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****** Page 1 ****** HIOI<I CT6904A CT6904A-1 ACIDC CURRENT SENSOR Instruction Manual AWARNING Do not place the cable in contact with the measured line. Any contact can cause the device O to malfunction and lead to a short-circuit or electric shock. ACAUTION • To prevent cable damage, do not step on cables or pinch them between other objects. Do not bend or pull on cables at their base. • Do not place the device on an unstable or uneven surface. Doing so could cause the device to fall or turn over, causing bodily injury or damage to the device. • The cable is hardened in freezing temperatures. Do not bend or pull it to avoid tearing its shield or causing a break. • When the power to lines to be measured is turned on or off, a current flowing through the lines can exceed considerably the maximum allowable current of the device. This could result in damage to the device. Make sure that there is not any over-current. • Do not apply any current through the lines to be measured with the device turned off. This could result in damage to the device. Overview This current sensor has a Hioki ME15W output connector. The sensor has the adequate frequency characteristics and temperature characteristics for not only current measurement but also high-accuracy power measurement. Specifications The CT6904A-1 has a 10 m output cable (available on a build-to-order basis). Accuracy Reading (displayed value): Indicates the value displayed by the instrument. Limit values for reading errors are expressed as a percentage of the reading ("0/0 of reading" or "0/0 rdg"). Range: Indicates the instrument's range. Limit values for range errors are expressed as a percentage of the range ("0/0 of range" or "% rng"). Full scale (rated current): Indicates the rated current. Limit values for full-scale errors are expressed as a percentage of full scale ("0/0 of full scale" or "% f.s."). Mounting hole diameter Weight Product warranty duration Accessories Option Memory Function mm (M5 screw, recommended tightening torque: 1.5 Norn to 2.0 Norn) CT6904A: Approx. 1.05 kg (37.0 oz.) CT6904A-1: Approx. 1.35 kg (47.6 oz.) 3 years • Colored labels (for channel identification) • Instruction Manual • Operating Precautions (0990A907) • Carrying case Mounting hardware (special-order product) Sensor information can be read for products with memory function support. Applicable product: PW8001 Effects of ±0.01% of reading or less (input current: 100 A with conductor position 50 Hz/60 Hz) of reading or less (input current: IOA with 100 kHz) When using wire with an outer diameter of 10 mm Effects of radiated radio-frequency electromagnetic field 0.5% of full scale or less at 10 V/m Effects of conducted radio-frequency electromagnetic field 0.2% of full scale or less at 10 V Effects of external 50 mA or less (input equivalent, under a magnetic field magnetic field of 400 Aim DC or 400 Aim with 60 Hz) Connectable products 1. PW8001 Power Analyzer -1 . 1.17001 Combined accuracy IJ7001 accuracy + sensor accuracy (consider sensor rating for full scale error). • Additional components should be added to the accuracy depending on the power analyzer and sensor specifications. -2. IJ7005 Combined accuracy Dec. 2021 Edition 1 CT6904E961-OO 21-12H HIOI<I hioki.com/ EN All regional information 2111 EN Printed in Japan *1 : The protection rating for the enclosure of this device (based on EN 60529) is IP20. 2: Protected against access to hazardous parts with fingers. The equipment inside the enclosure is protected against entry by solid foreign objects larger than 12.5 mm in diameter. 0: The equipment inside the enclosure is not protected against the harmful effects of water. Current Power Rated current Measurable conductor diameter Maximum input current Output voltage Maximum rated line-to-ground voltage Output resistance Input impedance Linearity Offset voltage* 3 500 AAC/DC +32 mm or less Not exceeding derating curve shown in Figure 1 However, a current of up to ± 1000 A peak (design value) is allowable for up to 20 ms. 4 mV/A 1000 V (Measurement category Ill) Anticipated transient overvoltage: 8000 V 50 Q Q 2.5 mQ typical (100 kHz) ±5 ppm typical (230C) ppm typical (230C, no input) Frequency DC 45 Hz s f g 65 Hz Bands other than DC and 45 Hz s f g 65 Hz ±(% of reading + % of range) 0.045% + 0.037% 0.03% + 0.027% 0.045% + 0.037% 0.03% + 0.027% IJ7005 accuracy + sensor accuracy (consider sensor rating for full scale error.) Phase IJ7005 accuracy sensor accuracy HEADQUARTERS 81 Koizumi Ueda, Nagano 386-1192 Japan 1-110K' EUROPE GmbH Helfmann-Park 2 65760 Eschborn, Germany hioki@hioki.eu Edited and published by HIOKI E.E CORPORATION •CE declarations of conformity can be downloaded from our website •Contents subject to change without notice •This document contains copyrighted content. • For other measurement parameters, LJ7005 accuracy + sensor accuracy (consider sensor rating for full scale error). • For the 10 A range or the 20 A range, add ±0.12% of full scale of the measurement range set on the 1.17005. • Additional components should be added to the accuracy depending on the power analyzer and sensor specifications. 2. PW6001 Power Analyzer • It is prohibited to copyt reproduce, or modify the content of this document without permission •Company names, product names, etc. mentioned in this document are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Warranty Malfunctions occurring under conditions of normal use in conformity with the Instruction Manual and Product Precautionary Markings will be repaired free of charge. This warranty is valid for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase. Please contact the distributor from which you purchased the product for further information on warranty provisions. Introduction Thank you for choosing the Hioki CT6904A, CT6904A-1 AC/DC Current Sensor. To ensure your ability to get the most out of this device over the long term, please read this manual carefully and keep it available for future reference. Carefully read the separate document entitled "Operating Precautions" before use. Troubleshooting If the device seems to be malfunctioning, contact your authorized Hioki distributor or reseller. A DANGER Current Power *2: Measuring the output voltage while cycling the input current (DC) from +500 A + OA+ -500 OA+ +500 A at an interval of 100 A. Defined as the difference between the regression line calculated from the above measurements and the measurement points. *3: Defined as a percentage of the rated current. Accuracy guarantee Accuracy guarantee duration: 1 year conditions Combined accuracy Frequency DC 45 Hz g f 65 Hz Bands other than DC and 45 Hz g f g 65 Hz ±(% of reading + % of full scale) (full scale = PW6001 range) 0.045% + 0.037% 0.04% + 0.027% 0.045% + 0.057% 0.04% + 0.037% PW6001 accuracy + sensor accuracy (consider sensor rating for full scale error.) Phase PW6001 accuracy sensor accuracy Accuracy guarantee duration after adjustment made by Hioki: 1 year Accuracy guarantee temperature and humidity range: 230C ±50C (730F ±90F), RH or less Warm-up time: at least 30 min Sine wave inputted, connected with measuring instrument with an input resistance of 0.9 MQ to 1.1 MQ, line-to-ground voltage: 0 V, no external magnetic field, conductor arranged at center of window Measurement accuracy Frequency DC DC 16 Hz 16 Hz sf < 45 Hz 45 Hz f 65 Hz 65 Hz < f' 850 Hz 850 Hz < f' 1 kHz 1 kHz < f' 5 kHz 5 kHz < f' 10 kHz 10 kHz < f' 50 kHz 50 kHz < f g 100 kHz 100 kHz < 300 kHz 300 kHz < f' 1 MHz Frequency range Amplitude ±(% of reading + % of full scale) 0.025% + 0.007% 0.2% + 0.02% 0.1% + 0.02% 0.02% + 0.007% 0.05% + 0.007% 0.1% + 0.01% 0.4% + 0.02% 0.4% + 0.02% + 0.02% + 0.05% 2% + 0.05% + 0.05% 4 MHz dB Typical) Phase ±0.10 ±0.10 ±0.080 120 ±0.40 ±0.40 • For other measurement parameters, PW6001 accuracy + sensor accuracy (consider sensor rating for full scale error). • For the 10 A range or the 20 A range, add full scale of the measurement range set on the PW6001. • Additional components should be added to the accuracy depending on the power analyzer and sensor specifications. 3. PW3390 Power Analyzer Combined accuracy PW3390 accuracy + sensor accuracy (consider sensor rating for full scale error) • Additional components should be added to the accuracy depending on the power analyzer and sensor specifications. 4. CT9555, CT9556, or CT9557 Sensor Unit Combined accuracy For the CT9555, use the sensor accuracy For the CT9556/CT9557, add of reading to the sensor accuracy (when the output coaxial cable is 1.6 m or less in length). • For the CT6904A-1, the frequency band is 1 MHz (±3 dB typical). • Additional components should be added to the accuracy depending on the connected device and sensor specifications. Figure 1. Frequency Derating 1000 S • If the cable melts, metal parts could be exposed, posing a hazard. Keep the cable away from sources of heat. Connect the device to the secondary side of a distribution panel. If a short-circuit occurs on the secondary side of the distribution panel, the panel will interrupt the short-circuit current. Do not connect the device to the primary side of the distribution panel because an unrestricted current flow can damage the device and facilities if a short-circuit occurs. Operating environment Operating temperature and humidity range Storage temperature and humidity range Dust resistance and water resistance Standards Withstand voltage Power supply Maximum rated power Interface Dimensions Output cable length Indoor use, pollution degree 2, altitude up to 2000 m (6562 ft.) -100C to 500C (140F to 1220F) 80% RH or less (non-condensing) -200C to 600C (-40F to 1400F) 80% RH or less (non-condensing) IP20 (EN Safety: EN 61010 EMC: EN 61326 7.4 kV AC (sensed current: 1 mA) 50 Hz/60 Hz for 1 min, between through window and cable output terminal Supplied from PW8001, PW6001, PW3390, CT9555, CT9556 or CT9557 Rated supply voltage: ±11.5 V to ±12.5 V (Tracking) Maximum rated current: ±400 mA (500 A/55 Hz measurement, ± 12 V power supply) 7 VA (500 A/55 Hz measurement, ±12 V power supply) Dedicated interface (ME15W) Approx. 139W x 120H x 52D mm (5.47"W x 4.72"H x 2.050) (excluding protrusions and the cable) CT6904A: Approx. 3 m (including relay box) CT6904A-1: Approx. 10 m (including relay box) • The variable f in accuracy equations is expressed in kHz. • Amplitude accuracy and phase accuracy are defined for currents of 110% of full scale input or less. They are defined at an ambient temperature of 500C within the continuous input range as shown in Figure 1, "Frequency Derating." However, design values are given for DC < f < 10 Hz. • Add ±0.01% of reading to amplitude accuracy when input is 100% of full scale to 110% of full scale. • For the CT6904A-1, add an amplitude accuracy of x f)% of reading for 50 kHz < f' 1 MHz. CT6904A-1 has a frequency band of 2 MHz (±3 dB typical). — 100 10 1 600 A 550 A —+- 1 min. at an ambient temperature of 500C Continuous input at an ambient temperature of 300C Continuous input at an ambient temperature of 500C Do not use the device to measure bare conductors to which a voltage that exceeds the maximum rated line-to- ground voltage is being applied. Doing so could damage O the device and cause bodily injury. If the voltage exceeds the maximum rated line-to-ground voltage, measure it using an insulated wire with the appropriate level of insulation for the voltage in question. Output noise Effects of temperature Effects of magnetization Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) 300 WV rms or less (Sl MHz) Within the range of -1 OOC to 180C or 280C to 500C Amplitude sensitivity: ±20 ppm of readingPC Offset voltage: ±1 ppm of full scalePC Phase: ±0.01 opc 5 mA or less (input equivalent, after 500 A DC is input) 140 dB or more (50 Hz/60 Hz) 120 dB or more (100 kHz) (Effect on output voltage / common-mode voltage) DC 10 100 1k 10k Frequency [HzJ 100 k 1M 10M When measuring current close to the derating, allow a cool-down time of at least 10 times the time for which the current was input. ****** Page 2 ****** Phase Compensation Values Enter the following compensation values (characteristic values) when performing phase compensation on the PW6001 or PW3390. 300kHz, -9.820 (CT6904A, CT6904A-1 common) The 300 kHz phase measured value noted in the test report can be used as the phase compensation value. In theory, using this value will allow more accurate measurement than is possible when using the representative value. There's no need to enter compensation values for the PW8001 as that instrument reads sensor information from memory and performs compensation automatically. (Unit: mm) 'Z -20 (Unit: mm) part Left 52 Names and Dimensions Front 139 Measurable conductor diameter: +32 mm or less Example InstallationlMount To facilitate high-precision measurement, the measured conductor must be as short as possible. Determine how to mount the device so that the measured conductor is as short as possible. Recommended tightening conditions Nominal screw size: M5 Screw length: 20 mm or more Tightening torque: 1.5 Nem to 2.0 Nem Use a washer and lock washer There are two ways to mount the sensor: 1. Using the mounting hardware The sensor can be mounted in four orientations. Measurement Procedure Inspection Before Use Check the device for any damage that may have occurred during storage or shipping before use. If you find any damage to the device, please contact your authorized Hioki distributor or reseller for repair. Check Items O O o CT6504 AC/OC CUAR SENSOR 500A A CAT ICOOV@ 4 mV/A Remedy Is the device cracked or damaged? If there is any damage, electric Is the cable insulation torn? Characteristics (CT6904A) Frequency characteristics (Typical) 2 -4 Gain -8 — phase shock may result. Discontinue use and contact your authorized Hioki distributor or reseller. Broken connections will make proper measurement impossible. Cable -10 10 Phase (compensated) 100 1k 10k 100 k Frequency [Hz] 4 2 -4 -6 -8 10M Current direction indicator Relay box Output connector (With lock function) Mounting hole Through window (Unit: mm) Serial number and model (Rear) The first four digits of the 9-digit number indicate the year (its last two digits only) and the month of manufacture. Do not remove this sticker as the number is important. 9 Mounting hardware Orientation 3 Is the cable broken at the base (of Discontinue use and contact your the connector or the sensor)? authorized Hioki distributor or reseller. Wiring Make sure the direction of the arrow on the case matches the direction of the current flow, as shown in the figure below. If they are oriented incorrectly, the output signal from the sensor will be reversed. When using the device in combination with a power meter, conform to the power meter's wiring method. 1M CMRR (Typical) 200 180 160 140 Sample 1 120 Sample 2 —A– Sample 3 Mounting hole dimensions 100 10 100 1k 10k 100 k 1M 10M Frequency [Hz] Effects of conductor position (Typical) (at 100 kHz) 0.04 0.03 0.02 0.01 coo -0.01 -0.02 -0.03 -0.04 8 -0.05 0.05 0.04 0.03 0.02 0.01 coo -0.01 0 -0.02 -0.03 -0.04 -0.05 14.4 14.4 91.2 CT6904A AC/OC CURRENT SENSOR HIOI<I ACAT 1000v@ 4mWA 91.2 500A 14.4 ………..+…— sample 1 Gain Sample 2 Gain Sample 3 Gain B c –0 – • Sample 1 Phase – Sample 2 Phase Sample 3 Phase Position 4x+5.2 (Mounting hole thickness: 7.5) Orientation 1 Orientation 2 Orientation 4 2. Mounting directly Linearity error (Typical) 60 Mounting hardware dimensions (Option) M5 press nut (x2) The sensor can be mounted in the desired orientation. High SOURCE Low IMPORTANT 0K NO NO Arrow on case (Current direction indicator) LOAD Pass only one conductor through the device. Passing two or more of conductors in a bundle prevents the device from measuring any current regardless of whether the measurement target is a single-phase or three-phase circuit. Shielded Ground-shielded conductors cannot be accurately measured. 29.8 91.2 110 29.8 o oooooooooo 40 oooooooooo 20 0000000000 0 Sample 1 2 -40 Sample 2 –A– Sample 3 -60 Input current [A] 30 o







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