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PDF Content Summary: Welcome to QUICK START GUIDE This guide is applicable only for Spark experience. For AT&T Fleet Solution customers, please visit welcometoattfleetcomplete.com/ to complete registration. Download the HARMAN Spark app Go to theApp Store® or Google Play™ on your smartphone to download the HARMAN Spark app. Create your account Launch the app, tap on “Sign Up” button and enter the required information to create your account. If you already have an account tap on “Sign In” button. Register your device Using the HARMAN Spark app, scan the QR code that is printed on the device to register it. Alternatively, you can manually input the IMEI number which is printed on the back of the device and the box your HARMAN Spark came in. A rate plan is required for your HARMAN Spark. If you have not already signed up for one, go to att.com/activate. Before continuing, make sure your vehicle is parked safely in an area with AT&T network coverage. Plug in the device The OBD-II port in your vehicle (in the shape shown below left) is usually located under the dashboard of the driver’s seat. If you cannot find it, check other locations highlighted in the image below right. You can also refer to your vehicle owner's manual. If HARMAN Spark is used outside of a vehicle, it is in violation of the Terms and Conditions, and service may be discontinued. Start your vehicle (stay parked) The HARMAN Spark device can take up to 5 minutes for initial activation. If the device does not activate within 5 minutes, please drive the vehicle for 15 minutes to complete the activation. You will know your device has been activated when the 4G LTE/3G LED light on the device turns solid green and the mobile app indicates successful activation. Congratulations on successfully activating your HARMAN Spark device! You can now start using HARMAN Spark features in the app on your smartphone. This guide is applicable only for Spark experience. For AT&T Fleet Solution customers, please visit welcometoattfleetcomplete.com/ to complete registration.

HARMAN Spark App Key features Wi-Fi Hotspot Connect up to 8 devices to the powerful Wi-Fi hotspot built into your HARMAN Spark device and keep your passengers happy. Note: Default Wi-Fi hotspot credentials can be found under “WiFi Hotspot Settings” HARMAN Spark Indicators How do you know it is working? Once the device is activated, you can check its status lights for network connectivity and other information. GPS GPS HARMAN Spark Operational States Normal When the vehicle engine is on,the device is active and all features are enabled. In-vehicleWi-Fi is enabled if the service is activated. After the Note:Wi-Fi is turned off automatically after the vehicle has been stationary for 30 minutes, even if the engine is on. Warranty The device warranty is one year from the date of purchase. Any abnormal or unauthorized usage of the product, damage due to contact with liquids or exposure to excessive heat can void the warranty. Note: Device for in-vehicle use only. Eligible vehicle and AT&T rate plan required to use features, includingWi-Fi hotspot. Support

• of the HARMAN Spark app upon registering the device. Customer needs to • change the Wi-Fi password immediately after installation via the Spark app • to avoid unauthorized data usage. LED off – Sleep Mode, GPS Inactive Blinking Blue – GPS Lock in Progress Solid Blue – GPS Lock Successful Wi-Fi Sleep Device is in a power saving mode. Wireless connectivity is not active in this mode, but the device is still operational and can For customer care information, please go to att.com/harmanspark or call +1-833-US-SPARK/+1-833-877-7275 Regulatory Requirement Vehicle Tracking Wi-Fi detect any unexpected vehicle movements like bumping or towing.The HARMAN Spark device complies with Part 15 of FCC Rules. View real-time location of your vehicle, receive notifications for towing • and parking disturbances. • LED off Blinking Blue –Wi-Fi On device will return to Normal mode only when ignition is turned back on. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1)The device may not cause harmful interference, and (2)The device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause

Boundaries 4G LTE/3G Connectivity Shutdown undesired operation.

Set boundaries on a map and receive updates on vehicle location. • • Virtual Mechanic Vehicle diagnostics for your safety and peace of mind. • Driving Score LED off Blinking Red – Network connection in progress Solid Green – Network connection successful If the vehicle battery becomes weak,the device will send an alert to the HARMAN Spark app and the device will automatically shut down. Device will return to Normal mode only when ignition is turned back on and the vehicle battery charges to a su cient level. Caution: Changes or modifications not expressly approved by HARMAN could void warranty and the user’s authority to operate the equipment. . FCC Radiation Exposure Statement This equipment should be installed and operated with a minimum Receive feedback on how to improve your driving. Impact Detection Send a notification if an impact is detected. Trips Record your daily trip history and events. Fleet Service Track status of multiple vehicles. • Solid Blue – Low signal NOTE: Depending upon the location of your OBD-II port, it may be difficult to see the LEDs when the device is plugged in. In that case, try to use a small mirror (not included) or use your smartphone camera pointed at the device in selfie mode to see the lights. 4G LTE/3G Connectivity The side with Spark logo RESET Button distance of 5 mm between the device and your body. Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to P65Warnings.ca.gov. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc. ©2018 HARMAN International. All rights reserved.

To learn more, go to att.com/harmanspark QSG Part Number - 4018310







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