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PDF Content Summary: Troubleshooting Symptom Things to Check Solutions 1 Whether the water supply Haier Home Water Heater Instruction manual

No water has stopped or whether the water pressure is too low 2 Whether the water usage point is blocked or whether the hot water valve is opened 1 Whether hot water outlet Check Check and clear ES10V-E1(H) ES15V-E1(H) ES25V-E1(H)

is opened Check and open Increase the temperature to the required

Only cold water but the heating indicator light is lit Only cold water 2 Whether the water temperature is adjusted 3 Heating time is too short and set temperature is not achieved 4 Whether heating pipe is damaged 1 Whether power is value. Once the water is heated to the pre-set temperature, control ow volume of cold and hot water using the moderating mixing valve. Continue heating Con rm this is not due to the reasons 123 , then contact Maintenance Department

and the heating properly connected Check power socket

indicator light is not lit 2 Whether thermostat is out of control 1 Water has not reached Con rm this is not due to the reasons 1 , then contact Maintenance Department

Heating the set temperatureContinue heating

indicator light is on all the time Water volume is sometimes large or small, or water is sometimes hot or cold Small hot water outlet volume 2 Whether thermostat is out of control Whether water pressure is stable 1 Whether the present temperature setting is too low 2 Whether water pressure is Con rm this is not due to the reasons 1 , then contact Maintenance Department Set lower mixing valve or ensure water pressure is stable before use Calibrate using the method stipulated in the Instruction Manual Temp OFF MAX Heating

excessiveSet lower mixing valve 0040503116 V Safety Notices (Please read before use) Meanings of Icons Prohibited Compulsory Please read this Instruction Manual carefully before use. Please retain this manual for future reference. Speci cations Electrical Diagram

Forbidden Warning MattersEssential Matters Caution Installation of water heater outdoors is L : Brown wire N : Blue wire MT : High temperature limiter BT : Thermostat MT BT L EH our Service Center once the water heater does not work properly or emits burnt smell. 230V/50Hz independent powersource must be used at all times. Forbidden Forbidden strictly prohibited. Do not install the water heater in an environment which is susceptible to ice-formation. Ice will cause the container and water pipe to break, HL : Heating indicator EH : Heating element E : Yellow/green wire N HL E E

Warning Earthing To ensure safety, the water heatershould be connected to independent sockets (do not use adapters), with reliable earthing. In addition the powersocket must conform to nationalstandards. Use of water heater without reliable earthing is strictly prohibited. Use pen multimeter to check whether the live Warning leading to scalding and water leakage. Please take precautionary measures during cold weather, in order to prevent damage to water heater from freezing. If the soft power cable is damaged, it from the manufacturers or Maintenance Technical parameters Item Unit ES10V-E1 (H) ES15V-E1 (H) ES25V-E1 (H) Rated voltage V 230 230 230 Rated frequency Hz 50 50 50 Rated pressure MPa 0.80 0.80 0.80 Power W 2000 2000 2000 line and neutral line are reverse. Warning Department in order to avoid danger. Net weight kg 8 11 14

Do not use damaged wire and power socket. Promptly clean the dust on the Take care not to be scalded by heated water. · Touching of hot water valve and pipes is Rated temperature oC 75 75 75 Volume L 10 15 25 Waterproof grade / IPX4 IPX4 IPX4

Warning power plug and socket. strictly prohibited. Mixing factor % 2.7 0.9 3.0

Caution · Make sure to check the water temperature Tap water pressure MPa No less than 0.05MPaNo less than 0.05MPaNo less than 0.05MPa

Warning Check the power meter and the electric wire's diameter to ensure that they comply with the rated current for the water before use, use only when it feels comfortable. Do not use water from the water heater Average temperature of hot water outlet oC Re-heating time (a temperature rise of 50oC) min 64 69 69 20 25 45

electrician to check the electric circuit. for drinking orsimilar purposes. Forbidden Diameter of power wire mm2 3×1.5 3×1.5 3×1.5 Remarks: The permitted error limit of net weight above is ±10%.

Forbidden near the water heater is strictly prohibited. Do not touch the plug with wet hands, and make sure that the water heater, plug Caution water heater was not used for an extended period of time. Drain the water heater of all water according to the instructions in the chapter on Cleaning and Maintenance. Introduction of exterior and accessories Front View Side View Cut View Back View a A: Water inlet pipe (Fig.2)

Forbidden G socket do not come into contact with d FD E water. If they are accidentally wet, they c c must be checked by professional persons H appointed by our company before using, in order to prevent electrocution. b e B A B: Water outlet pipe C: Inner chamber D:Heater E: Magnesium rod F: Temperature

Forbidden Do not connect to power when installing or repairing the water heater. Non-professionals are strictly prohibited Model a b c d e ES10V-E1 (H) 300mm 338mm 456mm 152mm 100mm ES15V-E1 (H) 335mm 374mm 495mm 152mm 100mm ES25V-E1 (H) 370mm 409mm 546mm 152mm 100mm measurement pipe G: Wall-mount support H: Washer

Forbidden from carrying out repairs, maintenance, dismantling or revamping of the water heater. Note: 1. The margin of error for the above parameters (measurements, weight) is ±10%. 2. Water temperature indicator is not a precision thermometer. It consists of three areas denoted by blue; orange and red, which indicate the temperature of water in the inner chamber from low to high respectively. 1 2

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Installation instruction Description of parts Installation method Must be installed by personnel in our company's After-sales Department or designated installation personnel. The water heater is wall-mounted type. Determine the installation position of the water heater. Based

Water temperature indicator on the measurements indicated in Fig. 2, use impact drill to drill two holes of 12mm in diameter and 65mm in depth. Insert the expandable hooks into the holes and ensure that they are securely xed. Lift the water heater and slip its wall mount support onto the expandable hooks (as show in Fig.1). Check to make sure the machine is securely suspended. For accessories such as safety valve, please refer to the “Installation of Safety Valve” (for reference only). Make sure to Wall-mount support Expandable hook

Water temperature knob Temp seal the joints with Te on tapes to prevent water leakage. Fig.1 For ease of installation and removal of water heater, we would recommend that G1/2 loose joints be installed at

o u t le t Temp OFF MAX Heating H o t w a t e r Heating indicator light Cold water pipe Safety valve OFF MAX Heating appropriate locations on the water inlet and outlet pipes of the water heater. Determine the position of the hot water supply. Connect the water inlet and outlet pipe together with the water pipe to the positions reserved for use of hot water. Hot water pipe should preferably not be too long in order to prevent heat loss. Note: Make sure that the water heater is securely attached to the hook before letting it go; otherwise it may drop and cause injury or property damage. Installation Precautions When installing the water heater, certain space should be reserved (not less than 250mm from the top and bottom and not less than 700 mm from the front and the sides), for ease of subsequent maintenance and repair. If the water heater was to be built into clip boards, the bottom section of the clip board should be movable for ease of removal of plastic cover during maintenance.

Hot water pipe Sprinkler head Cold water inlet :Direction of cold water :Direction of hot water Installing safety valve Install the safety valve which has a rated pressure of 0.80MPa (its connection is G1/2) into the water inlet pipe with the arrow on the safety valve pointing at the water heater. When the water heater is heated by electricity, a small amount of water will ow from the safety valve's pressure-relief hole due to the expansion of water in the heater. This is normal. The pressure-relief hole should be connected to the atmosphere and free from blockage at all times. Installation method for safety valve's drainage pipe: Attach an end of the water drainage pipe onto the pressure-relief hole on the safety valve. You Small handle for safety valve Pressure-relief hole (connected to water drainage pipe) Make sure the pressure on the water inlet is not less than 0.05MPa, and not more than 0.75MPa. The water heater should be installed indoors in a place where the ambient temperature is above 0oC. The pipes should be closely laid out. The hot water outlet should not be too far away from the point of usage. If the distance exceeds 8 meters, the hot water pipe should have insulation protection, in order to prevent heat loss. The wall on which the water heater should be strong such as it is able to withstand fourth the weight of the water heater when lled with water. If the wall was not weight-bearing wall or made of hollow bricks, adequate protective measures such as addition of support and high-strength wall screw with back panel should be adopted. The water heater should be installed in places such as it is easy to use and maintain and with oor drain, in order that it will not cause damage to nearby facilities or those in the lower levels during a leakage of the water tank or water pipe. It should not be installed over toilet bowls, bathtub, wash basin or door frame in order that users do not feel oppressed or insecure. Power socket for the water heater should be installed in dry places which do not easily come into contact with Do not reverse the installation for the water inlet and outlet. The safety valve should be installed in the designated position and should not be moved without permission. The safety valve's pressure-relief hole should be connected to the atmosphere and free from blockage at all times. Use pen multimeter to check whether the live line and neutral line are reverse. Turn on power supply only when you have ensured that the heater is lled with water and that there is no water leakage. The power supply should also conform with requirements. may cut the water drainage pipe to make it shorter, or extend it depending on the situation. Connect to the other end of the water drainage pipe to the lower water outlet. This will prevent (Fig. 3) Safety reminder: In order to prevent accidents, please use our company's accessories during installation. Do not replace them on your own or use substitutes. Please make sure to contact our Maintenance Department if the pipes

the water from the pressure relief hole from splashing. The water drainage pipe connected to the safety valve should be installed in a slanted manner and in an environment which is not prone to frost. Note: If your water heater is not installed in a bathroom with sewer, our recommendation would be that you add safety valve water drainage pipe. or accessories are damaged and replace them with the accessories supplied by our company. Our company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses caused as a result of accidents for failure to comply with the aforesaid. All water pipes should be installed by quali ed water pipe installation workers. The pipelines should comply with the national standards and regulations on the prohibition of prevention tools to draw water to water source pipelines by way of inverse siphon, as well as local building codes.

Instruction manual 3 4 Cleaning and Maintenance·Packing List After completion of installation, make sure to turn on the water inlet valve and mixing valve ▲ since there is no water in the inner chamber. Turn the mixing valve to the maximum for hot Inspect all connections to ensure that there is not water leakage before connecting to power. Warning! The water heater must be repaired or maintained by quali ed professionals. Improper methods may cause serious injury or damage to property. Cleaning

Operation 1 Adjust the water temperature knob at the bottom of the water heater to set the temperature. Maximum water temperature setting is 75oC Temperature adjustment knob: Slowly turn the knob clockwise to raise the temperature setting. The knob will not continue to turn once it reaches maximum temperature setting. Turn it anti clockwise gradually to reduce the temperature setting. Once the minimum temperature setting is reached, the water heater's power Water temperature knob Heating indicator light Temp OFF MAX Heating  External cleaning Take a wet cloth and dab it with small quantity of neutral detergent. Lightly wipe the water heater. Do not use petrol or other solvents. Finally use a dry cloth to wipe, make use to dry the water heater thoroughly. Make sure not to use detergents containing abrasive agents (e.g. toothpaste); acidic substances; chemical solvents (e.g. alcohol) or polish to clean the water heater.  Internal cleaning In order to ensure that the water heater works e ciently, the heating pipe and inner chamber should be cleaned once every three years. Take care not to damage the exterior of the heating pipe or the protective layer on the surface of the inner chamber. Depending on the local water quality and the usage habit, the magnesium rod might need to be regularly changed. If maintenance is required,

If the heating indicator light is lit, it means that the water heater is heating. 2 Observe the water temperature indicator for Water temperature indicator the current water temperature. 3 Water heating will be on standby automatically when the water temperature reaches the set temperature. Once it lowers to certain temperature, power will be automatically connected. please contact the local Maintenance Department. Check When the water heater is in use, the safety valve should be checked once every month. To check it, turn the safety valve's small handle on the side of the water inlet pipe (take care not to hurt your hand). If there is water owing out, the safety valve is working normally. Please contact the local After-sales Department if no water ows out. In the event of damage to the safety valve, please replace it with a safety valve of similar speci cations. Regularly engage service personnel to carry out safety inspection and promptly clear the water heating pipes of the scale. Check also the consumption of the magnesium rod; change it if consumption becomes excessive. Not in use for an extended period of time If the water heater is not used for an extended period of time, please carry out the following steps: 1 4 Observe the water drainage of the safety valve's pressure-relief hole. 2 3 When the water pressur Pa and the pressure-relief hole on the safety valve emits e is ≥0.80M Screw the water drainage pipe to the safety valve's pressure-relief hole; turn on the safety valve handle. Turn the hot water valve to the maximum (at the same time unscrew the sprinkler head soft pipe from the water outlet valve; take care not be scalded by hot water), drain the inner chamber of water. large volume of water, it means that the water pressure is excessive. In such case, please notify the After-sales Department. Things to note during use When the water heater needs to be used again, our recommendation is to open hot water valve before switching on the power in order to prevent accidents. Allow any gas that may be trapped in the pipe to be discharged. Do not smoke or allow other exposed re to be near the opened valve. At the same time, make sure to carefully examine all the parts of the water heater and ensure that they are in a perfect condition.

1 Do not connect the power before lling the inner chamber with water in order to prevent damage to the water heater. 2 Adjust the water temperature to the suitable level before use in order to prevent scalding. 3 Insofar as there is adequate hot water, set a lower temperature to reduce heat loss, high Make sure to ll the inner chamber with water before use. Packing list Quantity Name of

temperature corrosion and scaling. This will extend the water heater's lifespan. 4 5 To avoid danger caused by accidental resetting of the heating breaker, the power for parts Product Model No. ES10V-E1 (H) Electric Water Heater (unit) Safety Valve/Water Drainage Pipe (set) Instruction Manual (book) Expandable Hook (pcs.)

the heat cannot be supplied by timer and other external switch devices or connected to circuit with frequent switching for facility use. ES15V-E1 (H) 1 1 1 2 ES25V-E1 (H)

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