows 10 that tries to combine the best of both options. You get a scrolling Start menu that's restricted to a single column, with jump lists and yout menus for extra options, divided into frequently used and recently installed programs, with the option to switch to a scrolling view of all your applications, sorted alpha betically. The improvements includes a space you can personalize with your favorite apps, programs, people and websites. To get to the Start menu, select Start in the lower-left corner of the taskbar. You can also open the Start menu by pressing the Start button located on your keyboard or device. | 05 Account options: Click on your account name to change your account picture, lock your device or sign out of your account. This can be done from the top of the start menu where you will nd the Account name with a picture. Power: Click ‘Power’ icon to sleep, shut down or restart your device. All Apps: Click All Apps to see all your apps and programs listed alphabeti cally. Looking for a speci c app? Just type it in the search box. Search: Search across your device, your cloud storage on OneDrive, and across the Web at the same time. Simply open the Start menu and type in the search box - Windows search will do the rest. You can also open search directly from the taskbar; click Search and start typing. Pin your favorite apps: Pin apps, programs and folders to the Start menu for fast access to the things you use the most. Apps with Live Tiles will show updates for the people and things that matter. Click Start, select All Apps, right-click the app you want to pin, and then select Pin to Start. Once pinned, your app will show up as a tile on the right. Right-click the tile to change its size. Drag and drop to move it around. Don’t worry about running out of space - the Start menu will automatically resize to hold everything.

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Task View: If you have a lot of apps and programs open, there is a new Task view button so you can quickly switch between them. Click Task view to see all of your running apps and programs; select any item to open it. (Task View Icon) Multiple desktops: If you’re working on a lot of di erent projects, using di erent apps and programs, try adding a desktop. It’ll keep things neatly organized for you. Or, create a desktop for the things you do at work and one for the things you do at home. Select Task view from the taskbar, and then click Add a desktop. A thumbnail will show up at the bottom of the task view page. Click the blank thumbnail to open up a clean desktop. To switch between desktops, click Task view and then choose a desktop from the bottom of the page. (Multiple Desktops) | 07 Snap Windows: Because all your apps and programs run in windows on the desktop, instead of modern apps from the Store being in their own space, you can no longer drag across the left edge of the screen to bring another app on screen and get a split view. Instead, you drag windows into the corners of the screen to get Action Centre: Windows 10 puts that on the right of the screen, where the charms bar was in Windows 8, with noti cations from various apps at the top and your choice of various settings buttons at the bottom for quick access.

the familiar Snap view. To snap, click and hold the top of the window and drag it to either the side or corner of the screen. You’ll see a shadow of where the window will snap; release the window to snap it into place. (Snap Windows) | 08

The new Edge browser: Enjoy the latest way of sur ng the internet with the new Edge browser. Stay put and save time by typing your search in the handy address bar. You’ll get search suggestions, instant results from the web, and your browsing history, right on the spot. (Edge Browser Interface) New Windows Store with Universal Apps : Windows 10 gets a new Windows Store, where you can download desktop programs as well as modern Windows apps. The O ce for Windows apps like Word and Excel are universal apps, as are the Outlook Mail and Calendar apps. (New Windows App Store) | 09

Settings and Control Panel : The Windows 10 has a Control Panel-style interface with icons to navigate with. But the old Control Panel interface is still there, for settings that aren't in the new Settings app. (Settings & Control Panel Window) | 10

Trouble Shooting: 1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to start Task manager or lock, signout, change password. 2. Restore Default Settings Warning: After resetting the tablet, the system will delete the Google account, data and settings of the system and application programs, as well as downloaded application programs. Please use this function with extreme caution. Problem solution: Device does not turn on: 1. Check the battery power 2. Connect adaptor rst, then check again 3. After charging if the tablet still does not turn on, please contact authorized service centre. Hardware con guration CPU processor speed: Intel Celeron up to 2.4 GHz Memory: 32 GB Internal Memory RAM: 3 GB RAM DDR III Camera: 0.3 MP WIFI TF card: 128MB-64GB Display screen: 14” TN Screen Resolution: 1366*768 Operation System: Windows 10 Bluetooth Record: built-in microphone Battery: 4800mAh rechargable Built-in type Lithium-ion polymer battery | 11

ade in China I-Life Technologies Inc esigned in USA Miami, FL 33145, USA. I-Life™ All Other Logos, Brands, Products Names & Trademarks are registered to their respective companies. Images are for illustration purpose only.







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